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  1. They were shutout in the 2nd half against Ohio State and 70 yards of offense and put together one decent scoring drive against Marshall in the second half. Their last TD was set up on a short field stemming from a block punt. Notre Dame is T-115th in the nation in scoring offense at 18.5. That's terrible. UNC defense is terrible but their offense is elite. They're going to have to score more than 18 points in Chapel Hill to have a chance.
  2. Which makes you think....just how bad is Nebraska?
  3. I really don't remember Brady in college so that may be a "my bad" on my end. I do know Griese lead them to their last national title. Jim Harbaugh is synonymous with Michigan and always thought he had a better college career than Brady. Grbac lead them to multiple Rose Bowl and just figured there were some good UM QB's during Bo's hey day.
  4. Not sure Brady is even top 10 all-time at Michigan if you’re strictly going off collegiate career, although I’m not terribly versed in Michigan QB’s.
  5. Won 10 games each of the last 5 years with the same suspect QB play (Ian Book was really good btw). That’s a testament to Kelly’s coaching abilities.
  6. Just lost to 0-2 Bowling Green. Bowling Green lost to FCS Eastern Kentucky last week.
  7. It’s embarrassing and the B10 should have to answer for it. Northwestern just lost to an 0-2 FCS team at home.
  8. Imagine being 3-0 at this juncture AND looking ahead to a B10 West schedule. Defense was a no show until they started getting aggressive late and forced some big turnovers. Offense is already a night and day improvement from last year and could still be better. Have to get better in the redzone. 3-0 is nice but don’t see many remaining wins left on the schedule. On to Cincy.
  9. I think Temp is alluding to to Kelly's cringeworthy behavior trying to be "them". I don't think LSU cares that Kelly is from MA as long as he wins. Saban is from WV, Miles was a NE Ohio guy. Orgeron (from LA), had two really good season (1 great) and was a dud for the rest of them. And they turned on him quick.
  10. I don't see the logic in promoting a coordinator who is unqualified for a head coaching position at Notre Dame for the sake of keeping him away from LSU. That's the top of logic that gets you 0-3 to start a career while looking completely in over your head.
  11. Is there some kind of embedded rivalry with LSU that I’m missing here? ND promoted Freeman to head coach so LSU couldn’t lure him away as a DC? I don’t see the logic.
  12. If that is indeed the case, it even furthers the point that Notre Dame needed to look at a proven winner, before hiring a green coordinator with zero head coaching experience. Whittingham and M Stoops are both proven winners at schools who aren’t perennially landing elite recruits. If you can win at Utah and Kentucky, you can win a Notre Dame. This is why I don’t understand the grief Kelly took. Say what you want about his recruiting abilities, he’s a damn good X’s and O’s coach, one of the best in the country, and won 10+ games the last 5 seasons.
  13. If Notre Dame went after Fickell, Kyle Whittingham, and Mark Stoops and all said no then I get the Freeman hire. All three of those coaches should have been contacted first.
  14. It's almost like getting cute with Ohio State and trying not to get blown out for style points for their end of year resume wasn't such a good idea? I said that right after the Ohio State game and got blasted by other ND posters here. I think Freeman sent a terrible message to his team and that had to kill any confidence that Buchner had. ND was shell-shocked by Kelly's departure. But ND and Swarbrick caved in to player demands who all rallied behind Freeman immediately after Kelly bolted. It's the same thing that happened at USC with Clay Helton. Freeman was promoted with 72 hours so very hard to believe that ND did a thorough coaching search, let alone interviewed a pool of candidates. USC, Oklahoma, LSU, and Notre Dame jobs were all open this past offseason and Notre Dame by far made the smallest splash.
  15. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Before knowing how serious Buchner's injury was, I commented late Saturday that the Irish were a 7 win team at best with its current QB play. I didn't see how the Irish outscore UNC, Clemson, BYU, and USC, and Syracuse may be sneaky good, we'll know after their game with Purdue Saturday. I do think the Irish will somehow scrape and claw their way to 6 wins and earn bowl eligibility, but getting a top tier QB in the portal next summer is job #1 for Freeman.
  16. Michigan looks good but I don’t think they’ve done anything to jump Ohio State. Hawaii is arguably the worst FBS team in America and Colorado State just lost by two scores (in a game that wasn’t that close) to a Middle Tennessee State team who lost to an FSC team by 37 points last week. They play UConn next week as well.
  17. Wentz was made the scape goat perpetuated by the Indy media to mask Reich’s inability to coach.
  18. I’ve already acknowledged that Freeman will likely be a good coach in due time. Don’t think he was qualified at the time for the Notre Dame job and he hasn’t shown me anything yet to change my stance.
  19. If I’m looking to hire somebody I’m going to interview more than one person. How smart does Jack Swarbrick look right now?
  20. I’m sure it played a huge part, but who cares. Lose a few recruits in a single class or hire a guy way in over his head only to repeat the same hiring process 4 years later. ND fans already forget the coaching carousel of the 2000’s?
  21. Notre Dame didn’t look to hire anybody else. That’s the point. The inmates ran the asylum and ND caved in.
  22. When I get a minute this afternoon I will go through the old threads and dig up your posts dancing on Kelly’s grave and anointing Freeman the savior before he ever coached a regular season game.
  23. ND is a 7 team win at best with its current QB play.
  24. I’m responding to one. The way some ND fans on here have dismissed Kelly is astounding.
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