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  1. Sometime in Mid December or 2nd week of December Meeting usually within first few days in December, well the IFCA meeting for Coaches IFCA ALL STATE (which I am biased but a far better representation of All State teams then AP). Once its done it will roll out the following: IFCA TOP 50: You just make this list to be considered from the MR. FOOTBALL Position Awards. Then a vote will happen to elect 1 player for each position to be "Mr. Football" for that position, QB, RB, WR, OL etc etc etc. Once that is one: They Move on to SENIOR and Underclassman CLASS ALL STATE TEAMS. ***NOTE *****. IF YOU MAKE top 50, YOU CANNOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR INDIVIDUAL CLASS TEAM. Example, BOWEN from Andrean last year, won LB position award, so he was NOT eligible to be on 2a All State team. MR. FOOTBALL: Once all 9 I believe positions have been elected, then any member of IFCA will get a ballot to cast their vote for Mr. Football. I need to get studying soon, I have some thoughts but will need to see full list
  2. Absolutely NOT, reason, why should CARMEL lets say or even Crown Point one with 5k students other with 3k students be in a same classfication with schools that won't even be close to 2k students in their buildings. I was in those IFCA board meetings when this was all brought out and at the time, MUNSTER with like 1800 kids was playing in 5a football with schools that had 3k and that was just in their area, then you expect them to go down to compete with INDY area Mega Schools with 4-5 thousand kids when they had 1800?? The discrepancy from top to bottom is astounding with amount of bodies available.
  3. no wish they did, we would of been in 2a last cycle
  4. they can, most scholarships are for 1 year to 1 year. Not common, and cannot happen until the academic school year is over https://athleticollege.com/8-ways-a-coach-can-take-away-your-athletic-scholarship/ EDIT:: Sorry didn't realize @Footballking16 covered this already as I was catching up from previous pages
  5. to be fair, I think most consensus amongst all the so called pundits had Young over Stroud anyways. Question I have, let's say Justin Fields is on, Eagles, or 49ers. 2 great offensive lines and playmakers all around him. What does he look like then?? I'd venture to say hands down QB 1 in the league. Something to ponder, but so hard to really know bc the Bears OL is SO SO SO SO BAD it has hurt his progression so much over the last 3 years
  6. Ha, come on PRIME, welcome to the real big time College Football, job is never done until they exhaust their eligibility these days. Literally 5 levels of recruiting now in 2023, verbals, ha, what's everyone say, when kid gives Verbal, that is when the real recruitment begins. Poor Prime. 1. HS. Prospect Early Signing (DEC) 2. Your Own Team (DEC) 3. Portal 1st Time (Dec) 4. Late HS Signing date (FEB) 5. Spring Portal
  7. ok, that was comically bad, but thats the NFL in nutshell. Not enough GOOD OL and not enough GOOD QB play and you get an NFL weekend we just saw and culminated with that thrilling 12-10 victory by DA BEARS..... Now, lets reexamine Flus here: Something that I think has been pretty impressive, coaching large market, literally having 2 coaches fired by HR, one being a Coordinator , losing a capable enough but not good QB to injury and playing a D2 guy, and having quite possible the worst Offensive Line ever assembled, he has maintain his composure, he has stood up in front of those men at Halas Hall and has kept the ship moving in a COMPETITIVE direction. That defense plays so hard still and I think gettin Sweat has really helped obviously. Something to be said about all of that in my opinion.
  8. He has looked sharp and helpful. Could he be having a year like Hurts if he is that QB on that team? I would say that he would be VERY good, I think 🙂 It seems like the injury has helped him reset and see the game better, also seems like Getsy has started to understand and coach what he has UP FRONT to then get JF in positions to be more successful.
  9. Hard to argue or refute this tenure as being above board
  10. If Big10, ACC, PAC12 and SEC all produce 13-0 conference champions seems to me we have ourselves a 4 team playoff
  11. https://bigten.org/news/2023/10/4/big-ten-conference-announces-future-football-schedule-formats-for-2024-28.aspx
  12. You don't want an assistant from Power 5 conference in my opinion, they are well thought of because they are benefits of being an assistant at a successful program, like Michigan, if you hire Moore for sake of conversation, he doesn't get to bring his roster and UM players are NOT portal skating to IU. Plus you only get 1 shot at the free transfer, so, pick wisely I think IU needs to be different, there are plenty of ROP spread teams out there, how dod you set yourself apart? Any real good Option Coaches still out there in College?
  13. great guy That high energy rah rah is great, until, you lose and lose and lose some more, 18-23 year olds choose these days to tune out such gimmicky schtick when things go south, the folks who jumped the gun on the extension probably need to be held accountable as well bc 20 million buyout was horrendous for anyone in B10 not named OSU/MICH/PENN ST imo
  14. just a few older guys ahead of him was my understanding, but with Sheffield bolting before Bucket game, it looks like he got some more run and had a nice day Saturday. Some real tough moments in this transition year, Harrell had some real bright spots, then some real WTF spots...... A lot of young exciting players that Walters was able to hold onto from Brohm class, obviously potential Freshman All American in Thienman was an absolute STUD in Walters system. TE Burhnam (sp) also showed a lot in bucket game with Tibbs. GOT TO FIND OFFENSIVE LINEMAN Big Big Off Season
  15. at this point, lets keep the good times rolling......play competitive and lose at the end. I am hoping for 2 of top 5 picks in upcoming draft.
  16. Hope many the ROCKS fans can get into town early enough to enjoy the wonderful Downtown restaurant scene!! My personal favorites: Square Roots Lecrezia's Tavern on Main (21 and over) Many Great Pizza Places Fareinheidt 212
  17. if you get up my way early enough, tremendous food opportunities throughout the city, but especially downtown area Live in CP since 2004, but been teaching and coaching in Rensselaer for 21 years
  18. Last Weekend, I watched all games I could from comfort of chair, it was glorious Tonight, I shall be doing what John Denver so eloquently described, "leaving on a Jet Plane". Go Boilers
  19. I know schools used to be able to elect to stay in a class instead of dropping but never heard of it being per sport, all or none
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