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  1. PH @ RP - I don't think this game will be close at all.. PH finally gets that sectional championship they've been searching for.. Starters will be out before the 4th quarter starts and RP will score a late td... PH 48 RP 12 Still can't believe Covington lost last week... Did it rain that much to stop their throwing attack?? PH wins and will unfortunately have to play the winner of Lutheran and Covenant Christian... If Lutheran and PH both win would that give the Wolves a home regional game?
  2. SP @ PH - I think PH has got the ball rolling here to end the season.. I don't think SP will have enough power to keep up with the Wolves... but PH oline has struggled against big strong dlines.. PH just has to give Johnson enough time to get it out to one of their play makers... I can't wait to hear that wolves howl a million times on Friday night..... PH 36 SP 20 There's still a decent chance for rain on Friday.... Coach Moore better be praying to the rain gods that it doesn't... Covington @ RP - I don't think RP has a chance in this one. They've only been able to beat really bad teams so far this year and Covington is far from a really bad team. This game will be a blow out like it was couple weeks ago. Covington 45 RP 12 Covington against PH in the sectional championship. Should hopefully be a much better game then when they played in week 2. Should see lots of points up on the board.
  3. Pretty easy and laid back Sectional for week 1 PH @ Attica - PH will put it on Attica early and have the varsity in by the second half.. Looks like Johnson and co might have things rolling at the right time. PH 62 Attica 12 NV @ SP - Only game with any excitement to it this week.. I think NV has enough and will be coached well enough to keep this game close in the first half... but SP pulls away late to win 35 - 20 FC @ Covington - Last time these two played Karrfalt threw for 485 yards and 5 touchdowns... The Keller has 345 and 5 touchdowns.... I don't see the Mustangs being able to stop the Trojans passing attack and there's no way FC can out score them.. Covington 44 FC 24 RP @ Cloverdale - Won't be as bad as the first time they played.. RP saves the legs for the matchup with Covington 42 - 12 2 A games Don't know much about the teams they are playing but both Speedway and Seeger are both ranked Speedway 35 Seeger 7 LCC 46 SV 30
  4. Attica @ SV - The D1s finish the season 4-5 and win by as much as they want. Covington @ RP - This one might be close for about a quarter but you can't stop Karrfalt and co. for a whole game. Trojans pass all over the Panthers and win 54 - 20. Looked at the stats and Karrfalt is 350 yards from 3000 passing yards this season and I see him going well over 350 this week. I said it last week and I'll say it again, Covington is the sleeper in the sectional. With the draw they got they might just win it all. FC @ PH - FC showed us last week that they have improved but they aren't there yet... maybe next year.... PH wins this by as much as they want. If I'm a wolves fans I'm a little worried going into the sectional with all this drama surrounding them. PH 63 FC 12 Seeger @ NV - Only game this week with any excitement. NV will be well prepared but I think Seeger wins this one. Hopefully a good game. Seeger 30 NV 24
  5. Attica @ South Newton - Saw South Newton was 3-4 and I know Attica is down so I'm going to take the team with the better record.. SN 33 Attica 6 North Vermillion @ Fountain Central - I remember when this game was basically the conference championship.. now its the battle for the middle.. NV looks to be pretty tough offensively. The qb is decent and the Tryon kid has really stuck out this year. For FC they have to find a way to put points on the board.. They haven't been able to do it at all this year and I'm not sure it'll happen this week either. NV 42 FC 20 Riverton Parke @ Parke Heritage - Does this count as the Bridge Fest Bowl?? Parke Heritage will win this game by at least 4 scores. I see RP keeping it close in the first quarter but the Wolves are just too much to handle. Johnson will throw all over the defense and RP running back can't do it all. PH 63 RP 14 South Vermillion @ Seeger - The coaching struggles may continue in Seeger but they always play hard and come ready to play.. South Vermillion looks like they got their D1 qb rolling just in time for sectionals though. He threw for 3 tds and rushed for one last week. I see him to continue to play well into the post season. SV 35 Seeger 20 Tri - County @ Covington - Mr. Karrfalt and the Trojans add to those passing statistics this week.. He'll throw for 350+ yards, rush for 100 and score 6+ total touchdowns.. Covington is my sleeper for the sectional.. I don't want to draw Covington if I'm in this sectional.. Covington 64 TC 21
