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  1. "A logical representation of the large-school division on the gridiron is Boonville, Washington, Gibson Southern, Princeton, Mount Vernon and Heritage Hills. Realistically forming the small-school division would be Pike Central, Southridge, North Posey, Tell City, South Spencer and Forest Park." It seems as if this would be something that would still need to be officially decided on, but this suggestion sure makes sense. If you are one of the schools in the small school division not named Southridge, you have to like this a lot, especially in football. I think it gives you the opportunity to compete with anyone in your division and schedule to benefit you in your non-conference.
  2. Congrats to Coach Z. Quite an experienced hire with 10+ years as an HC between JC and Seeger.
  3. Jeffersonville has hired Isaac Parker to be their new HC. He has been an assistant for the last few coaches there and is a city police officer. Congrats and best of luck. https://www.newsandtribune.com/sports/football-parker-named-new-jeffersonville-coach/article_3fedfe74-8742-11e9-a3bb-f309162d6fad.html
  4. I agree. They need more kids. Their enrollment is very low, one of the lowest in the state to have a team. Plus, they also have boys soccer as a fall sport. Some of them actually play both soccer and football! Also....Congrats to Mr. Murphy on such an opportunity and congrats to the WW community. What a cool opportunity. Even if it is IU 😆
  5. It will be interesting but they've barely had enough kids to field a team since its inception. They've had a different coach every year as well. There's a long way to go for them. I hope they get it going because it is good for football in this part of the state.
  6. Silver Creek names new head coach. It is Dave Papenhaus, who was an assistant at Charlestown. Also, apparently Rock Creek named a new head coach as well. I did not realize it was open. Both stories are on this link. https://www.newsandtribune.com/sports/high-school-notebook-silver-creek-names-new-football-coach/article_072464ec-81c6-11e9-b7cc-6bfade3bbab0.html
  7. As some others have mentioned, our district is just going to find a way to incorporate these into the PD that we already offer in house on our PD days. It is silly and unfortunate, but I imagine many districts will do the same.
  8. I realize that I am being sucked in by the resident troll, but I refuse to let the program be spoken of in such a manner. Numbers are numbers, and that is fine, but what is most important is what you don't see in the significance of the sport to the many student-athletes who participate. The community loves football and supports it dearly. Like many rural communities, Madison has been hit heavily by the drug epidemic and has one of the highest rates of suicide in the state (did you read the article??). Football is all some of these kids have, win or lose. If you follow the Hoosier Hills Conference, you will know that the schedule has in fact been adjusted to allow the smaller programs the opportunity to schedule an out of conference game. Other conference affiliations have been considered but such a move isn't as simple as it seems. There aren't many programs in southeast Indiana with which to pair. Coach Morrison is a Madison alum and has been loyal and given everything he has for the program. Someone else will come in and do the same. Regardless of record, these kids and the community will support the coach and the student-athletes that participate. These points have been argued to you many times and you fail to consider anything besides shear numbers. If that is all we ever consider, we fail the young men we try to support with this game. For some schools with very small enrollments and low participation, perhaps it is something they must consider. Madison has nearly 900 students at the high school and regularly has 60-70 kids on the team. Football isn't going anywhere, nor should it.
  9. I know the travel issue is a complaint, but it will be neat to see some new matchups with the new sectionals.
  10. I was going off of the IFCA website. Homewood is a great program. I think a former Indiana high school coach is or was there. I agree with btowncoach that a Louisville or Cincy area team would be a nice addition.
  11. Penn has an open week 3 as well. That would be quite a good matchup. Perhaps they can arrange a neutral site in Indy to play.
  12. North Harrison job is posted on the school website.
  13. Yes, indeed. He was announced on Thursday as the new HC at Paoli.
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