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    My kid probably had the best arm in the middle school and would have made a good quarterback and was downright mean as a linebacker, but I advised her not to play football.
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    They’re working. The risk of serious injury in high school football is lower than ever. The game is getting safer and safer. Take this back into your communities and spread the word to the soccer moms who are keeping their kids out of youth football. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/?s=Serious+injury+risk+in+high+school
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    This REALLY bothers me. The stance is an absolute fundamental. Imagine a Little League baseball coach not teaching the kids how to stand in the batters box. Just the ramblings of a 35 year offensive line veteran...
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    I thought there were 6 classes. I swear to God I did
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    Feeling a bit nostalgic this morning I remember very clearly the first time I came in contact with the Gridiron Digest. It was the spring of 2004. I was in my office at Galyans in Plainfield as we were in the process of being bought out by rival Dicks Sporting Goods. I was on the transition team, and we had a lot of time on our hands so I stumbled upon the GID as I was surfing the web. Hard to believe 15 years have gone by. We've all changed. I immediately entered the Holy War against the PP Horde, taking an aggressive position against Catholic high school football hegemony in Indiana, and especially in Indianapolis. Growing up in The Region of Northwest Indiana, Andrean and Bishop Noll were never considered a threat to the powers of the Duneland Conference, and a mere nuisance to the better schools in the Lake Suburban, including my beloved alma mater, Highland High School. Noll did have some solid teams in the late 70s, but we handled them . I have no doubt that the loud chatter we created on The GID during that glorious period (2004-2007) helped to raise awareness of the gross competitive imbalance between PP and public schools, and lead indirectly to the formation of the Success Factor, which I have always just considered to be a politically motivated and watered down version of The Multiplier. Here we are now in 2019, and a new breed of posters /forum members are driving the new and hopefully improved GID. Its also time for some sharp young posters to step up and drive forum discussion with relevant topics and content that is important to your demographic. The GID server crash opens the door to a new beginning, and also some endings. Semi retirement looms soon on the horizon, and I gaze with wandering eyes westward, and a new beginning in Arizona. I will always follow high school football, and will remain a minor contributor here as topics catch my attention. I have thoroughly enjoyed the banter between us over the years. Its been great fun. With regards to the contraction issue, I feel strongly that we are entering into a period where admins will pull the plug on high school football programs across the nation, citing issues such as lack of competitiveness, low participation, high operating costs, and serious injury ramifications. The trend has already started, as several Indiana programs have already closed their doors, and many others are on the brink. Id like to see Indiana settle in around 280 football playing schools. This will improve the overall competitive profile across the state, and eliminate programs that cannot or will not compete. All the best in 2019 to all the forum members, and hope to meet up in a GID thread again soon DT
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    We need to do a better job of educating our young people on drivers education.... I have seen in the past 3 months a huge increase in the number of student athletes dying in car accidents. We lost 3 young people at North Central, Then Terre Haute lost a student, then East Central and now most recently, KeShawn Smith of Bethany Christian. Admittedly, I do not know the specifics behind each accident. In North Central case, excessive speed was the issue, I read in KeShawn's case his vehicle crossed the center line. I think we need to take a long look at our drivers education process. When I was in school, you had to log hours upon hours in the car with the instructor. Nowadays, parents are just signing off on drive time hours and kids are getting behind the wheel. I had to have a discussion with a student this year while I was at NC about stopping when the school bus arms where extended - even if you are on the other side of the road. I do not know the answers... but I am saddened and sickened that we are losing so many young people behind the wheel and I am left with 100 unanswered questions in the aftermath of devastation.. Its been 6 student athlete related deaths behind the wheel in Indiana since December that I'm aware of. Players reading this forum. Please slow down, Please wait to send the text, wait to change that song on your phone, Please do not drive distracted. We love you and when we lose you, please understand a piece of us dies as well. When I was notified by Kegan's mother he has passed, I collapsed, my soul and spirit was crushed. I can honestly say that it changed me as a coach, and as a man. Speaking at his service was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I know that I never want to hang another jersey in my office of a player we lost too soon - We need to do a better job as educators, parents, and adults of helping our young people understand and respect the privileged of driving. We need to take the extra time as parents to make sure we are truly preparing our young people as they get behind the wheel. We need to do a better job...
