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    What a pisser. Muda is a bully and DT is a drunk uncle.
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    2011, Cathedral at Cincinnati Moeller. Cathedral leads most of the game and the stadium clock goes out late in the game. Moeller scores late in the game for what appeared to be the game winner. No one in the stadium, but the officials on the field, knew how much time was left. Moeller kicks off and it goes into the end zone for a touchback. The Irish have the ball on their own 20 yard line with 17 seconds left, which we found out later. Irish QB Cory Babb threw a long pass downfield and it was caught at the Moeller 23 yard line. Still no one knew how much time was left but we found out later that there was 1 second left. Cathedral place kicker Drake Myers lined up for a 40 yard field goal attempt. It was Myers first varsity field goal attempt. The regular Irish kicker had been excused from the team during the previous week. Well he put the kick right down the middle and Cathedral won 26-24. It was a miracle!
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    I've been long time reader/viewer of GD just not a big poster as my numbers reflect. I'm a big believer of disagreement, controversial discourse and out the box ideas and thoughts. Better decisions and outcomes come from it. I am not a fan of the personal attacks to these ideas and topics. So DT and Muda69, Ive enjoyed your topics even though I don't always agree with them so please keep posting. Let's all just stop with the insults and attacks.
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    It isn't for anything important. It's just for a personal agenda. Funny how people demand information from other people just to serve their own conspiracy theories. Too lazy to research it themselves? They don't contribute anything constructive. Their favorite game is pot stirring and some of them never seem to get tired of it.
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    I did. Read a lot of complaining. Name of the game is to win, not get offensive lineman to the next level.
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    Just so happens this was one of my very favorite games, too. Both teams 11-0, ranked #1 & #2. They brought our crew all the way down from the Region for this sectional final, which was unheard of. Just a brutal, physical game. Danville made a furious 4th quarter comeback using, of all things, a passing attack. They were basically a 100% option attack at the time. Scored with just a few seconds left and, to their credit, went for the win and didn’t get it. Unbelievable atmosphere and the type of effort from both teams that you don’t see but a few times in a career. One of my top 5, for sure.
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    Danville @ Chatard 2002 Sectional Final Game. Danville Scores late and goes for 2 and the win gets stopped Webo/Eastbrook 2018 2A State Championship Game Webo/Eastbrook 2019 2A State Championship Game Danville @ Evansville Mater Dei 1999 Semi State Game
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    Such a great topic. Thank you to the author.
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    Have you seen a college or NFL game in the last....oh I don't know 20 years?
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    Well, hard to say he blew up at OSU since he was the cornerstone of 3 consecutive IHSAA titles for the Irish. But, I get your drift. He has stepped up his game at every level. Truly a mentally tough beast. Forget about his 4.35 speed.
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    It pains me to say, but I believe it was as well. My only issue was that the official who made the call was 10 yards up the field and not in good/proper position. Stones call though, that was literally the last play of the game. The play before Cathedral was in FG range and a very questionable intentional grounding call was made which lead to the Hail Mary attempt rather than a potential game-winning FG.
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    A reminder that Griffith STOMPED Andrean 48-14 in the regular season matchup. Up 42-7 Griffith went for two and later faked a punt, up 42-14. This was one of the greatest Region rivalries of the time. Following this reception and 2-point conversion, Andrean would go on to finish the season as 2004 3A State Champions, defeating Heritage Hills 21-14. Great article about it here: https://www.regionsports.com/2016/11/02/football-unbelievable-unforgettable-part-1/
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    If you want to throw it 6 times a game to below avg receivers it's a fantastic school for a QB.
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    There was an ESPN documentary about a 6 man team in Texas. That made me think. Football has a place regardless of how many players are on each side of the ball. 6 or 8 man would be followed.
