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    It was one reason why my wife and I chose to leave the state. Love Indiana and Indiana Football, but the teaching load and lack of salary accompanying it weren't something that I wanted to support my family on. In Michigan, I teach fewer students each day, for $12,000 more a year at a public school, and thats with a pay scale that continues to increase. The biggest issue for many Indiana schools is that teacher pay is tied to enrollment. If your a young teacher that gets hired for $35k your school's enrollment is stagnant or shrinking you may never receive a raise. As a teacher, I've dedicated my life to kids, but I didn't take a vow of poverty nor do I consider myself a missionary. We are professionals and should be paid accordingly. Not crazy amounts, but in accordance to the degrees we have and the amount of work that we do.
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    I realize that I am being sucked in by the resident troll, but I refuse to let the program be spoken of in such a manner. Numbers are numbers, and that is fine, but what is most important is what you don't see in the significance of the sport to the many student-athletes who participate. The community loves football and supports it dearly. Like many rural communities, Madison has been hit heavily by the drug epidemic and has one of the highest rates of suicide in the state (did you read the article??). Football is all some of these kids have, win or lose. If you follow the Hoosier Hills Conference, you will know that the schedule has in fact been adjusted to allow the smaller programs the opportunity to schedule an out of conference game. Other conference affiliations have been considered but such a move isn't as simple as it seems. There aren't many programs in southeast Indiana with which to pair. Coach Morrison is a Madison alum and has been loyal and given everything he has for the program. Someone else will come in and do the same. Regardless of record, these kids and the community will support the coach and the student-athletes that participate. These points have been argued to you many times and you fail to consider anything besides shear numbers. If that is all we ever consider, we fail the young men we try to support with this game. For some schools with very small enrollments and low participation, perhaps it is something they must consider. Madison has nearly 900 students at the high school and regularly has 60-70 kids on the team. Football isn't going anywhere, nor should it.
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    Madison Football is a very unique situation. They are the smallest school in the HHC. The Cubs are a 4A School playing in a 5A and 6A conference. If Madison is in a league with schools of similar demographic makeup, then I thoroughly believe that they win more and very possibly finish the season with a winning record every now and then. All I can say from being the head coach for 4 seasons that the kids will give you everything they got. They will compete and they will play their hearts out every Friday night. Jut look at Sectional of 2018 Madison with one win travels to a 6-3 Edgewood Squad. Madison does lose but it is a ballgame the whole way through. A break hear and there and Madison comes home with a victory. (Edgewood won 28-19) I came down in 2003 - 1st season 0-10 We had some injuries to some key players in weeks one and two. I started majority freshman and sophomores. As coaches know it is hard to win on Friday nights with your JV squad on the field. We were defeated in the sectional by a very good Pat Parks Shelbyville team. 2004 - 0-10 Again. However, we made strides we were up 14 at half in week one. They finally figured out where to run the ball at in the second half. We lost 21-20. Week 4 we are at Jeff. Thy got PJ Thomas - all state baseball player and punter at QB and Trey Burgess (future IU running back). It is 4th and 4 under 2 min Jeff has just used their last timeout. We are nursing a 16-14 lead. We stuff their ISO play for a 2 yard loss. Madison has never beaten Jeff.. We get called for a facemask. Kid did not mean to do it but it happened. Sectional we draw East Central. 21-17 East Central with 2 min to go we are driving. 25 going in on a 3rd down play my Q throws an interception they take it nearly all the way back and score late for the victory. Their principal comes in to our locker room to tell us how much respect he has for our program. How the fans at the beginning of the game were making plans for running clock and being able to get home early. We also did not have 2 of our best players for that game. 2005- We start out of the gate 3-0 and are the WLKY team of the week. Jeff week 4 Operation football and the whole 9 yards. We make a miscue hear and there and lose by 14 very competitive game bounce back with a win vs JC and sit 4-1. Get New Albany, East and BNL who are all ranked and they show us what we need to work on. Play JC in sectional and get our first playoff win in a number of years. Lose in the semi finals to a very good SD team who we had beaten in week two. Our offense was potent that year. Coach Ketchum went for it on 4th down every time to keep our kids off the filed. My Q set the record for completions in a game that night 37 What is most impressive is he did that on 44 attempts. 