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    On behalf of the leadership team here at the Gridiron Digest, just wanted to express our thanks to all of you, our friends of GID!!! Whether you agree with folks or disagree, its always a great conversation (well most of the time) with fans of Indiana High School Football. Thanks to all our Boosters who generously give to us yearly Thanks to all our coaches who patronage our site Thanks to all our other members who engage, converse , argue, and PROMOTE, the best parts of this great game in our state. Good Luck to the 12 teams competing this weekend for State Titles and a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!! Cheers Coach Nowlin
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    This is so incredibly dumb
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    I can't believe we are white collar. I didn't get the memo. I'm gonna ask for a raise.
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    A microcosm of society. A few people make bad choices and a new rule is put into place to make it inconvenient for the other 99.9% of the population... When people don't know how to act in public, everyone suffers...
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    Northwood went to state in 2016 and went 11-1 in 2018. Concord has won sectionals 2 of the last 3 years. Northridge went 11-3 in 2014. Went 9-1 in 2017. Plymouth went 11-1, in 14, 10-3 in 15, 9-3 last year. Carry on, talking about crap you don't know.
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    Sir, the Evansville Day School football boosters that I've spoken with are more "glass half empty" type of people.
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    Bottom line, it's not your sandbox. They don't have to justify anything.
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    I would expect no less from you than this heartless comment. I'm blessed to have never been in the situation that these kids or their parents have been in, and I'm sure you have been too. That doesn't mean everyone has been that fortunate. It does not matter if contraction is a key and vital tool needed to maintain competitive balance. Competitive balance has nothing to do with this situation. No the kids lives will not be destroyed, but playing sports is a good distraction from their daily life. It keeps them off the streets and busy doing something. Just my 2 cents.
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    Fixed it... Pizza is not real food. I'm sick and tired of getting dirty looks when I wear my grease stained pizza jacket around town, and having to quickly stop to explain to people that what they've seen is not real food, and that it's not all a joke. I busted my Butt playing pizza critic in school, from the time I earned my first fat roll in 96 to the time I hit 300lbs in 2002, I even set the school record for most slices eaten, one which I am extremely proud of, and hope it remains for a long time. Then I move out to indiana 2 years ago, and get compared to these 1a pizza joints, this is a sham. I suggest these schools replace pizza with a wholesome food like salads, itd be no less fattening than they've got going now, and people would get less confused about what hs food really is. On top of that there would be much less of a chance of obesity. Thoughts?
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    This topic has been beaten more than a clubhouse garbage can in Minute Maid Park.
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    We believe that this move is going to be a good thing for PC football as well. We knew for a couple years out that the numbers for the 2019 season would be small as there were two classes back to back that never had a lot of numbers and resulted in 1 Jr. High team when they were in Jr. High. PC Football numbers should start to return to normal in the 2020 season as we expect 35-45 players in grades 9-12 for the upcoming season. Our youth program is strong and in 2019 we fielded two junior high teams, two 5/6th grade teams, two 3rd/4th grade teams, and had 70+ students participate in our k-2 flag football program.
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    Wait . . . geography over religious affiliation? Come on, we need to at least try to keep up the pretense of the P/P cartel as the shadow authority over Indiana HS football. What if they start to think that we don't actually have a statewide conspiracy to direct the best players to our schools? Where will our psychological advantage go? Soon, they will start to realize that recruiting isn't an excuse and then where we be? Please edit your post to say, "You have no chance against the Catholic school hegemony of which EM is a key component. We will be rooting for our Catholic brethren while eating fish and chips because we are required to do so by the papal hierarchy." 😉
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    You truly have a gift. Nicely stated.
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    Yeah...now that's funny!! I'll bite. Reitz fans have had the privilege of watching opposing teams carry real footballs into the end zone all year!!! Beat Harrison and Bosse. Please. SIAC should be changed to the BIG 3.
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    Oops Not sure what happened I think it was VASTLY IMPROVED
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    That's because you are technically Kentucky. 😎
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    I get the image of John sitting in his basement saying, at about 10:30 pm, "WHERE IS THAT GARY LIGHTHOUSE SCORE??" Thanks John for all you do!
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    Beating Jasper may not be a win anymore against a Top 10 team in Class 4A, but it is a quality win and a game that unless you are a top tier team in Class 3A or 4A, you can lose -- especially at Alumni Stadium. Jasper is a solid opponent and their luck recently in the sectional shouldn't diminish that too greatly. Everything is cyclical. Give the new system time. The stock and bloodlines run deep in Jasper. They are VERY successful in most other boys' sports, football will return to prominence. Jasper will also benefit in the coming years of attrition from surrounding schools. Many of my classmates and former teammates, for example, work in Jasper. Unlike their parents, they have chosen to live and work in Jasper rather than commute from Spencer County. I would imagine that other school districts are also suffering/benefitting from that phenomenon as well.
