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    The coach is mean to me..... I am going to quit! I am going to sue! I am going to ...................ruin him! I will be famous! I AM SPARTACUS!
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    I guess that’s my point. I grew up when you could get paddled. I think generations of American kids grew up ok under those rules. I feel sorry for the “snowflakes” we’re raising.
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    The Purdue student Kiser is in prime form... I think he said he can now put down 40 oz in like under 2 sec! (He is 21 now so can do it legally too) Oh the good ole college days! The Pioneer football Kiser hasn't been officially clocked since Berry took a group to TCBoost Sports Performance in Evanston, IL around a year and a half ago - actually maybe 2.5 years ago! He ran 4.68 on their laser system. All the college coaches who hand timed him at camps or workouts would just smile and say "fast enough" when we asked how fast he ran in the linebacker group.
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    I think SR forget to get off the bus for that game. Bad news is, it was a home game, never should have been on the bus!
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    Knows a lot of stuff he doesn't know too
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    HH beat the 3rd place Big 8 team by 2 and the 4th place team by a bunch before they started force feeding the ball to Sam Thomas. To say Heritage Hills is better than an undefeated Boonville team is just silly. This version of Gibson Southern vs Vincennes Lincoln would be a close game. Southridge vs Big 8 3rd place team was a lopsided victory by the Big 8... So the PAC's "strength" is their Top 3: Very comparable to the top 3 of the Big 8. The rest of the PAC is just bad. That's about all that needs to be said about them. The rest of the Big 8, minus Washington would beat any of the other teams in the PAC
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    Sorry I didn't ask for your approval FP, but I'm the one who added those games/file folders to our hudl account and did so about 3-4 weeks ago as those opponents films became available to us. I did not realize that Max Preps would pull them from hudl, so there was no intention to "show" those pubically. I work as far in advance as possible to set up the scouting films for breakdowns and such for our core coaches group. We prepare for every scenario. Its nothing new or that anyone else isn't doing if they are 100% committed to do their best to give the kids the best chance to succeed. If you think other high schools don't have guys working in advance of this week's game you are naive. That doesn't mean our players have access to it, because they don't. But our coaching staff constantly looks back at our own game break down data to do self-scouts on our tendencies, as well as keep and eye on what's coming so we can adapt and prepare personal wise or scheme wise as far in advance as possible via individual drill routines or scout team period. Is Pioneer fortunate enough to currently have a larger margin of error which allows a bit more of this, sure. But we are not going to apologize for having a great coaching staff that puts in a ton of hours (our DB coach had 15 hours on hudl last week alone) preparing to be the best and leaving no rock unturned. There's a reason Coach Berry is 37-1 as a Varsity coach! BTW... I added more games since the time you noticed, so you may find that interesting if you want to take a look.
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    My following statement will probably earn a few "down votes" or whatever those are, but I would like to give MY personal opinion on this. I don't attend very many Penn games anymore. There, I said it. Their competition can be dismal at times. When Penn is playing some less than stellar competition, I actually attend better games around the community. I listen to their bands, eat from their concession stands, and soak in their atmosphere. I have watched some great games while Penn is leading someone 42-0 at halftime and has the JV in for the second half. Fast forward to the playoffs. I will attend the game that bobref highlighted. It should be a dandy and we have a bye week. Then the following week I will watch Bart Curtis and his Warsaw Tigers play the Kingsmen. If the title game looks horrible, I'll find a better game to attend. I can do that because of the way it is currently drawn up. If EVERY game was seeded, most of the match-ups in the first 2 weeks would be difficult to watch. In fact, my dollars could be spent elsewhere than attending a bad game. If seeded, the most entertaining games would be played on the same night for the Sectional Championship. It is tough to be in 3 places at once. I know it isn't a popular position, but that is why I don't mind the current setup. I can watch the battle of the titans every week.
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    Who cares why? It's his choice. Great job by Tom Allen and staff.
