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    I look forward to seeing if my son has progressed from last year. He's lost about 30 lbs from his playing weight last year. He's gone from 6'4/325 as an 8th grader to 6'6/265 this year as a Sophomore. I hope to see improvement in his speed and athleticism. He has lost the weight all on his own through diet, conditioning and lifting.
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    In the Indianapolis Star, Robert Faulkens mentioned a scientific study conducted in Wisconsin. I was curious, so I researched the study to see if I could find it. Here are the slides showing the results of the survey, conducted in May 2020 on HS student athletes from Wisconsin. https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/33fe-2195426/McGuine_study.pdf - 65% reported anxiety related to school closures and sport cancellations - Moderate to Severe Depression reported at 3.5 times higher averages - Physical activity decreased by 50% - Quality of Life scores below historical averages - Schools play an important role in providing access to mental health services for disadvantaged athletes Here is the Star article where Mr. Faulkens mentions the Wisconsin study: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/07/30/indiana-high-school-football-marion-county-waits-decision-fall/5549249002/
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    Sad....Imagine my dismay thinking this would be a Lagavulin thread!
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    Interesting Segment; I know of 1 actual HS History Teacher on here: @DannEllenwood any others ? Food For thought?
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    And it took exactly 5 posts this time for the 1st POLITICALIZATION of the thread. Good job. New Record set
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    **TRIGGER WARNING, "THE COVIDBROS GOT TO ME" COVID RANT** I know where you guys get your "facts" and "expertise" on this virus based on the statements you make about it. It's absolutely false to believe that this virus is going to result in all of these student athletes being in ICU or even near the hospital. You're naive or just ignorant to believe that. Most of our student athletes are working part time jobs, hanging out with friends and family or playing travel sports, AAU, etc... Where are all of those student-athletes in ICU? They've been playing since May... It was never about the amount of covid cases, it was about flattening the curve. Flattening the curve means not having an overflow of people in the hospital and in almost every part of the country we didn't. We drastically overestimated this virus and now we are seeing the effects of it. Now the goalposts are moved to nonsensical measures such as keeping covid cases down and even waiting for a vaccine that still won't make us immune to this thing... Right now, 4 weeks after Florida hit their peak in hospital bed usage and 300,000 cases later Florida still has more hospital beds available now then they did then. A higher case count does not mean we don't have control of the virus. Everyone is going to get this thing at some point or another you're body has to build an immunity to it. Unless you want to live in a bubble the rest of your life by all means do it. Collect unemployment and other government benefits, live the life you choose. But, there are people in this world that want to live and most importantly NOT LIVE IN A FREEDOMLESS SOCIETY. The fact of the matter is, although cases are going up (WHICH IS OBVIOUS) death rates have dropped dramatically. More people or just about the same amount of people in the US have died from pneumonia this year in all age groups. We KNOW who the vulnerable are, if they choose to isolate themselves then they should, people with 1 or more underlying conditions, cancer and the like should definitely isolate themselves from sick people. But that's always been the case. 1% of Americans have gotten the virus and more will get it. .04% of Americans have died from this virus. So no, it isn't life or death. The fear porn that some of you guys watch and reference should be banned. You should be more concerned with obesity, depression and other physical/mental illnesses. Taking away a kid's season or sport because you think it's just a game or you genuinely think it's life or death, is one of the most elitist and privileged perspectives on this virus I've ever heard. Get out of your ivory tower and stop denying science and the facts of this virus for virtue signaling points. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#AgeAndSex https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2020/06/19/a-punch-to-the-gut-dealing-with.html
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    At the opposite end of this, not to mention the opposite end of the state, Bloomington South just hosted an 18-team girls golf tournament that had 95 golfers involved. Evansville North was the top team with Carmel coming in second. It was the first IHSAA competition in around four and a half months.
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    Our Athletic Trainer does all coaches, players, managers, and anyone else that would come to practice.
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    I know smaller school perspective here, but many of these folks you refer to are volunteers, for smaller events like Volleyall or basketball, different sports teams and their coaches are in charge of hosting the concession stand on various nights. I know our ticket takers at RCHS will get a "season pass" to all the sports events if they work X amount of games for the year.
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    Kids will do that. Challenge them to do something different. Pass out seat cushions for kids to put between each other. Make every night costume night Have them dress up is astronaut space suits...or as AquaMan......or in full body hot dog outfits...so they're covered up and cant spread the virus... Schedule the older boys and girls to have a 'Divorce Night' ...... where you sit as far away from your girlfriend as possible.... (too much?)
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    Speaking of spokesmen, don't you have some hydroxychloroquine to peddle?
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    Will you sit next to me at the state championship games Thanksgiving weekend? I’ll wear a mask.
