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  1. Looks like LN is going to play CG one more year because they have to but they will also tuck tail after that. Really surprised by that one. I hope it was against Coach Mallory's wishes because that doesn't sound like his style.
  2. I think the under would have been smashed in the first quarter.
  3. Center Grove 63 Lawrence Central 41 Final(ly)
  4. Center Grove 49 Lawrence Central 33 Half Yes...half
  5. Warren's JV & freshmen have looked good in recent years. Did some of that talent move out?
  6. NC has taken a swan dive off the cliff. Incredible how far that team has fallen in recent years. If you catch either of the Saturday morning games you will see that the future looks even worse.
  7. North Central refuses to play CG in coming years so unless they meet in the playoffs this is the last time they will play for a while.
  8. North Central brought literally tens of people to tonight's game.
  9. Caden Curry had some pretty good reps for Ohio State yesterday.
  10. I have not heard about it moving on the schedule.
  11. Whiteland's is a very large school district (still not as big as Franklin's) that includes a bunch of undeveloped farm ground east of 65. For whatever reason Whiteland keeps getting high density housing so they could potentially have one of the highest enrollments around when it's all said and done.
  12. CG & Ben Davis signed to play for the next four years.
  13. BD turns it over on downs CG 2nd down 2:05 remaining CG's side of the field.
  14. Center Grove stops BD on 3rd down but tackler gets called for taunting. BD throws TD pass on next play. That's a painful penalty. BD 34 CG 28
  15. Ben Davis 13 Center Grove 7 Offense looked better with QB under the center.
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