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    Good for the Greenfield coaches, they don't need to reply to this topic.
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    I think first and foremost, some people do not really understand the amount of work and effort that go into head coaching. I believe that many new head coaches get blown away by the amount of organization, managing, and balancing that must occur in order to change or build a culture once the really get into the thick of it. The grind can wear people down. X's and O's are just a very small percentage when you look at the bigger factors involved in building and maintaining a culture. It is mostly a thankless position, and sometimes when you win, you really lose.
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    or flip side, they hired a relatively young, experienced HC who has multiple State title appearances both as an Assistant and HC and want to build around THAT guy for years to come.
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    You should know better than this. It has nothing to do with being "awfully sensitive". This is not college or pro football where rumors and reasons for leaving come with the job...as well as the salary. Many school districts around the state frown heavily upon current coaches applying for other jobs. The last place an administrator wants to see that one of their coaches is looking for a job or had an interview, is on a public forum. It is entirely a coach's decision to determine when his current employer should find out he has applied for a job elsewhere. Finding out on a public forum could put the current position at risk; or at least create a rift between the admin and the coach....unnecessarily. Thanks for understanding
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    I don't normally post a lot on here, but this has me triggered... How is PABLO SANCHEZ a 5-seed? Pablo was a character in the OLLLLLLD Windows video game "Backyard _____ (fill in the sport)", and he was literally nicknamed the Secret Weapon. He was basically Bo Jackson. Also, check out that belly. He was promoting positive body images for us fat guys two decades before it became a big deal.
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    http://www.sullivan-times.com/news/article/id/31128 Congrats to Brad Hudson! Brad was approved to be the next head football coach at NC ... Brad was a valuable member of my staff while I was at NC! He will do well for the TBirds!
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    Just saw this article on what the Bishop Dwenger players did for their state final opponents after learning of some hardships on the Evansville Central team. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/02/12/central-players-get-donation-fort-wayne-team-lost-state/2847410002/ Nicely done.
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    I know. I am so ashamed. The schools and mascot should be renamed to the South Miami Wild Squirrels.
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    I got to tell ya this whole Muda and DT against the world in some sort of unholy alliance is making my skin crawl just a little bit.
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    So.... Did you take the baton back or what? No Head Coach is going to answer all of these questions on an internet board... Or answer them to someone who is outside his community. How do you assess the feeder/youth systems in January? Come on, Man!
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    I will comment as a coach that was at the meeting. The Cass athlete was nominated by his coaches. There are a healthy amount of good players in our region. The particular player did not necessarily stack up in the measurables as well as the other players. He was a kid that got better all season. He was an average player at the beginning of the season and made himself into a better than average player by the end. He received IFCA All State, AP All State, Kokomo Tribune, and All Logan Land. He was also Academic All State and Team Captain. Not a bad senior year. Region All Star would have put the cherry on top for his season. There were some teams with lesser records that got kids on. It does not mean that they were any less deserving. I cannot try to reason how a 6-4 team gets 3 guys on and a 7-5 none. It sometimes comes down to the number of kids nominated in a position group. I will also add that this is the first year in 2 years that any Cass coaches went to the meeting. There have been conflicts and miss communication at times that have prevented in coaches attending. This may not sit well with some coaches. I don't know. But there is a responsibility that comes with coaching, and representing your team when you have kids to nominate and when you don't is one of those. I will say it was disappointing, but it does not define this kid. I talked with him last night, and he was good with it. Like I said, it was going to be the cherry on top. Nothing more. Coach Shaffer Lewis Cass Assistant Father of the player
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    Possibly because they realize it’s none of the IHSAA’s business and that schools should be free to make their own decisions on what type of travel experiences they want to afford their student athletes?
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    I was talking to a dear, dear, dear friend of mine who I won't reveal his name, but it does rhyme w/ Coach Rowlin, last evening. Technically isn't just about everywhere in Indiana "up north" compared to Evansville? 😉
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    Problem is many of our members were not around during the time where this was an issue, it went south bad for a coach at the final step and the GID was used as an excuse why. This was YEARS ago and 3 rebuilds, but I remember it. I just don't understand why the haste to have to be the person to scream to the masses that they know this or that. There is not an extra badge or reputation point for "Breaking" the news. Why is it so hard to just wait until XYZ School, makes 123 officially hired allowing a school the opportunity to release the information. If that was the case I would have infinity badges!! Yup, INFINITY!!!
