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  1. I will start this party Under the Radar prospect from Hammond Morton WR Lebron Hill. Saw him and his team last summer, immensely gifted and talented players for the Govs!!! https://247sports.com/player/lebron-hill-46143630/ https://www.on3.com/db/lebron-hill-237350/ https://x.com/bronbron5_
  2. Bears Fans Travel, that place will be LOUD.......doubt I can make it, unless we do our staffer on Saturday night and not Sunday Night..... Also, week 14 Bye, week for those who play Fantasy that is big week for make or break, the amount of upper tier teams and players on bye that week will have folks really in a tizzy
  3. 2030 could be bit of a reach.....more like 2027!!! 🙂 I saw something on the internet today.....you can go watch the entire season of home games for Panthers for like $750 or something like that .....YIKES And their own is real true WILDCARD
  4. Rams game fetched me take home $301, Panthers I took home $234, and of course @Irishman Packers netted me take home $427. What a world !!! Around $950 with both pre season games and Pats (may not sell, Vikings, Lions, Vikings all left. We are going to Home opener!! Negative, I think Illinois, maybe it was the FEDS, now are taxing those who sell for profit on secondary market if you make over $600.....LAME
  5. Dan Brandenberg will be joining his father in the IFCA Hall of Fame with a Region 4 induction at the National Football Foundation hosted at Purdue this summer. Still the only player in RCHS history to be drafted in the NFL.
  6. he tested the waters and said, yup, Internet still hates me......hard to block 1000s at a time...... At least he has his dog walking gig to fall back on
  7. Homer picks from personal experience only Jake Kiger: Rensselaer Central 2005, 3rd in Mr. Football Daniel Wodika: West Lafayette, 2009 (I think) Mr. Football
  8. Always been our forever home !!!! See you in a few weeks Excited to back home in 2a North, 219 Sectional !!! My Brothers!!! Literally been with HOF Coach Meeks from his 1st game in 1999 when he called a timeout and threw the kicking block back to the sidelines to WIN THE GAME with the 2 pt conversion for Victory with a Chris Yenna Belly if Im not mistaken. Film guy then, paid staff when student taught in 2003, OC in 2024 and counting......... Wouldn't have it another way. Goes for our DC as well, and Varsity Assistant in Coach Stevens, heck he was on staff my SR in 1997!! I've been known to deliver
  9. Lovie's final gift to Chicago Bears, classy as always Lovie !!!
  10. https://beargoggleson.com/posts/caleb-williams-haters-need-to-sit-down-after-these-recent-details-emerged-01hx8w1hzvvw https://www.si.com/nfl/2024/05/06/inside-bears-scouting-process-caleb-williams-draft-mmqb
  11. Probably because every time you posted something on there the responses and replies were brutally honest towards his lack of awareness of how ridiculous he was in his entire situation I don't think after 2 weeks I will change as the internet remembers forever
  12. Talent of the QB/WR is off the charts Now the hard part....COACH THEM UP Agree on OT and love seeing Indiana kid go in Booker I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Punter pick. He is a magician with ball on foot. Bears were so so bad in Punt Team unit last year, it had to be done. I liken it to my fantasy football draft strategy over the years... you fill you lineup, your team, maybe snag a bench player, but then, Im always like, just draft Tucker and be done because he is in lineup every week vs some bench dudes who may end up getting cut at some point in season. 🙂 Ok Shane Waldren.....See what you got pal
  13. Define Gambling Crime? Yes, Pete Rose should be in the HOF No, you should not be allowed to participate in college/pro sports when gambling action can be made and you as an athlete choose to gamble on the sport you play. Football player gambling on Baseball, no problem Football player gambling on Football, Problem
  14. MY QB Tremendous Draft by my Beloved.... Home Opener will be ELECTRIC
  15. I bet Bears make a play on buying and owning the 31st Street lot in a deal with McCormick Center. One sorta solution NOW: Onto what transpired Last Night. So Exciting. Please be right!!! Hope Carolina blows again next year, if they do then top 5 pick in 2nd round for Bears to finalize the deal that put it all in motion. Tip Cap to Panthers
  16. The IRONY of it all.....to read his apology it was behind a paywall....... I read his apology, made no reference to the actual main issue, NOT THE HEART gesture....nope it was the ole "do that back to me, we will be just fine". line was the absolutely brutal.....then half the room laughed....equally vomit worthy.....
  17. His Sister sent me a message tonight that the 4 schools Coach Spencer served as HC at turned on their lights tonight for him: Corydon Central Tell City Connersville and Perry Central
  18. Condolences out to Perry Central and those who knew HOF coach Mike Spencer. Coach Spencer nephew played for Rensselaer back in late 2000s. https://ifca-hof.org/inductee/spencer-mike/
  19. I think UCONN had a game plan others tried to do do the last 2 years, let Edey have his and shut the rest down, probably for Purdue was size of UCONN guards and the fact they stayed disciplined on protecting the 3 point line at all costs, so Purdue tried and did get in the lane, just couldn't keep up with those 2's and the tough 2s that UCONN made them shoot. They had the more talented team and showed against everyone in the tournament.
  20. final score: UCONN 75, Purdue 60 Pretty Impressive @Muda69 Great effort/ year for my Boilers, no shame in finishing 2nd in that tournament.
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