2006 - A season of high hopes. Make some mistakes week one lose 21-8. Week 3 we bounce back and beat a sound FC team. Play through some injuries and such come in at 2-7 on the year. Lose to JC in overtime on a 4th down QB Draw. We knew it was coming. Our kid just did not get low enough on the hit and their Q bulled into the endzone for the win. could we have won more that year maybe but we played hard every week and we never gave up. 7 and 34 is not going to win anyone any coach of the year awards. However if you consider who the Cubs have to play week in and week out I call it respectable. I have experienced great success in football as well as other sports prior to Madison. I have experienced great amounts of success in football and other sports post Madison. And while at Madison I experienced success. What means the most to me is all the great kids that I got to work with and be a part of their lives. A majority of my former players are doing great things in all parts of the world. A few of them I have stayed right at home. # 60 Patric Morrison would eventually become Madison's Head Football Coach. Former All-State Lineman Ryan Lamb would join Patric as an Asst. Coach for the Cubs. I got a big list of others that are near and dear to my heart. I will not bore everyone with an already lengthy post. Just know this. Before you bash a program or suggest a team fold tent and give up... please consider all the factors. Consider the kids that give their time and energy to 40 guaranteed Friday Nights. Consider all the work the coaches put in.. not to win but to just be competitive and not be embarrassed by a wide margin of defeat. And consider all the parents and community that desperately want a winner and who support their teams no matter what the outcome. Thanks Mike Dowell
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    DT, have you ever had a positive thought even once in your entire life. It has been made abundantly clear to you the positive influences that football has in young mens lives, time and time again. Still you beat the drum of contraction as if it is the only solution. Have you volunteered at any of these “low performing” schools in an effort to turn them around? Or do you show up and tell them “You suck, I’d quit if I were you” Just venting, that’s all. Coaches coach, players play, fans cheer.
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    I reached out to IFCA to get clarification 100% IHSAA approved the quarter rule to 6 quarters per week, with or without having the Mercy Rule invoked in a game HUGE for small schools still running 3 teams like Rensselaer
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    Didn't I read a while back you were "retiring" from the GID? We'll have to change your name from DT to Brett Favre.
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    So, what’s the point that you’re trying to make? That women should only be allowed to have abortions if they have a good reason? If that were the case, my guess is the people who decide whether a reason is good enough are those same old white men sitting around the table.
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    Let's apply the "business model" to high school athletics because it has benefited and made public education so much better. Bottome line is all that counts......profit, test scores, wins. As someone that has slugged it out at some of the most under -performing football schools in Indiana I can tell you that what football gives these young men is way more than what winning a conference title does for some schools. Athletic's value is not merited by its results but by the lives that have been transformed in the process of competition. DT you have no idea what that means until you sacrifice your time, energy, sweat, tears, and your family to give and nourish these young men in these struggling schools. I have coached at the pinnacle (Ev. Reitz) and at Wood Memorial, Brown County, and Eastern Pekin. I will tell you that the most satisfying of my years coaching did not come in the Bowl but in the hills of Brown County, the cornfields of Gibson county, and the hollers of Washington County. You sir have your opinion and you are entitled to it but it is grotesque and smells of affluence. To all the struggling schools schools out there I say keep fighting the good fight! You are my heroes!!!
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    DT you might be right, but have you been to Madison? Did you read the NY Times article? I went to college in Hanover only about 5 miles away. I know the city, some of the people and the history. The student-athletes there need football. Football provides the kids an opportunity to develop a bond, friendship and brotherhood not to mention keep the kids safe. The boys learn accountability and have the football staff looking out for them. The coaches at Madison educate their student-athletes about life as much as the game of football. You and I probably view success differently. Yes they might not be win on the gridiron, but who is it to say that winning is success for this community? Just because a team doesn't win doesn't mean it isn't successful. Coaches are with these guys for a minimum of 20 hours per week in season and countless hours out of season. We are positive role models who represent what their lives could become instead of what they see everyday. I'm only 34, but when former players come up and talk to me they appreciate how much work and time I gave them.
