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  1. Is there a law that states a university HAS to offer scholarship-based sports? I don’t believe there is, only that they have to offer equal representation between men and women. If you’re a mid-major D1 or D2/D3 school without a football program, you’re screwed. These entire athletic departments are funded on revenue generated from the NCAA tournament. Why does the B10 or the SEC need the NCAA going forward? The NCAA exists, or existed, to regulate amateur athletics. Now that amateurism has gone by the wayside, it’s existence to the P5 conferences is meaningless. What is stopping the P5 schools from breaking off, negotiating their own TV contracts, and keeping more of the pie to themselves?
  2. Title IX sports (and the rest of the men’s sports) are funded entirely by P5 basketball and football programs almost exclusively through TV deals stemming from the NCAA Tournament and College Football Playoffs. The NCAA model is now broken and will no longer exist a few years down the road. You’ll see P5 conferences split into their own leagues and universities will adopt club models for the rest of their sports programs.
  3. Don't really like where NIL is going but have to blame the NCAA for it getting to this point. 10-15 years ago the NCAA should have adopted a policy that allowed schools to pay the players in the revenue generating sports some type of monthly/yearly stipend. Paying 85 scholarship football players and an additional 13 basketball scholarship players 25-30k a year on top of a free education is really is chump change if you think about it.
  4. New Pal wasn't quite there yet, but Lowell, Dwenger, and Evansville Reitz were all very strong 4A programs right up to the time the SF was implemented so your point is well received. Mishawaka avoided a very strong northern half of the bracket when the IHSAA went to 6 classes.
  5. Since the SF was implemented 3A has been a stronger class than 4A by a mile. Don't think anyone can argue otherwise. 4A is as watered down as it gets. Never said that. But my point still remains. 4A was stronger than 5A when the IHSAA implemented a 6th class and before the SF had run its first cycle. I see nothing noble about playing lesser competition. Neither does Chatard.
  6. I'm not sure defending is the right word, more like putting you in your place. Chatard will play anybody, anywhere, anytime and a lot of times beat you. Has been that way for at least two decades. There's zero advantage or gain for Chatard to petition to remain in 4A when they face stiffer competition in the 3A tournament than they would in 4A in most years.
  7. Mishawka petitioned to remain in 5A as the SF had not run its full cycle and 5A was watered down due to the IHSAA implementing a 6th class. The route to a state final in 5A was easier than in 4A. Nothing noble about it. Due to the SF, 4A has consistently been the "weakest" class top to bottom as many traditional powers (Cathedral and Dwenger) are playing up a class, sometimes two, as has newcomer New Palestine from their true classification. Chatard's path to a state title last year was much tougher than Roncalli's, not to mention the 3A champ beat the 4A champ by 3 TD's earlier in the year. Irrelevant really. Chatard will play more P/P's in the state tournament as a 3A school (and better ones) than they would in 4A, especially with Roncalli bumping up a class.
  8. Don't think he committed to Tennessee to play wideout. Also not sure he's fast enough to play wideout.
  9. Huepel's not going to get a very long honeymoon in Knoxville. Jeremy Pruitt lasted 3 years, Butch Jones lasted 5 years (and was spared due to a couple 9 win seasons), and Dooley before them lasted 3 years. As "prized" as Curry may be, Huepel isn't going to just hand the reigns over to a true freshman QB in win now mode because he delivered a recruit who likely isn't to make a major impact until his upperclassmen years.
  10. Firm believer of defense wins championships. CG as stout as I've seen in a long, long time.
  11. Already linked it dude. An entire thread full of your nonsense in there.
  12. Like this one? I knew there was a reason I didn't take you seriously. Clown.
  13. Typical and expected response from a loudmouth. How'd that All-MIC Final in BOTH sports turn out? You become a booster yet?
  14. Speaking of said thread, found it and it is a gem. Guest (old Temptation account) did you welch on your bet? Or did you forget?
  15. That's funny considering I remember a long thread started sometime last year about how the HCC was on the verge of supplanting the MIC and it would be wise for Center Grove and Carmel to get out of dodge as quick as they could. Now the HCC is on a bit of a down cycle? What gives?
  16. Can't argue with 2006 WC. 2001 Ben Davis too young to remember. I believe last years Center Grove team was better than both the 2017 Ben Davis and 2018 Warren Central teams.
  17. Both Cathedral and Chatard were significantly better than Roncalli last year. I think CC and WeBo would have given Hobart all they wanted and more in a hypothetical matchup. Roncalli has great size and depth on their offensive line (that’s never been an issue for them).
  18. Exactly. Schools/towns/communities who put a much higher emphasis on one thing typically are more successful. It's not limited to football. There's schools with lousy football programs who have great soccer programs (Noblesville). There's schools with lousy football programs who have great basketball programs (Park Tudor). It has nothing to do with enrollment or SES factors either.
  19. Why does it not tell the whole story? Why is a school in the same county, 10 minutes away, drawing from the same dynamic of kids consistently beating a school with twice their enrollment if coaching, culture, and hard work don't come in to play? You have to answer that first. WeBo beat three consecutive P/P's en route to their third consecutive state championship last year, and routinely beats P/P's in the state tournament year in and year out. Spare me with the rest of your BS.
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