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    My kid probably had the best arm in the middle school and would have made a good quarterback and was downright mean as a linebacker, but I advised her not to play football.
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    A microcosm of society. A few people make bad choices and a new rule is put into place to make it inconvenient for the other 99.9% of the population... When people don't know how to act in public, everyone suffers...
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    Sir, the Evansville Day School football boosters that I've spoken with are more "glass half empty" type of people.
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    Bottom line, it's not your sandbox. They don't have to justify anything.
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    I would expect no less from you than this heartless comment. I'm blessed to have never been in the situation that these kids or their parents have been in, and I'm sure you have been too. That doesn't mean everyone has been that fortunate. It does not matter if contraction is a key and vital tool needed to maintain competitive balance. Competitive balance has nothing to do with this situation. No the kids lives will not be destroyed, but playing sports is a good distraction from their daily life. It keeps them off the streets and busy doing something. Just my 2 cents.
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    Fixed it... Pizza is not real food. I'm sick and tired of getting dirty looks when I wear my grease stained pizza jacket around town, and having to quickly stop to explain to people that what they've seen is not real food, and that it's not all a joke. I busted my Butt playing pizza critic in school, from the time I earned my first fat roll in 96 to the time I hit 300lbs in 2002, I even set the school record for most slices eaten, one which I am extremely proud of, and hope it remains for a long time. Then I move out to indiana 2 years ago, and get compared to these 1a pizza joints, this is a sham. I suggest these schools replace pizza with a wholesome food like salads, itd be no less fattening than they've got going now, and people would get less confused about what hs food really is. On top of that there would be much less of a chance of obesity. Thoughts?
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    Probably part of the reason I’m out of the game. I firmly believe kids need MORE time off during the summer to be kids, instead of adding more to their plate.
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    Yeah...now that's funny!! I'll bite. Reitz fans have had the privilege of watching opposing teams carry real footballs into the end zone all year!!! Beat Harrison and Bosse. Please. SIAC should be changed to the BIG 3.
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    Oops Not sure what happened I think it was VASTLY IMPROVED
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    That's because you are technically Kentucky. 😎
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    I get the image of John sitting in his basement saying, at about 10:30 pm, "WHERE IS THAT GARY LIGHTHOUSE SCORE??" Thanks John for all you do!
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    Beating Jasper may not be a win anymore against a Top 10 team in Class 4A, but it is a quality win and a game that unless you are a top tier team in Class 3A or 4A, you can lose -- especially at Alumni Stadium. Jasper is a solid opponent and their luck recently in the sectional shouldn't diminish that too greatly. Everything is cyclical. Give the new system time. The stock and bloodlines run deep in Jasper. They are VERY successful in most other boys' sports, football will return to prominence. Jasper will also benefit in the coming years of attrition from surrounding schools. Many of my classmates and former teammates, for example, work in Jasper. Unlike their parents, they have chosen to live and work in Jasper rather than commute from Spencer County. I would imagine that other school districts are also suffering/benefitting from that phenomenon as well.
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    Just saw this article on what the Bishop Dwenger players did for their state final opponents after learning of some hardships on the Evansville Central team. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/02/12/central-players-get-donation-fort-wayne-team-lost-state/2847410002/ Nicely done.
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    I will comment as a coach that was at the meeting. The Cass athlete was nominated by his coaches. There are a healthy amount of good players in our region. The particular player did not necessarily stack up in the measurables as well as the other players. He was a kid that got better all season. He was an average player at the beginning of the season and made himself into a better than average player by the end. He received IFCA All State, AP All State, Kokomo Tribune, and All Logan Land. He was also Academic All State and Team Captain. Not a bad senior year. Region All Star would have put the cherry on top for his season. There were some teams with lesser records that got kids on. It does not mean that they were any less deserving. I cannot try to reason how a 6-4 team gets 3 guys on and a 7-5 none. It sometimes comes down to the number of kids nominated in a position group. I will also add that this is the first year in 2 years that any Cass coaches went to the meeting. There have been conflicts and miss communication at times that have prevented in coaches attending. This may not sit well with some coaches. I don't know. But there is a responsibility that comes with coaching, and representing your team when you have kids to nominate and when you don't is one of those. I will say it was disappointing, but it does not define this kid. I talked with him last night, and he was good with it. Like I said, it was going to be the cherry on top. Nothing more. Coach Shaffer Lewis Cass Assistant Father of the player
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    You truly have a gift. Nicely stated.
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    It’s in the Section entitled “How to Screw Over Non-Indy Schools”. Can’t believe you missed it.....
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    He is moving forward slightly before the snap and not set for one second so you could go with illegal motion or illegal shift. Most of the discussion I've seen about this play is unsportsmanlike conduct for making a mockery of the game. But what an amazingly athletic move by the big guy...both the cartwheels and the splits. Coaches...please don't do this. You force us to come up with something and you definitely won't like it.
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    Andrean also loses kids to public schools Street goes both ways. Bothers this guy ZERO bits.