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    Biden to Black Journalist: ‘Are You a Junkie?’: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/biden-to-black-journalist-are-you-a-junkie/ Unsurprisingly, many are cringing that Biden is, unprompted, asking an African-American journalist if he’s “a junkie” . . . three months after Biden told radio DJ Charlamagne tha God, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” As noted last month, somehow the United States managed to pick its two least self-aware, sensitive, erudite septuagenarians to run for president this cycle. Yet no rage from the MSM over Mr. Biden's words. Yet the wailing and gnashing of teeth had Mr. Trump said the same thing would have been deafening.
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    Who cares....Not all coaches are teachers nor administrators. Do you want the $1.48 you might contribute to that particular teachers/coaches yearly salary back? Don't be hypocritical people answer texts, emails and social media content when they are on the clock in every profession. This isn't 1990 when you had to walk to the pay phone in the schools lobby to call home, lol.
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    I merged all the topics of each individual school into one location.
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    Doing all of those guidelines, still isn't enough for some people. Look to what just happened with the Indy 500 for example. They had ALL of those plans in place and had agreements with the state and still got the rug pulled out from under them. Because IU Health decided to throw some weight around at the very last minute. There are a lot of people, suddenly with a lot of power, who don't really like sports. Don't like the attention they get. Don't like the money they generate. And using this virus is a way to bring sports down. Which we are seeing happen right in front of our eyes everyday.
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    Amen Brother. This guy does nothing but post bad news without solutions. And does so with the speed of someone who could only be happy to hear the news.
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    If you are really interested in the current thinking on the science behind the virus, why comparisons to influenza are dumb, why masking is necessary, the difficulty in creating a vaccine, etc., this is the best article I’ve come across. It’s long, but very, very informative and understandable. https://www.ucsf.edu/magazine/covid-body
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    Exactly. I had symptoms on a Sunday, took a test Monday, went back to work on Thursday after I got my negative result back. If you think you have enough to get a test, then act like you have it til proven differently.
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    @Muda69 Assuming you may have still school aged children, or even if they are grown up now, would you send them to school in person? By the article, it looks like New Pal is following the protocols established for positive cases and having the school open. There will be positive cases, no way around it for some schools, especially larger ones.
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    We are THE top academic public school in our area....surely you aren't insinuating that the "smart" people are the ones shutting down buildings for a few positives. In terms of Rochester specifically...I know nothing about the details there. There could be more reasons than I am not aware of to justify their actions. My comment was to protocols and that "cases" should be expected literally everywhere. It's not a reason to shut anything down. "Cases" are not the panic button statistic. My guess is (and this is purely speculation), that their could be as many as 700 asymptomatic "Cases" in the building EVERY day at Toyota. Somehow, no one goes to the hospital and no one dies.
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    https://www.harlanonline.com/sports/ihsaa-announces-changes-2020-football-season Interesting. From Iowa. *Ioway for my former Amish students.
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    Truth... more havoc/frustrating at this point.
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    Yeah but - "He got from the Trump Rally" sounds better and fits a narrative......
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    Mr. Faulkens did say that. I was on the same call.
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    So instead of spinning our wheels, again, does anyone know: 1) did this meeting actually take place? Or when is it to take place if it is this evening? 2) if it has taken place, has anything DEFINITVE been released? Otherwise we literally could not beat a deader horse.
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    The plan to return to play is all about giving kids opportunities. Who you crappin’?
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    ...or we could evaluate why plenty of other states still plan to play sports this fall........Indiana is hardly out on an island. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/qiL5GOXkFkyfJ9jwZ8wb-g/where-the-start-of-high-school-sports-stands-in-all-50-states-amid-pandemic.htm Not sure that Illinois is recognized as the gold standard for high school sports.....
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    Like the NBA player that left and went to a strip joint? But they support a Marxist organization, so that's cool to you......
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    No problem. I’m sure high school kids will do a much better job than these professional athletes.
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    The whole visual of this is priceless. You need a picture, decked out in your Packers gear. The meme would say “because we cannot see games in person” with you in front of the Lion’ and Bears’ dens yelling booooo
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    It may not matter to some of us when the season is played. I've been told that there will be few spectators allowed at games and I take that to believe that just families will be attending the games. I hope most are streamed or televised or at least broadcast. I haven't missed many games in many years, but I understand the reasons for this. I hope everyone is staying safe!
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    Wrong! Bad math. 330,000,000 people haven't gotten sick. You can't include people who haven't gotten sick yet as The current U.S. number is 4,473,974 cases and 151,499 deaths. This is per the CDC. 151,499/4,473,974 is 3.38% death rate. Now using YOUR 328,000,000 number of US residents and they if they all get sick we will see 9,840,000 deaths. You can't throw numbers around and not understand what you are saying. I hope you aren't a math teacher.
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    Sort of sick of people making arguments that the other side is just motivated by selfishness. Everyone thinks they have pure motives and everybody else is motivated by some insidious motives or agenda. Its a public health crisis. The reality of the situation is that in person school and athletics are hanging by a thread. Even the schools that open and start football Monday have an enormous set of challenges to keep it going. Some schools are already making the decision not to open for 4 weeks and then reevaluate. There are no answers about the issues that most likely arise, due to the fact that the virus seems to be spreading in Indiana, especially among young people. These young people do not live in a bubble, they are in the community. There will be positive tests, just like in major league baseball. Some of the schools and teams will ultimately have to shut down, just because they have too many positive tests among players and coaches. The same is true for whole schools. Many are trying to do all they can to get this going, and I get it. Without an answer to the issue of this virus spreading and people having to isolate due to positive tests, I dont know how we can sort of work around it.
