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  1. none of this is going to matter in about 3 or 4 years entire system is going to be changed, no such NCAA forthcoming, at least not in its current set up
  2. In all these situations that have involved coaches in our state, I caution folks on a few things, 1. Due process This is why I hid a topic last week talking rumors of something at Glenn with Coach Barron 2. What is reported by WNDU is just that, what they reported. Which is summary of charges, nothing more, nothing less. 3. We've always taken stance going back to Coach Tim Adams days , to allow due process and sticking with to reported facts that become available if they do.
  3. can the hope be to change course ? i know, pipedream, and IM on the side of Until MCaskey's sell.....well.... but its ok to still have hope, even if Morgan Freeman believes it will kill you
  4. For sake of conversation: here is the breakdowns from 2 years ago (I left off Success Factor bump downs, like Kokomo in 4a) https://www.ihsaa.org/sites/default/files/documents/2022-23 2023-24 Football Alignment.pdf 4a: Greenfield Central 1475 to Angola 795 3a: Norwell 790 to River Forest 511 2a: South Vermillion 510 to Eastern Hancock 379 1a: Park Tudor 378 to Indiana Deaf 94, or Traders Point 124
  5. Should 2100 body schools play schools of 1000 kids in tournament play? That was the #1 reason to split into 6 classes, the discrepancy of Carmel to Munster was 3k kids So, the question is what is the most realistic top end to bottom end enrollment wise that keeps the schools in competitive classes? I just did 5a into top 32 4a to show what that would look like thats an awful lot of kid difference from Top to Bottom
  6. 5A 1 Valparaiso 2140 2 Warsaw 2108 3 Whiteland 2074 4 South Bend Adams 2062 5 Decatur Central 2050 6 Merrillville 2050 7 Lafayette Jefferson 2034 8 Goshen 2006 9 Chesterton 1980 10 Castle 1965 11 Hammond Central 1923 12 Floyd Central 1823 13 New Albany 1814 14 LaPorte 1812 15 McCutcheon 1786 16 Plainfield 1773 17 Evansville North 1751 18 Concord 1730 19 Anderson 1722 20 Seymour 1719 21 Bloomington South 1681 22 Terre Haute South 1609 23 Franklin Community 1590 24 Bloomington North 1589 25 Hammond Morton 1534 26 Michigan City 1520 27 Columbus East 1518 28 Munster 1514 29 Terre Haute North 1467 30 Kokomo 1465 31 Fort Wayne North Side 1460 32 East Central 1241 4A 1 Fort Wayne South Side 1459 2 Mt Vernon (Fortville) 1455 3 Greenfield-Central 1430 4 Mishawaka 1422 5 Fort Wayne Wayne 1416 6 Mooresville 1398 7 Northridge 1393 8 Huntington North 1382 9 Evansville Reitz 1378 10 Pendleton Heights 1353 11 Muncie Central 1332 12 Richmond 1320 13 Martinsville 1315 14 Hobart 1298 15 South Bend Riley 1298 16 Evansville Harrison 1293 17 Bedford-North Lawrence 1242 18 Logansport 1226 19 Greenwood 1211 20 New Palestine 1209 21 Indianapolis Crispus Attucks 1170 22 Jennings County 1169 23 Columbia City 1162 24 Indianapolis Shortridge 1159 25 Evansville Central 1131 26 Shelbyville 1093 27 Jasper 1092 28 Indianapolis Roncalli 1082 29 New Haven 1068 30 Plymouth 1054 31 Marion 1045 32 DeKalb 1044
  7. Quite a wild scenarios that could play out in Chicago This much I do know, if anything is leaked out of Chicago Hallas hall its because Poles wants it out there, other than that, Bears Brass is pretty darn good at the cloak and dagger under POLES, unlike PACE who was buffooned into bidding against himself in the infamous Tribusky draft. August 2024, I believe Fields to be a Pittsburgh Steeler August 2024, I believe Bears to have Caleb Williams but as I have stated, I believe in Ryan Poles over everything, so if he decides to move off the #1 and trade down and keep and Fields or even extend him then im in and lets go and coach him up
  8. VITAL part of any game!! Sadly that was not the most dangerous part of my night, the Halloween party ongoing in the WIRT gym that was being shared with our locker room took that prize. However, I do remember a couple of Halloween costumes of gals in referree stripes, they were heading into the community bathroom as I was heading out, needless to say, we may have just grabbed all our stuff and took it to the track on our sidelines. I do like water cooler action
  9. CJ Stroud doesn't happen often and some say because of the infrastructure already in place in Houston was a good reason why he was successful Josh Allen was AWFUL early in career Patrick Mahomes sat a year behind Alex Smith Tom Brady Sat behind Drew Bledsoe Drew Brees Sat Lamar Jackson, Sat Justin Herbert should of sat, but Ownership told trainer to stab Geno Smith in lungs with a needle Love sat for YEARS behind Rodgers and Rodgers sat behind Farve If Bears end up drafting Williams 1st, he should SIT a year, if they trade down, stick with Fields and draft lets say JJ McCarthy (that is scenario I hope for) then JJ sits and you get a better OC in for Fields this year and we get to see what this guy actually can do with proper coaching. Something IMO he has yet to be able to experience
  10. agree, get present quickly on sidelines, especially when other teams sidelines, keeps from nonsense happening.
