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  1. Who is it for the three of us who is not on twitter
  2. Beside the glazier and Ifca, what other clinics are coming up in Indiana. And can the line ups be posted. thanks
  3. Rochester Middle School has a 7th grade math opening beginning Jan 6, 2020. JH football and possible other coaching positions. PM me for more details
  4. Shrive will be missed, family in my prayers. RHS and Valley contest will not be the same without him somewhere in attendance.
  5. Surprised that the 2nd leading tackler in the state could not make the 2A defense.
  6. Agreed a running style offense would be a better fit.
  7. Congrats Mr Spegal I don't think he will see the field as a running back at IU unless in mop up late in his career. The FCS is full of Spegals and got their schooling paid for.
  8. Brandon Gorin Marion I think Nick Hardwick Larry north Blaine Bishop I think
  9. Now add Bill Lynch at DePauw next to hang up the whistle
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