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  1. BNL @ Seymour Jeff @ FC Madison @ JC East @ NA Madison/JC is the tough call this week. It is a game that can always go either way. I am going with Madison because they are likely carrying some momentum from last week's win against BNL. And just because it has been brought up, I think the scheduling adjustment is a nice compromise from splitting the conference entirely. It provides some scheduling flexibility and if you're the smaller schools, you avoid one of the big dogs each year. New Albany/Floyd/Jeff all have issues losing kids to the local private schools, especially Louisville schools. It's not a huge issue, but will affect some top notch players. Madison and JC lose players to Columbus schools.
  2. Eastern Pekin at Corydon North Harrison at Brownstown Providence at Charlestown Salem at Clarksville Silver Creek at Scottsburg Mitchell at Crawford County Perry Central at Tecumseh Springs Valley at Tell City West Washington at Paoli
  3. I think that is a strong possibility as well. He will just need to win more games at Purdue first. He's just another IU fan! It's all good in fun. I saw that... very impressive to land early on. He will be one of the top prospects in the state for that class.
  4. I don't disagree about your first sentence and last sentence. However, if he is sitting at a .500 or so record after 3 years here, I don't see the big boys coming yet. Can you imagine some of those fan bases if they hire a coach with an average record? They would lose their minds. For the record, I think Brohm is an excellent coach. He is a great fit for Purdue and can lead them to a great future, if he so chooses. I am also confident that he could go into any of those places listed and win quite a bit pretty quickly. I just don't see him being a prime candidate right now. Give him a few more years and yes, I agree. In reality, I'd rather there be schools who want Purdue's head football coach than the other way around. That means they are doing something well.
  5. Brohm has stated multiple times he prefers to play a challenging out of conference schedule. Nevada was already on the schedule from years ago, though clearly, it was no cake walk. I do agree that it is possible they don't have the firepower to bounce back from a tough start, but I did think so the previous two years either. There is a lot of football left to be played. Brohm did scour the market for a grad transfer on the o-line has he has the last two years. He did not find one he deemed suitable, as he stated in the preseason. What that means, it is hard to be sure, but likely he was very considerate of team chemistry and didn't find the right fit. He has recruited JC o-line guys, but more often than not, that doesn't address the solution. The offensive line always takes the longest to develop and he has recruited it heavily, but his oldest recruits are redshirt sophomores. They will be fine in time.
  6. He has made do with what there was, but there wasn't much that Hazel recruited well. McCann and Hermanns. Both start, at least when healthy, which has been off and on for both. The offensive line is what takes the longest to recruit and develop. His first year recruits are just redshirt sophomores and are getting baptized by fire after having not played much last year, where they had quite a bit of experience, largely due to grad transfers. The jury will still be out for a year or two on Brohm's o-line recruiting, but it is too early to judge just yet. Outside of the line, much of the players Hazel recruited are no longer on the team. It seems as that was likely a good thing, as they were not P5 level recruits for the most part. This team is very young and injuries are killing what little experience they do have. The talent is there and will get better as they grow. They may not make a bowl this year, but I see no reason to panic. Look at UK and Stoops. They were very average as he worked to put that program together. Last year in year 6 they were finally able to put it together with a 10 win season, which is unheard of at UK. I think Brohm can get us to the point, it'll just take time.
  7. Jeffersonville (1-2, 1-0 HHC) at Columbus East (1-2, 0-0 HHC) Madison (0-3, 0-1 HHC) at Bedford North Lawrence (1-2, 1-0 HHC) New Albany (1-2, 0-1 HHC) at Floyd Central (2-1, 0-0 HHC) Seymour (3-0, 1-0 HHC) at Jennings County (1-2, 0-1 HHC)
  8. You aren't kidding, Gipper. It is incredibly disappointing for the young man and the team. I'll admit, as each injury piles up, bowl prospects look bleaker and bleaker. However, I will not put it past any Brohm coached team to make it in spite of all odds. The remainder of this season will certainly be his stiffest challenge yet!
  9. Charlestown at North Harrison Eastern Pekin at Silver Creek Providence at Clarksville Salem at Brownstown Scottsburg at Corydon Crawford County at Rock Creek Eastern Greene at Mitchell Paoli at Perry Central Springs Valley at West Washington
  10. Jennings County (1-1) at Bedford North Lawrence (0-2) New Albany (1-1) at Jeffersonville (0-2) Pickerington Central (OH) (1-0) at Columbus East (1-1) Seymour (2-0) at Madison (0-2) Vincennes Lincoln (1-1) at Floyd Central (1-1) Frozen, I don't think we've disagreed on a pick yet but we will on two of them this week. Like you said, though, both are tough to call. I could see both games going either way.
  11. I coached for 13 years. Never once did I have an issue with a referee. There were times where I saw missed calls. There were calls I felt were wrong. But I knew that as a coach, the last thing that should truly impact our game was the officiating crew. If I as a coach could not be composed and focus on what our real job was, the players wouldn't either. I wish we could get that point across to our fans. I think the majority of officiating crews are self-accountable. They want to be the best and will work to do so. Every crew we had for the last several years wanted us to exchange our game film so they could review. I always felt that if you treated officials with the utmost respect, they would easily do the same for you and your team. We are already at a shortage point. Let's not do anything to make it worse. Thanks for all that everyone does.
  12. Brownstown at Eastern Pekin Clarksville at Charlestown Corydon at North Harrison Scottsburg at Salem Silver Creek at Providence Perry Central at Crawford County Springs Valley at Paoli West Washington at Mitchell
  13. Not sure but it is their first win since September 19 of 2014. Congrats to them!
  14. And I just copy and paste yours and then edit out your commentary... looks like we're the only ones participating in this so the battle is on! I guess we agree on everything again this week though so we'll still be tied... Madison at South Dearborn (for some reason, I can't figure out how to edit posts)
  15. Bedford North Lawrence (0-1) at Bloomington North (1-0) Brown County (1-0) at Jennings County (0-1) Columbus North (0-1) at Columbus East (1-0) Floyd Central (0-1) at Providence (1-0) New Albany (1-0) at Castle (0-1) Seymour (1-0) at Jeffersonville (0-1)
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