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    Whiting has been attending this event since the beginning and it's extremely well-ran and organized. Our guys and coaches have a blast and we've made some friendships along the way. Highly recommend it.
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    Here’s a fun fact for you Packers fans: All 37 of the 49ers’ points yesterday were scored by ex-Chicago Bears.
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    Not sure....tell us. I’m hearing the GS job is best around and the entire state knows GS and it’s players. I find that comical.
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    The Indy Glazier Clinic is next weekend Jan 31-Feb 2. https://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_Clinics/Indianapolis-Indiana-Football-Clinic This is one of the best clinics in the mid-west. Please remember to cut out your name tag for speedy registration. The Band app is the official communication tool for the glazier clinics, please use this link to download Band for all last minute clinic communication. https://band.us/n/aeab21i6Gc004 What is Band?
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    HA! I don't know anyone interested but I know one definitely not interested!
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    Let the speculation on who the next coach will be begin. @Titan32, know anyone who might be interested?👀
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    You need to leave Coal Mine Road.... occasionally! It’s not all bad out here. 3 things we always do in the Ville....Keep windows up, doors locked , and revolver ready. If you get assaulted I know a really good lawyer. Almost forgot...always travel in pairs.
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    Played against Buzz in high school. He was tough as nails running out of the wishbone for Les Thornton Griffith Panthers. Buzea and Ken Lenz were the wishbone backs running behind fullback Eli Jovanovich. Griffith always gave us fits but Highland usually came out on top. That changed in the 90s with the arrival of Coach Radtke Buzea was also a helluva pitcher. Live arm and a wicked fastball. Great athlete. Praying for him and hoping for his quick recovery.
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    I’m so happy with that. Football is very important, we all know that, but this whole sports dynamic is for the kids and not us. Sure, it’s fun to draw up maps and postulate scenarios that border on the insane, but it’s really about making them better people through sport.
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    I’ve heard new coaches for both schools will be announced tomorrow. Bosse is very excited about new coach. Feeling is it’s a great fit for what that program needs. Good luck to both.
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    I think there is a better chance of Kevin Hart coaching on the hill unless there are more MacIntosh boys in the pipeline....
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    Caden Curry picked up another offer. Boston College.
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    We'll see about that Wright is a good coach, not a great one. He has had elite talent everywhere he has coached in the past 20 years. Winning at a very high level was the only expectation In my view, this is all about Wright's ability to deliver IMG talent to Bloomington Looking forward to watching that play out.
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    Citation needed. They didn't need to give away Windows for free for the last 20 years.
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    Unless the reader is paying for a subscription for the online news service from the Journal Gazette, it will be impossible to see the article you've referenced. That being stated, you may locate it from the online source 'Outside The Huddle'. LINK: https://outsidethehuddle.net/2020/01/22/casey-kolkman-returning-to-acac-sidelines-as-new-head-football-coach-at-heritage/
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    If Illini hate Indiana, why would they move there? I think it would be safer to say Illinois hates Illinois.
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    Region 4 clinic will be Wed April 1st. No joke ....
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    Finally... https://ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/minutes/2019-20/011620.pdf?ver=2020-01-20-155604-767 Proposal #5: the IHSBCA requests that each tournament host site (sectional through state finals) have a person designated to track the pitch count for both teams in each scheduled contest. This position will keep written or digital records and communicate with the coaches and umpires each inning to confirm pitch counts for both teams. This position will also mandate (through the umpire / crew chief) the removal of a pitcher once their pitch count limit has been exhausted. The head coach will certify the availability of each pitcher prior to the start of each tournament level; records will be kept throughout the tournament to track pitch counts; ensure proper rest is observed; and, at no time, allow an ineligible pitcher to enter the game or remain in the game. These records will be available to member school head coaches, athletic directors, principals, and IHSAA personnel upon request. A motion for approval was made by Jim Brown; seconded by Martin Brown; motion approved 15-4 with Chris Conley, Chad Gilbert, Victor Bush and Ed Gilliland opposed.
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    I was trying to figure out who was the last Central athlete to come to NP.... Castle, Mater Dei, Gibson, Mt Vernon, Day School... all of those I can think of a kid but not Central.
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    Looks like another promise kept.........first NAFTA, now China..... https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-china-to-sign-deal-easing-trade-tensions-11579087018
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    My mom and I used to watch Emergency every week when I was small. Oddly enough over the weekend one of those clickbait links that show up at the end of articles online was "what ever happened to Dixie McCall?" I saw Emergency on the list which reminded me. I didn't realize it was on seven years. Pretty cool link, I'll check it out more as time allows.
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    You can say a lot of things about Frank DeSantis, crooked is not one of them.
