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    I've seen Road Atlas' in use twice in the last year. Once in a hotel lobby, the other was just last week by 2 ladies at a gas pump. It's the strangest sight. I used to purchase a new one every year and had quite a few Indiana city maps I carried with me. Along with all the Hotel books from the different chains. Now all that stuff is in my pocket.
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    The ENTIRE success factor promotion and "stay up" factors are 100% arbitrarily set. The success factor points and 2 year count process could easily be changed a number of ways which would yield other results. @Bobref claims the system is designed for when teams 'consistently' overwhelm the competition. Really? Is TWO years consistent? Or is it the byproduct of a good class of athletes attending a school at the right (or wrong, depending on perspective) time? East Central High school from 2015-2018 is a great example. Those four years: state runner up, Regional Champ, State Champ, Sectional Champ. That's 10 points in a 4 year span. 6 points in a two year span. But because it's a two year cycle that resets, they never bumped up to 5A. Meanwhile Indianapolis Scecina has losing seasons in 2009 and 2010. Then they are state runner up in 2011 and 2012. That's 6 points in two years - the RIGHT two years by the arbitrarily set standard and they get bumped up. So which team consistently played above their class? So the system currently in place tells Scecina they've had "enough" success while East Central hasn't. Got it. Making a change like a rolling 2 year count, a 4 year cycle count, adding a bonus to a state championship - making it worth 5 points instead of 4. All of these tweaks could be made to the current system. Would we say teams that get promoted under that system would be more or less representative of consistent success? And both @BTF and @slice60 feel Snider has been competitive enough in 6A. Perhaps. I am not downplaying any team that wins a sectional, representative of a good season and lots of hard work by the teams. But my biggest beef is that sectionals are somewhat geographically constructed and teams are blindly drawn. Being best in your local area is good enough, and not when judged against the entire state. The problem is not all sectionals are created equally, and it's more noticeable in 5A and 6A when there are four teams. New Pal is currently playing in 5A. So winning Sectional 14 should be viewed the same as winning sectional 13? And both of those are the same as winning sectional 16 two years in a row? Southridge is playing up in 3A. They were put in sectional 32. Winning sectional 32 is the same as winning sectional 30? And those are both the same accomplishment as winning sectional 28 in back to back years? No, I don't think being the best around and winning your sectional in two years is "enough" success to keep you up, when you had to be one of the best in the ENTIRE state to get promoted. And as the East Central/ Scecina comparison proves, even getting bumped up is more a matter of timing than continued success.
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    https://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/high_school/an-open-letter-to-ihsaa-commissioner-bobby-cox/article_841397d2-7b3c-5682-880d-c3a3017a275e.html Here's an article that backs up your point that the bigger schools are dominating 4A & those other sports like tennis, track&field, cross country, soccer, etc. *** Here are my own thoughts on why Football has more than 4 classes. 1) Fewer schools play football. 320 currently, compared to over 400 in Boys Basketball. By placing no more than 64 teams in each class for football, state finalists play no more than 6 tournament games & the tournament always takes 6 weeks. With 9 regular season games, nobody plays more than 15 games. Conversely, all other team sports can play multiple games during the same week or even 2 games in the same day sometimes. And it's no big deal for a team to play 7 or more tournament games in those other sports. 2) In general, enrollment is more important to Football than other sports. Smaller schools with 3 or 4 very talented basketball players or even just 1 super-phenom pitcher can compete with anybody. In Football, you need depth to compete in the higher classes-- teams with a solid 22 almost always beat a team that has a lot of players playing Off & Def plus injuries wreak havoc as the season goes on. When the IHSAA looked closely at who was having success in 5A Football from 1985-2012, they realized that the larger enrollment schools were completely dominating. And that's why they added 6A. Check out the 5A results from 1997-2012 - it's almost all 6A names here.
