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  1. What a run and what a true steward of our game in the state of Indiana. Hats off Coach Yeoman, thanks for sharing Gary with SJC and Rensselaer!!
  3. OVER and im making that ALT LINE Plus money to OVER 5.5 UNDER: Pat is out of Brady Shadow now, when he gets to 4 or 5 then yes, if he gets to 4 or 5 This is tough one: I think the Chiefs will win, so therefore, in some sort of moment of celebratory, there shall be a mention....give me the OVER Cheers 🙂
  4. What a tremendous tidbit that is with Southwood. That is great !! Thanks for sharing
  5. Post without Comment: All you need to know today!! THE WINDY CITY FLYER NFL<. you BIG JERKS
  6. Folks, Kliff Kingsbury job title at USC was Offensive Analyst, per NCAA rules (stop chuckling) anyone who holds that title is NOT ALLOWED to be directly involved in any on field coaching roles either in practice or game. More you know friends, more you know
  7. new owners have taken it on and have brought it back to its established glory!! Texas BBQ, add pepperoni add bannana peppers!!!!! The one in Remington I believe has a lunch buffet.. game changer Also: Sad on Toby Keith, I have gotten to be buddies with a horse player (gambler, like myself) who is good friends with TK, crushed.
  8. the "I think I know what's going to happen guy" is ROMO and is wrong more than right.......he should just stick to his tremendous Amateur golf career
  9. The alignment is done by committees of AD's. just saying
  10. Raheem Morris....... oh my
  11. Crown Point Valpo also recently did so as well AWESOME stuff
  12. Vegas has had it Baltimore vs SF since las Feb, the minute the superbowl was completed.....don't see how that changes.
  13. OMG: I had, a large paragraph all written out on shared experience.....hit wrong button..... So now: Cliff notes; 2005 Bomber Grad: All American Wabash, Got hooked up with Coach Strong L'ville, Masters SC program via Football, excelled on field too, Strong too notice, when left for Texas, denied referral to our player, said because he wanted him down in UT, went there, got paid, got paid when fired, came back told us that College level coaching isn't much different than what we do, its just they have som much more time and resources than HS coaches.....Ball is Ball. and that its about staff friendships, he said a Strong loyal coach was his good friend, hired in SC room everywhere he was, and he would just watch Netflix all day for 300k. point being, more uncommon to see STAFFS not going with each other...
  14. Sounds like ATL is maybe out on BB NOW?
  15. Very much an upgrade because of this reason here: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SmitGe00.htm Took GENO SMITH and in year 1 he was 9th in MVP voting........ GENO SMITH .........
  16. Thanks for the Tag @HoopsCoach sorry not on much when school El ED PE is up and running, but with e learning today I popped in @jets yes as @Punttheball mentioned along with Hoops Coach: That is the combo, ST. JOE has been a slow decline since closing, however count day 2022, we had a tremendous influx of transient families, families came into town, working fields and etc, and there was like 30 some HS age kids, Sept our count was 528, by Xmas we were under 500 and they all disappeared. They had migrant busses parked an interstate hotel that was occupied for months, had Taco Truck (VERY GOOD MIND YOU) parked on site for them, first time I had ever seen this. Hasn't happened since. But yes, that Is what pushed us up to 3a for 2 years where we played in that class with less than 470 kids in the last 2 years. So it goes
  17. ugh. Chicago Radio.......the herpes of all media
  18. Really hope Kliff Kingbury is just a ploy to drive up the pice on trading #1 HARD PASS
  19. I would fully support the Bears taking McCarthy in rounds 2-4
  20. speaking of 2 year difference: Rensselaer in last count 527, Rensselaer this count 447
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