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    This is one of the major reasons I left the teaching/coaching profession this year and entered into the private sector. I just couldn't take the constant fear and worry that I was saying something or doing something that "offends" someone to point of lawsuit. Now I just go to work and punch time clock then go home. No disciplining, correcting behavior, or politics. Just working. I am fine with that!
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    Okay let's take this real slow.....your statement about Booneville and HH is ridiculous. Has Booneville played a ranked team all year? Maybe that would explain their dismal sagarin rating. Your reference to SR and them being "lost".....imagine a group of high school kids practicing all summer longer, expecting their all state, Mr. Everything player, to replicate the season he had the year previous and suddenly in week two he is out. It doesn't take Vince Lombardi to realize this would affect any team, especially high schoolers. Fact is those two teams played again this year, SR wins by three scores. VL as good or better than GS.......someone has been in the punch a little to strong.....FAKE NEWS!!! That's fine if you would take the Big 8's top three over the PAC this year, Vegas makes a living off guys like you!! And lastly.......at least we have glory days to relive......all you Big 8 folks have is a Lincoln Football video, ahhh bask in that glory!!
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    Shares a lot of stuff he shouldn't share as well. Does anyone know Mr. Hook's 40 time? Asking for a friend.
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    Sounds like "Purdue student Kiser" has Supreme Court Justice written all over him...………..😎
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    Sorry folks but any way you dissect it the PAC obviously has the BEST top three teams!! Heck the "predict a score" tool from this very forum backs me up: HH vs Booneville HH by 11.5 (and I would say more) GS vs Jasper GS by 5 (and I think that is being a little cautious) SR vs VL SR by 5 (and I would bet the farm that The Ridge would cover that spread by minimum 14 pts) Case closed. Try again next season Big 8 pretenders!!
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    I have 8 games for you I can send you now, if you want to start breaking it down. Don't think South Newton will be switching to JV players, we are starting the game with them.
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    I am curious if Gibson Southern has a mole working with the IHSAA and their random ping pong ball dropping selection team??? I don't think they have played a meaningful tournament game on the road in the last five years!! I am thinking about applying for a fall seasonal job with the IHSAA next year, I'll put an end to this nonsense!!
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    So your saying we get the same amount of wins after next week as we have now? And you have just as many? Well that *%#!?*s for you!
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    Can't we just be happy for the kid for wherever he goes and not bag on him for not being good enough for certain schools?
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    Yes. But when the wind hits just right you can smell Shyler's and Five Guys.
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    Adams Central Scouting Report Here are some observations from their game against Lapel. Offense: Adams Central is a run first offense from their traditional wing T set that also features an effective passing attack and 2 minute offense. Primary Formations and Tendencies: 1x1 receiver set, double wing with a single back behind the quarterback. Shotgun set: 1x2/2x1 with two backs in the backfield with the quarterback. The backs typically assisted with pass protection, but all of AC’s backs are capable receivers. At times they would feature one back and a tight end. In most cases one of the wing backs would go in motion, and normally they run to the motion side. Their offense featured option, power lead with the full back, toss sweep, power sweep, and the occasional counter and play action pass from their primary run formation. They really like running the toss sweep to the right side with left wing Logan Macklin who is their fastest and most dynamic runner. Quarterback: #11 Patrick Bates: He is a strong athlete who can make plays with his feet and arm. Bates’s passing ability is a nice compliment to the run first offensive attack for Adams Central. He has slightly above average accuracy in most cases and, he throws effectively on the run, and does a great job of selling the play action fake. In this particular contest he did a great job of orchestrating the two minute offense as ACHS was able to score on a late 2nd quarter touchdown pass that secured a 28-14 halftime advantage. He does a good job of running the option and he is an effective runner on