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    GID friends, I hate to sound needy. But in all honesty, I’ve got a tough week coming up. This coming Friday I expect to work a sectional final someplace. That game will mark the end of my 40th - and final - season as an on field official. Officiating has been such a significant part of my life for such a long time. It’s hard for me to visualize what life will be like without it. As my last game approaches, I know I’m going to be bombarded with many different feelings, Although I’ve known this was coming, it’s still hard for me to believe. But it’s getting real now. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as the week wears on. I have an awful lot of people to thank. But right now I’m alternating between disbelief and a mild depression.
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    Many of my coaching pals knew I had this opportunity come my way and now I can OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE to tune in on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11th, 2017 for the 1st episode of the 35th Season of WHEEL OF FORTUNE!! I was selected for Teacher Week and filmed back in late JULY!! Check your local listings !!!
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    Yesterday was a tough emotional day for me. However, I am in a good place with the decision that I made. There are a few reasons why this decision was made, but first and foremost it came down to family and the time spent away from them. I love my players and the coaching staffs I have been fortunate to coach with and was honored to be with all of them! The past 8 years have been truly a blessing for me and my family! Pike is a GREAT place to work! Wtih all of that being said, I didn't leave to take the job at Plainfield. First off, it isn't open! Secondly, Brian Woodard has done an outstanding job there! Thirdly, and most importantly, Brian is a friend and for someone to even hint that I left Pike for Plainfield isn't fair to him, his staff, his players or his family...Its reckless and uncalled for! He doesn't deserve that type of disrespect. Good luck to all those fortunate enough to be playing this weekend!
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    Here's the deal ... he said something as simple as LCC and RCHS have been playing since the 40s or the 50s. He didn't say that LCC won a state championship in a particular year. And frankly, even if he did, who cares? He wasn't saying it to be disrespectful or to one-up someone else. He offered it as a tidbit of info to show that there has been play between these teams for more than just LCC's recent stint in the HC and as part of the history that a lot of HC programs share. The issue at hand is that somehow, you saw it as some kind of disrespect or an opportunity to "show him" and I merelt saw it as a fellow HC member sharing some history that he found. My guess is that 98% of the thread saw it similarly. It wasn't a challenge or a ruffled crest or a beaten breast. As for being on the same side, that's subjective. Do I like the Knights and support them as much as I can? Sure. To that extent we are both on the same side. To the extent that I see everything as a challenege and as a swipe, we really aren't on the same side. Sure, there are folks that hate LCC, but there are also some that are indifferent, and others still that, regardless of what color jersey they wear, share the same types of goals and admiration for fellow gridiron warriors because we are a special breed. And yes, here I am going to be very biased in saying that football players are a special warrior class that share a bond that I think is really hard to understand completely until one has strapped on a helmet and gone toe-to-toe with someone. We tell the kids that every day and we tell them that's the kind of stuff that always binds you to the guy on the other side of the ball regardless of score and regardless of school colors. While you see everyone against us, I constantly hear from our rivals how much they wish they could get their programs to the level where are kids are. How much they appreciate the sportsmanship of our players ... going as far as to call both youth and varsity Knights the most polite rivals that they have ever had the pleasure to bang heads with. I have had coaches drive up from Indy just to watch a youth game and tell me how impressed he was with the kids. While you think the whole world is against LCC, I don't see it as the whole world. I understand that there are a lot who stand against us, but that won't make me shut out those who would stand with us or even just want to talk general football. Maybe I have been a little more snippy to you recently, but I'll be quite honest with you, it's because it's getting old. There's a time and a place for battles and most of the fights that I have seen you fighting are a lot of times in your own mind or taken to a level way beyond where it was ever originally expected or intended to go. There always has to be a last word, even if it means taking the oiriginal post way out of context to manufacture a new area to address. Please forgive me as I am an older man, but my level of patience after three plus seasons has kind of reached it's point.