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    This is the shortest retirement in history. DT tells us he's leaving and "passing a baton" he only held in his own mind, and now is back trying to appoint himself the content curator of the GID.
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    Did this last year for all classes and it was a resounding success. Willing to do so again if there is enough interest. Will get it rolling tomorrow when I get back in town. Respond below if interested please!
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    The IHSAA does not list maintaining competitive balance as one of their purposes. Who besides yourself is concerned with this issue?
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    Coaches cant simulate the PIT to get ready for it. Weather, Crowd Noise, atmosphere, Game Prep, YES. Painted Dirt... NO. We have had some of our top soils guys check it out. Its very unique.
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    What about Jeff Adamson at Eastbrook? 270-88 in year 31. Plenty of consistency at a smaller public school. Very hard to not feel the talent gaps in a school that size, but every year he has them competing for a Sectional.
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    Although I really appreciate the glance into Rodney’s life, I find Class A games just as entertaining as the bigger classes. These kids lay it all out and fight like hell. In most cases, no D-1 scholarships will be awarded. They play for the love of the game, nothing better than that...
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    I was on the can when I wrote this
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    Muda, you've been played. The voucher program is not creating new competition for Indiana public schools. The vast majority of the schools getting voucher payments are, as you noted, Catholic and other Christian-sponsored schools that were already existing "competitors" to their local public schools. And the students using vouchers at those schools mostly kids whose parents very likely would have sent them to that school anyway. Accordingly, the principal beneficiaries of the voucher program have been Indiana's Catholic dioceses (is that the plural?) and the Protestant churches/denominations that sponsor schools. In the past they had to subsidize tuition costs for many of their schools' students out of their collection plates. Now, the State of Indiana subsidizes their students' tuition costs for them - to the tune of $30+ million a year just for the Indianapolis archdiocese alone, per Irishman's report. That's millions freed up to pay for proselytizing to heathens like you, to buy more gold chalices (or a private jet for pastor in the case of the Protestant schools), or fund the settlement of pedophile cases, etc.
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    1. Id like to see Bart Curtis shock the state and win a Class 6A title at Warsaw. Wouldn't that be a hoot? 2. Id like to see my beloved Highland Trojans win a Northwest Crossroads Conference championship before Im officially worm food. Coach Pete K has the program moving forward. Not sure they can ever to get to the level of Lowell and Andrean, but its always good to have hope. 3. Id like to see 40 schools contract and Indiana High School Football get down to 280 programs. That will eliminate the bottom feeders who dont give a damn, and improve overall competitive balance. Class breakdown as follows : 6a - 32 5A - 54 4A - 54 3A - 54 2A - 54 1A - 32 4. Im glad to see that The SAC has dropped its full round robin and is opening up to non non competition. Snider, Dwenger, Luers, Homestead are statewide brand names and will benefit from increased exposure. 5. Id like to see some more Indiana - Ohio public school crossover matchups. The Pickerington Central - Columbus East game should be very interesting. 6. Id like to see jPenn just pull the plug and go full on Independent. Given the recent schedule changes, its looks like the Kingsmen are heading in that direction. 7. Id like to see Lake Central hire a serious, driven and accomplished head football coach who can get the program turned and heading back on an upwards trajectory. Its just dismal right now in St John. Just as they opened a beautiful new football facility 5 years ago, the program went into the tank. Is it fixable? Not so sure. I think the student body has gone soft. 8. The Tom Allen vs Jeff Brohm 10 Year War may just be getting started. Both schools are recruiting at a higher level, continue to invest in improved facilities, and have committed to long term extensions for their head coaches. Brohm currently has the upper hand, but Id like to see Allen continue closing the gap. 9. Id like to see the MIC expand and add Columbus North and Avon. The league is getting a little stale. Love what is happening at North Central, but can they maintain a long term rate of success to compete with the traditional MIC powers? 10. Not convinced that Kyle Ralph will stay at New Pal for the long term. Wouldn't you think he would get bored wining 66-6 every week? Once you have destroyed all the local competition, its time to move on and conquer new lands. I could see him possibly becoming a small college head coach. Franklin? Butler? U of Indy? Wabash? etc etc 11. More inexperienced hires. More lay coaches. More retirements. The combination results in the continued deterioration of coaching at the highschool level in Indiana. This is a real concern, and widens the competitive gap between the haves and the have nots. Id like to see the The IHSAA get involved and develop programs that encourage young teachers to get back in the coaching game, and stay for the long term. Incentives are needed. Its all about the Benjamins. 12. Football in the southwest region of the state seems to be getting better and better as other areas of the state continue to decline. (Northwest Indiana, North Central Indiana) Seems like there is more coaching stability in that part of the state. Based on recent tournament results, the southwest is making big strides. Kudos to The SIAC, The Big 8 and The PAC. They are getting the job done. Id like to see others areas of the state follow their lead and re prioritize football before its too late.