keeps. He can also stress a defense with his ability to run the ball in scramble situations. Wingbacks: #28 Logan Macklin and #17 Colton Yergler: Macklin is their most dangerous who has the speed to break off runs of 50+ yards on any play. He is a shifty runner and efficient cutter as well especially when he is running outside of the tackle box. Yergler does a lot of the dirty work for Macklin and the fullback as an outstanding lead blocker, as he rarely gets a chance to catch a pass or run the ball. He won’t get much notice from the media, but he is a very important piece to the offense. Fullback: #20 Jalen Hammond: Jalen is their go to guy running the ball in between the tackles and in their 4 minute offense when they need to take time off the clock. He is a tough, and experienced inside runner on dive, and trap plays. Offensive Line: The offensive line in general is an interesting group with size, speed, and position flexibility. #63 Brady Girod is one of the better centers in class A football. His run blocking was key to the interior running game especially on the full back dive and power. The guard/tackle combinations vary quite a bit in size. The guard tackle tandem of guard #76 Berlanga and offensive tackle #64 Smith both have good size and experience. Berlanga was pretty effective on trap blocks as well. The other guard/tackle tandem is #66 Hill at guard and #68 Bollenbacher at tackle are smaller in size, but in this game Adams Central actually ran the ball with greater efficiency and productivity when they ran behind Hill and Bollenbacher. They were quicker off the snap and were a little better at pass blocking. Most of the night Hill and Bollenbacher played on the right side of the offensive line. In order to enhance the pass protection of the passer’s blind side they would flip to the left side of the line in obvious passing situations. Overall the offensive line is very good. The only thing that gave me pause was the few breakdowns in pass protection, and the speed of a few of bigger lineman isn’t great off the snap of the ball. Blitzes from outside linebackers, corners, and speed at the defensive end spot can potentially be problematic for this group. Wide Receivers: #82 Peterson is their best overall receiver and seemed to have the most chemistry with Bates. He is very important on both the play action and vertical passing game. #6 Voirol rarely gets a pass thrown his way, but at 6’5 he could potentially be an imposing target in the red zone especially against sub 5’10 corners. #27 Hamilton is the other primary target in the passing attack. He can also play at the tight end spot as well. Defense: Defensively they will change fronts and have players play multiple positions throughout the game. The flying jet run defense was suffocating all game. They definitely have a top 3 run defense in class A this year. ACHS will play 4 and 5 man defensive fronts. The pass defense is clearly the area where they struggled the most. Defensive Line and Linebackers: They had important players who play both at linebacker and defensive line throughout the course of the game. Both of these position groups were very impressive most of the game. The only drawback I noticed is that the d-line had problems rushing the qb during the 1st half of the game. #76 Berlanga plays middle linebacker and defensive tackle. He made some great plays at both positions (he at least one sack from both spots), but I think he is better suited on the d-line. They like to blitz him and he forced Lapel into an interception, but he isn’t the fastest guy and if he got picked up adequately that put the pass defense in a bind. #32 Jake Mccullough: Jake played defensive end and middle linebacker in this game. He added extra speed and range to the linebacker position. He is a terrific tackler and was a difference maker when the game was close in the first half. Again he made plays at both positions, but I would be tempted to keep at linebacker. #20 Hammond is their best overall linebacker with his skill and experience. He is in a long line of great Adams Central linebackers. He’s one of those guys who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. #28 Macklin brings speed and range to his outside linebacker post. He had a crazy pick six in this game that demonstrated his play making skills. He is also one of their best pass defenders whether in coverage or blitzing the quarterback. Everyone who played defensive tackle had an impact on Lapel’s running attack. Defensive tackle is a position of depth and strength on this team. #72 Affolder and #61 Manley were impact players along the defensive line. Defensive Backs: The secondary had a decent night, after the coaching staff made some defensive changes and substitutions. Lapel’s passing game produced over 300 yards and two touchdowns, but the majority of that production occurred in the first half. Deep go/fly routes and pass patterns outside the numbers were hardest for the secondary to deal with. #11 Bates is a very good safety who can play