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  1. Charlestown It is on the district website.
  2. I like it but I personally think it would be better if the success factor took four years into account instead of just two. I think we have seen small public schools get penalized for having a rare crop of great talent, having a great run, then getting bumped. This has been across the board in other sports. I think 4 years gives a better idea of the consistency of a program and its need to be bumped up or not.
  3. Overall, SD has had a fair amount of stability. Wendling, then Martin, then Bell. Those are the only coaches since at least 2002. Not bad, especially compared to a lot of places. Sauley only being there one year is odd, but perhaps he decided to retire again. He's a good coach and has been in it a long time. As I recall, the other coaches left on their own volition. School boards can make a mess at many places, and perhaps this is one of those cases, but recent history doesn't seem to point in that direction.
  4. That is one man's opinion on Twitter, the land of all opinions. Parents need to get away from trying to dictate their children's lives. I hope my son plays, but if he doesn't I move on with life. I hope he finds something he enjoys, works hard and does well at whatever it is. Plus, Legos are cool.
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