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    Hall of Fame Coach Hall of Fame Dad What a moving tribute by Coach Mannering's daughter and those who did not know what kind of man, Coach Scott Mannering is, this should give you all you need to know. I have been fortunate to have been able to coach against him from his time at Lewis Cass and now at Twin Lakes, he is what this video depicts, competitor through and through but also does not lose sight of his purpose in life. Cheers to you Coach Mannering
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    This is long overdue, and totally consistent with the philosophy of “risk minimization “ that permeates the rules making process these days. Most of these games that I have seen are the result of physical mismatches, whether the result of a team having low numbers, lots of injuries, or a big school vs. small school matchup. This makes injuries more likely. Take the decision out of the coaches’ hands, so he doesn’t have to justify the decision to throw in the towel to his players, the fans or parents.
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    Our school district has a robotics team attending the World Robotics competition in Detroit this weekend. They left yesterday so will miss 3 days of school this week. They missed a day twice in March/April already for a total of 5 missed days. Granted the competition is within the 300 mile range, but they are competing against teams from all over the world. I know they are outside the scope of the IHSAA but the same schools that make up the sports rule have no problem allowing these kids to miss school. Same with marching band competitions. I agree this should be a local issue and the IHSAA membership should approve this change.
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    My issues with the licensing changes are: 1. It was dirty politics, plain and simple, that got this passed. Most legislators had no idea this was inserted into the bill. It was buried fairly deep (page 17 of a 40 page bill). 2. There is no practical application to be gained from the change for a large majority of teachers. And for those that would benefit from....it is highly likely they have been doing these kinds of things for PD any way.
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    I'm pretty old school. I loved the old 2 a day 3 hour practices (haha). With all the things we can do now who needs them. We, Twin Lakes, practice once a day for 2 hours, maybe 2.5 on some days, but it's short, sweet, and to the point. I find myself getting more accomplished in technique time than ever because everything else is already in. I truly like how we run practices now. Kids enjoy and are fresh. Coaches are fresh. Planning is easier. There is no wasted time in practice as something is always being accomplished. But I would not trade the past for anything. It was a great learning time. My only complaint is that kids just don't get the time to be kids anymore.
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    Only 105 days until the first football friday.
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    Or you just wait a year or two and do nothing and the licensing will change again. When I got my license initially under Rules 2002, we had to create a portfolio showing something (I never did it because I did not find a teaching job right away) but by the time I landed a job, the portfolio was already scrapped.
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    Could that jumping through the ring of fire in the previous post count? I mean that is a great corporation/business development team building activity. Way back in the dark ages there were life licenses. Then the state thought of a brilliant idea, lets make everyone go to school and chase a Masters Degree. Then its the PGP points. What a joke. Now I have to learn how a business is run? I give you all a hint , some of us know how business is ran. Most on the up and up, some shady, and other corrupt. Just another bright idea from great minds!
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    I also need to add Daniels as a person that has hurt the Indiana public school system as well
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    I totally agree with the Wedgebuster. It seems like districts are proud of the fact that they only pay a given number of years of experience these days. Once had an excellent school district with an excellent football program tell me the following. "We would love to hire you and bring you into our school and football program..... However, we can only pay up to 5 years experience." In my mind I had the conversation with my wife. "Honey I have a chance to move our family to an excellent district and have a chance at a ring each year.... It will only cost us 20 thousand dollars a year while we are there." Yes I got knocked up side the head in my mind as well. Schools today miss out on a lot of highly qualified and experienced educators due to the fact that they do not pay what people have rightfully earned. It will come back to bite the Hoosier State in the rear end sooner than later.
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    Because sometimes the F-bomb is what's needed!
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    Same. I met up with 09er and LCCAlum a few times when Pioneer and LCC played. Both are nice guys and basically played a gimmick online, especially 09er. 09er let me sit in his car during halftime and we both looked up scores around the state. I even had the pleasure of meeting his father, Frank, before. The entire LCC fanbase was always a class act whenever I visited LaRocca Field. I've heard horror stories from other Pioneer fans from 15-20 years ago, but I never personally witnessed anything remotely negative.
