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  1. This week's games... Bloomington North at New Albany Brownstown at Seymour Floyd Central at Columbus East Jeffersonville at Silver Creek Jennings County at Bedford NL
  2. Perry Central at Clarksville Crawford County at Springs Valley Eastern Greene at Paoli Madison at Mitchell Rock Creek Academy at West Washington Brownstown at Seymour Corydon at Salem Jeffersonville at Silver Creek North Harrison at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Charlestown
  3. 2018 team record: 5-5 2015: 4-6 2004: 3-7 2012, 2007, 2005: 2-8 2006: 1-9 The 2018 team isn't even in the top 5 worst records over the last 20 years. Please visit John Harrell's site before spewing pure ignorance on easy to look up statistics.
  4. Agreed. Would not be surprised if 3 of them could go the other way from what I guess (Madison vs. JC seems relatively predictable, but you never know in a rivalry).
  5. Corydon/Pekin is officially off and Corydon was not able to find another opponent so they will be off this week.
  6. Week 5 matchups Bedford NL at Seymour Floyd Central at Jeffersonville Madison at Jennings County New Albany at Columbus East (I still really want to pick East here)
  7. Eastern Pekin at Corydon (though I think this one is off, so we may have to pick again if Corydon picks someone else up) North Harrison at Brownstown Providence at Charlestown Salem at Clarksville Silver Creek at Scottsburg Mitchell at Crawford County Perry Central at Tecumseh Springs Valley at Tell City West Washington at Paoli
  8. I read that Eastern is still on quarantine so Corydon is looking for a week 5 opponent.
  9. Most programs have their ups and downs. "Disaster" might be an exaggeration for the fact that they are very young and have played 3 very good teams. Like most, they will bounce back just fine. Maybe later in the year, maybe next. But they will improve. Daviess County does indeed have the top passer in the state of Kentucky. In 3 games, he has thrown for 1025 yards and 11 TD to 1 INT, good for 342 yards per game. They have 5 receivers with over 150 yards, so it is a very balanced attack. They are 2-1 on the year, with two impressive wins over Owensboro Catholic and Meade County. Their lone loss is against Owensboro, whose QB is one of the top dual-threat guys in the country and is committed to Rutgers (why??). He also annouced after that game he was leaving high school immediately to enroll.. anyway, it was a very close game against Owensboro. I do not know how good FC's pass defense is as the SC game I caught yielded very few pass plays but I was impressed with safety # 2. Picks for the week because I don't think I've done it... Columbus East at Jennings County Jeffersonville at Mount Vernon New Albany at Bedford NL (is this for the conference title??) Daviess County at Floyd Central
  10. If FC hasn't found a game, it just came across the Kentucky email that Woodford County needs a game this week. It's a little late, but maybe they could play Saturday. They are between Louisville and Lexington, so not too far.
  11. Isn't this thread all about entertainment?? 😁 Cooley has been a power-spread type of coach. Typically in the pistol/gun. A decade ago he was a lot of 2x2, 3x1 type stuff, but more recently you'd see some two back pistol or double tight pistol type formations. Zone was bread and butter. I haven't seen them this year to say specifically though.
  12. Was I disrespectful? No. You come in here on blast mode for your school, coaches and program. Then you retract it when called on it. Same old story as usual. You are not being productive for your school.
  13. That's a pretty unfortunate attitude to take. I think the kids and coaches would rather play that not. I am certain there will be no "packing it in." It may appear that way to you in the stands, but if they are indeed young, the more experience the better. Have a little faith in the long term prospects of your program. Most programs have some years that aren't as good as others while they rebuild. There is likely not many if any 2a/3a teams that will want to play Floyd. They'll have to schedule a fellow big school. OC fits the profile. Otherwise, there is no game. If I am the coach, I take any chance to get reps and get better.
  14. I posted this in the other thread but Oldham County KY needed a game the other day. They are close by. It could be a good game too.
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