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    No Al Bundy, huh? Well, I guess EVERY bracket ever created will lead to a discussion of who was left out 😄
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    I would agree the MIC is a great conference and easily the best in Indiana, but the best player on the best MIC team isn't automatically the best player in the state. Both are great players, but Bell wasn't "hands down" better than Kizer and finishing second in the voting wasn't a "crime".
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    Have fun gentlemen! And hoist a few for me!! I'll be missing the clinic for the first time in 20+ years and it really hurts. My brothers and I are hosting an 80 birthday party for my dad. Priorities, right?
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    Please do not tell me that this is the football forum, as I am already aware, but last night in little ol' Boonville, IN! Hoosier Hysteria is not completely dead! Bosse beat Heritage Hills 66-62 in front of 5,000+
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    Not to mention his awesome name!
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    Finally, a post from Muda I can agree with! lol
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    Just my 2 cents, if or when a Big8/PAC merger happens. These teams would be foolish not to open up weeks 1&2 for non-conference games. Top to bottom the SIAC offers potential opponents that offer either great traditions or dynamic team speed. Just show up at the Evansville track sectional if you need confirmation. Playing Bosse the last few years in the sectional, it has taken us a half of football to adjust. Just can't simulate that in practice. Working together we can strive to elevate Southwestern Indiana football as a whole, or continue to let smaller programs continue to get beat down and eventually fold programs because of low participation numbers. Let's be open to the fact, when all schools have some type of level of success, it's good for everyone. No one wants to be the 0-10 or 1-9 team. Let's open the doors for those looking for winnable games and those looking to test their limits.
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    DT would make a great coach! He runs a screen and gets the defense to relax a bit. He comes back with the end around. Then wait......it looks like a jet sweep....but at the last minute, the ole CONTRACTION trap play right up the gut. Gotcha! Except in his scenario as soon as it didn't work 1 or 2 times in a row, he would "contract" that play out of the playbook. No DT, Dugger shouldn't have. It is a school by school decision and there are thousands of young men raised in Indiana who are grateful that they had the opportunity to play this game regardless of wins or losses or final scores. Why? Because they had the opportunity to learn life skills that are still helping them today, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, friendship, camaraderie, etc. I know because my son is one of those kids. He is now a Seaman 2nd class on a submarine somewhere in the Pacific defending this great country. The last time he spoke to me, he related a story of being in a tough situation on the boat and hearing his coaches voice about "never quitting on a play". A 1A coach who said "if a kid is willing to show up and work hard we'll find a place for him to play". Football literally changed my son's life and his future. He never started, usually never got in except for mop up duty, was injured and never played a down his senior year, still showed up for every game, and belonged to something bigger than himself. I have been a read only guest for the past two years on this site. So I know you will offer your usual list of "reasons" why contraction is the end all, be all. But now I am a registered user and as soon as they tell me how to be a sponsor I will respond with a check. I appreciate you passing the baton, we'll take it from here. Nothing personal, just want to see football alive and well in Indiana, not contracting. Coaches coach, players play, fans cheer!
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    My favorite part was when he said "Brief history"
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    Parents should focus on parenting and leave the coaching to coaches. Maybe, juusssttt maybe, some young good coaches would stay around these small schools if politics and agendas of parents and school boards would stay out of it..... just my thoughts on the situation....
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    Not football related but had to share: http://www.inkfreenews.com/2019/02/08/once-a-slave-warsaws-jacob-bass-celebrates-freedom-through-wrestling/
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    Yeah if the ROI for paying $20 to a football discussion site is reading the musings of one person who thinks every school who has a couple of bad seasons should get rid of football all together and one who believes schools have no business having football teams to begin with let alone build any facilities, I'll definitely pass.
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    @DT For someone who doesn't work for free, you're putting a lot of effort into a discussion that is fruitless.