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    The sectionals are now mapped. Check out the link for a map of the 2019-20 sectionals (note: for 5A/6A, the 2019 alignment is the one listed. Valpo moves to Sectional 9 in 2020, SB Adams/Mishawaka move to Sectional 10 & Elkhart moves to Sectional 2. (and if you're interested in boys basketball, here is that map. Regionals are grouped in colors - 1-4 in each class are red/orange, 5-8 are purple/blue, 9-12 are green/yellow and 13-16 are grey/black/brown).
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    ARYA!!!!!!!!!! wow
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    You milk a cow, you get a bucket of milk You milk a bull, you get a friend for life
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    Completely disagree. I think it should go the other way. Like a 4 year cycle instead of 2. 1 very good class can easily get you enough points to move up which I don't think was the intention at all.
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    Enforced mediocrity. And it’s even a poor way to accomplish that. Some schools can afford better weight rooms than others. Will we begin regulating that soon? I look forward to someone demonstrating how the ability to have those kinds of experiences translates to an unfair competitive advantage on the field. After all, there are all kinds of things that give one school an advantage over another, but they’re not unfair.
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    My hats off to Megan, Scott's daughter, and her depiction of what a great man Scott truly is. He is a blessing to Indiana High School Football coaches as a parent, teacher, and coach.
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    Here is an article for a few years ago about what Coach has done. I hope in his new role he can continue to be a positive role model and make a big impact in the Madison area! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/08/sports/opioids-suicide.html
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    if you utilize your time wisely in the summer time, you should have everything in that you need for the start of the season on Day 1 of practice
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    I teach economics. I work multiple side jobs, including one very visible one as the broadcaster for one of the five professional sports teams in Indianapolis. I basically work as an extra staff member in our athletic department running our website and broadcasts. I worked for a newspaper for nine years. I think I know the importance of businesses to our community, given we discuss it ALMOST EVERY DAY in class. These requirements are beyond insulting and essentially show the legislature is listening to the Chamber of Commerce instead of the Department of Education. The CoC is much more influential in dictating education policy than the DoE. I don't blame Jennifer McCormick for stepping away, but I wish she would remain. She's been the biggest advocate for teachers, but she's beyond frustrated with the actions of the legislature, which is controlled BY HER OWN PARTY. It's disgusting and insulting.
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    I have a family member that is an teacher at an Indiana public school and the things see tells me blows my mind sometimes about the ineptness and poor management of resources. The substitute teacher situation is a "laughing stock" as well. Tax payer money should not be funneled to private schools, the taxes need to go to public schools.
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    I think there is a conspiracy to limit my free speech....ducking technology
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    Step up! Congrats to 09er. I met him a few years back when my wife and I attended an LCC/Guerin Catholic game at Lucas Oil. Very nice young man. We found him to be well mannered and jovial. He was nothing like the character he played on here. We wish him well.
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    My Favorite: Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains, AND the First Drinker of Pumpkin Spice....... Or - Instead of "The Last of the Starks" maybe the episode should have been named "The First of the Starbucks".....
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    Sounds like a good reason to stop being an AD.
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    I know the travel issue is a complaint, but it will be neat to see some new matchups with the new sectionals.
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    I think they should have done this before instituting a mandatory mercy rule.
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    Not sure how you some of you think this is a dumb rule? It's a fantastic rule. The best part is the whole 6 quarter thing so teams can allow JV players to go in in the 3rd q. Great rule!!
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    Wow... according to Mark Howe (sports writer for the Warsaw, Indiana newspaper Times-Union) tweeting out that former Warsaw head coach Phil Jensen is being introduced as the new head coach at Whitko High School. Congrats Coach Jensen! @NRRaider2001
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    Apparently so is reading comprehension.
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    Possibly because they realize it’s none of the IHSAA’s business and that schools should be free to make their own decisions on what type of travel experiences they want to afford their student athletes?
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