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  1. After two gut check games against inferior competition, Notre Dame is bound to have a game where their talent level plays like they should against lower level competition. And while I don't particularly like either of these teams, I think this is the week where Notre Dame does what they should have done against FSU (did it for 3 quarters) and Toledo. ND being down to their third string OT is a problem, especially with Karlaftis lined up across from him, but man for man Notre Dame should destroy Purdue up front on both sides of the ball. Purdue's offensive line isn't impressive at all and they are down their best running back for a huge chunk of the season. Freeman is overcoaching everything at the moment. This isn't Cincinnati where you need to outscheme the opposition on every single play because there isn't a huge talent gap between opponents. Needs to get that figured out quickly as he's almost cost ND to games they had no business losing. Anyway, I see Notre Dame getting back on track and finally playing like the team they were billed to be. Purdue is going to need a monster game out of Karlaftis and some of the secondary skill position players are going to need to step up. I think Hamilton (with corner help) is really going to take away Bell's downfield playmaking ability but alas think that is a fascinating match-up, two of the very best at their respective positions.
  2. Caught up to him a few times, especially when they were in 6A. Markese Stepp was seemingly hurt every week and missed the regional 2OT loss to Avon and was limited to inside the 20's in the blowout loss to Ben Davis the following year (not sure a healthy Stepp would have mattered). Raw numbers haven't been an issue for Cathedral in awhile, but in the last 3-4 years depth has been unbelievable. Most at Cathedral by now realize that 5A at minimum is going to be a permanent home and they are looking at 6A for the foreseeable future and maybe longer. Will be interesting to see how the Irish next year come the 6A tournament. Going to be losing 17-18 seniors most who have started multiple years.
  3. Nailed it. I was an incoming freshman the year after Cathedral arguably had their worst season in program history (3-7) with little expectations going into the next year. Cathedral opened up with Ben Davis and Warren Central who at the time were top dogs in 5A and lost both those but in a competitive fashion. Lost in Cincinnati to St. X the following week on a late TD and then again to Chatard in week 4 for the fourth straight time. Varsity was 0-4 heading into week 5 getting ready to play Roncalli (who had also beaten Cathedral 3 straight times) and this was arguably the best team in Roncalli's history. Ended up winning that game and then rattled off 7 straight victories until they ultimately lost to Roncalli in the return game in the sectional finals. I think it was that game that really spring boarded the Cathedral program. It took two more years for Cathedral to win a state title after that Roncalli game, but the schedule would continue to get tougher and more and more prolific games against not only Indiana's best, but the best in the Midwest were routine. Coach O'Hara got the program rolling again and Coach Streiff in his second go around really elevated Cathedral to where they are now.
  4. Cathedral last year played Center Grove and Chatard who were both ranked #1 in their respective classes heading into the tournament. Also played eventual Division 1 Ohio Champion St. Xavier although they may have been #2 going into their postseason but destroyed Pickerington Central who would have been #1 if not St. X and played LaSalle who at the time was #1 in Ohio's Division 2 (lost in semi-finals).
  5. I've said since before the start of the season that Chatard is going to be a player in 4A THIS year and their game against Roncalli last week only reinforces that opinion. Extremely young and inexperienced teams like Chatard tend to get better as the year progresses especially playing better teams. Schedule softens considerably after this week and if Chatard can rattle off 4-5 wins heading into the postseason and build some confidence, they are definitely a team I wouldn't want to see.
  6. There's a lot more stuff behind the scenes and off the field going that may force LSU's hand. He's got a great personality but thinks he's just an ok coach. Tough to squander the amount of talent he had in 2019. Seems something only Bob Stoops is capable of doing.
  7. It's been awhile since I've been there, but pretty sure there is a creek that runs alongside one of the sidelines. Last time I was there, and it's been over 10 years there were only bleachers on one side.
  8. I had em 9-3, split Iowa/Cincy (thought Cincy would be tougher game), losses at Penn State, and Ohio State. Beat Cincy and they're still on track. Tall task though, IU going to need to score a ton against Cincy to win that game and have little confidence. Michigan looked good against a pretty decent MAC team but still think jury out on them. Rutgers/Maryland/Michigan aren't slouches but games I still think IU should win.
  9. This is more times than not Chatard's Super Bowl and sitting at 0-3 doesn't really change that. This will be an extremely physical game and closer than most think. Chatard will go down swinging until the end Cathedral 21-6.
