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  1. Possibly. But as mentioned below, the IHSAA was discussing it to make it a sanctioned sport. Does that mean they'd handle it? In the thread, someone had posted a screenshot from the IHSAA minutes to discuss it.
  2. Agreed, there could be a lot to impact it. It may also depend if they decide to keep 34 in 5a again. For now, I see sectional 14 and 16 remaining the same, minus Jeff for 16. But depending on who gets in 5a, it could impact 14 with a possible additional team. I don't think there is anyone far enough south to add to 16, unless they wanted to bump East to it. It's just my opinion, but the all HHC sectionals just aren't as much fun.
  3. I saw this topic discussed some in a thread about a school shutting down their program for the time being and wanted to see if anyone had any additional info. According to that thread, 8 man football was on its way in Indiana. A few questions... When will this start? Which schools will be participating? Will they have their own state tourney? I think it is a great thing for the state and for smaller schools who may not have the numbers for 11 man football.
  4. How many are in each class currently? We could do a rough estimate of who's in each class. Also, if these are numbers from the fall count day, will they be accurate come the spring count day? And does the IHSAA use the spring count instead of fall? All the online schools and COVID stuff have made enrollments wacky at a lot of places. And spring enrollments in some places see bigger jumps after parents get tired of online school in the first semester.
  5. Are they going up the hill to Floyd since the hoops team is now better?? 😆 Kidding. Mostly... But that is really interesting. Just a few years ago, New Albany was over 2000. Floyd's enrollment seems to have been pretty steady around 1800. Looks like that sectional in 5a will remain pretty similar.
  6. 1 - I agree, but if the EIAC expanded to enough teams, they wouldn't necessarily have to play all teams in the EIAC. With the big school/small school split, they could stick to playing the teams they have to play in their division and playing whoever outside of that. Realistically, it's all hypothetical anyway because I don't see it happening. 2 - I also agree, but that is disappointing to hear what Frozen said about denial, at least for the time being. I do get it. Before Clarksville's exit, they only had 1 out of conference game and that was tough to schedule. Or at least the schedules were very locked in. Perhaps conference members enjoy the flexibility of 2 out of conference games.
  7. If you added JC & Madison without dropping Connersville and Rushville, those 4 schools would be competitive with each other. South Dearborn already plays both schools. They could be competitive with FC and, Greensburg and Batesville at times as well. No one in the EIAC is really competitive with EC or Lawrenceburg right now. Milan and Madison make sense from a location standpoint as well as the fact they are both independent, so it could make scheduling easier for both. Milan, though a very solid 1a program, is still a small school for that conference. Then again, they already play 4 EIAC teams plus Madison.
  8. Didn't JC try a few years back? Either they were denied or decided not to go forward. Or was it Madison was denied because JC didn't want to make the move and the EIAC wanted balanced divisions? That seems familiar. At least geographically speaking, I think it makes sense. JC would be the second largest school in the conference, I believe. I think Madison is enjoying their independence and freedom to schedule as they want. However, their week 1 opponent this year is the 5a defending state champ in Kentucky that would probably have beaten East last year, so there is a little irony in their new schedule.
  9. Looks like a great hire by JC. Best of luck to Coach V. Thanks for all the info, Tundra.
  10. I say it for 3 reasons. 1 - The potential ripple effect this could have. It could lead to a scramble of conference moves and changes from the 4a-6a level. That would impact nearly half the schools in the state as is. I'm not saying it will happen to that extent, but it is likely to effect more than just the MIC and the HCC. 2 - Conferences have been altered around the state over the last several years with schools moving in and out of conferences in order to be more competitive (from 1A-6A). Schools could stop seeking so many different moves if the state made a move to districts. It would level the playing field to a certain extent. You would only be required to the play the schools in your district that would have a similar enrollment. Then you could schedule games out of district that fit the competitive status of your school. You could redraw districts every 2-3 years and that would take into account changes in enrollment. 3 - It would give an objective measure to seed the playoffs. How'd you finish in your district? That determines your seed in the playoffs. I am not saying a qualifying playoff, you could still do all-in with this. My disclaimer as always - I don't actually think it would happen. It's too much change. But I do think it makes a lot of sense.
  11. You can still win a district championship. It's essentially the same thing without the history of the conference behind it. This is a regular thing in other states. I'm not saying it's right or good, but it is typical. 5A/6A squads in western Kentucky have to travel 2+ hours for district games or playoff games. It happens a handful of times a year.
  12. Yes and for Texas that makes sense. I still don't see why it couldn't work here. I think there'd still be a fair amount of teams that would play that would have played in conference anyway and if you had a rivalry from a conference, you could keep it if they weren't in your district. Indiana could still do districts and not do all in.
  13. But why does it have to be? A district set up gives teams a much more flexible scheduling model. If everyone makes the playoffs, why does it matter how your regular season is configured? But if we do move to a "top 2 are seeded" type of look that has been proposed, such a setup would lend itself to an easier way to do that.
  14. I say this is another great opportunity to abolish conferences and go with districts based on enrollment. That setup can be half of your schedule and then the rest can be scheduled to fit your program.
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