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  1. Okay thanks. I could be wrong about him winning. I'm pretty sure he was from AC. I was in middle school. State finals were at Southport. I'm old. Memory is slipping.
  2. Assuming that is Adams Central...I remember a heavyweight winning state in the 70s that I think was from AC but I'm not sure. Was the guy you referenced a heavyweight?
  3. One of the best to do it and a great man.
  4. Well that looks strange. Somewhere in there is a link to a tweet showing all of the games in the NE Ohio vs. America Showcase. Can't wait.
  5. https://twitter.com/OhioNEBigSchool/status/1631036246301499393?s=20
  6. I watched a couple games last weekend and definitely enjoyed the mics on the refs and the coordinators. Same for the 3-point conversions and the 4th & 15 in lieu of an onside kick. It's minor league football but it's better than anything else on the tube.
  7. Thanks for sharing your story. What you've been through will make you appreciate your successes even more. Congrats for digging out. My parents were the ones who dug out and I got to benefit from their efforts. My daughter is a nurse practitioner and my son-in-law is fluid in multiple languages and has his MBA and a great career at Lilly. He was raised in LA and they have both expressed an interest in moving there. With their resumes they would have no problem finding great careers out there. Their biggest complaint is the lack of entertainment in Indy. They are exactly the types of people we want/need to stay in our communities and a development like this -- if done properly -- would go a long way to keeping them interested. I've also been involved with enough commercial real estate developments to recognize that there are two types of communities, those that subsidize development and those that get left behind. Public Private Partnerships are all the rage as are tax abatements. When you know how they really work it is funny/frustrating to listen to others complain about them. This is potentially a great move for downtown but I don't know the players involved and I think Indy's mayor is pathetic. Hope they pull it off.
  8. The city needs projects like this to prevent further drain on talent. If it follow's Muda's plan it will become little more than a wasteland in no time flat. I'm glad my tax dollars are being used for something positive for a change.
  9. The nattering nabobs of negativity always remind me of these muppets:
  10. Any way to schedule next year so it’s not the same day as wrestling state finals?
  11. I've been hearing that soccer was about to explode in popularity since the 70s. This seems pretty ambitious but I'm glad they're doing it.
  12. IU offered CG QB Tyler Cherry. Finally... Edit to add: It won't be his last offer but Tyler is an IU football legacy. Grandpa played there.
  13. Who said Carson is a burner? I must have missed that. Please show us the receipt. πŸ™„
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