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    This is the first time I have seen this article. I believe the title is inflammatory and false; a different look at the numbers would suggest the following title: High School Football Participation Numbers Decreased Slightly, but that is OK There is absolutely NO evidence that football is Dying a slow death. There is still plenty of participation. The author points to a 6.5% decrease in athletes playing football and the rise of Lacrosse. What the author does not point out is that the decrease in participating schools across the country has been 1% in 10 years. That means that 99% of the US high schools that fielded teams 10 years ago still have students excited about playing football. 1% decrease in schools participating is not a slow death. Furthermore, the author makes additional points that explain the slight decrease in participation. Most notable of these is the decline in the total number of boys in this country aged 15-19. His census numbers showing that there are 700,000 fewer high school boys in this country accounts for a 6% decrease in the number of high school males. So football participation has decreased at the exact same level as high school boys attending high school. Amazing coincidence (haha). Bottom line: Using his numbers, the same proportion of boys are playing now as did 10 years ago. Hardly a dying sport. There is some truth to arguments that sports specialization causes some athletes to choose other sports (baseball players choosing fall ball over football). There is also truth that some families are pushing kids in different directions due to concussion risk. And there are a few families that see sports as a path to a scholarship and push their kids toward other sports that that they mistakenly believe are easier routes to that scholarship. But overall, our communities are excited about this Friday night and the beginning of football season. Players are excited. Students look forward to attending and entire communities are coming together on Friday nights. Football is definitely not dying.
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    Every time I see a title like this, then I see who posted it. I actually chuckle and shake my head.🙃
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    At least DT and Muda are educated trolls. This is a whole 'nother level.
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    Look, if you're going to post a thread, no matter how right, or in this case wrong you might be, at least make sure your potential title games could actually happen.
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    This article is a year old. Please add something to make it relevant to conversation in 2019, or it will be deleted.
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    I was on the can when I wrote this
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    Your 3A state game would actually be the Sectional 28 championship game..... LOL #IHSAA
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    Yorktown just started a new Youth Football program that has 200 kids in it's first year. Some kids played at a nearby league last year but many came from soccer and had never played prior to this year. Football is not dying. Football as we once knew it is no longer around but the sport itself is still going strong.
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    Andrean also loses kids to public schools Street goes both ways. Bothers this guy ZERO bits.
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    I'm not a huge fan of the running clock. The rule that makes the biggest difference IMO is the 6 quarter rule. Up until this year, schools like New Pal couldn't really sub until the 4th quarter otherwise they wouldn't be able to field a JV team. Now in games like last night, 56-0 at halftime, the starters didn't play at all in the 2nd half and younger kids got more playing time.
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    Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful night under the new lights, on the new turf at North Posey
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    Please start a single thread addressing this topic. You're on every thread in this forum asking the same question over and over again. It's a little annoying to say the least.
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    4 different high schools in 4 years if I am correct. I have to really respect those who work so hard in seeking out that perfect educational fit.........and never give up..............apparently.
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    Opposing viewpoints I'm good with when it comes to run vs. spread, private vs. public, etc., Ridiculous yes, entertaining up to a point. I don't understand why a person takes the time to read GID, respond to different threads, send in support to keep GID going, even suggest that GID sell subscriptions at one point and then spend their time and energy to bash high school football and constantly campaign for it's demise at high schools all over the state. That blows my mind. Just walk away if it bothers you that much. Nuff said!
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    OH MY GOD ITS DYING GUYS!!!!! ITS DYYYYYIIIINNGGGG. Come on man this horse has been beaten into glue.
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    Wow!!!! 69 TOTAL points??? Nuts!!!
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    Gonna go out on a limb here: no one cares about contraction. Why? Because it simply will not happen. People seem to be more up in arms about end zone cameras...
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    And good luck to the third team on the field!
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    I have summer scrimmage film that says differently, but hey, What do I know???
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    Frankton HS walked off the field after a sectional loss in 2013 with 23 in uniform. With the start of the 2019 season in 2 days they will take the field with 64. New Coaches , Principal and Board members have made Football relevant and fun again. Not bad numbers for a 2A school.