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    I've seen this sentiment expressed several times, in several different ways ... that the 15 players who turned in their equipment were "standing up for their teammate," I can see that, but I can also see a different point of view. What if you were one of the 60-70 players on that team who didn't turn in their equipment, who didn't threaten not to play in their sectional opener? How would you feel about your teammates deserting you and leaving you to face the mighty Kingsmen at half strength. Didn't those kids have an obligation to the rest of their teammates, too?
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    A fight appeared to break out between some BR players with just under 9:00 in the 3rd. People remarked they were fighting on the field. Never saw the start of it but people pointed it out to me. I stopped paying attention frankly assuming it was resolved....and just not wanting to watch it. Shortly afterward there was a fight on the sidelines. I saw one person down...there could have been more. Per folks around me, at least one person that was down was a coach who had been punched by a player (didn't see a punch.....just saw someone down). To be honest when something like this happens it's difficult to tell those who are fighting from those trying to break it up. About that time Chatard coaches began to flag (somewhat urgently) their players towards the buses (it appeared the officials had called the game). Chatard players began running toward the buses. About the same time, several BR players began running in the same direction (towards the BR locker rooms). Chatard coaches then tried to flag the players back. Ultimately, they headed toward the buses. The game was clean but was lopsided and I'm sure frustrating for the BR players. No PFs on either team. A couple of holds and a couple of off-sides on both teams but absolutely no chippiness that I saw from either team. I know that some might want to make some assumptions about this but frankly, there were 21 BR players (total) that I counted -and they were terribly overmatched. I counted two (yes.....two) people sitting in the stands on the BR side. Bear in mind, BR was potentially looking at the last FB game ever to be played at the school along with 21 players and yet only two people (at least from what I saw) there to watch. I'm not making excuses for something inexcusable but I can't help but have a lot of sympathy for those kids and coaches. I've seen it in other places in the past (Northwest, Manuel) where the kids are out there playing a game they literally have no chance in and the stands are empty just emphasizing that no one except they and their coaches gives a d@mn about them. Frankly, I was there as much out of respect for both BR and what that football field meant to my kids that had considered it their (shared) home field. It was going to be a sad evening for me but I was terribly saddened to see BR football end that way. I'm no bleeding heart....but what I see in games like this and what I wonder what it must be like for some of these kids breaks mine. Edit - my wife tells me there were 8 people on the BR bleachers. 6 more people were located at the end of the bleachers that I, apparently missed. Per the Bob Lovell show, at least two were media folks. .
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    For what it's worth. Take this for what it might be worth. A Birdie told me that the School Board got involved and forced Coyle to reinstate a player he had dismissed from the team. If, and I say "IF", this is true. As a present School Board Secretary, we Board members should stick to doing our job, and let the Administrators, Teachers and Coaches do theirs. Our job as Board members is to develop policy and assure that school employees follow said policies. Not get into micromanaging every employee's decisions. Rant off.
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    I would like to appeal the the folks behind this wonderful message board to create a sub-forum to be moderated and lead by DrivenT. I think sometimes his hot takes get lost in the wash with other threads taking attention away. I would suggest that the sub-forum be titled "Hey kids, stay off my lawn" - with DrivenT.
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    Showing excitement by fist pumping and cheering on your players, is not a "Bro Culture". You can be a leader of Young men and Grown men by creating a culture in which kids and people want to be in. It does not mean that you treat them as peers. It means they understand that you care about them and can rejoice in a moment with them, you aren't afraid to celebrate their successes. I have found in my years of coaching that I am a much better coach when they know I care, rather then when we have dictitoral type of relationship. None of this means there is not discipline and order. You all would hate watching Westfield play. We celebrate with our kids all the time. We even celebrate a turnover and try to be enthusiastic as possible at all times. We have built a team dedicated to family, service and hard work. Our numbers continue to grow from the youth leagues up. Our mission statement is to "make playing football at Westfield one of the most incredible experiences of your life." We take kids to College game, to a haunted house, we host a Special Olympics football camp, we have won the Indiana Blood Drive 3 of the last year, we have raised almost $50.000 for cancer. Oh and by the way, we won a State Championship and were runner up once. We won 4 sectionals in a row, won two regionals, won 2 semi-states. We fist bumped and chest bumped and encouraged all the way in all of these endeavors! We are in the business of building young men who will be future leaders and what a great forum football is to do that. Building leaders doesn't have to be mean and uncaring. Read the book, " Lead for Gods sake". Read, " The Energy bus". People will follow those who they know care for them and root for them. The do as I say because I am coach days are over. I for one say " Thank GOD"!