corner and did a great in help/bracket coverage. He was also a good contributor to the run defense. #82 Peterson is probably their overall cover man in the defense. Special Teams: #42 Bailea Sprunger is the primary field goal kicker, and she was very accurate on extra points. Any field goal attempt outside of 36-37 yards would be pushing the limits of her kicking range. She is also the kicker on kickoffs part of the time. In the 2nd half she a directional line drive kick that was perfectly placed in a vacated spot of the field that Adams Central recovered to steal a possession away from the bulldogs which you could sense was a back-breaker for them in this game. #11 Bates is a pretty good punter, who will naturally put the opposing defense on high alert since he is the quarterback. The coverage units all in all were very respectable in this game. Adams Central has around 3-6 different players who can return kicks and punts, but Macklin is the most skilled of all of them. Overall: Adams Central has a team with a good mix of size, speed, and depth. To have so many critical defensive players play effectively at multiple positions during the game was very impressive. They are ultimately a run first team, but they have very good passing attack to compliment the run offense. Once more you can make the argument they play in the toughest sectional in class A football (sectional 43). Its very hard to forecast, but most likely it will come down to Churubusco and Adams Central. Pass coverage hurt them last year, but none of the teams including Southwood have enough passing skills/talent to effectively attack the back end of their defense this year. North Vermillion Scouting Report Here are some observations from their game with Parke Heritage. Offense: North Vermillion continues to operate a balanced no huddle spread offense that can be exceedingly hard to defend. They have a distinctive quality where both players and coaches shout out the formation, with the play being signaled in shortly after. Primary Formations and Tendencies: All plays were in shotgun with either 3 or 4 receivers in the formation. Double Twins and Trips (tight, regular, and stack) will be used repeatedly during the course of a game. In both of these sets a defense has to be on alert for spread option, draw (mostly qb), screens, and pass plays to all three quadrants of the field, and passes in all three major distance ranges (short, intermediate, and deep). The two back set was a very profitable running formation for the offense. When they are in the two back set they like to run power sweep, quarterback keep after faking the power sweep, and counter. The only drawback to this set is that the plays are slow developing and against faster defenses the success rate of these plays is most likely going to decrease. Quarterback: #11 Brennan Ellis: For Brennan he had an odd game throwing the ball. In the first half he was mostly inaccurate and had an interception in Parke Heritage territory. In the 2nd half he seemed to pass the ball more confidently with more accuracy and authority. He has fairly good arm strength on deep pass patterns. The one thing he needs to do is to avoid are turnovers especially in plus territory. In terms of accuracy it feels like he has his hot and cold segments during the game. He has a pretty good runner on the spread option, who can keep a defense honest. He doesn’t necessarily have great speed, but he has the ability break off runs of 6-15 yards. Primary Running Back: #82 Christian Myers: Myers is a terrific weapon for the ground attack. He is effective running inside and outside the tackle box. He is the type of runner who can grind out a tough 2 yard run and then on the very next play go 50 yards plus for a touchdown. He broke a number of tackles in this game. Primary Receiver #10 Jonathan Kilgore: Kilgore had a number of big plays in this game. He did a fantastic job of creating separation from the defensive back covering him and gaining yards after the catch. He had at least two touchdown catches in this game: 1. On a deep route. 2. On a short hitch/stop route where he broke a tackle and simply outran the rest of the defense to the end zone. With his speed he definitely has the potential to be a secondary runner when NV goes to the 2 back set. Wide Receivers: #21 Cook had a great run on jet sweep play. #44 Buchhass is a steady hand at receiver. He is essentially the tight end without actually playing the position. He is a good blocker from the H-back spot. He can act as pull/trap blocker on select running plays. Offensive Line: For North Vermillion their offensive line doesn’t have a lot of size, but they are in general fast of the ball and very precise in their blocking technique and did a formidable job of maintaining their blocks. The blitz pickup was outstanding 80-90% of the time, and the same could be said for the pass protection. One of the biggest differences between North Vermillion and Parke Heritage in this game is that when the falcons had to run the