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  1. Washington wanted out. I believe something to do with their conference and conference schedule. If CC is in the PLAC then we have to play them or we have no chance of being a conference champion or getting player all conference accolades.
  2. After 20 years as an assistant coach at WW and 1 year as the interim head coach, I am excited to say that the future of the program is under the lead of another great man and mentor for young people. I thrilled to officially announce that the Coach Jeremy Lowery was recommended and approved by the West Washington School Board at last night's meeting. With his family on hand Coach Lowery was welcomed with open arms into the Senator Family. In the link below you will find a press conference from the this morning. Our digital media students that participate in our school'
  3. West Washington Varsity Football Head Coach- West Washington is a 1A south program that plays in the Patoka Lake Athletic Conference. West Washington is a community with deep pride in their football program. The program has had a lot of success in the past. Our story is pretty well known. With the passing of our head coach Phillip Bowsman during the 2019 season, the 2020 season brought a lot of challenges emotionally. Despite the challenges, the 2020 season was a success. The board decided that the navigation of the season should be steered by a coach familiar with the pl
  4. Coach Gaddis obviously has had an amazing career and the victories speak for themself. I will remember Coach Gaddis as one of the greatest ambassadors for the sport of football. He is a leader amongst coaches. What he has done for the IFCA and the coaching fraternity will have an impact that lasts forever. For our staff at West Washington, he graciously hosted us for an afternoon to talk about all things football. We shared film and he shared film with us. He helped us install some of the fundamental elements of the offense that we have run for the past 4 seasons. I will alwa
  5. "IHSAA football games on Friday, Nov. 20, may continue utilizing IHSAA guidance that requires local health departments and communities to determine stadium capacity. The IHSAA will work with the Marion County health department on a limited spectator plan for state championship games at Lucas Oil Stadium." - Dr. Box
  6. Section addressing IHSAA Football Tournament Copy and Past Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XtmaXZ78v-eVPxqVmpYzXSUtQG1wMLoy/view?usp=sharing
  7. WW's JV improved to 3-0 with a win over SV 29-14.
  8. The away team is at the mercy of the number of tickets that the home team gives them. And each school is at the mercy of their local health department and the size of the crowd they allow. One per player seems low. Schools and athletic departments do not like this, but we are playing a season and that is the most important thing.
  9. It was a good physical JV football game. Our kids had fun and the sportsmanship shown between the players was great. It was a longer bus ride than normal for a JV game, but the kids were just thrilled to play.
  10. West Washington is GOOD TO GO. Crawford will not play due to WW being virtual this week related to a positive Covid-19 case within the HS. No one on the team or coaching staff was affecting by the contact tracing and everyone is cleared to play. WW is NOT quarantined. Now we search for an opponent....
  11. Question- Would this make 1A a 32 team division if current 1A teams elect to go to 8 man? If yes, who is left. Mostly privates and the few 1A teams? Does this create any issues of competitive balance in 1A?
  12. Mainly because it clears up SOME conflict questions. The pay will go back into the program and used to purchase things for the team and players that may not be able to afford practice packs, cleats, etc.
  13. In writing this I did fail to mention a few things. 1) This is an interim title and will be for the 2020 season only. 2) I will NOT accept pay for this position or the summer stipend that is a part of the HC's pay.
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