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  1. Will they play Jeff again week 5? Or try to pick up someone else?
  2. John Harrell has Tony Bowman (formerly Covenant Christian HC) as new Anderson Prep HC. I saw an article a week ago or so from Evansville paper confirming Tell City HC as Mac Webb (Owensboro HS in KY) and this is also reported on John Harrell. Benton Central promoted Tyler Marsh, again coming from Harrell but I could have sworn I saw an article on here about it as well.
  3. I do like it, as it could give more schools the opportunity to play, which isn't a bad thing. I could see some current 11 man 1A teams making the choice to drop down to it. And I can't believe I'm saying it, but I do agree with Muda that co-op is not a bad idea either and the state should consider it as well. However, the 8-man proposal is on the table, so hopefully that gets some traction. It will be interesting to see.
  4. The TSSAA (Tennessee) announced they are delaying the season. https://www.wbir.com/article/sports/tssaa-football-and-girls-soccer-to-be-delayed-due-to-extended-state-of-emergency-in-tennessee/51-7c70d34c-22b1-4dc1-a745-c387260ce2c0 No details yet on how they will proceed.
  5. That's a top notch FCS program. There's nothing wrong with that. Good for him. Although I recall him having at least an offer from Bowling Green State, which is FBS. They have been terrible, though, so perhaps he wanted to go to a successful program. Congrats and best of luck.
  6. I don't disagree with you, I am just telling you what I was told. BNL sticks out as someone I was told and I remember that because I was surprised. But I could be remembering wrong. JC & Seymour for sure. It is generally the first 6 weeks or so of their schedule, depending on the size of their district. Some districts have just 4 teams, so only 3 games that they will typically play at the end of the season. Others have 6, so that will usually be the last 5 weeks of the season. I did see FC picked up Cincinnati Elder for week 3. Quite a step up in competition. Good for them. They already play Kentucky powerhouse, Male, during week 1.
  7. I believe Madison will keep Jennings and Seymour. I cannot be sure of any others, but BNL is possible.
  8. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/education/2020/04/28/indiana-coronavirus-holcomb-schools-fall-semester-education/3038614001/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter This is continued talk about the way school will look to start next year. Districts are being asked to prepare for digital learning to continue with the start of the school year and the possibility of starting later. Obviously, this will impact sports. It will be very interesting to see how the IHSAA will handle that. Will there be delays? Cancellations? We hope not. And we won't know for at least a few weeks. I do appreciate that the state is not trying to move too quickly on a decision for next year with this, but I still think May is a bit early to decide on that, given the seemingly fluid nature of this situation.
  9. I mentioned this in the other thread. Here are a couple of updates from the state. If this holds up, it will be hard to justify starting sports as usual. https://in.chalkbeat.org/2020/4/21/21230499/even-after-indiana-schools-reopen-it-could-take-time-to-get-back-to-normal-mccormick-says https://wsbt.com/news/local/indiana-department-of-education-discusses-plans-for-the-future-of-schooling Again, I want football and all sports to come back ASAP. But they will take a back seat when it comes to how the state is deciding for schools to proceed at the start of the next school year, which could potentially be after Labor Day.
  10. This was not a media driven comment. This is based on first hand knowledge as someone involved in the decision making for schools. It does not mean that it will happen. We may well be able to start school on time, but these discussions are being had to prepare school districts for how they will handle this potentially new starting date. Again, this is first hand information because we are having to make tentative plans to adjust to this. My reason for posting it is for us all to consider the possibility that it could happen. Of course, if we do not start school on time, there will certainly be adjustments to sports. I want school, football and sports in general to be back for our students like everyone else. But ultimately, we do not make those decisions. The state, the IDOE and IHSAA all make these decisions and set the guidelines. Hopefully everything is well and these message board discussions are all for naught.
  11. Discussions are taking place at the state level that schools may not start back on time. Perhaps not until after Labor Day. Districts are preparing plans in case this does in fact become reality. If this is the case, there will certainly have to be adjustments made to all fall sports. It is still too early to know for sure, but we will know something this summer.
  12. He was the offensive coordinator at HSE rival Fishers for years before taking the Seymour job. They had some good runs there, including a state title. For him, it appears it was an opportunity to return home and to take on a bigger program. Best of luck, Coach Kelly.
  13. Yes. As you can expect, lineman pads are larger and heavier duty. Skill guys are smaller for more mobility. There are QB specific shoulder pads.
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