ball to secure a first down they were able to do so in most cases. The execution of the 4 minute offense at the end of the game was excellent and the o-line played a crucial role in making that happen. I was impressed with the performance of this group, but I felt their two guards #50 Foncannon, and #76 Woodard stood out with their physicality in particular. Defense: During the course of the game they played a 3 and 4 man front along the defensive line. At the beginning of the game they were too cautious and tentative in how they approached and covered the receivers, but during the second quarter you could sense they adjusted to the speed of the skill position players for the wolves and tighten up their coverage. Throughout the game one of the biggest challenges for this defense was contending with a mobile quarterback. There were numerous instances when the passer was able to break the pocket and pick up sizable chunks of yardage. Defensive Backs: After the first quarter and a half of the game this group started to play more aggressively and made things more difficult on the PHHS passer. At times they played a two deep zone, but I couldn’t tell if it was Tampa 2 or shell type zone coverage. #81 Kirk Carron is a very good cover corner. He had an interception in the first half that gave a big lift to the defense especially the secondary. Carron along with #21 Cook had a couple of pass breakups between them. #11 Ellis is efficient from his safety spot. #10 Kilgore made his presence felt at both corner and safety. He does a good job in run support, and he is one of the best tacklers in the secondary. Defensive Line: From time to time Parke Heritage was able to gash the run defense when the falcons were in the 3 man front, but more times than not they controlled the PHHS’s running game. There were probably around 2-4 instances where the defense stuffed the wolves on short yardage situations and the defensive line was obviously very important in making that happen. #82 Myers is not only their best running back, but he is also their best defensive lineman. He is by far their best pass rusher and he made a number of tackles on running plays. He plays much bigger than his listed size and his ability to run down plays and penetrate through the offensive line creates chaos for opposing offenses. #60 Dice (NG) and #76 (DT) Woodard both did a good job in run defense. In general they controlled things at the point of attack. Linebackers: #44 Corey Buchhaas is far and away their best linebacker. He is great at crashing down on a running play and blitzing the quarterback on passing situations. He was incredibly reliable throughout the game reading his keys and with tackling fundamentals. He is somebody you absolutely need to locate on each play. Special Teams: Well to put it mildly the special teams play of the falcons was very good to downright terrible depending on the specialty. First the good news: Kilgore is a valuable asset in the return game with his speed despite almost muffing a punt. He had a great kick return in this game that setup a touchdown. #11 Ellis is a pretty decent punter. The coverage team did an amazing job of downing the ball inside the 5 yard line on one of his punts. The bad news: They failed to convert on every single pat in the game (extra point or two point conversion). Luckily this didn’t come back to haunt them, but realistically it will if they continue this trend in the playoffs. The kickoff team had one, maybe two good moments on the field, but for most of the game they were horrible. The execution of the onside kicks was poor, and they allowed a return touchdown where it appeared the returner broke anywhere from 4-8 tackles and was at one point surround by the coverage team. Ironically some of the issues they have on special teams mirror those of North Central Farmersburg. Overall: It goes without saying that North Vermillion is in a very difficult sectional. If they play defense like they did for the last 2.5 quarters of the Parke Heritage game and maintain balance on offense I like their chances to advance. Unless something unforeseen happens they should be playing for a sectional title. They have to get the PAT situation and kickoff team sorted out in a hurry. They simply cannot leave points on the field while giving good teams prime field position come sectional time. They have a good group of upper classmen to lean on in close games, and I like their coaching staff quite a bit. The experience they have with close games should help them, but those games are also evidence of how tough sectional 47 is.
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    I think I saw him driving this to the PH game a couple of weeks ago, but he had a passenger
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    Are you going to focus on South Newton the next week?
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    Obviously you haven’t seen us play or you wouldn’t say “about”!
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