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  1. Have some unique perspective on Beimemy, as I have a real good friend who is good friends with Chiefs former QB coach, who is in NY last year and didn't have a lot of great things to say about Biememy from his time with KC. Interesting enough, same coach interviewed for all 6 NFL openings and had some interesting things to say about 3 teams for sure: Arizona, Colts, and Texans. Believe it or not Texans he felt were really well ran organization now that they got rid of some guy a year ago, they had their stuff together and could see them make huge steps moving forward. Colts interview, was told he couldn't do anything with the defense or special teams and that those staffs were locked in and couldn't be touched. Arizona, DUMPSTER FIRE. New Owner was an idiot, literally asked the coach this question, "What are your thoughts on President Trump". Then called him a midwest liptard, assuming he was being from Chicago, then went on for 90 mins about politics, turns out his best friend is current speaker of the house, he couldn't get out of their fast enough. Literally, NFL owner and that is what he is doing, smh, sad really
  2. some concerns with the arm length of NW kid, but hometown kid would be great story for sure, however, I seem to lean more toward Paris Johnson JR from OSU personally Question is this, you draft one of those 2 tackles, where do they go? RT? You spent all year developing last years gem of a pick who by all accounts looks the part moving forward.
  3. what another what I think is a bargain 1 gap defender in kid from Tennessee Walker
  4. Bears also signed starter from Tennessee G Nate Davis tonight
  5. Thanks for all the responses here Coach Gilbert and Sndyer. Bombers had their lights on Friday Night for him !!
  6. Good Luck MWC beating that Faith Christian golf team
  7. hard to not say he is already arrived there, about every B10 team, Now Colorado and Coach Prime today, SEC, Pac 12, B10, B12. impressive stuff
  8. Couldn't agree more, and honestly, truer may have never been spoken in these hollowed threads
  9. Sorry to break of The Who is offering a Center Grove player next, with this Georgia Bulldog offering of Nitro Tuggle today from Northwood
  10. Parker and Freeman reunited from original Boiler Hazel days, only 2 who WERE NOT a dumpster fire
  11. Friends, I understand, hence why I said, close enough, it was a way for me to highlight northern Indiana players carry on
  12. correct, its on IFCA since their AD sent me it directly
  13. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-purdue-making-impressive-recruiting-coordinator-hire-from-sec-power nice hire here.
  14. Mylan Grahm New Haven Tae Johnson Ft. Wayne North NITRO Tuggle Northwood (close enough) Jo'Ziah Edmond Northwood (see above) Some dudes there
  15. correct Coach, that is why its important to remember the N/S All Star game is an representative game, quotes of each Region must be filled, with players from each class et al. Same goes for the actual selection to the game as well
  16. For the 20 years I have been in Region 4 and IFCA, our meetings have been on Pro Bowl Sunday, starts at at 11 normal folk time, 12pm must really suck to live on time, and wrapped up easily by mid afternoon.
  17. Meeting held this past Sunday, congrats to these fine players and to Coach Hall of West Central and Coach Henderson of Lafayette Jeff on their nods to coach in the game 2022 - Region IV All-Region Team MEDIA.pdf
  18. As a coach, you have a responsibility to support your student athletes if you as a coach feel that you have a player who is deserving for an opportunity to represent their respective regions. I can only speak for Region 4, you have no shot to make the team if you nominate a player and then no show the meeting. Even if you send an assistant, that will be received well. Another PET PEEVE, SHOW UP to meetings, even when you do NOT have a kid you want to nominate, thats the responsibility of the IFCA member representing the school you work for. Just don't show up when you think you have a kid worthy. cringe worthy stuff there imo
  19. Salem High School Head Coach posted Garrett High School seeking Defensive Coordinator also posted
  20. no way POLES pays for a RB in FA like Barkley, just doesn't seem to fit what he is looking to do based on last year and articles. Barkley would be a luxury down the road but as noted, need more impact players on OL/DL and WR.
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