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    Personally, as a bro coach, I'm compensated in flying chest bumps and tweets.
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    1. Be a good football player 2. Play for a school north of Bloomington and south of Lafayette
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    As we begin another high school football journey, I wanted to take a moment and pay a bit of respect to the founder of the GID and still the never-forgotten heart and soul of the page, Tim Adams. Hard to believe it's been over eight years since his unexpected passing. We still miss you TA. Watch over these players from above. Your spirit lives on.
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    How do you come up with this stuff? What is your drug of choice? It's evident that you haven't watched any high school or college football recently. You know nothing of what you speak.
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    For the ones not interested in pre season polls just don’t read them until week 3.
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    Illinois banned professional tackle football years ago.
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    There is only 1 dude.
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    I am 1 of a few, I just have a good gig where I am in a computer lab 8 hours a day working so it has been my pleasure to just do a small part to keep the ship a float. @DK_Barons still takes care of the operational portion of the site and I bombard him with tech texts all the time!! @77Jimmie checking with his years of guidance is appreciated. My guys @Irishman also does a lot in our world with @SR1 taking the lead in the southern Indiana world. @WCGrad92 helps me with job openings and is our GID Poll Wizard!! But at the end of the day, its not about those folks or me, but of course our community!! We have had more coaches and referees sign up in last few years than I ever remember. I absolutely LOVE the Officiating Forum for our readers and COACHES alike. What a great spot to freshen up on the new rules and the funky scenarios. I thank @bobref, @BisonUmpire and @Impartial_Observer plus a host of others for their wiliness to post. Of Course best wishes to @Mrs Gridiron Digest she checks in here and there and is very generous each year with her donation in memory of Coach Tim Adams.
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    https://blogs.usafootball.com/blog/2793/don-and-039-t-let-your-athlete-skip-the-struggle FTA: "If you’re tempted to jump into your child’s struggle and try to fix it, let these things hold you back: Your child needs to learn how to problem-solve without your constant help. This is a skill he must develop because he will need it a lot as an adult. Your child needs to learn how to resolve conflict with others. If you keep fixing things for him, he won’t have a chance to learn this. Your child needs to learn persistence. He will need it as a spouse, parent, and employee/employer. You do not want to raise a kick who tucks his tail and runs at the first sign of a struggle."
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    My wife and I use one of these at home....oak provincial headboard and all. I find her to be more coherent and lucid. Thanks Guardian!
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    The fact that Dwenger has bounced 4 of our best teams I've coached out of the playoffs in the last nine years proves that it would NOT be a lateral move football wise. However, the point is moot. I didn't just give lip service when I stepped down. I'm going to be coaching my 4th grade son and his friends for the next few years! In my eyes, that's not a lateral move either. I just want to hang out with my kids while they still want to!! As for Dwenger, I have a ton of respect for the Saints. Better men than me have done both, but I'm happy to step back and be more involved with my family. I'm young--plenty of time to coach on Fridays again if that's where the Lord leads me!
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    Drinking this early in the day is not healthy, bro'.
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    I think of him every single day, of course, but I love it when others still speak of him. This time of year is difficult and Friday nights are just not the same anymore. The loss is deep because the love was deep. Funny someone would mention softball. Tim spent a lot of time with softball prior to the GID and, in fact, softball is the reason the GID exists. When our oldest daughter became a freshman in high school, he was asked not to coach softball anymore, and so she decided not to play softball and instead pursued basketball. With time on his hands and needing something to pour his energy into, the GID was born. I remember the day well. It was one of those "I'll show them" days. Again, thank you to all who continue this site and remember him.
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    Good luck and good health to all teams tonight! I would much rather see some football talk and encouragement on this board rather than those who gleefully promote the destruction of the sport. If this thread stays above theirs I would be happy.
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    Schools need to put their big boy pants on and eliminate the ability of out of season coaches to even invite players to practices when they are in another season. Problem solved!
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    This is not a post for political discussion I am just posting this to honor this incredible man and I know there are many fine coaches in our great state just like him. May he forever Rest In Peace http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/14/florida-high-school-football-coach-reportedly-shot-while-shielding-students-from-gunman.html
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    Let the parents decide whether or not they want their kids playing tackle football, and keep the government out of it.
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    Really? Congrats I knew about 9 days ago what do I win? The point has always been, LET THE PROCESS PLAY OUT and WE LET THE COACHES/SCHOOLS make the announcements themselves then have at it. Been that way since the founder of the site. Think about this. You are student/Parent at Mount Vernon, on Monday you see on the GID that Kirschner is going to be the HC. The news grows and grows, but boom, something happens and it doesn't come to fruition on either side. Then what?? I have seen it happen over the many years I have been involved around here. Snags at the board level, change of mind, news breaks before coach had a chance to talk to his own team, etc etc. Nobody on the GID gets a cookie for being "first to report" we are not in the breaking news business around here.
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    I thought your bro culture had something to do with how coaches interact with their players. This was a fight. How is this the same thing?
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    @kingtut you were selected to be a honorary booster for this Gridiron Digest booster campaign There was a donation that came in from one of our members who wanted it to go to someone in Memory of a GID member who passed away this past summer, in @Huskyfan you can read the OBIT here: https://www.hartleyfuneralhomes.com/notices/Dale-Nightenhelser The admins were asked to send this new donation to someone we felt worthy of this and you were nominated and QUICKLY acted upon!! Thanks KingTut for your contributions to our little community and enjoy your newly founded Booster Status: Happy Game Day and I will go ahead and say it : GO MINERS!!! Cheers GID ADMIN STAFF
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    I do recall years ago, our crew drove 70 mi. (one way) to work a game on Friday night. Game was suspended due to weather and, out of a sense of obligation, we made the return trip on Saturday to finish the game. Our reward: we each got a Hershey bar. Not even almonds!
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    All of these are great points. Why is our government continually legislating human apatite. When and how my boys will participate in youth football is my decision, not the governments. Whether they wear a helmet on an ATV, bicycle, etc... is my decision, not the governments.
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    There are other activities that provide those supposed benefits, but you would need to troll those sites to know for sure.
  25. 9 points
    I think it's probably just internet trolls driving coaches away.
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