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    I do not feel the least bit bad or unintelligent for following the safety protocols put into place by our athletic trainer, guided by the hospital system he works through and our local school board, to safely conduct a season in within the normal calendar year. We have conducted these workouts for four weeks now and while I recognize that in other areas of the state they have felt it necessary to cease workouts for health concerns, our area, the West Central portion of the state, currently has not seen any such closures of workouts. My hope is that we continue to safely move forward as such and if that changes, we will change accordingly. Further, I, for one, do not feel that you are a "bad guy;" I believe your opinion to be misguided and ultimately incorrect. I take offense to your assertion that by nature of my opinion that I am either uncaring or unintelligent, but I don't think you are a "bad guy" no more than I think anyone else who is in favor a spring season is.
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    Southern Newton County is lovely the fall.
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    All signs indicate a full fledged move into the ACC for the Notre Dame football program. Frankly, I like the move. Therer is no room left in the Big Ten for another all time great blue blood program. Notre Dame has built one of the all time best college football records thru shrewd scheduling and by controlling its own destiny. The Big Ten is now a power gauntlet and the Irish would likely be worn down after going toe to toe with the Big Tens best over a full season. The ACC gives the Irish a better opportunity to remain relevent in the national spotlight. And over the years, I think many of us non Domers have come to the realization that ND is not a mid west school, its an east coast New York oriented school with a national draw. With regards to recruiting, Notre Dame has routinely cherry picked the very best high school football talent that Indiana has to offer, year after year. Two of Indianas most recent finest, Blake Fisher and Joey Tanona, are future Irish offensive linemen with probable NFL futures. But with NDs geographic shift to the east, wiill young Indiana boys growing up in the Hoosier Heartland lose their comnnection to the Irish football program? With rare games against old rivals Michigan, MSU and Purdue, Indiana kids will not see the Irish on TV like they used to. Or maybe they will just tune out the ND-GT, ND-WF, ND-NCST games due to a lack of interest. I believe this will indeed impact Notre Dames recruiting efforts in Indiana, and IU and PU should be waiting in the wings to pounce when the opportunity comes. It is rare indeed for PU to beat out ND for an in state kid, and almost imnpossible for IU to do the same. ND is slowly but gradually losing its grip on Indiana and the Midwest, and that is clearly by choice. Indiana will never be the fertile football recruiting ground as is many other states, but it is the geographic home of the school, and the program. Fisher and Tanona may be the beginnning of the end of the blue chip pipeline to South Bend. For Hoosier and Boiler fans, there could be nothing better.
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    Hopefully the IHSAA and individual schools will be smart and stop all outside athletic activities, such as baseball, basketball, and softball since they are not in season, and just make the student athletes concentrate on Fall Sports. From what I have read and heard from other coaches, most of these student athletes have been doing travel sports where they are being exposed to a vast majority of the population. This increases the risk of catching Covid-19.
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    We have Wisconsin, Ohio State and Penn State in the first 4 weeks. Will be tough to recover from that. Not sure Penix can handle the beating he is about to take. MIchigan and Minnesota should handle us easliy. Hope to win 2, maybe 3 against RU, MSU, MARY, PU and IL. The all Big Ten schedule is a killer for IU, which depends on soft non con games to post over 50% of its regular season wins. Tough challenge for Allen and his staff.
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    You might find it interesting that I align with you more than you might think in terms of politics. But you see, folks like you are a big part of the problem with why we are where we are today. I don't judge the content of my friends or associates character or worthiness based on their political affiliation, much less who they will vote for this election cycle. What makes high school football great is how kids from all different backgrounds come together for a common purpose. A LOT of the adults don't get that anymore. It's why we can't apply a simple set of common sense protocols as a society. I happen to be educated pretty far beyond my intellect and I believe firmly we should be in school in Indiana in the fall (there could be a couple of exceptions), and we should be playing fall sports.
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    Certain people won't look at it this way and it's a shame. Of course it's out of selfishness. When less than 175 people under age 24 have died in THE UNITED STATES IN 5 MONTHS what else could it be. But hey let's take away from kids and hide them away in front of ps4. Its ridiculous. I'm more worried about long term concussion issues than I am covid effecting athletes. But that's me. Others will differ.
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    Lots like Joe is simply not getting a big segment of his base excited... Former Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner compares voting for Biden to eating 'bowl of sh--' https://www.foxnews.com/politics/nina-turner-biden-voting-eating-bowl-sh Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at http://www.foxnews.com/apps-products/index.html.
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    Wrong. 8 of 17 2020 recruits are 3 star.
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