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    Updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N1bl_aoHwfZayvjJRp_r30lZAYa2-WbXLh1zC9L7M3k/edit#gid=0
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    Absolutely awful. And it is going to be very difficult on his friends who can't get together in a large group because now is when they need each other. Prayers to the Cathedral football family and to this young man's family.
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    Because, in theory, some amount of additional debt could end up being the lesser of two evils, given the extraordinary circumstances. I’d have to see the thinking behind the stimulus to have an informed opinion. That’s why shortcut thinking like “more debt = bad” is just intellectually lazy.
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    Personally, and I hope I'm wrong, I think if school is cancelled for the rest of the year, we won't be able to start any kind of football until after the last dead week in July. No sources, just my thoughts.
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    I didn't mean that from a numbers on the team standpoint, I meant that the classification should be 32 in 6A, 62 in 5A and 4A and 3A and 2A, with the remaining lowest enrollment teams be in 1A. Not leaving anyone out.
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    Certainly one of the greatest games of all time. I just don't call it one of my favorites. There's nothing fun about losing a 28 point lead and having 35 unanswered dropped on you in the process (if I remember correctly the score went from 42-14 to 42-49). To me there is nothing more disappointing than having a lead and losing it.
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    Like the info. Anything that gets kids interested/involved in the game and off the couches is a good thing. Thanks to all of the coaches, communities, players, fans, and other supporters that put so much into helping to make and keep this such a great game!
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    He’s always strapped, so it has to be the pistol, no? 😂
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    At this point since Muda seems to constantly make a scene about him doing it for one reason. Yes it would seem to take a little more effort than I’d be willing to put in but perhaps he doesn’t have a life? Who knows? The dude doesn’t have much to offer in his/her posts, I just don’t see the need in feeding the trolls or paying any attention to his posts. DE typically gives me the shoot me now vote, he’s an idiot not much use in responding.
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    Hard to pick between the 1997 and 1998 Jimtown teams. I would probably lean 1998. Finishing off back to back undefeated seasons (30-0) including wins over state finalists Northwood and Concord in the regular season. Although the 1997 team did win 63-0 in the state championship game.
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    Nope, not amigos that I’m aware of. Sounds like something the two of them should resolve in a PM.
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    About 24 hours ago you were saying this about Fauci ... Are you sure the President should be associated with him?
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    Spot on...... Now if BO was president, and Lindell volunteered to do the same thing.....the media would have melted and libs across the US would be gushing over themselves with love and thanks.....they might have had an issue with his expression of faith, but overall...instant adoration.
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    Why not? Why can't I, now a member of the non-essential class of human beings, get in line at Eli Lilly for a COVID-19 test?
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    Latest Coronavirus Relief Draft Bill Includes Suspending Car Payments: https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/pelosis-25-trillion-stimulus-bill-delays-mortgage-car-payments Good grief.
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    LOL.....one negative vote already....shocking. Guess the topic of exploring impact to small business economics was too adult for some...or one.........😆