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    You'll love the Traeger. I have a Pit Boss, lower priced knockoff but still amazing. A rich guy I know has a Traeger. 😎
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    More cougars?? 😉
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    Currently the median income in the US is 59K and some change. According to the chart linked 10% of our population is living in deep poverty that is defined as less than 40% of the national median income, 23,6ish. Or roughly an $11 buck an hour job. You can probably survive in rural Indiana on that income but you're going to be in a lot of trouble in a metro area or on the coasts. My salary is above the median income, yet I still spend time doing other stuff to make additional money. I like toys, I spend money on stupid stuff at times. My point being while I don't necessarily have two or three jobs, I do stuff for pay in my spare time to earn more money. I'm responsible, I show up when I'm suppose to, I do what I'm suppose to, I don't require supervision, I am at times required to handle fairly large sums of money, and it all makes it where it's suppose to. When our kids were younger, my wife and I both worked 2nd jobs to provide for our family. In many cases our kids had, and we went without. This is the problem as I see it in today's world, people aren't willing to take responsibility for themselves and their families. It's easier to blame the system, the government, the man, whatever for your lack of success.
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    Those also used to be GOP-controlled States. NY’s State Senate was controled by the GOP until last year.
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    This thread is the spiciest thing we have had in a while on GID for SW Indiana....and it's just "ok". LOL The other regions expect more from us than this!
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    Per 24/7 sports he has committed to Notre Dame!
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    Anyone watching? I know. I know. I’m not a western guy, 😂. This show is so good. So well done. IMHO, it is AMC and HBO level good. The best analogy I have heard.....Yellowstone is a western version of The Sopranos.
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    There was no whining or special "rules" when Sheridan was winning all their state championships. Different time I guess. Or maybe they weren't a private school. And you do realize that Cathedral hasn't won a state championship since 2014?
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    That's true. Let's not fool ourselves, this is the Cathedral ruling! If there was any question about Bobby Cox and his dislike (mild term) for Cathedral football, this answers them. GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!
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    The Constitution has been law since the federal government began. It's a timeless document and applies to all, past and present.
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    http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/news media/2018-19/062419.pdf As I correctly predicted in a previous thread, Warsaw will be in Sectional 2 for 2019 and Sectional 3 for 2020 but the one I hit the nail on the head... CARMEL will be moving to 6A SOUTH in 2020 and moving to Sectional 5! WOW - I didn't think the IHSAA would really do it, but they did!
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    In every discussion I have heard, the reparations would be paid by the U.S. federal government, not by any specific individuals of any certain race (or who live in any certain area of the country, etc.). The federal government would be paying compensation to surviving relatives of people the U.S. government victimized by systematically denying them basic human rights, like the right to liberty, self-determination, etc. I am puzzled how anyone could intepret that as "racist" toward white Americans? Can you help me understand your logic in suggesting that?
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    This whole thing is such a cluster. The Archbishop's decision to make this particular issue a deal-breaker for Catholic schools strikes me as very cynically calculated. Just as a matter of statistical probability, the likelihood that there are or will be any significant number of teachers in archdiocesen schools who are in same sex marriages would be small relative to the likely number of teachers in the schools who have had multiple different-sex marriages without obtaining annulments, or who are engaging in pre-marital sex and/or "living in sin" with a different sex partner/significant other. The fact that he has chosen to focus on this particular, fairly rare example of "immoral conduct" instead of the (presumably) much more common ones mentioned above suggests to me he didn't have the balls to challenge "immoral" behavior among teachers of the sort that he knows many, many students' parents and alums of Catholic schools also have engaged in or are now engaging in. He went after a fringe group to minimize (he hoped) the backlash. The Archbishop's calculation appears to be correct for the most part, since for reasons noted in the Board's letter, Cathedral's situation was akin to Roncalli's in terms of the strong leverage the archdiocese holds over it. That made this pretty much a, "Is this a hill I am willing to die defending?" decision for the Board of Directors. Not exactly a "Profiles in Courage" moment on either side. But the reaction among Cathedral alums I am seeing online -- "I won't send my kids there; they won't get anymore money from me!" -- ignores the plain fact that Cathedral (like Roncalli) didn't have the luxury to say no, like Brebeuf did, and still stay open and essentially continue to operate as it has up to now, without archdiocesan support. If they truly want to put their money where their mouths are, Cathedral's wealthy alums, instead of threatening to withdraw their financial support, should step up and offer to fund the cost to buy the school the flexibility it needs to pursue a third option: surviving for a year or two simply as a non-denominational "private school" until they can gain sponsorship from a Catholic order independent of the archdiocese, ala the situation with Brebeuf.