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    Many folks up in NWI where I reside know Coach Hudak from his playing days at Lowell. He worked up the ranks assistant coaching before taking over Lake Station and now Wheeler, but many probably didn't know he has always been a Registered Nurse, in E.R. It wasn't until 2019 when he left Nursing full time and became a middle school science teacher and would still work ER shifts on the weekends and in the offseason. Enter Covid-19 Great read from Mike Hutton up at Post Tribuine on Coach Hudak https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-spt-mike-hutton-column-st-040520-20200403-nm2ka353zbbjvck2ppnnzw63ze-story.html
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    Evansville Reitz has to be a top contender. The bowl is pretty sweet but not the best venue for opposing fans.
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    Hey, I said early, early on I thought they would show up in LOS. All I knew for certain was that they were supposed to have the same level defense returning. That, along with the fact that 3A has simply been better at the uppermost end than 4A the prior 3-4 years, made me feel pretty comfortable projecting that. Still, bummed out that Memorial is the first 3A team to be playing in the 4A Championship....I really wanted my team of favor to be the first. I simply can’t give the Tigers enough credit, though. How the heck a 3A school has 2 Men’s Fall sports teams perennially playing at State Championship level is way, way more than remarkable. “Unbelievable” is the better word. Best wishes to them. Hoping our kids can someday come up and play again. A tip of the hat to the Tigers.
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    Will you also be disappearing next week in the event that your Brickies lose? All I heard last week from some Cathedral slappies was that "New Pal hasn't played a team as fast and physical as Cathedral." They are now nowhere to be found. Can you promise the same?
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    It’s in the Section entitled “How to Screw Over Non-Indy Schools”. Can’t believe you missed it.....
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    He is moving forward slightly before the snap and not set for one second so you could go with illegal motion or illegal shift. Most of the discussion I've seen about this play is unsportsmanlike conduct for making a mockery of the game. But what an amazingly athletic move by the big guy...both the cartwheels and the splits. Coaches...please don't do this. You force us to come up with something and you definitely won't like it.
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    Triton wore those against Caston. When my son wore his to school, he wore my Combat Infantry Badge on it. I thought it was pretty awesome that the Guard does this for the kids.
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    Andrean also loses kids to public schools Street goes both ways. Bothers this guy ZERO bits.
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    Interim label was dropped at school board tonight. Jason Ward is the head football coach at Tri-West. Also, Tony Hiland returns to Tri-West after 4 years at Danville to be Offensive coordinator. Ward and Hiland were both Assistant coaches on Tri-West State Championships in 2003, 2004, & 2014.
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    Announced tonight: Clayton Mannering, son of Hall of Fame coach Scott Mannering, was announced to follow in his dads footsteps and took the job at Lewis Cass. Bring a bright future to Lewis Cass for the future.
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    Whiting has been attending this event since the beginning and it's extremely well-ran and organized. Our guys and coaches have a blast and we've made some friendships along the way. Highly recommend it.
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    Did it ever dawn on anyone he wants to attend IU and this is an opportunity to use his football skills to do that?
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    Did this last year for all classes and it was a resounding success. Willing to do so again if there is enough interest. Will get it rolling tomorrow when I get back in town. Respond below if interested please!
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    Doesn’t look good - and it shouldn’t. But lets be clear, the kids that did this should be punished fully....and as openly as the law allows. Honestly, there’s just no excuse for any of this
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    I was at the hospital to see a dear friend of mine and witnessed a lot of love and support of the coach. It was heart wrenching to see a family/community going thru a trying time like that. Our hearts go out to his support system.
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    Oh good God......here we go....
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    The IHSAA does not list maintaining competitive balance as one of their purposes. Who besides yourself is concerned with this issue?
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    Coaches cant simulate the PIT to get ready for it. Weather, Crowd Noise, atmosphere, Game Prep, YES. Painted Dirt... NO. We have had some of our top soils guys check it out. Its very unique.
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    What about Jeff Adamson at Eastbrook? 270-88 in year 31. Plenty of consistency at a smaller public school. Very hard to not feel the talent gaps in a school that size, but every year he has them competing for a Sectional.
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    Although I really appreciate the glance into Rodney’s life, I find Class A games just as entertaining as the bigger classes. These kids lay it all out and fight like hell. In most cases, no D-1 scholarships will be awarded. They play for the love of the game, nothing better than that...
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    I was on the can when I wrote this
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    I think he’s being sarcastic. I swear to God he is. The last 2 years the southern boys said Liptons or Madder Days would win it all.
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    If private isn’t an advantage why would parents sacrifice to send their kids there?
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    I just want folks to consider becoming a booster today
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    players choose this path and they choose when to leave this game at the highest level. They are well compensated for this choice. I blame no one for leaving the game when they want to leave the game
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    I thought it was somewhat interesting that at the media day yesterday, the Central HC simply said "no comment" when asked about the roster. Maybe that simply means he wasn't going to answer a bunch of questions about the kids in question at this point. From the player comments, the coach seems to be a disciplinarian, which could make things interesting going forward. I also get a little tired of hearing excuses about "tough life". Last year Central had kids who had well-publicized circumstances that were far-more challenging and those kids played within the structure of a team that was one break away from a state title. And Central is not alone. Every school - public or private - has kids who grew up with less than ideal situations. As Panther86 said, the proof was in the pudding - it was only when Central had a coach who instilled discipline and self-responsibility that they climbed to the top of the mountain.
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