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    Would SN make the cut? Rebs are 1-39 over past 4 seasons. Same as Noll, who self contracted. SOUTH NEWTON 2019 SEASON (0-10) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 23 North Newton L 0 58 Aug. 30 at West Central L 14 68 Sep. 6 Frontier L 0 38 Sep. 13 Carroll (Flora) L 14 65 Sep. 20 at Tri-County L 20 42 Sep. 27 at Covington L 0 52 Oct. 4 North White L 0 60 Oct. 11 at Casey-Westfield (Ill.) L 14 55 Oct. 18 at Lake Station L 44 46 OT Oct. 25 at North Judson L 16 61 sect 2018 SEASON (0-10) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 17 at North Newton L 6 41 Aug. 24 West Central L 6 70 Aug. 31 at Frontier L 24 63 Sep. 7 at Delphi L 0 37 Sep. 14 Tri-County L 0 68 Sep. 21 Covington L 0 58 Sep. 28 at North White L 8 65 Oct. 5 Casey-Westfield (Ill.) L 6 59 Oct. 12 at Blue Ridge (Ill.) L 12 43 Oct. 19 at Pioneer L 0 86 sect 2017 SEASON (0-10) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 18 at Triton L 0 70 Aug. 25 at Tri-County L 6 79 Sep. 1 Georgetown-RidgeFarm (Ill.) L 0 51 Sep. 8 at Watseka (Ill.) L 12 53 Sep. 15 Paxton-Buckley-Loda (Ill.) L 6 45 Sep. 22 Clifton Central (Ill.) L 0 43 Sep. 29 at Dwight (Ill.) L 14 58 Oct. 6 at Iroquois West (Ill.) L 30 56 Oct. 13 Momence (Ill.) L 12 48 Oct. 20 North Miami L 16 57 sect 2016 SEASON (1-9) Coach: Brad Bevis Aug. 19 at North Newton L 2 14 Aug. 26 Tri-County L 0 42 Sep. 2 at Georgetown-RidgeFarm (Ill.) L 28 30 OT Sep. 9 Watseka (Ill.) L 6 40 Sep. 16 at Paxton-Buckley-Loda (Ill.) L 14 61 Sep. 23 at Clifton Central (Ill.) L 14 40 Sep. 30 at Dwight (Ill.) L 6 22 Oct. 7 Iroquois West (Ill.) W 37 36 Oct. 14 at Momence (Ill.) L 6 48 Oct. 21 at North Judson L 14 27 sect
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    Canada Has Abolished Civil Liberties in the Name of "Safety": https://mises.org/wire/canada-has-abolished-civil-liberties-name-safety Civil Liberties Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that everyone has the freedom of assembly and freedom of association. To forcibly confine someone in their own home is to deny them these freedoms. However, Section 1 of the Charter says that these freedoms are “subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.” This means the Charter is a sham, because the government reserves the right to arbitrarily decide when it will grant civil liberties and when it will deny them. Thus, Health Minister Hajdu said: In other words, Hajdu is telling us that our civil liberties will remain intact as long as we obey the government’s quarantine orders. However, she fails to acknowledge that it is the quarantine order itself which violates civil liberties by presuming to restrict the freedom of assembly/association. Moreover, even without quarantine orders a significant loss of civil liberties occurred when the government prohibited large gatherings and ordered many private businesses to shut down. Therefore, to disobey a government quarantine order is not the act which gives rise to a loss of civil liberties, but simply reflects an attempt by individuals to exercise the few civil liberties they have left. Has it occurred to the health minister and the various provincial authorities that their draconian measures may be counterproductive? When people read about arrests, fines, and forcible confinement, is it not likely that many of them will be discouraged from seeking a diagnosis, fearing that a positive test will put them in the crosshairs of the authorities? It is possible that a positive test would otherwise prompt them to voluntarily isolate themselves—perhaps not 100 percent isolation, but close to it. In contrast, when faced with the jackboot of government, many people may simply skip the test and convince themselves that they do not have the coronavirus, and thus make little effort to isolate themselves. Politicians and Bureaucrats Are Not Omniscient The political response to the spread of the coronavirus demonstrates that the government does not recognize any limits to its authority. Politicians consider themselves to be omniscient as they formulate policy, i.e., the government is always right. The reality is that the various aspects of the pandemic—as with all pandemics—are incredibly complex. There is much that we do not know, meaning that politicians and bureaucrats do NOT have access to a sufficient amount of reliable data on which to justify their policies. However, we do know that millions of Canadians get the flu—which is contagious—resulting in about 3,500 deaths annually, compared to 21 deaths from the coronavirus as of March 22. But we don’t see the government violating civil liberties under the pretense of stopping the spread of the flu. More to the point, there is no justification for any government policy which violates civil liberties. If the government has any role in the coronavirus crisis, it should be limited to the dissemination of information and advice—advice, not orders. Individuals should be free to consider this information and advice, as well as that provided