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    Always my favorite threads of this time of year.......... Rinse Repeat
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    I wonder what would have happened if the school administration had told the seniors that turned in their gear in protest that they had in effect quite the team and were no longer eligible to play in the Penn game and that by quitting the team they also did not finish the season in good standing and thus would not be eligible for any post-season awards such as varsity letters etc. I feel like if the coach had to be held accountable for his actions then these senior players should have been held accountable for their actions.
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    Nobody gets into teaching and or coaching for Money NO ONE
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    Who logs the time? Is it just time spent at practices? Man if I got paid $22 an hour for everything I did football wise, heck even $5 an hour if I was allowed to count Film, meetings, Staff meetings, at home film, JV games, evaluating Middle and Freshman games, post Friday night games where I am downloading film, stats, etc. I would blow out my current stipend which is VERY GOOD.
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    Most of us who have coached at any level have most likely been there at one point or another very light and funny comedian John Christ says what most struggling FB coaches are thinking Its been tossed all around social media if you haven't seen it take a min and watch pretty funny stuff!
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    That didn't take you long......what a week??? Lets see in a week you have managed to highlight the "poor' programs in the state, advocating removing football from schools, called for multiple head college coaches to be fired already or on the "hot seat' This place has not changed from the days of Coach Tim Adams as it pertains to coaches and their families. We allow what is reported, nothing more, nothing less. I know shall go in the shame corner for allowing myself to get *%#!?*ed into the DT vortex of ridiculousness
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    How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?... Yeah... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.
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    At the youth level, I'd disagree with this. Yes, you always strive to have the kids win or attempt to win, but ultimately, for youth players, it should be about fundamentals, working with others, growing individually and as a team, and fostering a love/appreciation for the sport.
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    I would start the player who gave my team the best opportunity to win a game.
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    I, too, thought it was ambiguous. I cannot believe that anyone in his right mind would "commend" the quitters. And I know these are high school kids and, by definition, incapable of thinking through all the potential ramifications of things. But petitioning to get their coach fired with at least two games remaining? That is stupid and dishonorable even for teenagers.
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    This kind of thing happens when the game becomes about the coaches and not about the players. There's nothing as exciting as grown men tricking 12 year-old kids. They probably patted themselves on the back for two days.
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    Roncalli donated a pitching machine to Howe a few years ago. Roncalli also forfeited a girls softball game to Marshall when the Rebels were leading 21-0 after the first inning. Roncalli spent the next two hours working with the girls from Marshall on the fundamentals of softball. Now that's a class school and program.
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    My first question with these type of things that are being said from fans/parents of current and past players is this: Was any of these concerns that are being lobbed about after the fact brought forward during the fact to the Head Coach himself by any parents of said players? Did Administration conduct end of the year review of HC ? Does HC give end of year review of his assistant coaches? Had their been other conversations with admins and HC prior to this season? During the season? Any issues during Baseball seasons? I guess I get jaded how easy it is after the fact, when you go onto the ole social media machine and now EVERYONE has a story or didn't like this or that about a Coach, how he did this and that to their kid. How much value does that actually have AFTER the fact? If there were legit concerns, did those concerns ever get communicated to people prior, during any season, practice, game? I have never heard a bad word spoken about Coach Coyle amongst other coaches and multitude of family members of mine who have resided for many years in Valpo community. Seeing these type of things go down over the years I find it interesting to say the least how many voices show up after the fact. For the record, only thing I am basing this off of is the 2 articles I read in the Times/Post no other information or "insider" stuff like its being reported on comment sections and twitter responses and also in this thread.
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    Of course you're not. I can claim that the earth is flat, but that doesn't make it the truth. Have a nice day.
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