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  1. Per the Monticello Herald Journal, Mark Gretencord named new head football coach. he is also there head basketball coach. Should avoid the conflict of sharing athletes. If he adds a spring sport he turns into an old school coach who coaches all seasons. Also of note in the TC area, JR Haskins has returned as principal of the HSMS.
  2. How was the Region 4 Clinic Wednesday night. Sorry I missed it.
  3. Rochester would like to host a 11-11 scrimmage in July, the 18th or the 19th. It can be more than one team and if necessary we don't mind traveling a short distance. please PM me or email me. Thanks Kenneth.hughes@zebras.net
  4. bump there is a 7th gradeMath opening bump
  5. Sounds like Ale Emporium might be one of the destinations for the weekend.
  6. Since Chammps has closed next to the Sheraton. Where is the best coaches hangout for the state clinic. we can have two categories A) Pub/Restaurant style and B) Dollar Bill Burners. This for entertainment purposes only and by no means is binding. ( Or intended to get you in trouble with your significant other)
  7. there is a 7th gradeMath opening bump
  8. Thanks for the agenda , everytime I go to the IFCA page it tells me server can't be found.
  9. triton central this Saturday ? triton central this Saturday ?
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