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    This is the shortest retirement in history. DT tells us he's leaving and "passing a baton" he only held in his own mind, and now is back trying to appoint himself the content curator of the GID.
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    Some changes at Pioneer beyond the '19 senior class... Previous Varsity Assistant Coach Dave Gregorich (2007 Pioneer graduate) has resigned and is now with Coach Johnson at Logansport. Dave organized some great defenses, getting to the State Championship 4 of his 5 years as the DC. Dave also coached the OL. With that exit, Coach Berry has promoted Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Vianco to DC. Coach V played (RB/DB) played with/graduated with Coach Berry from Pioneer in 2006. Coach V has been on staff coaching the RBs/DBs the past 2 years, as well as being the JV offensive play caller. Additionally, Coach Berry has promoted Junior High Coach Josh Lytle to Varsity Assistant Coach. Josh played for Pioneer 2009-2012, recently graduated from Purdue, and just completed his 2nd season coaching Junior High. He will coach the OL, while Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Gates, also a 2006 Pioneer graduate, coaches the DL. Josh was an Indiana North All-Star (OL), as was Coach Gates (DE). The status of 20 year veteran Pioneer coach Steve Berkshire (LBs) is unknown at this time. But he's like that stray dog you kick to the curb, he just won't go away for good and keeps showing back up and bringing a smile to your face when you need it. Besides that, someone has to keep Coach Berry's head in check by reminding him daily that he lost a game once upon a time (as if 44-1 and 2 titles isn't enough). I really don't know how many high school staffs across the state can stake claim to having 100% of their staff be former players and alumni. It's definitely special to have such a close knit group, and the passion they put into it for their alma mater is second to none. As for me, time to take a break and be a fan. It's been a fun ride. 13 years of youth league, 3 years of junior high, 4 years Varsity Assistant... and every one of those 20 years fully tied into and committed to our Head Coach's program. That's the secret, that's what it takes to develop players in a system, people who buy in. It's a top down and bottom up mentality. ALL IN. And if people think Pioneer is rebuilding and will start to drop off, don't expect them to drop too far as long as the above coaches are on the prowl!
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    They were contracted. 😈 Lord, I apologize for that.
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    I would imagine a lot of coaches would be hesitant to apply for a place that the school board 's first move was to fire coaches. Doesn't sound like a positive work environment. It's a shame for the kids.
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    1. Id like to see Bart Curtis shock the state and win a Class 6A title at Warsaw. Wouldn't that be a hoot? 2. Id like to see my beloved Highland Trojans win a Northwest Crossroads Conference championship before Im officially worm food. Coach Pete K has the program moving forward. Not sure they can ever to get to the level of Lowell and Andrean, but its always good to have hope. 3. Id like to see 40 schools contract and Indiana High School Football get down to 280 programs. That will eliminate the bottom feeders who dont give a damn, and improve overall competitive balance. Class breakdown as follows : 6a - 32 5A - 54 4A - 54 3A - 54 2A - 54 1A - 32 4. Im glad to see that The SAC has dropped its full round robin and is opening up to non non competition. Snider, Dwenger, Luers, Homestead are statewide brand names and will benefit from increased exposure. 5. Id like to see some more Indiana - Ohio public school crossover matchups. The Pickerington Central - Columbus East game should be very interesting. 6. Id like to see jPenn just pull the plug and go full on Independent. Given the recent schedule changes, its looks like the Kingsmen are heading in that direction. 7. Id like to see Lake Central hire a serious, driven and accomplished head football coach who can get the program turned and heading back on an upwards trajectory. Its just dismal right now in St John. Just as they opened a beautiful new football facility 5 years ago, the program went into the tank. Is it fixable? Not so sure. I think the student body has gone soft. 8. The Tom Allen vs Jeff Brohm 10 Year War may just be getting started. Both schools are recruiting at a higher level, continue to invest in improved facilities, and have committed to long term extensions for their head coaches. Brohm currently has the upper hand, but Id like to see Allen continue closing the gap. 9. Id like to see the MIC expand and add Columbus North and Avon. The league is getting a little stale. Love what is happening at North Central, but can they maintain a long term rate of success to compete with the traditional MIC powers? 10. Not convinced that Kyle Ralph will stay at New Pal for the long term. Wouldn't you think he would get bored wining 66-6 every week? Once you have destroyed all the local competition, its time to move on and conquer new lands. I could see him possibly becoming a small college head coach. Franklin? Butler? U of Indy? Wabash? etc etc 11. More inexperienced hires. More lay coaches. More retirements. The combination results in the continued deterioration of coaching at the highschool level in Indiana. This is a real concern, and widens the competitive gap between the haves and the have nots. Id like to see the The IHSAA get involved and develop programs that encourage young teachers to get back in the coaching game, and stay for the long term. Incentives are needed. Its all about the Benjamins. 12. Football in the southwest region of the state seems to be getting better and better as other areas of the state continue to decline. (Northwest Indiana, North Central Indiana) Seems like there is more coaching stability in that part of the state. Based on recent tournament results, the southwest is making big strides. Kudos to The SIAC, The Big 8 and The PAC. They are getting the job done. Id like to see others areas of the state follow their lead and re prioritize football before its too late.
