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  1. Please take a moment and download the Press Release: Very Special Night week 1 vs Kankakee Valley We are welcoming any and all to our event!! Nothing like ringing in the new football season and honoring 7 fallen Bombers from Vietnam with Jim Cornelison!!! Press Release.pdf
  2. For Tipton: Who is wearing these numbers? 2 3 33 87 Isn't Coach Tolle's kid a QB? JR?
  3. most crews I know would settle for a 12 pack on ice post game
  4. Thing about Pioneer is, yes Jack Kiser was 4 star ND recruit and very good football player across all metrics and all classes of football. Hence Mr. Football (please do not spark that debate again), HOWEVER, Pioneer is truly a system program, plug and chug system that is so well established that they will not miss a beat. I have said this before, Pioneer may have to win 28-14, or 21-7 at times this year, instead of it being 49-0 at half. AND THAT IS OK TOO!!! They have some speed in the backfield and plenty of other pieces, they are NOT going anywhere
  5. My Man @Rudy coming with the (insert fire emoji thingy) Thanks Pal
  6. Should be good to go: I added a very scientific poll question to test things out!!!! https://gridirondigest.net/forum/20-topics/
  7. Glad you added this last point, I asked Coach Brohm point blank about this play vs Arizona in the bowl game, he said his players were instructed to not say a word to officials and to just line up as normal. NOW, what is the Officials mechanics here? Does this mean that Officials are going to stop asking if Offensive Team A with the ball is going to "take a knee" in these situations? If they ask, and TEAM A says nothing and that formation goes to the line, would officials keep quiet? or would they state "taking a knee fellas"?
  8. Those who run and partake in fun pick em contests ran by various members of our community, you will find a NEW CLUB established.
  9. See folks!!!! Where else can you get this in depth information. ORATORIAL ?? What!!!!
  10. Good Morning Hoosier Conference Been a long time!! Hope all is well in the land of Mixers, POWS, GIFs, Highlighted texts, and of course @CoachDurham and @foxbat the only 2 who have multiple Caddies!!! Any News or Notes to share? Westside: Rensselaer had a nice article in the Post Tribune this week. Look for a huge announcement on another thread later today regarding week 1 in land of WagonMasters West Lafayette: Their offseason saw 6'5 WR Truitt verbal to Miami, OH, QB Adams give his verbal to James Madison, a FCS MONSTER program in the playoff system, winning a National Title in 2016 and of course National recruit heading into his JR year, Yanni Karlaftis who will have choice of any program essentially in the nation. I believe they also had a slew of other players offered D2 this off season as well Twin Lakes: With WL getting sent to the land of Indy Parorchials, (did IHSAA think WL was private school?) for sectionals, Twin Lakes is left along with Benton Central to hang out in Lake County for tournament play. Could the Indians be the favorites come week 10? Lots of positive buzz up in my neck of the woods along the Crown Point Square on the off season of Calumet, so beware of the Warriors. Lafayette Central Catholic : Year 2 of Coach Nay system looks to improve from their 5-7 record last year, they have SOPH arm of Barrett who got alot of meaningful game time last year as just a freshman. LCC starts off with 3 non conference games against 3a Tri West, 3a Guerin and 3a Northwestern. LCC does not play a 1a school until week 10. EASTSIDE: Cass: Returns a BOAT LOAD of very talented skill position players in a mix of Wing T and Spread RPO action. They were tough out last year and will be again this year. Western: Power run game is back in Russiaville this year for Coach Stewart's version of the Gun Wing T. Panthers have JR OL ERB who is one physical specimen, and I am sure a whole lot more based on their off season weight room numbers posted!! Mercy!! Hamilton Heights: Year 2 of Coach Kirschner will see their "luck" change as they were devastated by injuries early last year, I will defer to my man @gonzoron on all things Heights, as long as I can keep him out of the OOB dungeon!! Tipton: @Fballfan15 was chilling over in the CIC threads already, studying up on their new sectional alignment, Welcome back to the NORTH Tipton, that southern hospitality isn't all that its cracked up to be, I am sure!! Sounds like a transition year for Blue Devils, based on amount of Soph/JR playing, but will vastly improved throughout the year. Though I believe just because your younger, if you have talent, it will show thru!! Northwestern: Coach Robison takes the reins for year 2 of his stint at NW, after a tough start last year losing their coach, he stepped up big time and you could see staple of his principles coming through as the season went on. NW has had a lot of coaching turnover last few years, but he is there to stay (lewis Cass grad) and I know he is very excited about the finish of the facilities!! Opposing teams, bring your ROKU on the road to NW this year, plug into their 75 inch flat screen TV's inside the locker room for Hudl Sideline halftime and or You Tube videos of Farming (that is our plan at least) Its great to be back Hoosier Conference!!!
  11. Our man @Rudy of Almanac Sports http://www.almanacsports.com/football/ has published another book archiving the tradition of SW Indiana Football You can purchase it here: https://www.amazon.com./Years-Southwestern-Indiana-School-Football-ebook/dp/B07W3KQ52J/ref=sr_1_1?qid=1565791889&refinements=p_27%3ADaniel+Engler&s=digital-text&sr=1-1&text=Daniel+Engler I know I bought his WHAT A CLUSTER https://www.amazon.com./What-Cluster-Indiana-footballs-infamous-ebook/dp/B07JF744MB/ref=sr_1_5?qid=1565792040&refinements=p_27%3ADaniel+Engler&s=digital-text&sr=1-5&text=Daniel+Engler last year and it was fabulous Rudy is a long time member of GID and as you can see with his website, has done a tremendous job in his years of archiving Indiana HS Football
  12. Coach Johnson is a GEM of coaching community. Thanks for sharing. Love all of that
  13. How if @dawgieinthepound gets out of his hibernation we will have a Mid 2000's QUORUM!!! OH SNAP
  14. Pick Ems: That old code we used is long gone Keep pick ems on Main Board here under various threads or create a PICK EMS CLUB, much like OOB where all the Pick ems would be placed and enjoyed. I kind of like the idea of Pick Ems in CLUB AREA: Not to clutter up the main boards. Be looking for that.
  15. Great insight on Purdue's legendary GET BACK COACH!!! https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-purdue-brady-brohm-coach-20190813-rb7ojrf2wzavzojil6b4anpcnu-story.html
  16. Thanks for sharing: Great Read and absolutely Coach Robinson has forgotten more football than I know!!!
  17. That was a code that one of moderators for long time HHPATRIOT_04 / Chris Johannes wrote or did. He is overseas and has been awesome in getting the Twitter 3rd party gig up and running of the automatic RT of hashtags of #GID #tgd I will reach out to him and see what shakes
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