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    They have to adjust 6A and 5A I think. They made a retroactive change. Long story short they made the success factor to “stay up” 2 points instead of 3 but then only had it for winter and spring sports. People got upset because they believed it favored some teams like cathedral. So they changed it to make all sports from this past year reflect the new points requirements. The only issue was that sectional assignments were already released so they have to adjust for cathedral going “back to 5A”
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    Off the top of my head, SIAC schools have played non-conference games against Henderson Co, Daviess Co, Owensboro, OCath, Apollo, TH North and South, Princeton, Washington, Pike Central, Crawford Co, New Albany, Jasper, and Indian Creek in the first two weeks of the last few years. There are probably a few more. There should be plenty of schools looking for partners if the SIAC decides on a 9 gamer. I am slightly disappointed that there won’t be a crossover game, but I can see the argument against it. The ‘championship’ game only makes sense if the conference it evenly split or done geographically.
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    I am. Cathedral and New Palestine are both 4A by enrollment. If New Palestine had scored two points in the last cycle, I would also feel like they should remain in 5A. They've shown they can compete there. So has Cathedral. As for telling me that I should feel the same way the IHSAA does, that's laughable. I disagree much about how the IHSAA handles itself, including this disaster of enforcing a rule change at the end of the cycle to some sports and not others. Ridiculous. You also need to look up the definition of parochial.
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    Sorry, but I don't see New Albany or Bloomington South driving across the state to play a 3A school week #1. I find it more likely they would schedule each other. New Albany week #2 might be possible. Bet I would say a longshot.
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    Mishawaka was in 5A and elected to stay, when they could have dropped to 4A. And you are missing the difference between a parochial school vs a public school that operate under totally different circumstance. And how is 5A not competive for them? They failed to win a sectional half the time they have been in 5A?
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    Dang dude....someone hit the booze harder than me last night and seemingly tried sleeping with a badger too 😂 talk about having a bad attitude in short for GS...yes would have liked to join SIAC...didn’t happen oh well time to move on....PAC is beefed up slightly....it not the SIAC (clearly you’re a genius because only you would understand that the SIAC is and will always be the best conference in the area) I mean you just have that next level analysis making points NOBODY HAS EVER HEARD!!! Wow. 😊 GS’s schedule is better...bottom line...have plenty of flexibility...and yes, many teams would like to play GS....because of the team is pretty good (whether you like it or not) and the fans are willing to travel by the masses....so lots of money to be made for road games. be sure to down a few more shots and get all angry at me when you go to respond to this 😂
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    If you place a stapler on top of the grill it acts as an antenna to catch the wifi waves.
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    Sounds like it might be worth getting an access point if nothing more than to connect a grill to your network. This seems like a situation where you do it just because you can. 😃
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    Yet money is part of the equation....at least with some
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    Thanks for the recommendation...Like Irish, I will add to my binge watch list. Costner has some classic westerns on his resume, Love him and Duvall in Open Range.
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    Does the regular season mean anything? I guess that’s a question for your players/coaches. I’ve haven’t met many players/coaches that Friday night didn’t mean everything. It’s high school sports. It’s hard enough to keep kids involved...now tell them they can play the regular season but there is a chance they won’t get to play in the tournament. And for a good number of teams I’m sure they would realize from day 1 they won’t be good enough to qualify. If the regular season is ever meaningless to a team then that team has competitiveness issues and character issues. We are talking about programs that will likely be one and done. So who cares? And, if they shock the world....good for them! HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS! Let’s do all we can to give the kids a chance to play. Evansville Bosse would have never qualified last season in football. But they took a 28 point lead over an undefeated Boonville team. Boonville eventually won by 7 but that game was everything that is right with “all-in!”
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    From the people I have talked with that support the concept of reparations, it has little to do with money and more to do with laws that are in place that put people of color at a disadvantage. There is also a hope to erase the mindset that leads to this kind of thing.
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    Haven't seen @foxbat for awhile round these parts, but I know he's a huge Rush fan. This should be awesome if it's at a Theater near you.
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    I would expect Valpo's Cooper Jones to also end up at Notre Dame if offered. His father Eric (a Portage grad) was a very good DL for Notre Dame in the late '80's/early '90's. Congrats to Fisher. That's an education that will really pay dividends in his post College life if the NFL isn't in the cards.
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    The first step is to deciphering ISHAA classification and sectional assignments week by week
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    So if the tournament "solution" to breaking the 120 Pitch limit is a 1-game suspension for the Head Coach & Pitcher., what happens if a Coach decides to keep his Senior ace in there for 130, 140, 150 pitches in a State Championship game that goes into extra innings?
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