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    Our school district has a robotics team attending the World Robotics competition in Detroit this weekend. They left yesterday so will miss 3 days of school this week. They missed a day twice in March/April already for a total of 5 missed days. Granted the competition is within the 300 mile range, but they are competing against teams from all over the world. I know they are outside the scope of the IHSAA but the same schools that make up the sports rule have no problem allowing these kids to miss school. Same with marching band competitions. I agree this should be a local issue and the IHSAA membership should approve this change.
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    I feel like the number of assistant jobs posted on IFCA site are a reflection of there being a place to post assistant jobs. In the past most of the time, HC's recruited their area. Now Facebook and other sites allow for a much larger search area. Schools have always used lay coaches and will continue to because school faculties aren't comprised of coaches only. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in coaching at Crawford County, let me know. I designed some sweet polos for next season.
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    Until such time as the whole Mr. Football “thing” really gives serious and legitimate consideration to lineman it’s, as often as not, a glorified skilled position player popularity contest. Personally, I think Bell is probably a better talent BUT Notre Dame didn’t....they chose Kiser. My guess is that they know a helluva better than I do. Until Purdue (whom I love) is spoken in the same breath as Notre Dame (whom I.....well....don’t love....I was going to make some snide comment about loving them like I love venereal disease but I won’t do that) then I think Notre Dame’s opinion trumps mine. That said, I’ve just never cared one way or the other about Mr. Football. Amazes me all the heartburn it causes folks.
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    Pffff. Jack Kiser absolutely deserved to be named Mr. Football. Kid never really left the field and played lights out. if there was ever a chance for a 1A player to win it, it was Jack.... No 3A player has ever been named Mr. Football I believe and I think only 1 2A has been named....that being Jaylon Smith who is a star Linebacker for the cowboys. 26/27 years of Mr football....2 were for small schools. 1 of those 2 has proven to be one of the best linebackers. gimme a break *steps down off soap box* sighs*. Some of y’all schools need to chill with being entitled to awards and what not.
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    I like it but I personally think it would be better if the success factor took four years into account instead of just two. I think we have seen small public schools get penalized for having a rare crop of great talent, having a great run, then getting bumped. This has been across the board in other sports. I think 4 years gives a better idea of the consistency of a program and its need to be bumped up or not.
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    Do you get paid to post on the GID. If not, I would definitely stop.
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    So then my question is, as an administrator, is coaching not a major "plus" for a potential teaching candidate? I would think that what you can glean from an interview and a resume is pretty limited. The commitment to kids and community that someone who takes a lot of time out of their day to coach, not to mention the connection with kids that you know will develop from coaching, in my mind has to at least factor a little bit into the equation. Can you really gain a significant amount of insight into someone's teaching ability vs someone else's teaching ability from a resume, some letters of recommendation, and an interview? I'm a teacher/coach that has been frustrated in the past by watching admin pass over someone that you know would coach for someone who is "better with their use of technology in the classroom" or "more innovative with their teaching strategies" (in actuality probably just better at throwing out buzz words in their interview). Only to see that person struggle to connect with kids and therefore struggle as a teacher.
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