  6. Let's not forget our local gas station pizzas.... Casey's and Hunt's Brothers
  7. I heard Herb did not coach Friday but I'm not sure why...
  8. Who is he being recruited by? I had no clue he was being recruited by D1 schools
  9. Covington @ Attica - Covington by as much as they want... Karrfalt continues to show why he's the best player in the conference. FC @ SV - This game is kind of interesting just because of how close FC played Seeger on Friday. If FC doesn't let the qb throw all over them they might have a chance in this one. The running back from FC is second in the conference in rushing yards as of now.. Two different style of football being played in this game. One wants to throw and play no defense and the other wants to run and try to play defense... I'll take SV 28 - 12 PH @ NV - Potential to be the game of the week but I believe PH has too many athletes and is overall just a better team then the Falcons. The qb for PH will play this week and he will throw all over the Falcons. NV will put up some points but will sadly lose the game.. PH 56 NV 28 RP @ North Central - I'll take the Panthers in a tough game this week. RP's running back will run wild against the T-Birds and RP wins 24 - 12 Sheridan @ Seeger - Good game here. I know nothing about Sheridan but they are usually pretty good and they put up 66 points last week.. considering Seeger played FC that close last week I'll take Sheridan to win 34 - 20 Is FC actually getting better, or did Seeger have a bad game? Maybe Hall has finally got that program back on track after all... Will Crabtree be able to hold the Wolves offense enough to keep the game close? If Karrfalt is the best player in the conference... who is the second best?
  10. From what I've heard, Christian Johnson will not be playing tonight... I think with him off the field SV might have a chance to win tonight...
  11. I could NOT agree with you any more!!! I'll take the NV coaching staff over the Wolves coaching staff everyday of the week.
  12. Don't shoot the messenger here... I'm just saying what I was told.. I know NV has never kicked it deep and I have been a fan of it. I remember the days when NV would score 50 on teams in a quarter and the JV would be playing the second quarter. Never would accuse Crabtree and co of running the score up on anyone.
  13. I was not at this game but heard that the Falcons were throwing the ball all over the place late in the game up 30 plus points and then were kicking onsiders after that.. Not sure how true that is but that doesn't sit well with people when you're up 30 plus...
  14. Seeger @ FC - I was at the Seeger Covington game last week and Seeger was up 28 - 8 at the end of the first quarter. The running back from Seeger #41 looked like the real deal against that horrible Covington defense. The winner of this game would take second place in the WRC... as of now... I'm taking the Patriots and I don't think it will even be close. Seeger 48 FC 13 Cloverdale @ RP - All I know is that Cloverdale is 0-4 and RP is 1-3 with the only win against a bad Attica team. RP wins 36 - 12 NV @ Attica - NV will be .500 after this week.. If the Ramblers don't get covid again.. NV 45 Attica 6 Covington @ South Newton - Yes, South Newton is 3-2 but they have played some bad teams.. Covington takes their anger from last weeks loss out on the rebels and they may pass for 500 plus yards this week. Karrfalt is still the best player in the conference and he leads the Trojans past the Rebels 63 - 20 Game of the Week PH @ SV - Does Johnson play this week? I've heard that he is not playing this week.. If he doesn't play could be another long night for the Wolves. Who plays qb if he can't play? Do they maybe try and run the ball if he's out? I'd say probably not.... SV 54 PH 50...... unless Johnson plays then I'll take the Wolves 63 - 54
  15. Covington @ Seeger - Passing attack will be too much for the Patriots to handle. Rumor has it that Karrfalt is leading the nation in passing yards. The Trojan offense is a tough one to stop.. Covington 42 Seeger 21 RP @ NV - Look for both teams to bounce back after tough games last week. NV has shown us that they can score a lot of points but they have not shown us that they can stop any team from scoring. NV 40 RP 24 Attica @ FC - Tough times up in Attica right now and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. FC continues to only beat bad teams.. FC wins this one 32 - 12 PH @ GC - If the Wolfs can't get things rolling here soon I'm not to confident in their odds to win a sectional. Bad news for PH is that it looks like GC is much more of a running team than a passing team. The Wolfs could be in for another long game Friday night. PH 30 GC 21. SV @ Sullivan - Don't know much about Sullivan but they are always a solid team. With them keeping it decently close against Linton I'll take Sullivan to win this one. 40 - 22
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