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  1. Added Jennings County to IFCA board for HC openings
  2. Wait Wait Wait.... Youre telling me that human who choose to be so called "pundits" on various media platforms put out videos of the "wrong hot take". Now, you can dod the exact same thing with other of these so called pundits doing the exact same thing but instead speaking positive about Michigan and Harbaugh This is click media 101 Its all garbage and me personally, I spend very little time or attention to it at this point.....
  3. How bout we stay on topic, that would be exciting wouldn't it? Where is that @Muda69 Gif of the ping pong playing cats........ For the record, I did not "reprimand" Bash, his post was the last post in that thread, so used it as an example as stated.
  4. The reporter was Brad Biggs, LONG time Beat guy in Chicago Trib Bears Beat. and appears every morning at 7 a.m on Score I thought it was a fair question for sure I would love this idea: Bears Whitesox Arlington dual complex sports empire. Jerry needs to sell or pass away first though.....but Wsox stadium deal is up in a few years I think
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-ncaa-levies-significant-penalties-on-florida-state-for-nil-recruiting-violations-002044975.html?guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly90LmNvLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAFclcYAcQBepbTU2PjmqjUVl6vHXuTdHb6It_JkZQVQUYnm3K2E0hUTkm0PSjy9Us0w-51OYZS81WSalNG_1TV1jB1N0C72RKNo_T8eFYz1EAR9Waw8uM_yCB3z8gGwFGGYyxCL2n5KM2uFqpGR886utU-KRCjBn7V-QlaNbTzEo Looks like Florida State gets to be the first to fall on the lame NCAA sword
  6. you can thank the fine folks asleep at the wheel downtown Indianapolis I truly think the suits at the NCAA thought that the schools of the P5 would still just keep the upholding traditions of EDUCATION first athletics.... HA freaking HA Truly some real ignorant stuff there. Day late and a $ short they say with this mess. and once again, the all mighty Dollar rules (or ruins, depending on your stance) the day
  7. Caleb Small was hired last night at Northwestern, OC at Ben Davis
  8. Just saying, that one of your running mates "reported" the picture of Temp just making a light hearted joke in this silly thread, calling his picture of 2 fans (you and grover) sophomoric, which I believe @Irishmanhid that and subsequent messages. I believe that is why he led with "Sophmoric" So he can take a joke, but when @Grover hit the report button on very similar situation then how is this any different? This thing is dead. Michigan won, no more suspensions, feel free to start something new if any more new info comes out or he signs extension, or leaves or retires or whatever. At this point, no need to keep it rolling
  9. So assume 2 who messed up got the boot?? The WH and LJ?
  10. Don't blame him one bit, cannot imagine at his stature in the game it is worth it to Coach Saban to continue to coach in this new era of NIL ownership of teams, Coach Saban is not someone who would enjoy that aspect of the current status of CFB. I salute Coach, tremendous coach.
  11. JF has shown enough to me that he has NFL arm , where he has been failed is 3 cordinators in 4 years. How gross is this stat: So, again, is JF that bad or is Bears "brass" been the common denominator : (yea that is pointed at you Ted Phillips, CLOWN).
  13. How can they get Alt at 9? don't think he is there at 9, so you cannot take QB and get ALT imo. Fields in draft capital costs what?? I would like to think he would fetch at least 1 and 3 or 1 and 4. or 2. 2nd round picks perhaps??
  14. Yes. #1 on my Chopping block is Luke Getsy Is Randall Cunningham available for coaching? 😎
  15. I'd take him in the 3rd round without hesitation
  16. I am back and forth and back and forth Here is what I will say: OL still is AWFUL, depth is atrocious...... That still is a concern with JF or any Rookie QB for that matter. I am reisgned to this: I LIKE and TRUST RYAN POLES so what decides to do, I will back the play. I do think though Luke Getsy is sub par OC, he looked great with Aaron Rodgers......the fact he still cannot overcome poor line play with a mobile QB to create offense consistently is mind boggling.
  17. yes they were Love the physical offensive line and Old School toughness they ran their offense with. A true throwback
  18. I have seen NFL lineman come in brushing their front of chest to indicate their eligible for years.
  19. Im a guy who wants the best football coaches in the profession to have their craft at the highest level, which is the NFL. Just my preference
  20. yea, saw those other threads after I posted, so it goes. Win or Lose Monday, I think Coach Harbaugh is heading to the NFL, rightfully so, where he belongs after he did what he set out to do. That I can applaud, not a big Michigan guy per se, but Jim Harbaugh is an OUTSTANDING leader and Coach and yes has made mistakes, some may have that be a deal breaker for them, I get that too, but I am able to look past a lot of the noise and just see the coaching product, with coach lens, vs all the other talking head blah blah tv stuff
  21. Nic leaves to go home for Xmas, and comes away with 500k NIL deal , Car, House and now with Texas AM. Good Times Walters was told about it day before he announced, went to house after season, all was good, family was all in at Purdue, kid goes home for xmas, and....duffle bags of money says time to stay home. Don't hate the playa, hate the game they say. ugh.
  22. Coach Nowlin Appreciates the kind words about him!! 🙂 Just caught up from a few weeks off, here, couple of things I will add. 1. What a bummer to come on thread and not see a single darn post about what an OUTSTANDING Playoff game that Alabama and Michigan had. It was what a college semi final game should look like, 2 giants going toe to toe with Michigan making a few more plays to pull it out.... THAT is what I was hoping to see at least a handful of comments....but I digress... 2. I can confidently say that anyone who has posted in this thread has never sat in a room with Nick Saban, I have, it was UNBELIEVABLE, say for 90 mins in a clinic in Mt. Pleasant Michigan, this was when he was at LSU, I came away saying, I SEE why he is so successful, WOW, I literally have every single note I took from that clinic still in my "football folder". To discount his success is silly.
  23. Bo Callahan: everyone's #1 pick at, played QB , but don't tell Kevin Costner that, Vontez Mack over everyone!!!! You should give it a go, it's a fun little movie.
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