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  1. It doesn't. A team like Gibson Southern doesn't belong in the 6A tournament just because they can beat a school like Columbus North. That's an indictment on Columbus North, not Gibson Southern or the enrollment-based classification system.
  2. It's not meaningless. Teams who have success in their enrollment based class are bumped up a class for a minimum two year cycle.
  3. Think it would be foolish to write off Chatard just yet. Unless this Chatard team is completely different from any Chatard team I’ve seen the last 20 years, they aren’t going to roll up and die. Warren appeared to have several conditioning issues last week and with another scorcher in the forecast, tired football players lead to undisciplined football players. Chatard has thrived in this kind of situation in years past playing with nothing to lose. Unless Chatard self destructs with turnovers I think it’s a close game. Might be my upset pick of the week.
  4. Didn’t they beat the same B10 QB by 40 last year? You can’t complain about enrollment disparity as a 6A school and get run off the field by a school with 700 kids. Doesn’t work that way.
  5. Saw the Pike-Zionsville game was 14-10 going into the 4th. Thought Zionsville was going to roll.
  6. You answered two of the questions I had: was Webster injured or were they just rotating QB’s. I thought Webster may have been hurt but did see him come back in. And was wondering if that was Chris’ son or perhaps former mayor Greg Ballard’s son.
  7. Did all of Ohio open up tonight? I thought Ohio usually started their season a week after Indiana? Nonetheless impressive win.
  8. Zionsville and HSE were expected although I think Pike gave Zionsville more than they wanted. NC is pretty stunning, thought that program may have turned a corner. Your long concerns about Simmons probably warrant recognition.
  9. Lol. I think it goes without being said. Columbus North has a ton more to worry about than than 6A mega enrollment school that they play once every 15 years in the tournament or voluntarily schedule.
  10. O’Neil looked great. Took him a couple series to get his feet under him but he’s going to be a treat the next 3 years. Offensive line didn’t look very good and that was with Popeye Williams absent from the game. Cathedral was a train wreck in the red zone in the first half. Dumb penalties, dumb play calling, poor execution, definitely left a few points off the board. Defense showed out all night. Was on the field a ton in the 2nd half, especially in the 3rd quarter, but turned Westfield away every time forcing key turnovers. Credit Westfield, they played extremely well. Was down their best defensive player and really controlled the line of scrimmage.
  11. Cathedral Westfield tied at 0 at half. Irish have been a train wreck in the red zone.
  12. Lol taken it for even money??? Obviously it's easy for you to say that in hindsight given the outcome. Look, if you took that bet in a similar situation on Saturday's or Sunday's where you're allowed to legally bet in a real life setting you'd be down more money than you could count in a hurry. I subscribe to a forum where handicappers give picks and there was an article 2-3 years ago where one of the handicappers had compiled a list of data over a 10-15 year period in both college and NFL on the winning % of teams who possess the ball under two minutes with a one score lead in which the opposing team had zero timeouts. I forget the actual hard # (I'll have to find the article) but it was staggering. It was something like 675-45. Over 90% of the time the team with the ball and the lead won.
  13. I didn’t see it on there yesterday. Thought I saw LC-HSE and Noblesville and whoever their opponent is. Cathedral streamed a few games on their Facebook page last year, not sure if that will be the case this year.
  14. I’m not sure how it isn’t irrelevant? Despite being significantly outgained Cathedral still had the ball with the lead and one play to win the game. I guess what probability would you give then for a team to: a) get a 4th and 1 stop b) go 50+ yards with no TO’s c) not only score but score a TD all with just over a little minute left to play. If I would have offered you even money prior to the 4th down play that Center Grove was going to win the game would you have seriously taken that bet?
  15. I'm not arguing whether Center Grove dominated the stat sheet or not. That's really irrelevant from the point I'm making. Despite being outgained, Cathedral had the ball, leading, with a half yard to win the game with a little over a minute left. If that scenario occurred 100 times the likelihood of Cathedral winning occurs ~90 times. Absolutely everything had to go right for Center Grove to win that game and everything wrong for Cathedral to lose given what transpired. You're right it is all history and nothing that happened last year has an effect this year.
  16. It's essentially a handicap. If the Colt's are +7 against the Patriots, in the gambling world the game theoretically starts with the Colt's leading 7-0. The Patriot's (-7) would need to win the game by at least 8 points for the bet to be declared a winner.
  17. I'm saying Cathedral ran a terrible 4th and a half yard play instead of running it behind their offensive line. Or simply punt. To win that game Center Grove had to: a) Stop Cathedral on 4th and half a yard b) Go 50+ yards with no timeouts with a little over a minute left c) Not only score, but score a TD To win that game Cathedral had to: a) gain half a yard If you don't understand probability and how it relates to the likelihood of an outcome occurring at a certain juncture of time that's fine, just say you don't understand. Cathedral absolutely should have won that game. They didn't.
  18. Cathedral with the ball leading 13-10, less than 2 minutes, 4th and half a yard, no TO's for CG. The probability of Center Grove winning at that juncture of the game was very slim. It's a game Cathedral should've won but didn't. Everything had to go right for Center Grove and everything wrong for Cathedral for the outcome to turn the way it did.
  19. Well they're a 27 point favorite in this hypothetical scenario. Guessing Bears62 hypothetical handicapping won't have single effect on tonight's outcome. Now that is something I'm willing to bet on 😛
  20. GOTW: Cathedral (-14.5) at Westfield Ben Davis at Brownsburg (pk) Carmel at Louisville Trinity (-18) Center Grove (-27) at Warren Central Lafayette Jeff (-11.5) at West Lafayette Lawrence North at Avon (-5.5) Mishawaka at Mishawaka Marian (-3.5) New Palestine at Decatur Central (-5) Noblesville at Mount Vernon (-6.5) North Central (-14.5) at Fishers Penn (-3) at Valparaiso Pike at Zionsville (-15.5) Sheridan at Western Boone (-12.5) Lawrence Central at HSE (-19) LCC at Tri-West (-8.5) Homestead (-16.5) at FW Northrop FW Snider (-12) at FW North FW Dwenger (-20.5) at Fort Wayne Wayne Evansville Central (-17) at Evansville Mater Dei Columbus East at Whiteland (pk) Jesuit Brebeuf at Bishop Chatard (-29.5) Andrean at Merrillville (-9.5)
  21. Because your team had to go nearly 60 yards with a little over a minute left and no timeouts after previously stopping Cathedral on 4th and a half yard on play where Cathedral wins eventually if they run literally any other play (or punt). There were so many things that had to go right in Center Grove’s favor for Cathedral to lose that game.
  22. They should’ve but they didn’t and that’s all but counts.
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