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  1. 1 Point Games West Lafayette Rensselaer Tipton Lafayette Central Catholic 2 Point Games Twin Lakes 3 Point Games Lapel Hobart Muncie Central Oak Hill 4 Point Games River Forest Cass Heritage
  2. Man, great effort, Coach Brohm certainly has them battling so hard
  3. That David Bell fella going to do just fine at this game of football
  4. Cass is too SR dominated to allow for a 'letdown' doesn't mean that Pioneer couldn't win, but won't be because of any sort of let down when your best players are seniors.
  5. yeah yeah yeah but Bombers won #600 last night!! Box Score: https://www.maxpreps.com/games/10-18-2019/football-fall-19/rensselaer-central-vs-tipton.htm?c=kndQ3w0Ykky2UvSU6g6o7Q#tab=box-score&schoolid= Nice job and congrats to the Kings of Lewis Cass, your 2019 Hoosier Conference Champions. 1. Cass 2. West Lafayette 3. Lafayette Central Catholic 4. western 5. Rensselaer Central 6. Tipton 7. Twin Lakes 8. Hamilton Heights 9. Benton Central 10. Northwestern West 4 wins 1 Loss in 2019 week 9 Best of luck to all in tournament.
  6. Current Career Wins: Cathedral 734 Reitz 707 Sheridan 678 West Lafayette 645 Mishawaka 643 Culver Academy 635 Elkhart Central 633 Linton 633 Bloomington South 623 Hobart 623 Hammond 622 RCHS 600
  7. Elkhart Central is at 633 right now. Assuming after the merger into just Elkhart High School that the Central wins would be locked in at their final resting spot?
  8. So that was AFTER the 2017 season and not counting 2018 it looks like. Great. Thanks for that screenshot!!!
  9. Not sure of folks are aware of great job Paul does weekly for Colts.com here is week 9 https://www.colts.com/news/indiana-football-digest-top-games-2019-week-nine Week 8 Honor Roll https://www.colts.com/news/indiana-football-digest-honor-roll-2019-week-eight
  10. is it Cathedral? used to have a link somewhere on the IFCA but cannot find anything any more. Just was wondering.
  11. I turned 40 last Friday while in Kokomo oh that silly Foosball game got in the way
  12. So So True I count my lucky stars each and every year (17 now) that I have yet to encounter something of this nature in my career at my school.
  13. If I was a betting man and I feel like I know Coach Shanley pretty well, with the program he has developed there is not a chance that his team lost anyone because of grades. Culture change in land of Bronchos is not just ON the field but it has been OFF the field as well. I know they are excited for the opportunity to take on the Pirates and speaking with Coach Shanley just last week before the draw even came out, he knew exactly what Merrillville has and knows his team is in for a huge fight up in the 219. Coach does not leave any rocks unturned. I wouldn't even say it was an upset if the Pirates won, just because they are that talented as well. Going to be a very good game week 1 of sectional 1
  14. BOOOOOOM FOUND IT: Yeah I am THAT GOOD @MuleDriver https://www.myihsaa.net/store/products?category=22
  15. old State DVDS used to be available here: https://ihsaa.teamip.com/shop/category/Football?c=1567237&ctype=0 maybe try contacting IHSAa
  16. https://ihsaa.org/Portals/0/boys sports/boys football/Box Scores/1993945ABoxScore.pdf
  17. State funding update: School corps get their student ADM count done twice and state distributes out the money 2 times. Once after the September date and another one after February date.
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