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  1. Well prepared to be dazzled. Exactly 10 years ago, calendar year 2011-2012, Indianapolis schools won, get this, 5 state titles. Cathedral-Football Chatard-Football Lawrence Central-Men's Track and Field North Central-Women's basketball Pike-Women's Track and Field It's a misleading stat, clearly.
  2. It's a misleading stat, no more no less. All the Indy schools knock each other out in the sectional and regional rounds, and by default typically play in the hardest half of the bracket by virtue of playing each other. 5 of the top 10 teams in 4A basketball this year all played in the same sectional and are all located in Indianapolis. Indy schools were still represented well in the their respective tournaments.
  3. That's a rather misleading statistic. How many public schools in Indianapolis play in anything but the large class division? I don't see Covenant Christian's football title in there either.
  4. BD and Warren both have players littered across the D1 ranks. Dawand Jones started in the national championship game last year and David Bell is a potential first round draft pick. Doesn’t get more elite than that.
  5. Zionsville loses its small town charm once they start taking on that many students. I've had family in Zionsville since the 50's and they've been very reciprocated to change. They are very big on the small town atmosphere. The town of Zionsville itself isn't very big, especially when compared to Westfield, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville but has actually almost doubled in population the last 15-20 years yet still dwarfed when comparing populations of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville. The influx of students coming into the school district are from neighboring Whitestown. Whitestown is the fastest grow
  6. Split between the two. I think you'll see a push from the Zionsville School Corporation in the coming years as Whitestown continues to grow to push all the influx residents to either Lebanon or have Whitestown simply form an independent school corporation. I don't think Zionsville has any interest in taking on another 1000-1500 students.
  7. That's by design and Zionsville won't ever get to mega school status. Zionsville is a town of old money and has been resistant to change in terms of population growth in comparison to it's Hamilton and Hendricks County neighbors. Whitestown is a very fast growing community however and wouldn't be shocked to see a new high school emerge in the coming years, possibly consolidated with Lebanon.
  8. Westfield is emerging as an immediate threat and Brownsburg and Avon have shown the last 5-6 years they are no fluke. If anything I think you'll see more parity in 6A in the years to come. There's multiple role playing aspects that go into athletics with socioeconomics being a small piece. But it's not the end be all, not by a long shot. I've illustrated that in the past. Cathedral winning track and field is really an anomaly but they have an extremely gifted pair of sisters on that squad who come from an extremely athletic family (both brothers are D1 football players who played at CHS p
  9. Warren just hired away a hall of fame coach from one of the fastest growing school corporations in the state. They will be fine, as will Ben Davis. Center Grove as good as they've been, also has a generational 2022 class, many who started as sophomores. As we've seen the last 20 years, it's been cyclical between the MIC's Big 4 and I don't see that changing any time soon.
  10. Why? According to you a few months back its all about enrollment and socioeconomic factors. Carmel and Warren are two of the three largest high schools in the state.
  11. The talent composite really illustrates the talent disparity across college football. The talent disparity between Ohio State and a school like Wisconsin, who by most is considered or perceived to be the 4th best B10 team (behind PSU and Michigan) is significantly greater than the talent disparity between Wisconsin and a school like Indiana or Rutgers, by an extremely wide margin.
  12. Those guys (Goodwin and McCullough) were offered by every school in the country. McCullough was previously committed to Ohio State before his dad took a job at Indiana. Blake Fisher was recruited by every school in the country last year. Hunter Johnson was the #1 rated pro-style QB a few years ago. Emil Ekiyor held offers from all over the country and is a starting OL for Bama. Jeff George was the national high school player of the year. Caden Curry is an exceptional talent but nowhere near the highest recruited player in Indiana history.
  13. I’ll do a $500 GID donation on over 5.5 wins if anyone wants to take it?
  14. Normally I’d agree, except they went 8-4 the year prior. 5-6 wins would be a massive disappointment and failure given IU’s talent level. Every other program IU beat last year played under the same circumstances.
  15. 4 wins would be catastrophic and complete and utter failure if it were to happen. 6 wins should be the bare minimum. Calling IU the 13th best team (in a 14 team conference) is lol your worst take yet. I don’t care what little stars were next to each players name 3-4-5 years ago, it doesn’t matter at this point. IU is a team that has fully bought in to staff and leadership.
  16. I think the fact that he hasn't already committed to Ohio State means the door may still be open for some of the schools that aren't perceived to have a chance, meaning he truly is undecided. Unless he wants to make a big spectacle with an announcement after an all star game or something of that nature (nothing wrong with that by the way), you would have already thought he'd be committed. I doubt he's still holding out for a better offer as he has all the best offers, so who knows.
  17. Right, I should have prefaced it better. Cathedral is being compared (somehow) to IMG here. There is a litany of high schools in the state of Indiana, let alone the Midwest, that send multiple kids a year to FBS schools. It's an accomplishment but not some kind of earth shattering revelation.
  18. I was talking FBS Scholarship players. Langdon is playing at Columbia in FCS. Still a very commendable feat, but Cathedral isn't sending 10+ players a year to D1 schools which is what I was responding too.
  19. Ohio football a different breed than Indiana. Louisville Trinity has 27 state championships. If Cathedral played in 6A they'd just be another really good football program. Nowhere near the IMG moniker you so liberally throw out.
  20. Last several years? Excluding last year Cathedral went 2019: 9-3 lost in regionals 2018: 6-6 lost in sectionals 2017: 7-6 lost in Semi-state 2016: 7-5 lost in regionals 2015: 8-4 lost in regionals I'm sure the pity party for Cathedral was real on here during that stretch.
  21. 10 is an anomaly year. It's been stated that Cathedral's 2022 class is a generational class and I doubt when the dust settles Cathedral sends 10+ kids to D1 ranks from the 2022 class. Cathedral typically sends 1-2 kids a class to a D1 football school. It's really not that much different from Dwenger (a similar-sized school) once you really look at it. Cathedral's 2021 class that had arguably the best year in school history didn't send a single player to a D1 school.
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