  11. Speaking of Striped folks 1. Thought they did great, some early flags, but overall great 2. GLAD they held the hankeys in the pockets on those 2 holding calls late 3. What did you think about what seemed like 4 extra.crews on the sidelines? CORRECT. Only answer that is acceptable !!!
  12. who gets Tippy Valley'd? thats my new term for future ridiculous committee decisions for sectional alignments.
  13. NOW, onto actual GAME that was played HOW does NO ONE on 49ers staff understand the playoff OT rules.......and you LET MAHOMES have the ball last. When you have the chance to bury one of the GOATS , you cannot MISS, or else, you see what happens. Cynical approach on the eve of Valentine's Day, Why not believe in romance and true love?
  14. Okay, let me ask you this @temptation still a publicity stunt if they get engaged in 2024? or still a couple 1-1-25? What a long game a Billionaire and Millionaire are playing
  15. Less than 40 seconds of total tv time Less than 2minutes in the entire playoff run of Chiefs Giselle got the same treatment by the TV producers, who ulitmately are the ones in charge of the camera angles used in all games. I attempted to get my daughter Swift tickets for Indy in Nov 24, fell short on lottery, couldn't tell you name of any songs, but could recognize a couple Im sure based on care rides with soon to be 15 year old, so don't think I am a swifty per the rules of Swift fandom. This is nothing more than selective outrage and our nations newest click bait anger talking point to fill the internet spaces, I am just hear to show the facts that 30 seconds of TV time is enough to get folks to comment on this site, is just laughable considering the amount of similar shots that were on display for the Gisselle Pats days..... but now its a problem for folks. I think a true concern should be why they let Tony Romo ruin the broadcast for everyone, now that has merit
  16. odds at less than 50%?>. what does that even mean? The fascination of folks commenting and "caring" about 2 adults and their choice of being together in a romantic relationship is quite amazing. And yes, if you make a comment about it, then you care. I just enjoy pointing out the hypocrisy of the selective outrage over Ms. Swift and Mr. Kelce. They used to show GILSELLE ALL THE TIME too when Tom was doing his thing. Lets see the archives around here lambasting that? Oh right..... Not Taylor
  17. You forgot your TIN FOIL HAT to wear while posting
  18. Literally EVERY SINGLE SUPER BOWL has had some sort of celebrity factor But yes, lets have selective outrage because Taylor Swift has a boyfriend who is really good at playing football on back 2 back super bowl winning teams. Yes, thats the ticket of rage 🙂 We all mad that Paul Rudd was on the field for the celebration? https://people.com/super-bowl-2024-celebrities-in-the-stands-2024-8575768
  19. don't know, dont' care, literally has ZERO impact on the production and on field sporting event. I pretty sure I saw Pat Mahomes holding a child on the stage receiving a trophy......wonder how a 3 year old got into his hands. Impressive stuff. Here is one from PRE TAYLOR SWIFT, as in LAST YEAR https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/other-sports/american-sports/super-bowl-wags-meet-chiefs-29186200
  20. BIG fan of healthy competition when you have position battles. Justin Fields has never had to worry about actual QB competition, you telling me a dude from the streets as a unsigned FA from D2 school is someone he had to worry about? No chance. Nick Foles? Andy Dalton? cmon man.
  21. no sir, that Gees had worked in Indiana previously was correct, Part of a powerhouse staff at Rensselaer in the 60's, Coach Geesman, Coach Sidewidz, Coach Hummer, all future State Champion coaches and all in the Indiana Football Hall Of Fame. 4 Hall of Fame Coaches on that staff, Steve Brandenburg Rensselaer also on that staff, iFCA HOF as well, but not a state champion Coach Geesman left Rensselaer to OHIO for the HC job before taking over PENN.
  22. interesting sure, however.....don't see that as a scenario that plays out come Training Camp
  23. Let this sink in: Andy Reid fired by Eagles on 12-31-2012, same day Bears fired Lovie Smith Chiefs took 4 days to hire Andy Reid, Bears took 16 days to hire Marc Trestman
  24. The whopping 30 some seconds was that crushing for you? Literally every Super Bowl has cut aways to celebrities, etc. There is like only 18 actual minutes of actual football plays on any given NFL game. Just sayings Chiefs defensive improvements throughout the year was really something, Hats off to now 4 time Super Bowl winning coordinator Steve Spagnola, master class playoff run
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