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  1. This is the NFL in nutshell. Commish calls it parity. I call it being less crappy from week to week. Not enough good Lineman to start in the NFL to keep all the quarterbacks healthy which means not enough good backup quarterbacks which means you get a subpar product week in a week out
  2. I know Cathedral is on a different planet then mosts but it's not very common for an 18 year old to come in and just start on a B10 team, i think you understand this. I'm sure he will have an impactful years to come, just didn't happen this year. Question is did he save his red shirt???
  3. For what its worth: Walters has pulled in the 6th best "transfer" class thus far Pulled OLB from Georgia, WR from UCLA and Reggie Love RB from Illinois. 8 total thus far
  4. Cannot believe it took them THAT long to fire him. Way over his head
  5. Seems like another Bo Callahan situation
  6. East Central had a tremendous 2 year run and beyond. Had some real eye opening performances. Man to have watched East Central play Chatard this year. Congrats to Josh Ringer and entire East Central Community
  7. paging @crimsonace1 and @HoopsCoach Our go to members who DOMINATE this area
  8. Hobart sent me their posting to add to IFCA so all info on there
  9. Great guy, the promotion to admin along with HC is just so much, he did great things on the field and will continue to do great things in his current school day role in the administration
  10. Product on the field has progressed nicely this season, Flus has some responsibility for that. Seems like he has a locker room full of Loyal players to him, in NFL, that MEANS a lot. The impact of Montez Sweat has been OUTSTANDING which has been backed up by own naked eye along with the data posted. So @Bobref, assuming you are saying, give you Harbaugh and call it a day? If not Harbaugh, who would you suggest be a good choice since you have moved on from FLUS.
  11. I think conservatively speaking, a contributor in 2025, having 4 years left helps as hopefully Purdue takes the slow approach for the young man.
  12. 2024 Purdue offensive line additiions Offensive lineman Ht./Wt. Eligibility left Former school Rod Green 6-5/315 Three years Coffeyville (Kan.) C.C. Corey Stewart 6-6/303 Two years Ball State Joey Tanona 6-5/295 Four years Notre Dame DJ Wingfield 6-4/289 One year New Mexico
  13. Like to think Gus Hartwig helped out with landing Zionsville former 4 star OL Joey Tanona from the portal from Notre Dame. Pretty huge piece to snag for Boilers in desperate need of OL help
  14. On my winter break to do list
  15. He brought his All Star 7 on 7 team back in like 2005 to Purdue for big 7 on 7 tournament. We were in their pool, that was fun, we hung with them for a bit...... I forgot the other team we were against, however, they just saw a bunch of 5'10 white dudes and just tried throwing fade after fade after fade....we won that game. Then we get to play inside the indoor facility and playing a catholic school from Holland MI, there was Tiller, Brian Rock, and like 8 other Purdue coaches all gathered watching this dude from Holland MI throw 40 yard deep corner routes on the dime back pylon, over and over and over, needless to say, we could not defend that.....that QB....Kirk Cousins.
  16. And Travis true backup is going to be back no problem, you know the guy who went into the SWAMP and won. Ultimately, this Monday morning, I shall just blame Brohm Corp and Jack Plummer. They could have helped but chose to SUCK, so.....
  17. Chiefs need to do more commercials.
  18. Because he is 18/19 playing against MEN who are 21 +. it's a VERY LARGE JUMP from Cathedral to beating B10 Defensive Backs who many will be playing in NFL as a Freshman Wideout. You have watched a 100+ if not more Cathedral games, think of it this way, You have all these skill kids at Cathedral and O'Neil, but their Offensive line is as good as like the 320th ranked 1a Offensive Line here in Indiana. How good would that offense be then? Now you see why Purdue struggled so much. Literally could barely get WR down field and OPEN before CARD was running for his life. You had 1 good OL, that was Hartwig, that was it imo. @PHJIrish
  19. Im sure the "alliance" that B10/P12/ACC held together didn't factor at all. If you remember 12 teams was supposed to be this year, but this gentleman alliance created by B10 with P12 and ACC to uphold the ACADEMIC (laughable) integrity of the NCAA during all of this was probably part of the algorithm It stinks to high ever, like @temptation said, why would guys like FISKE and #5 or #4 the other dude off the edge who is a high NFL prospect step onto the field for the Orange Bowl, insane if they do. I am on the spectrum of the entire university say no thanks and just pay the players what they would get in cash from the Orange Bowl swag....... it will be JV FSU vs JV Georgia......yippee
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