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  1. And Travis true backup is going to be back no problem, you know the guy who went into the SWAMP and won. Ultimately, this Monday morning, I shall just blame Brohm Corp and Jack Plummer. They could have helped but chose to SUCK, so.....
  2. Chiefs need to do more commercials.
  3. Because he is 18/19 playing against MEN who are 21 +. it's a VERY LARGE JUMP from Cathedral to beating B10 Defensive Backs who many will be playing in NFL as a Freshman Wideout. You have watched a 100+ if not more Cathedral games, think of it this way, You have all these skill kids at Cathedral and O'Neil, but their Offensive line is as good as like the 320th ranked 1a Offensive Line here in Indiana. How good would that offense be then? Now you see why Purdue struggled so much. Literally could barely get WR down field and OPEN before CARD was running for his life. You had 1 good OL, that was Hartwig, that was it imo. @PHJIrish
  4. Im sure the "alliance" that B10/P12/ACC held together didn't factor at all. If you remember 12 teams was supposed to be this year, but this gentleman alliance created by B10 with P12 and ACC to uphold the ACADEMIC (laughable) integrity of the NCAA during all of this was probably part of the algorithm It stinks to high ever, like @temptation said, why would guys like FISKE and #5 or #4 the other dude off the edge who is a high NFL prospect step onto the field for the Orange Bowl, insane if they do. I am on the spectrum of the entire university say no thanks and just pay the players what they would get in cash from the Orange Bowl swag....... it will be JV FSU vs JV Georgia......yippee
  5. Remove School, it's what they ALL DO, literally ALL of them on the recruiting trail. From now until coach announcing their new gig tell all their recruits, going nowhere, et. al. Until they are. Then they tell them, hey I have room here, or no sorry have to move on. Rinse Repeat
  6. Football supposed to be the greatest TEAM sport, let FSU Defense and Special teams take their shot. I personally will be disappointed, QB with concussion could be ready by playoff, so the true Frosh doesn't have to play.
  7. classic Purdue Road loss. Get a lead, go cold, throw the ball away mindlessly and don't stop guards getting into the paint. Rinse Repeat
  8. Painter has always stated that these rankings that are industry standards are bogus because there are WAY too many grassroots teams, players, events that you CANNOT in any certainty scour the entire pool and create any sort of system that is valid.
  9. regency bias at is finest Wash struggles in Rival game, Oregon "trending up" was the narrative.... LINES are established because hedging public money flowing in. Public is Dumb 95% of the time
  10. Not comparing Jeff Brohm to your beloved JIM, but what do you think Brohm was telling recruits ALL OF DECEMBER and even, wait for it, are you waiting?? literally 14 HOURS prior to accepting and announcing L'ville when he sat in players Living Rooms.......
  11. Did Elliott play all 4 years at Southern Illinois ?? Guy was legit for sure
  12. I could do similar job for Half that payout and been just as made fun of and laughed all the way to bank, however, not a great snapper
  13. not sure exactly, I know we have been going on the current system for about 3 or 4 years now with all IFCA members getting a vote you forgot your sarcasm font
  14. Wow, didn't know Pat Kuntz is coaching at IU, used to be KUNTZ from Roncalli who would post here back in the DAY Wasn't attempting to sell resume short, truly didn't know much other than the quick blurb of the article today I saw when he was hired. IU faithful have reason to be excited for sure
  15. 1st question What is his recruiting ties and where to do they take him? What ins does he have in the Midwest, I believe thats where IU/PU must work to lockdown first and foremost the greater 5 state area of Indiana. I don't know, thats why I ask, obviously great success, but those were established programs before he took over and took them to great successes, not discounting that, but big big step and he needs to have a great understanding on how to recruit to IU. Just like Brohm did for PU resurrection. Jury still out on Walters imo as far as recruiting prowess
  16. Here is the best part, Coaches can see a guy like Kiser (1a) and Bowen (2a) and look past classification of the player and vote accordingly to the players skills/stats, etc vs being disqualified because they played at a smaller school. I believe this because perhaps a fact that many may not remember considering it was almost 20 years now, but back in 2005, RCHS had a QB who finished 3rd in Mr. Football voting. We lost a heartbreaker in OT in 2a Regional to Jimtown. Coaches knew how talented he was, I contend if we could of got that Regional win and finished it off by beating North Posey like Jimtown did in 2005 2a State Finals, other coaches would of seen Jake Kiger put on the show in front of the entire state and maybe garnered more votes. alas, we shall never know I believe that is how Daniel Wodika won at West Lafayette, dude was UNREAL, then he put on a show at 3a State Finals for WL and boom, Mr. Football
  17. What a blast to got to Hawaii to watch them win that title !!
  18. please tell me you would not of advocated Jack Kiser his SENIOR year to have played every single down on offense ? That team was SO GOOD and he played very little in 2nd halves that year. Bowen, nationally ranked LB won it last year
  19. Updated a few on IFCA board this week: Here is the flyer for ATTICA, VERY IMPRESSIVE upgrades Attica Football Flyer 2 (1).pdf
  20. I would contend, Interior DL more so than Edge, Caraway is a DUDE..... Jenkins I think is pretty decent as well. They snagged all those transfer corners last year but none were Standouts it seems, but didn't know if that was scheme vs player. Huge news at least on OL side, Hartwig finishing up his career at Purdue, BIG for them
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