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  1. Colts up 24-14 over the Bucs at halftime.
  2. I'm still hopin' for a nice warm weather bowl game for the Irish. If they do make the playoffs, that's ok too.
  3. I would be remiss if I didn't than Coach Peebs and his assistants for an outstanding job this season! They are arguably one of the best, if not the best, at making in game adjustments. I will hopefully be back next season, the good Lord willing! Have a great off season!
  4. I'm done responding to posters like you. You are worth the keystrokes.
  5. People always ask me, "doesn't it get old winning so much?" I tell 'em, NEVER. It's always a new cast of players and families and winning provides memories for them forever. I feel blest to be a Cathedral alum and still an Irish fan. Tradition is something that is hard to grasp unless you've experienced it. Not only is Cathedral consistently good on the athletic fields, the quality education continues after all these years. It's heartwarming for this old grad to see the quality continue. Zionsville played about as good a game as they could. They've been a challenge for two years now. Hats off to the effort they put forth in the last two years. Looking forward to more of the same as we move forward next year. For the Irish, Danny O'Neil is amazing. For one so young he has the poise of a one much older. I can't wait to see what's ahead for this young man! Jaron Tibbs is one of the best wide receivers in the state of Indiana. I've said this all year, but he really come up big on the big stage, so to speak. And he's only a junior! Jaron is also a pretty fair basketball player. The defense bent but didn't break. The Eagles presented some things that made it difficult to defend. Very diversified, although once they fell behind they became a bit more one dimensional. I don't worry much about those who dislike the Irish because they win too much. I've seen race drivers booed because they have won too much. It's sort of a badge of honor. Winning at Cathedral comes at a price for the players. It's a year long process as they just don't just show up in August expecting to play well. They will be back in the weight room in a couple of weeks preparing for a new challenge next season. It's always good to see old friends at the Finals and during the season. At my age I've made a lot of friends over the years, and I feel lucky to still be able to get to the games and cheer the guys on. One criticism of the process. The IHSAA may consider starting the games at 11am as it got real late on us last night. I didn't get home until after midnight, and I live relatively close to LOS, maybe 20 minutes away at the most. I would never suggest shortening the after game ceremony because the teams deserve that. The biggest downer is that the football season is over. It will be a long dry spell for us. This season seemed to fly by. I hope to be back in the stands in August, and I hope to see a lot of Irish fans out there too. One more thing. I'd like to give a shout out to the Irish bagpiper, Robert Wood. He adds a very unique touch to the Irish, leading them on the field before the games. I feel a nap coming on!
  6. It's about time to make the trip downtown. I hope we have a injury free day. It's really good to be back to normal, kind of, and we don't have to stand out in the cold waiting to be allowed in LOS. I hope to see a lot of Irish fans tonight, and I'm sure I'll see some I haven't seen a quite awhile. GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Honestly, it's flattering that a lot of threads turn into Cathedral bashing. It's strange that the same wasn't true when Sheridan was stringing those state banners back in the day. I do realize that there wasn't as much internet access in those days, but not much outrage when they were not "moving up." Good luck to all who make it up or down to LOS this weekend. It will be good to get back to normal, and to be able to watch other games during the day. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day. We do have a lot to be thankful for.
  8. Why don't you post any hyperbole from me about the Cathedral football program? At least I attend the games!
  9. Oh, Cathedral isn't poor, but it is small compared to the mega schools in 6A. Cathedral has many wonderful and generous benefactors.
  10. You're actually the stalker, I'm just the stalkee.😉 You really do have an inflated view of your high school football knowledge.
  11. I'm not sure the size of Scecina in that time span, but Cathedral's enrollment was down in the early 1970's and when the Brothers of Holy Cross left, Cathedral was scheduled to close until RV Welch and some other lay people saved it and moved it to its present location in 1976. It also changed from all male to co-ed at that time. Even now the male enrollment is much lower than when I attended Cathedral in the late 50's and early 60's. We had more than 900 young men when I went to Cathedral.
  12. Wait 'til you get old and then every day is a long day!😉
  13. When the playoffs were begun in 1973, Cathedral "opted" to play up. They played at the top level and made it to the finals in 1973 and 1976, losing both games. And I sure enjoy the "love" temptation has for my irish.😉
  14. I truly appreciate all the attention given to my Cathedral Irish. We're a small school with a pretty good football team and tradition.
  15. Tickets are bought and we're ready for some indoor football!😊
  16. Thanks, Bob, I try to keep up with what's happening in Ohio, but I've not done so this year. I'll be rooting for St. Eddies for sure. And I wouldn't mind Cathedral getting another crack at them sometime.
  17. Yep, seriously!😉 But it's so much fun, Bob.😊
  18. The high school rule for a touchback is the ball placed at the 20 yard line. Next level, pro and college the ball would be placed at the 25. There is no fair catch rule in high school football. The ball is placed at the spot the receiver catches it.
  19. I fibbed. I was actually recruited to Cathedral in 1957 as a student. Had to take an entrance exam back then, even though I was a legacy. My brother also was a Cathedral graduate. I guess they still have to pass an exam for admittance?
  20. I agree. They let a couple games go that should have been wins. They played 4 quarters today!
  21. Nice win for the Colts today, a 41-15 road win at Buffalo. They kept the pedal to the metal today. No letdown.
  22. This game was Taylor made. Jonathon Taylor as about 180 yards rushing some more receiving yards and a franchise record 5 TS's today. He did not sell tickets or popcorn today however.
  23. Well, the Wolverines beat the Vegas odds then. That may be easier then beating Ohio State next year. But, Harbaugh is due, you'd have to admit that.
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