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  1. I hope you're right, but FC has a big senior class graduating this year. It'll be hard to fill some of their shoes. The rb (acton) and the two best wr will be gone. Along with 6 of the teams leading tacklers. (I did some MaxPreps homework) I'm not sure if they have any young guys coming up but it's going to be tough to replace all that.
  2. I also heard FC kicked field goals the whole second half of the game... any truth behind that? If so, very classy move by Coach King by doing anything possible to not run the score up! NV @ Attica - NV by a bunch PH @ Covington - PH has surprised me a lot this year. Although I do not think they are a top team in 1A, they have gotten much better from last year. They play hard and aggressive up front and the two running back are pretty good. I'm not sure Covington will win many more... sadly losing their qb really ruined their season.. I'll take PH winning this one 35-12 Seeger @ FC - Game of the Week!!! It's time to see where these teams really stand! I think both teams are playing good ball right now. Offensively I think both teams are similar. They can run and pass the ball on any team. Where there's a difference is the defense. I think FC might be a tiny bit better defensively then Seeger is.. I think it's a one score game and I'll take FC 28-22 Herbie gets his revenge! SV @ RP - I want to say this game will be closer than it was last year but I also think that RP will get blown out..... BUT I've bet against RP a lot this year and I think they will find a way to keep it close. Coach Sanders and his staff are doing a great job keeping those boys in games that some think they shouldn't be in. I'll take SV 35-22 with SV pulling away late in the fourth
  3. No Saturday games this week?!!?? I'm with Donnie this week. Nothing crazy happening and 4 blow outs. Attica @ FC - FC wins 48 - 6 RP @ NV - This is the only game that could be close (for probably a quarter) this week. The Falcons look to get revenge for last years loss. RP looked decent against Seeger for the first half last week. I could see it being close for a quarter or two but I'll take NV 42 - 12 Seeger @ PH - Seeger wins 35 - 12 SV @ Covington - Again I agree with Donnie, SV will continue their 1A dominance... SV wins 60 - 6
  4. I was able to attend both the NV/Cov and FC/RP games. From watching the games I would say NV is much better than people are thinking. They have good athletes and the line is just good enough for them to be dangerous. As for FC I think they got lucky that the RP qb got hurt and one of the running back got hurt as well. If they don't go down I think RP wins that game. I'm not sure FC is the dark horse we thought they'd be. Attica @ PH - PH wins 48 - 12 FC @ Covington - Covington's qb went down with what looked like a knee injury last week (hoping nothing too serious) the kid is a pretty darn good. The FC offense is too dynamic for the Trojans to handle. I'm not sure if they'll pass or rush for 200+ yards because they are capable of both. FC wins 38 - 20 Seeger @ RP - RP is too banged up from the pervious two weeks. I don't think they will be able to keep this close. I do think Coach Sanders will have a few tricks up his sleeves to keep them in the game early. Seeger wins 38 - 12 NV @ SV - After a dominating win last week I think Crabtree will have his boys fired up and ready to take on the county rivals. This is basically the conference championship so it just makes sense for it to be on a Saturday so everyone can go watch. Look for this one to be high scoring and I'll take NV to win 42 - 35
  5. I think SV runs away with conference this year. I don't think anyone can match them physically and athletically. I think Seeger and NV could be 2 or 3 but with the lose last week I have Seeger slightly ahead of NV. 4 through 6 could go anyway... I think FC is better coached than RP and Covington that's why I have them ahead. I think the three of them (FC/RP/Cov) could give any team in the conference a tough game on any given night. As for PH and Attica, they both seem be much improved from last year but just aren't quite there yet. My predictions are SV Seeger NV FC RP/Covington PH Attica
  6. Attica @ Seeger - Seeger wins RP @ FC - RP took a beating against a really good Carroll team. I look for them to bounce back and go into FC fighting. FC is coming off a decent win against a bad Crawfordsville team. I think Herb will have his team more prepared so I'll take FC 28 - 20 Covington @ NV - Covington has surprised me so far this year. The new coach seems to have something decent going there. This will be their first sight of any really competition so far this year. I guess NV played last Friday without their qb but if he doesn't play on Friday it could be a dog fight. If the qb plays I'll take NV by two or three scores if he doesn't play I'll still take NV 22-14 PH @ SV - PH had a great win against West Vigo and SV will only have four days to prep for this game.... but I don't think that really matters. SV wins by as much as they want. 60-6
  7. BC @ Seeger - Seeger wins a close one. 28 - 14 Crawfordsville @ Fountain Central - Does Herbie still have some magic left?? I think he does, but not enough to beat the bigger Crawfordsville. Cville wins 35 - 21 NV @ Paris, Il. - I don't know anything about Paris except they were 2-7 last year.. but one thing I do know is that the Falcons will put up a bunch of points of ya. I'll take NV 49 - 20 PH @ West Vigo - I think this game will be closer than some may think. I'll take West Vigo 28-20 RP @ Carroll - Should be a good measuring stick for RP. I think they could keep it close early but Carroll pulls away late and wins 42 - 22 South Newton @ Covington - South Newton takes this one 35 - 14 Sullivan @ SV - Another potential good game.. Sullivan just plays a different version of the game. I'll take Sullivan 32 - 28 Tri County @ Attica - Attica doesn't find their first win yet. Tri County wins 30 - 6
  8. I don't know about each team, but some of best players in the WRC this year would be the qb from SV, qb from NV and the qb from FC. I feel like all the other schools graduated their playmakers. I'm excited to see who steps up at all the schools!
