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  1. You can if I keep picking against WW and they keep winning! Surely I figure it out sooner or later, right? I told you, I'd be fine to be wrong! 😁 Hats off to Coach Bowsman and the Senators. Truthfully, I think the thing that I failed to take into account the most was the fact that the game was at WW. Talk about a tough place to play. Now the next week pick... Lutheran is quite a formidable opponent! Still, it's hard to doubt this squad. I'll have to chew on it a while first!
  2. Coach Bragg is doing a nice job building his program. The foundation looks to be solid and the future is bright.
  3. I'm just going to quote and agree with you. Hopefully FC can play well and keep it close, as we will all be rooting for the HHC to continue on. Good luck, Highlanders.
  4. North Decatur at West Washington I am having a hard time picking against WW, but doing my best to be objective here. I hope WW wins, do not get me wrong. I have to go with my gut here and say ND gets the win. Paoli is the common opponent here. WW beat Paoli 34-30. ND beat Paoli 41-0. As I recall, there were some injuries or something that Paoli had suffered against WW the week before that maybe led to their game against ND not being so close. Good luck to both teams!
  5. You can't throw it away in high school football, so any intentional throw out of bounds is grounding no matter where the ball is thrown from.
  6. I was able to be there for the previous two sectional titles. The one in 98 and 09. Unfortunately, I was under the weather and was unable to make it last night. In the 1998 regional, they lost 22-12 to Indianapolis Cathedral. That was quite a game. Cathedral barely beat East Central in semi-state, then destroyed Concord for the state title. In 09, they had to travel to Center Grove and did not fare well, losing 42-7. Center Grove lost in the semi-state to Warren Central. BHSS will be quite the challenge next week, especially having to travel. Best of luck to the Highlanders.
  7. Congrats to Floyd on their 3rd sectional title in school history. Bloomington South will be quite the challenge. They don't have any common opponents, but BHSS did play Martinsville and lost to them. Martinsville destroyed BNL early in the year. BHSS also lost to Columbus North, who defeated Columbus East. It should be an interesting matchup!
  8. I believe it has to do with bracket placement. The winner of sectional 16 will host the regional.
  9. They do not, but the bleachers have a very large capacity. I may be wrong, but I feel like they did bring in temp stands for the visitors side for an event at some point. Regardless, the facilities are very nice.
  10. Good luck! I've heard that's not a friendly place to be! Brohm said in his presser this week he does not expect Sindelar back this year. He didn't rule it out, but said he didn't expect it. I would think it would be nice to have, but given his injury history, would he even hold up?
  11. I have never seen such a star-crossed season. I didn't even know how to react when Plummer went down. It was beyond "are you kidding me?" because there have been so many others. I think it was more like "well of course he is hurt." O'Connell has looked decent in limited time. Odds are they won't get a bowl game anyway, so hopefully they can beat Northwestern and keep the bucket in West Lafayette.
  12. Center Grove vs East Seymour vs Franklin New Albany vs Jeff BNL vs FC
  13. Charlestown at Lawrenceburg Southridge at North Harrison Providence at Eastern Pekin Triton Central at Paoli Perry Central at North Central North Daviess at West Washington
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