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  1. Question- Would this make 1A a 32 team division if current 1A teams elect to go to 8 man? If yes, who is left. Mostly privates and the few 1A teams? Does this create any issues of competitive balance in 1A?
  2. Mainly because it clears up SOME conflict questions. The pay will go back into the program and used to purchase things for the team and players that may not be able to afford practice packs, cleats, etc.
  3. In writing this I did fail to mention a few things. 1) This is an interim title and will be for the 2020 season only. 2) I will NOT accept pay for this position or the summer stipend that is a part of the HC's pay.
  4. I am Keith Nance. It is a HUGE understatement to say that this is less than an ideal situation for dozens of reasons. The obvious, we would all prefer to be standing beside and led by our dear friend Coach Bowsman. Secondly, the Superintendent being the head coach is obviously problematic. I have been fortunate to be allowed to work as a unpaid assistant/offensive coordinator while being the Superintendent for the last 5 years. I have coached for 20 as a varsity assistant all at WW, 19 with Phillip and 13 years as OC. It is my hobby, a passion and a chance to be close with kids and have a group of peers (coaching staff). It is my full intention to do this for one season only. For this team and these seniors. This team is special for a lot of reasons. One, they are good. BUT more importantly, they are extremely close and have been coached by Coach Bowsman since 3rd grade. The events of the last 5 months has only made them closer. Holden, Phillip's son and Quarterback/Captain will be a senior leading this team on the field. For all of them continuity was the #1 consideration. Honestly, this is putting my neck out professionally because it is controversial and already has some people spitting vitriol words, but this is about this team, these seniors and next season. And I would do anything for them.
  5. I know that soliciting is probably frowned upon on this site and I do apologize. Iam asking a few things- Have the tough coversation about mortality with your spouse. Reach out to a financial adviser to ensure you are properly insured. Most people have coverage (including Coach Bowsman), but few have enough. Please consider- The last 10 days have been devastating. The remaining weeks and months we will get to our new "normal". For the family there will be many first that make the grieving process particularly difficult. The first basketball game without Phillip in the stands, the first holiday get together, etc. Adding stress to their new "normal" are the enormous expenses that have already begun to roll in associated with coaches care during his hospital stay. In addition to that the ability to maintain and survive without the majority of a household income in the future is a stress that should be furthest from the families mind. Many of you have already reached out with support of hugs, tears and stories. I ask that you please consider donating to this family. The Bowsman's have always been the family that did the giving. Providing for the needs of players past and present, leading coaches families to do their own "angel" program (providing a wonderful Christmas to players and their families), and so much more. I now ask you to pour into this family, a family that for so long has been doing the pouring into others. For those that are local, I ask that you donate directly at the First Harrison Bank in Salem (Bowsman Family Fund). For those of you that are not local, cannot make it directly to the branch or that are not a part of our community but touched by this story....PLEASE donate here! https://www.gofundme.com/f/bowsman-strong?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  6. I have had questions after the news coverage and the previous announcement of Coach Bowsman's passing. I hope this clarifies. Thank you all for your outpouring of support. An Honor Walk is for people that have chosen to do a total organ transplant. In most cases the family is there and medical staff at the hospital step outside to honor the donor. The family can invite others and Beth chose to include our community and team. The hallway is lined and the donor is walked through the crowd to have their organs harvested. Coach Bowsman was deemed medically deceased on Monday 1:19 PM. His body was maintained and yesterday they harvested his organs. 2 of his organs are already been matched to individuals for life saving organ transplants and can potentially save up to 8.
  7. As a tribute to Coach Bowsman, I had a cross fashioned that stands 6'3" tall (I thought he was more like 6'2", but he always said he was 6'3"). It is placed at the 50 yard line,on the home sideline just on the field of play (where Coach roamed, despite repeated warnings to "get back"). Community members, students, staff and former players and coaches have visited to share memories of coach and leave mementos and grieve the loss of a great man. We thank you all for your prayers and support.
  8. When we played there in the past they did not, but I thought I saw some film where they did. No help here. Field conditions will be great.
  9. A PLAC team in the Final 4! A team absent some top players; a D1 BIG10 scholarship player, our returning 2,400 yard rusher, our strongest D linemen, and their center/NT. Most 1A teams would crumble under that, not this team. Next week will be a HUGE challenge, but our kids do NOT back down.
  10. In the PLAC, conference selection is based on how you finished in the conference and the team's coach places their players in the positions they want them (if available). First place gets 8 players, second place 7 players, etc. A player may only fill one position. The exception is kicking and punting, decided by all coaches and supported by stats. By getting Holden on as a punter our team was able to have 9 players, it was something that was discussed by the WW staff and discussed with our QB. His response was exactly what we have come to expect, "get the extra player on".
  11. Awesome write up. Just for clarification, WW beat N. Decatur 14-6 in 2015 Sectional Championship.
  12. That is a powerful story, I don't have to tell you. You lived it. I have always been impressed by the grit and effort of your teams. Character is revealed in the toughest of times, your kids are examples of that. You have done a great job considering the circumstances.
  13. What about trade tape protocol. I don't know why some coaches employ the tactic where they have two filmers on the box. One a competent filmer with a HD camera using a tripod and the other a freshman with a handheld piece of junk, then send the latter as the trade film. I understand why endzone film is not traded.
  14. We have a crew! The offer of a grilled ribeye is too strong to resist.
  15. That may prove difficult, BUT we feed them too!
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