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    Hey Muda! Fishing with dynamite. I posted this knowing how’d BO would respond. 8 downvotes since for past posts. All 6 hours ago. (Wonder if Mommy knows he’s still awake and has his device in bed under the covers?) Taking the heat off you. Guess he’s getting me. 😆 Hey Irish....no request to pin. This is hilarious! #BONEEDSATESTOSTERONESUPPLEMENT
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    Enjoying the lovely January weather in Indian Harbor Beach, FL Bobby's legacy will be the implementation of The Success Factor, which is now being copied by other states throughout the country While we fell short of our ultimate goal in the form of a true multiplier, the SF has clearly evened the playing field and put the brakes on runaway private school domination of the post season football tournament Best of luck to Commissioner Cox in his retirement The IHSAA has a "next in line" promotional philosophy, so look for one of the asst commissioners to be elevated to the top job
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    1.They are one of the best teams in the state. The MIC would be lucky to have them. Would raise the profile of the conference 2.Sarcasim 3. Their Baseball program is in fact a very good one. 4.they have beaten CG the last 2 seasons 5. The Red uniform comment is my opinion 6.the Fan base is great. Everyone says so and I have come to belive it. 7. The Conference they play in gives them no real competition 8. All they have to do is win a reginal and they will be in 6A in 2021 9. They did beat Cathedral this past season in the playoffs. 10. Charlie Speigle did win Mr. Football honors this year. 11. Dragons are cool.
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    MY MAN!! 600 Program wins (602 to be exact) good for 12th All Time in the State! Coming after Hammond next !! NFL Player: Danny Brandenburg, Former Indiana St stud, drafted by the Bills, then played for the Eagles after a few years State Title 4 Regional Titles 2 Teams back in the day that were not in any post season play: 1954 and 1977 teams both went undefeated Long list of Bomber Coaches: apologies for poor spelling George Gilbert, RCHS Grad, Dale Hummer, DeKalb HC great Bill Siderwitz, Martinsville HC Great Joe Burvan, Wrestling HOF, gym named after him This one guy, you all may have heard of him: Chris Geesman, former Bomber HC in the 60s Steve Brandenburg, recent inductee into Indiana HS Hall Of Fame Geesman, Siderwitz, Hummer, were all on the same staff in the 60s. This Chris Meeks fella, not too shabby, clearly I am biased, but he is off to a pretty decent start, still a youngster !!! Plenty of sound left coming from his Whistle!! Coach: Chris Meeks, 168-85 in 22nd year at school I am sure I am missing many others Chicago Bears training camp held at SJC, so that has added to some history as well. Because we finally got that State Title in 2014, I believe you can officially have the Bombers in the top 20 discussion !!
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    Roberts admonishes House prosecution, White House defense: https://apnews.com/ddec6989614fea6b5421c130a4ee4efa We'll see how long Mr. Roberts can keep things civil during this trial.
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    A perfect way to launder funnel money into the Railroad Union?
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    VV career has been over for about 15 years......
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    She's a 6 according to the IMPOTUS
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    I don't get the reference. Sorry. If they buy it or make it themselves, yes. Why should government automatically provide the free cake?
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    Howard resorts to photoshopped memes means he has given up. Trump guilty. Good for Howard that Midnight Mitch will sweep all of Trumps crimes under the carpet so folks like Howard can continue to spew fake news
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    Samsung paid Microsoft $1 billion in Android patent-licensing royalties in 2013: https://www.zdnet.com/article/samsung-paid-microsoft-1-billion-in-android-patent-licensing-royalties-in-2013/
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    Imagine going 40+ years in life and still not having a basis of reading comprehension 😂 Gibson Southern is very well known around the state (not just because of football though. The girls sports too). Also I just said “names to know”. I didn’t say players but I’m sure there is 1 in particular that you rather not keep hearing about for whatever reason 😂. So salty these last 2/3 years
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    When we’re talking about how extreme it is to think that we might need to rise up against an oppressive government someday . . . “If circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.” —-Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers No. 29 https://www.congress.gov/resources/display/content/The+Federalist+Papers#TheFederalistPapers-29 Hamilton helped train an army of farmers and shopkeepers that rose up against an oppressive government that was violating their rights. Was that extreme then, or is it just extreme now for some reason? There are 100 million gun owners in this country, the overwhelming majority of which have never pointed their guns at anyone, much less shot people with them. How can something done by a third of all Americans be considered radical or extreme? If tens of millions of Americans own guns for reasons that have nothing to do with the fear of oppressive government, as it’s justified in the text of the Second Amendment, does that make their gun ownership more extreme or less extreme? The idea that people should be free to own guns for any reason they want, isn’t that more extreme than the idea that they should be able to do so specifically because ownership deters oppressive government? There isn’t anything extreme about the idea that we might need to do what our ancestors did. Doing what our ancestors did is more like a tradition, “tradition” being something like an opposite of “extreme”. If anything is actually extreme, surely it’s the idea that we should violate the rights of 100 million gun owning American citizens and declare them criminals–even though they’ve never pointed a gun at anyone, much less used a gun to violate someone’s rights. If anything is extreme, isn’t it the idea that the rights of 100 million Americans should be violated without the benefit of a trial or a jury or even the commission of a crime–that their constitutional rights should be forfeit simply because politicians say so?
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    https://mises.org/wire/why-one-man-one-vote-doesnt-work Agreed. "One Man, One Vote" doesn't work in a country as large and as diversified as the United States of America.
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    Fox - You are such a nerd........OK, SF is not a mathematics phenom by any stretch.....apologies to the BO for improperly dissing him/her/it........ However - estimated 88 to 242 million pounds/year of plastic marine debris. "estimated" 88 to 242 is quite large for a window..... But - you do realize that the US is dead last with regards to plastic pollution on all of those fancy charts I found........Still gonna use plastic straws......
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