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    Until such time as the whole Mr. Football “thing” really gives serious and legitimate consideration to lineman it’s, as often as not, a glorified skilled position player popularity contest. Personally, I think Bell is probably a better talent BUT Notre Dame didn’t....they chose Kiser. My guess is that they know a helluva better than I do. Until Purdue (whom I love) is spoken in the same breath as Notre Dame (whom I.....well....don’t love....I was going to make some snide comment about loving them like I love venereal disease but I won’t do that) then I think Notre Dame’s opinion trumps mine. That said, I’ve just never cared one way or the other about Mr. Football. Amazes me all the heartburn it causes folks.
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    Remember Takes a lot longer to turn around a cruise ship then it does a speed boat.
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    Right away, you disqualify your own comment. Pat Echeverria was the DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR ON THAT STATE FINALIST TEAM ... and then coached his own team to the State Finals a couple years later. Zionsville was likely the second-best team in 5A this year and was the only team on New Pal's schedule (including Center Grove) where the game was in doubt in the fourth quarter. If you actually watch football, Zionsville is one of the better-coached, better-prepared teams around.
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    Suggest you get that “tailgate” invite. Once there, be sure to hold your pinkie finger out after you fill up at the champagne fountain. Talk about your home on Geist a lot........and your vacation place on Sanibel. Gotta bring up Sanibel.... You’ll fit right in (these tips work at HSE gatherings also). Feel free to PM me for any other social tips.
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    Well I'll tell ya one thing all this banter for nothing everyone knows the winner of Floyd vs bhss will smoke either of these teams 😁
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    Tied the scoring record tonight @ Delta (which seems appropriate). Congrats to a great kid, a great family, and a great teammate. Proud that my son got to share the field and these moments with him.
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    I just want folks to consider becoming a booster today
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    The loss certainly puts Penn on the contraction list.🙄
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    https://www.bannergraphic.com/story/2633019.html?rand=8639 Great article highlighting the great sportmanship shown to each other by local football rivals. North Putnam and Southmont were recognized for their great sportsmanship towards each other in a hotly contested 2 point win by the Cougars. Several players were noted for helping the other teams' players up off the field and saying "Good tackle" or "Nice play" - great to see this noticed by the officials. South Putnam was thanked by the North Putnam AD for keeping things classy and leaving the visitor's locker room in spotless condition after a tough loss to North Putnam. This is a testament to the leadership in place at the school with a new coach and principal.
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    players choose this path and they choose when to leave this game at the highest level. They are well compensated for this choice. I blame no one for leaving the game when they want to leave the game
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    🤣 Who would? 🤣 ....Lord I apologize, and be with the starving Pygmies......
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    Well lets see how bad I am at predictions this week!!!!! I am relying on my old friend Jeff Sagarin this time.... Wabash over Alex by 7 Delta over Eastbrook by 7 Eastern over Madison Grant by 15 Lapel over Frankton by 28 Ole Miss over New Haven by 24 Blackford over Southern Wells by 28 Southwood over Oak Hill by 14 Tipton over Elwood by 42 Bonus Yorktown over Muncie Central by 21 Fictional Game: Warren Central over Dugger Union by 146
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    I thought it was somewhat interesting that at the media day yesterday, the Central HC simply said "no comment" when asked about the roster. Maybe that simply means he wasn't going to answer a bunch of questions about the kids in question at this point. From the player comments, the coach seems to be a disciplinarian, which could make things interesting going forward. I also get a little tired of hearing excuses about "tough life". Last year Central had kids who had well-publicized circumstances that were far-more challenging and those kids played within the structure of a team that was one break away from a state title. And Central is not alone. Every school - public or private - has kids who grew up with less than ideal situations. As Panther86 said, the proof was in the pudding - it was only when Central had a coach who instilled discipline and self-responsibility that they climbed to the top of the mountain.
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    Only 105 days until the first football friday.
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    We will likely be 4A - But I agree Muda69 - Love my job!
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    Well, you may be right in blaming your education. But before besmirching a fine institution like ISU, we should probably consider some alternative theories.... 😉
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    @Muda69 Does it ever get tiring finding something to argue in every every thread? I honestly can't imagine putting that much effort to do so. Truly mind boggling.
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    Dawson Basinger (North Central Farmersburg) has committed to Indiana State University. He was a great young man to coach for the past 4 years and the last of 3 tremendous brothers that played at North Central. Dawson became North Centrals all time rushing leader this season replacing former Thunderbird record holder Chase VanSchoyck. Best of luck to Dawson! Congrats!
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    Coach Peo, I don't believe it is unfortunate that you are hiring the best teacher for the position regardless if they coach. I have been in the business of coaching and teaching for nearly 25 years. I have seen lesser teachers hired over highly qualified people, and the result is usually bad. I have not seen to many bad teachers that are great coaches. They go hand in hand to me. I have also seen my fair share of nepotism in this profession that frustrates good young coaches and even veteran coaches.
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