  10. Also lost in all this is how unprepared IU looked from the very first play. IU gave up a pretty decent kick off return to start the game and were completely unaligned on the long touchdown run a few plays later. Love what Tom Allen has done to turn the program around and to this day has deserved every penny he's gotten, but #LEO and all this rah-rah is only going to last for so long. It's a lot easier to ruin 12 months of momentum than it is to create.
  11. I love Penix to death and he has the arm talent to stretch defenses like no other QB on the roster can, but he's useless if he's relegated to the pocket and can't complete a high percentage of passes. Add in turnovers and it really doesn't matter what the defense does. I don't think Tuttle is a QB who is going to go out and win you 8-9 games, but he certainly isn't going to lose you that many either. Unless IU has an epiphany on the offensive line, going to need a QB who can make plays with his legs and keep the chains moving with his accuracy.
  12. First time in awhile I've seen a non-Clemson or non-Alabama team win the LOS against the Irish. That just doesn't happen a lot. I was impressed with Notre Dame's athletes, #4 is a good receiver, #23 is great in space, and the TE is a load down field, but both sides of the line got beat up against Florida State.
  13. That's what scares me, I don't think Iowa played all that well. Iowa had one big offensive play early, and then after that only accumulated 230 yards of offense. Petras completed < 50% of his passes and they were only 4/12 on third down. Take away the two pick sixes and the third INT right before half that gave Iowa the ball in field goal range, defense only gave up 17 points. Defense did more than enough to keep IU in the game. Penix was bad and the offensive line was worse. Not a good combination for a guy coming off his second ACL surgery. Footwork is terrible on his drop backs and I don't think he's over the mental aspect of really planting and stepping into his throws. Everything came off his backfoot and throws were high and wide. It is only one game but not a huge vote of confidence going forward. Defense in my opinion is good enough to keep IU in most games this year, but they don't have a prayer if they turn the ball over at that rate and are that ineffective offensively.
  14. 37-0 at half. Running clock entire 2nd half. Penn ran 19 plays for 21 yards in first half.
  15. No not even close. But P/P's pull more from the Marion County Twp Schools than they do IPS. It's not that uncommon at all, especially at schools like Brebeuf or Cathedral, to see a kid go their local township public school grades 1-8 and end up going to one of those schools. But I think it's pretty rare to see a kid go IPS grades 1-8 and end up at a P/P. Large majority of the IPS kids leaving after 8th grade are going to charter schools.
  16. Never would have guessed that was Monroe from the picture.
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/5684336001 Appears that Bishop Sycamore wrote bad checks at the hotel in Canton in which they were staying the night of the IMG game. This might make for a better ending than Catch Me If You Can.
  18. Sure it does. The deanery schools aren't located in inner-city Indianapolis and the OMG athletes to which you speak of aren't going to those high schools anyway. It's myth. The non-deanery kids that attend Cathedral are being pulled from Hamilton County and Lawrence Twp predominantly, none of which is considered inner-city, and Brebeuf is also pulling from Hamilton County as well as Washington and Pike Twp, also neither of which are defined as inner-city. Try again. I challenge you to attend Roncalli/Chatard this week and report back as to which "OMG inner-city athletes" catch your attention. I think this would be good for you.
  19. I've yet to see a box score account for enrollment and socioeconomic factors.
  20. Because I know the dynamics of each of those schools and they aren't getting the inner-city OMG athletes sans Cathedral who occasionally gets some. But the deanery schools (Chatard/Roncalli/Scecina/Ritter) are nearly exclusively parochial feeders. Chatard roster listed with junior high https://bishopchatardathletics.org/wp-content/uploads/FB-Roster.pdf Roncalli roster https://www.roncalli.org/athletics/fall-sports/football/rosters Ritter https://gocardinalritter.org/teams/2716478/boys/football/varsity/roster
  21. Absolutely incorrect. Most of the inner-city OMG athletes are going to the township schools.
  22. I don't think kids are flocking to King or the Miami schools necessarily. However I do think King, Cass, the Miami schools, etc have committed resources to their football programs, have good enough coaching/leadership structure, vision for D1 prospective to keep their homegrown kids in district. That isn't the case in IPS and why you see so many inner-city athletes end up at private schools or the township schools. So continue to "trust" someone who continuously flip flops their stance to fit whatever narrative they like? Thanks but no thanks. I'll continue to call it like it is, you need to come up with new material.
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