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    I would say no. I believe Elwood got the right man for the job in Brown. This season will undoubtedly have its growing pains but I think the arrow is pointing upward in the long term. Being an old fart and no longer living in town means I no longer have my finger on the pulse of the program but it seems like some semblance of order has been restored. Also, I really don't see anyone outside of maybe Blackford or Ole Miss leaving the CIC. I'd understand if Ole Miss and their increasing enrollment might have eyes for stronger competition. I can't imagine it's very fun to whip up on inferior schools with a fraction of your enrollment. Blackford is a bit of an oddball but it sounds like they have already entertained the idea of spurning the CIC in favor of playing paddy cake with random schools like Jay County (ew, why?). The traditionalist in me would be bummed to see either school leave the conference. I'm sure Lapel would be on speed dial if that really did happen. Shenandoah is intriguing as well from a size standpoint but some of those drives to Middletown would be kinda miserable. As far as pulling schools like Heights or Tipton into the fold...Not a chance. Those schools are positioned well both logistically and competitively. I see the Hoosier as sort of the gold standard of small school conferences. Zero reason to exit a comfy situation like that. I'd liken that to asking Kate Upton for a divorce so you could go to a singles mixer at the Elks lodge in Hartford City.
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    Is the mercy rule good for HS football? In the 2015 state championship game, New Pal scored 35 unanswered points against Snider in about a quarter and a half. What really bothers me about this rule is that good football programs...........I'm not talking about the wannabes who run up scores in an effort to gain respect......................but actual programs who use the second half to to give playing time to seniors who aren't starters, and underclassmen who need reps to get better. This rule is an absolute disservice to good football programs. Congrats to the wannabes for causing the IHSAA create this idiotic rule.
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    Just a personal note and relaying the thoughts of other admins, moderators, staff, boosters, and contributors... Thank you very much for making Week 1 of the 2019 football season a success on the forum for supporters of the Indiana HS football community. The server crash was unfortunate. Lessons were learned. Thankfully @DK_Barons @77Jimmie were able to provide us with a platform to discuss and connect on a message board. Mayor @Coach Nowlin and @Irishman and others greatly have stepped up and taken some of the weight off of other staff. @crimsonace1 keeps us in-line and is a voice of reason @WCGrad92and @sr1 are others with multiple jobs teaching and involved at schools but still make contributions to TGD. @DaveMosbey and @Miner_Pride's consistency is unmatched on TGD and is only rivaled by John Harrell and @Rudy, and a few others across the state. Even @Muda69 and @DT thank you for the banter. @MrsGridironDigest shared a message with the administrators saying how happy that Coach Adams' legacy and love for INHSFB lives on. @dawgieinthepound turned corporate, doubt he can find his way back to Casketville. I'm still working and living in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (8 time zones ahead of most of you). In June, my father visited for 10 days and I married my fiancee ... You can send me a personal FB invitation https://www.facebook.com/Chrstopher.Johannes or follow my professional work as a journalist in the Middle East for three years now at https://www.facebook.com/cmjohannes812 I plan to allocate more time to TGD: getting the Predictor Tool back up, rebuilding our http://Twitter.com/gridirondigest to more than 10,000 followers by the end of the season, and contributing more on threads. Again thank you all and anyone we left out like top contributers this week @gonzoron @Impartial_Observerand\ Any @Bobref sitings or has @SoIndRef taken that load? PS: We need more northern representation on the board. If you are interested in becoming a referee, send The Sheriff, Nowlin, me and any other staff your interest...
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    Athletes all over the field on those two teams, both run a rabbit pace up tempo style on both sides of spread zone/midlines/air raid Both extremely well coached, but man the pace of those two teams play at consistently is more the issue of the shootout score. Fun to be a part of course I am an offensive guy!!! Coach Cronk and Roseman will have fun telling that games story
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    No because he never has a positive thought about football, at least not since 1978.
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    Yeah, he ruined WWII for me also........
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    Happy Friday everyone!!! Should be a great night for football. Players, stay healthy and fans, use proper decorum. I know the latter all but rules me out, but I digress...
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3.... It's finally gameday kicking off here in sin city! The Pit will be rocking just like every Friday night and I'll be tipping back those Tiger Bud Lights. The Trojans will roll in 300 deep they will need Z in the Knee to protect that QB. ISO Right, ISO Left, Double Wing and buck all night Behlmer yelling Outstanding, that's right! Come on down to the Pit tonight Maybe my Tigers will put up a fight! Welcome to the Jungle Forever - Iron Man NEVER!
