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  1. So how does Center Grove compete better today at a much larger enrollment disadvantage than they did 20 years ago?? It ain't about enrollment.
  2. Not hard to understand. 20 years ago Center Grove was no different than Warsaw, LC, Southport, Perry Meridian, etc. playing in a class with schools that had twice their enrollment. They figured it out. They didn't used to be an outlier.
  3. There's an unlevel playing field in literally every class. The state tournament is designed to crown the best team, not cater to individual schools. As for Center Grove, Center Grove wasn't an outlier until they were.
  4. Fair enough. I know the Summit is locked with 10 teams and the SIAC is now. Not sure how you crown a true champion without playing a round robin schedule.
  5. Then I don't understand the point of the merger? How many conferences that have at least 10 teams have open weeks to schedule non-conference opponents?
  6. Believe it starts next year but could be wrong. Amazing it takes a resurgence in the program to get Cathedral back on the schedule. I believe Columbus North gets Cathedral and Roncalli back to back this year.
  7. Expanding Conference Indiana makes some sense although you're not going to get a commitment from Chatard. A locked regular season means no Cathedral and that just isn't going to happen. But Roncalli would be a solid addition. Guessing the HCC and MIC are off the table considering it's borderline unsafe to play schools with that enrollment disparity according to previous comments.
  8. You know, I don’t think that’s the case with Muda. Had you said trying to sound the smartest in a room full of people talking about high school football, I’d agree.
  9. He posted the same drivel even after the mercy rule was enacted. That was never his primary or even secondary goal.
  10. Muda literally went almost an entire decade posting scores of “blowouts” week after week and only offered a solution of taking a knee for the rest of the game once the deficit threshold reached 35. Applaud you for being able to get past his incessant bitching. I for one haven’t.
  11. I spit out the imaginary coffee I wasn't drinking. It's literally his only schtick on this board that's gone on for well over 15 years.
  12. Don't really care about his scheduling habits as much as I do about his contradictory and hypocritical statements in the interview on this very thread in which the interviewer happens to be present and respondent to questions about said interview. Anything else I can do for you Muda?
  13. Irony here? Why do you bitch about half the things you do on the GID, most that have nothing to do with high school football?
  14. Actions speak a ton louder than words. I understand where he is coming from perfectly.
  15. I don't understand his innocuous comment in regards to the discrepancy in enrollment in 6A. It's never affected one of his Columbus North teams as he can't ever beat the like-sized public school 20 miles up the road. Hell, he can't beat Franklin Central or Jeffersonville for that matter. It reeks of sour grapes. No coach who has willingly scheduled Carmel and continually schedules schools that are 3x smaller really has a leg to stand on in regards to player safety if we're simply talking raw numbers. It would be hypocritical in nature.
  16. And yet continues to schedule schools that are 3x smaller than Columbus North's enrollment?
  17. That doesn't answer any of my questions/issues with what Coach Bless said. In your interview, Coach Bless specifically said, "The enrollment discrepancy from the top of 6A to the bottom is ridiculous and in some cases, borderline unsafe". Carmel (being at the very top of 6A) and Columbus North (bottom of 6A) scheduled games in back to back years in 2013 and 2014. If Coach Bless truly believed that was "borderline unsafe" why schedule those games in the first place? Would that be negligence on his part if he truly believed that statement to be true? (I personally don't believe he thinks that). I get why a school like GS is wanting to play up in competition, it happens every year, but if safety is the primary concern as Coach Bless states in your interview, isn't a school with 2100 kids playing a school with 700 kids unsafe? The enrollment disparity between Columbus North and Gibson Southern is greater than the enrollment disparity between Columbus North and Carmel. It's very hypocritical if you ask me.
  18. He’s virtue signaling. Clearly. Had no problems scheduling Carmel in 2013 and 2014, in a non-elimination game, and routinely schedules schools with nearly 3x smaller enrollment. It has nothing to do with safety. It’d be more honorable if he just came out and said, “We need to do something about 6A, I’m tired of losing to Center Grove”, although that wouldn’t gain any attraction. But drum up a non-issue that doesn’t affect the CN program and through safety issues in there, will definitely turn heads. Do you agree with his comments?
  19. Oh. So he voluntarily scheduled Carmel despite the fact that it is “borderline unsafe”? Seems logical. This reeks of sour grapes, similar to Jon Broughton and the multiplier campaign despite losing to a p/p twice in 30+ years. If the like-sized public that knocks his team out every year wasn’t the face of 6A, he might have a leg to stand on.
  20. Serious question, has Columbus North ever played Ben Davis, Carmel, or Warren Central in their mega-enrollment days? I find his comments extremely hypocritical if not flat out embarrassing as he has no problem scheduling schools like Gibson Southern and Guerin Catholic who have 700-800 kids compared to his 2100 students. Let's not throw stones here. I have no problem calling him out.
  21. It makes sense for Carmel. Center Grove it doesn't. I get that the average HCC team travels better than the average MIC team, but a lot of that has to do with the proximity of the schools. Most HCC schools are centrally located whereas the MIC is represented well throughout all corners of the city. It's an hour drive from Noblesville/Westfield/Zionsville to Center Grove without traffic. At 5pm on a Friday night? Look out.
  22. Definitely fair, respect is earned. Still not buying a move to the HCC is an upgrade for Carmel and Center Grove in terms of competitiveness from a football standpoint.
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