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  1. Last year was probably the worst team Trinity has fielded in 20+ years. They started 0-6, yet still managed to make it to the state finals where they were soundly beaten by Male for the second time that season. I do have the Greyhounds winning this one Friday but I think it’s a game that really could go either way. Trinity is one of the most dominant football programs in the Midwest and have 27 state titles. That’s impressive any way you slice it.
  2. Didn’t realize Westfield and New Pal played. Honestly might be the best game in Central Indiana.
  3. Would be a massive statement for the MIC to have both Warren and BD win this weekend. Personally I have both losing by 2 TD’s. CG Brownsburg Zionsville Carmel HSE LN NC
  4. Get rid of the all-in. Add a tenth regular season game, create a formula that effectively cuts the field in half after the 10th regular season game, send 16 teams north and 16 south and seed them accordingly in a single elimination bracket that allows for a championship game to still be played at LOS Stadium Thanksgiving Weekend.
  5. Good opportunity for the youngsters. With Cathedral already having an open date, this board would have exploded had the Irish only played a 7 game regular schedule, along with having an extra week before the start of sectionals…with you of course leading the charge.
  6. A 1.65 multiplier would have had Cathedral classified where they’ve been ever since the SF was implemented…5A. Ah, so like, the Success Factor?
  7. There’s one word to describe someone like Gregg Doyel, and that’s unhinged. Way too many people in that profession have just absolutely lost their minds in the last 5-6 years. Nobody fell further and harder than Rick Reilly though. He hit every branch of the way down. Olberman needs 24 hour surveillance.
  8. And it's why the Success Factor exists. It's why the 3A schools you've mentioned (Chatard and Memorial) have spent half their time in 4A since the implementation of the Success Factor. The multiplier in which you've advocated affects enrollment for the entire school.
  9. That's not at all how the SF works, good Lord. The SF bumps up a specific athletic program temporarily who has found success in their current class. A multiplier, which most of these posters are advocating, artificially increases a school's enrollment which in turn bumps up every athletic program, regardless of success. There's zero reason why Chatard's basketball team should be playing in the 4A tournament because their football team is a dominant 3A school. That's what a multiplier does. Not your best day today Muda.
  10. Has anyone ever suggested that a public school needed their enrollment multiplied based on the success of their football program? I didn't think so either therefore your comparison holds zero water. Not practical for high school athletics.
  11. For every one P/P who wins a football state championship, there’s a dozen more who aren’t competitive in many of their other athletic programs.
  12. The argument about dead-weight enrollment would hold a ton more weight if the Success Factor didn’t exist. Why should the rest of Chatard’s athletic programs have to suffer as a permanent fixture in 4A at the expense of its football who’s not even a regular 3A school anymore? Why should Park Tudor, a program who’s wallowed in 1A for years, have to suffer even further in 2A football because they have a high percentage of kids who play in the country club sports?
  13. Lol. P/P’s make up a fraction of the IHSAA member schools and it’s even a lesser percent when you break it down by each individual class. Using Chatard and Memorial (who make up 2% of 3A) as a reason why classifying schools by enrollment is a horrible idea is about the biggest bad faith argument I’ve heard on here. Most 3A schools have a similar athletic profile across the board and that’s because they’re all liked-sized. It’s why the IHSAA classifies schools by enrollment and why the success factor exists.
  14. How is it horrible? Most schools (and I said most not all) are likely on a similar level playing field with other schools with like-sized enrollments. On average, a school with 900 kids is going to kill a school with 300 kids and are going to get killed by a school with 3,000 kids. And I don't really think I'm re-inventing the wheel by suggesting this. Enrollment is by far and away the easiest and most practical way to classify schools and it's really irrelevant if there's a handful of schools in each class that punch way above their weight. It's why the Success Factor exists.
  15. That isn't practical or feasible in my opinion. Either bump all P/P's up a class and be done with it or stick with the current success factor that bumps certain programs(not schools as a whole) up for actual on field success. High % participation rates in EC and/or low SES numbers doesn't automatically guarantee success. Also not practical or feasible in high school athletics.
  16. @Titan32how else would you propose the IHSAA classify teams as a base guideline if not for enrollment? I'd love to hear a more practical or feasible alternative.
  17. But enrollment is the most practical way to start. And with the Success Factor, teams can move from there. There's never going to be a perfect system and there's no logical way to ever achieve fair and competitive balance in high school athletics, nor is it the job of the IHSAA.
  18. It's not ignored. It's why the Success Factor exists. Here to tell you that not all private schools are created equally either.
  19. Thankfully the paywall prevents me from reading anything Gregg Doyel related. Not sure there is a more miserable person on the planet right now than Gregg Doyel.
  20. Saw Cathedral's enrollment is under 1100 for the first time in awhile. It was pushing 1300 almost a decade ago. Heard Chatard is hurting as well, had less than 30 freshman football players last year if what I was told is true.
  21. Wow, didn't realize just how favorable their schedule was....again. Have to feel like anything less than 8 wins is a mild disappointment given the scheduling dynamic.
  22. IU just landed two OL recruits in the last 72 hours, both with decent offer lists. Purdue just lost their prized QB recruit and by far and away their best committed player of the 23 class.
  23. Crimsonrace nailed it. It did what it was intended to do, and that’s prevent a select few programs from running off 4-5 state championships in a row. The SF has benefitted a handful of programs in the process but by in large part, hasn’t moved the needle in terms of improving competitive balance. So to answer the question, I voted no, as it hasn’t benefitted Indiana High School as a whole. 95+% of IHSAA member teams remain largely unaffected by the SF.
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