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    Cheerleaders? I kid, I kid ... 😀
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    Don't most guys do their best thinking on the can?
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    Although I really appreciate the glance into Rodney’s life, I find Class A games just as entertaining as the bigger classes. These kids lay it all out and fight like hell. In most cases, no D-1 scholarships will be awarded. They play for the love of the game, nothing better than that...
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    6A: Carmel over Brownsburg 5A: New Palestine over Valparaiso 4A: Mooresville over Marion 3A: West Lafayette over Gibson Southern 2A: Western Boone over Pioneer 1A: North Vermillion over South Adams
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    Until they stop making footballs the Linton Miners will play
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    I remember vividly a certain game where KV ran for 634 yards on the ground and their RB had well over 200. Yea, that one left a mark. OL Coach Ellenwood had his peacock feathers out on that night, rightfully so!!
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    Also, Blackford @ Monroe Central - Bruins are back af, baby! Eastbrook @ Marion - James Blackmon and Zach Randolph dunk all over the visiting Panthers Lapel @ Elwood - Burgeoning community adjacent to I69 > town where my 30 year old peers still loiter in the Dairy Queen parking lot Madison-Grant @ Tipton - I've seen at least one person predict MG to beat Tipton at Tipton. I'm just gonna tell you, if that happens (it won't), I will personally drive the tractor hauling all 13 of the Argyll's fans Westbound down hwy 28 to paint that dumb rock black and gold.  Ole Miss @ Pendleton - Completely guessing here. Is the Pancol kid still at Pendleton? Do CIC teams still play pass defense like an elderly woman wearing a VR headset? If so, RIP Indians. Oak Hill @ Eastern - Idk jack about either squad. Eastern is always bouncing between legitimacy and incompetence. Are this years Comets "Superbad" Jonah Hill or are they "21 Jump Street" Jonah Hill? Either way, Bud and the boys are left eating lunch by themselves like Steven Glansberg after this one. Tri-Central @ Frankton - I would just like to exclaim how proud I am of the Eagles for finally ditching a lowly athletic program with a small enrollment like APA in Week 1 in exchange for ... *checks notes*...Tri-Central? Since 2012 the Eagles have outscored their Week 1 opponent 336-40. NICE  Wes-Del @ Alexandria - Another game I know nothing about. Alex has a solid Pizza King and the only thing I remember about Gaston is that they sold us overpriced kegs of beer when I was at Ball State. Advantage: Tigers
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    No one with a brain is sleeping on HH!
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    Woah! How quickly to shun the Panthers!! Pioneer has some room to spare here, as exhibited with 5 straight over Cass with last 4 shutouts and a combined 171-0, including 44-0 last year. Reminder, a win is a win, whether its 44 points or just 1!! Coach Berry and staff will have Panthers prepared. Looking forward to seeing last year's role players take it to another level. Lewellen twins averaged 3-5 carries a game last year, and will now be featured backs getting as many as it takes. IMO it comes down to SPEED and turnovers, and Panthers easily have the 2 fastest on the field and its not close. Hang on to the ball and they should get the W.
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    I actually believe most GS followers wish Memorial was still in our sectional the next two years. The Titans would like some pay back.
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    From what I've seen of the film we missed an illegal formation on one play.
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    I guess it’s exciting there are now more Cathedral posters other than PHJ, WrestlingGuy, and myself.....yikes what a mess. I’ll admit I don’t follow the program as much as I used too, but a former teammate and friend who is on staff tells me the sophomore class is going to be special when it’s all said and done. As always with Cathedral, they play a loaded non-conference that should help come tourney time so long as they stay healthy which has proven costly more than once. Excited for the season to start.
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    As far as I know, Open Enrollment in terms of athletics applies only to student-athletes entering their 9th grade year. If student-athletes want to transfer, they must move or get approval from both schools for the transfer or appeal to the IHSAA for approval. I think most transfers like this are signed-off by both schools or due to a move. I don't know the situation behind this one. But it smells funny when a talented Jr or Sr athlete moves from a struggling program to a strong program.
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    The school? Or the football team?
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    I'd like to know the inside source? This is pretty comical though, are they inside an asylum?
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