by other sources. Naturally, each of us will assess the risk differently, just as we assess risk differently in other aspects of our lives. We must be free to make our own decisions based on our own personal circumstances. Those who believe that there is a high risk of contracting the virus, and a high risk of severe symptoms or death, will rarely leave their homes and will likely wear gloves and a mask if they do venture out. Those who believe that these risks are low will stick to their normal daily routines. Still others will modify their behaviour to various degrees. Decisions must remain in the hands of those affected by them. In the past, whenever I made a decision to attend a hockey game, a baseball game, or a music concert surrounded by thousands of other people, I accepted the fact that my decision could have unpleasant consequences. I could catch the flu from the person sitting next to me. Among the many thousands of people in attendance at these events, the odds are that one or more of them will have something that is contagious. I am pretty sure that most adults realize this. Moreover, I think that it is fair to say that the vast majority of people have, on one or more occasions during their lives, gone to school, to a job, to a game or concert, to a party, to the mall, when they have a cold or the flu or something else that is contagious. We all know this. We have seen it with our own eyes. The risk of infection cannot be eliminated, not even by the government. In fact, governments often make things worse when they "take action" in response to a supposed crisis. Cabin Fever Aside from the violation of civil liberties, the government appears oblivious to other likely consequences of its policies. On March 12, the National Hockey League temporarily suspended its season and players were asked to isolate themselves. One week later, Ritch Winter, a player's agent, said: Though this player was not under a government quarantine order, he left his home after just one week, and it is not surprising. We should expect serious consequences if the government continues to violate civil liberties. Forcible confinement in one’s home may result in high levels of mental stress and anxiety, not only for those confined, but also for their families or roommates. This compounds the stress and anxiety which many of them may already be experiencing as a result of losing employment income because the government has shut down numerous businesses. Furthermore, stress and anxiety weakens the immune system, which means that these people will be easier targets for COVID-19, which is contrary to the government’s supposed goal of limiting its spread. Finally, will high levels of stress and anxiety lead to more suicides, homicides, domestic violence, and divorces? The various levels of government in Canada have responded to the coronavirus pandemic. Their ill-advised solutions are to inflict economic hardship and withdraw civil liberties. The longer these authoritarian policies persist, the greater the risk to the social fabric. Agreed. The "social fabric" will slowly fray until it tears completely under these restrictions. Then we will probably have revolution.
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    "The democrat party is the scum of the earth. Howard Dean is worse than Trump." - Jimmy Dore
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    As you look at the 1A contraction list, ask yourself this question. Which of these are "football schools?" Then simply remove them from the list. "The list" gets us to the desired 280 number well ahead of the original 5 year plan. Blame CV for this
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    Just play flag football and make it a non varsity club sport. Its basically the same as 7 on 7. No pads are needed
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    My opinion of Mr. Brown's and Mr.Schwarzenegger's actions are irrelevant to the story. I just laid out the facts. So based on your statement government should only purchase additional medical equipment and supplies after a pandemic has already occurred. How logical.
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    This statement just shows you how ignorant of the ZAP you really are. What part of "consenting parties/adults" do you not understand? Please elaborate.
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    No we don't do the same thing. While I believe Mr. Trump is a bad president and an even worse person, my opinion of him doesn't descend to the mindless hatred and derision you and others with TDS have of the man whenever you see him, hear him speak, or read his tweets.