  9. Not sure how I missed that game! Nothing against RP at all. I know the junior high was very good last year and I'm curious how young they will be on Friday night. We might see a bunch of under classmen on the field is my guess. I'm still saying they win this one 42 - 12.
  10. NV @ NC - I'm curious how NV will look this year. I know they lost some big oline men but still have their stud qb. I don't know much about NC but they were bad last year. I'll take NV 35 - 14 PH @ Linton - This would have been a great game a few years ago... not so much now. I've heard PH has shown some improvement throughout the summer but not enough to keep up with the powerhouse of Linton. Linton 60 PH 6 Seeger @ LCC - In my opinion this should be the game of the week. I'll take LCC in a close one 35 - 28 On MaxPreps it shows Attica at home against Finneytown out of Cincinnati. They don't look to be a very good program and I've heard Attica has around 20 - 25 kids on the team. That is great! I hope the program can get out of this slump! I'm taking the Ramblers 28 - 20 SV @ WV - I'll take SV here. I think they are the front runners to win the WRC Tri County @ Covington - Covington lost most of their weapons last year. I'm not sure they can be a pass on every down team anymore. I'll take Tri County 20 - 14 FC @ Southmont - Southmont is starting to get things rolling for their football program again. I don't think FC will be able to keep up with size and strength of Southmont. Southmont wins 35 - 20
  11. I think all these games have the potential to be good ones. As someone said early some of these schools have not played the toughest schedules. I'm hoping for a WRC sweep this week! All the WRC teams better be ready to stop the passing game! Traders Point @ NV - Crabtree and Blank better have their passing defense ready to go this week. Traders Point wants to throw the ball.. The qb has thrown for over 2500 yards this year. NV needs to do their best to keep that offense off of the field. I see this being a higher scoring game and I'll take NV winning the ball game with a late td in the 4th and a pick to end the game. NV 42-40 Park Tudor @ FC- Park Tudor was the heavy favorite to win the sectional and after a tough/close game last week I'm sure Herb has his boys fired up to play this one. Will FC be able to stop the Park Tudor offense or will the FC offense be able to score with them? I'll take FC holding them off a couple times to get a win. 35-32 RP @ Covenant Christian - As long as 24 is playing the Panthers have a chance. They need to get a couple stops defensively and they got to score! I wouldn't be surprised if 24 gets 30 plus carries this game. I'm taking RP 38-30 Big thing this week for our WRC teams is can they stop the indy schools from scoring? I don't think they will be prepared to play the smash mouth football that these WRC teams can play at times! Best of luck to all teams!
  12. Seeger @ Rochester - I know nothing about them expect that their mascot is the zebras and they are 8-1.. I'll take Seeger winning 28-20 Linton @ SV - Sorry SV FC @ Attica - Shout out to Attica and the kids sticking through the whole season. They are going to battle the whole game but it won't be enough. FC wins big RP @ North Central - RP wins big. Will they play the winner of Covenant Christian and PH? If so, will that be a home game? Covenant Christian @ PH - Wolves move on to basketball
  13. SV @ Attica - SV by a lot. They get some rest before playing #1 Linton RP @ Covington - Will Covington's passing attack be too much for RP?? I doubt it and the lack of defense played at Covington they will give up a bunch of points. RP wins 56-21 PH @ FC - I think PH has improved a little bit.. This game could be close but I think FC pulls away in the second half. FC 38 PH 12 NV @ Seeger - After hearing NV was super physical with FC last week maybe this game will be close.. I still think Seeger wins and is crowned WRC Champions. Seeger 35 NV 22
  14. Attica @ Covington - Covington finally throws all over a team 48-18 FC @ NV - This one should be a good one. I heard FC played with SV the first half but a SV touchdown then FC threw a pick 6 changed the game. FC might give NV a tough time for a little while but I'll take the Falcons winning this one. A couple TDs late by NV 42-28 Seeger @ SV - I think SV is just better than Seeger all around. Should be a fun one to watch. I'll take South Vermillion 35 Seeger 21. Is SV sectional pretty tough? PH @ RP - Playing on a Saturday is this due to no officials again??? Either way RP wins by a ton. Panthers have been waiting for this one. Might be a 70 point game again for them. Saw Hazzard had like 3 carries for 200 yards. He scored 6 total TDs all in one quarter. He'll do the same thing to the Wolves this week. RP 70-12
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