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    All schools hilited in below chart should consider contraction option during this most difficult offseason. Revenues everywhere will be down and the cost of running a football program will grow to its highest percentage of athletic department funds available ever. ADs and admins should take into account recent records, competitiveness (point differential), coaching turnover, roster size, status of feeder programs, levels of community support, and overall financial impact Given the current events overtaking everyday life, public opposition to football contraction will be limited and greatly muted. Now is the best time to make the move, giving go forward playing schools the opportunity to react and reschedule where possible. CLASS 4A CLASS RANK STATE RANK TEAM OVERALL RATING SCHEDULE STRENGTH RANK RECENT RATING RANK PREDICTOR RATING RANK 55 252 Gary West 19.50 35.21 213 18.87 251 20.22 252 56 264 South Bend Clay 15.44 50.66 115 15.39 262 15.23 262 57 275 Jay County 10.56 40.01 175 10.54 275 10.33 278 58 281 Shelbyville 9.43 62.08 67 9.46 279 9.07 281 59 283 Connersville 8.76 44.17 147 8.01 284 9.39 280 60 285 Madison 8.22 38.48 189 7.68 285 8.04 285 61 288 Frankfort 7.00 48.93 125 4.39 292 9.62 279 CLASS 3A CLASS RANK STATE RANK TEAM OVERALL RATING SCHEDULE STRENGTH RANK RECENT RATING RANK PREDICTOR RATING RANK 58 280 Owen Valley 9.61 35.75 206 9.73 277 9.06 282 59 284 Benton Central 8.62 48.87 126 9.66 278 7.16 289 60 290 Indianapolis Manual 6.39 27.18 262 5.48 290 7.25 288 64 311 Pike Central -8.69 31.24 243 -9.14 311 -8.42 310 CLASS 2A CLASS RANK STATE RANK TEAM OVERALL RATING SCHEDULE STRENGTH RANK RECENT RATING RANK PREDICTOR RATING RANK 57 270 Prairie Heights 13.08 34.77 218 13.03 270 13.42 271 58 282 Whitko 8.79 34.23 222 6.20 289 11.30 274 59 287 Frankton 7.12 34.80 217 6.62 287 7.35 287 60 302 Union County -1.05 18.87 293 -2.32 302 -0.17 299 61 308 Elwood -6.69 36.13 204 -6.99 309 -6.73 307 62 309 Switzerland County -7.01 4.02 318 -6.17 307 -8.65 311 63 317 Crawford County -21.77 17.07 300 -20.82 317 -23.32 317 CLASS 1A CLASS RANK STATE RANK TEAM OVERALL RATING SCHEDULE STRENGTH RANK RECENT RATING RANK PREDICTOR RATING RANK 40 277 Union City 9.99 19.26 289 9.03 282 10.70 276 41 278 Southern Wells 9.97 33.72 226 11.70 273 7.61 286 42 279 North White 9.87 5.56 317 11.81 271 8.55 284 43 286 Riverton Parke 7.26 29.92 251 8.63 283 5.21 294 44 289 Cloverdale 6.56 32.84 233 6.55 288 6.09 292 45 292 Clinton Central 5.81 21.71 282 4.33 294 6.76 290 46 295 Eastern Greene 3.49 30.53 248 4.34 293 2.34 296 47 296 Tecumseh 2.99 22.15 279 2.84 297 2.75 295 48 297 Cambridge City Lincoln 2.52 17.89 299 4.95 291 -1.06 302 49 298 Oldenburg Academy 2.19 8.19 315 3.42 296 0.17 298 50 299 Park Tudor 1.60 22.94 274 2.67 298 0.21 297 51 300 South Decatur 0.88 11.94 307 1.48 300 -0.28 300 56 306 Caston -5.86 33.87 223 -7.34 310 -4.65 303 57 307 Taylor -6.48 21.72 281 -4.79 304 -9.81 312 58 312 Edinburgh -8.73 10.12 312 -10.69 312 -6.66 306 59 313 Tri-County -13.19 12.29 305 -13.54 314 -12.87 314 60 314 Lake Station -13.38 19.23 290 -11.30 313 -16.60 315 61 316 Gary Roosevelt -17.45 18.79 294 -16.90 316 -18.34 316 62 318 South Newton -23.72 11.80 309 -24.20 319 -23.44 318 63 320 Rock Creek Academy -25.54 -7.71 320 -25.29 320 -25.81 320
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