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    I have had some fun with this thread, but know I am going to be serious for a minute. In 1987 the Whiting football team went 1-8, and scored a total of 13 points the entire year. There was very strong talk about shutting down the program. Most people don’t remember that at that time Whiting was a basketball school. In 1988, my freshman year, Sherwood Haydock took over the program, and Jeff Cain was one of his assistants. 1988 marked the new era of Whiting football. Coach Cain continued on as an assistant through the 1994 season. Happy as an assistant he took over as the head coach for the betterment of the program when Coach Haydock left shortly before the ‘95 season started. The rest is history. 194 wins, 6 Sectional Championships (1 as an assistant), 3 Regional Championships, and 1 unbelievable Semi-State Championship that finally got Whiting playing in the Dome on Thanksgiving weekend. So how many NFL players has Jeff Cain coached? That answer is 0. How many college players has Jeff Cain coached? Very few. How many boys has Coach Cain turned into men? Over 3 decades worth including myself and my son. It has now come full circle. I was a freshman on his first Whiting team, and my Son is a senior on his last. Thank You
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    I bet you are a blast at parties...
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    And he just won the Lilly foundation scholarship.
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    Last night pre tip off. Memorial at GS girls basketball. No coaches of course, but these kids responded. They get what is truly important. Laws are laws, these girls demonstrated what they believe to be right.
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    If you have TEN finalists it waters down the award and the honor of being a "finalist" is laughable. It just baffles me that this is such a SLAM DUNK as far as Elliott being a finalist AT MINIMUM. Hell, I think he should be the clear winner. But let's not pretend we are holier than one another. This is a high school football message board. No one is treating this like it is life or death but these types of conversations are the reasons behind having this community to speak about the sport.
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    As if they arent scrutinized enough... It is HS fb, folks need to relax. Good Lord.
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    As we say from time to time here on GID: RACK THIS POST
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    The founding fathers did not go to far the other way...that was done much, much later by other men who twisted and manipulated their original words and thoughts. The phrase "separation of church and state" actually doesn't even exist in the original constitution but rather was taken out of context from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson. In all argument there is comprimise. Eleminating teacher/coach led prayer is just that, a comprimise. An easy one, knowing that the activity often will continue to occur, just student led. However groups such as FFRF then cite these rulings as proof the government/constitution bans all religious expression. The only pursuasive authority needed on the true stance of the government on this issue is that they refuse to remove "In God We Trust" from currency; government officials themselves, use prayer in their official duties; and the main one is , we. as a country, have in the past, currently do, and will always employ chaplains in the armed forces. They are paid well, from our tax dollars, to tend to the spiritual needs of our brave men and women fighting to protect our right to argue and debate those very rights. The government will not waiver on "In God We Trust" on currency, the valuable service of chaplains, and their own Legislative led prayer.
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    and time and time again, each and every year on here , folks will claim XYZ got snubbed and XYZ was not given their due. Rinse Repeat 2018 Oh man, what happens if Kiser takes home the award. How will the MIC faithful handle that one.
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    I think it has been proven time and time again to be a popularity award, and not be the best player. Not surprised by the snub.
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    Nice to see coach Phillips having success at Cass !
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    Many kids that do not wish to pray feel the pressure from their coaches and teammates especially in certain parts of the state. It's not so easy as just to walk away and not participate. You may not be forced but dont pretend theres not stigmatization or potential ostracizing if you do not join or they find you're not a fellow Christian.
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    Kudos to Fort Wayne’s own Drue Tranquil, winner of the 2018 Wuerffel Trophy for community service, leadership, academic achievement and on field play. Another example of a player who is much more than his 40 time or bench press. https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/Drue-Tranquill-of-Notre-Dame-wins-2018-Wuerffel-Trophy-125864230/
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    Well.....this just became a 30 page thread....wait 'til Muda catches a wiff of this....
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    sounds like it was planned by lawyers to keep lawyer job security ...those simple words of the 1st Amendment are not so simple with lawyers involved.😵 (no disrespect Bob)
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    Well I don't know if I'm gonna listen to Tanner's take on anything. But his argument is that the coach that coached them to an all time season high in wins last year at 13-1, who's never had less then 10 wins, and has won every bowl game he's coached in, is on the hot seat because at the point when this article was written they were 6-3. Oh I know, the Badger fans are a proud bunch especially of their icon Barry Alvarez, who...oh wait...didn't have the kind of success that Bielema, and Chryst have had. Dude needs to stuff it. Chryst is a great coach and will contend for the west division title and a chance at the Big Ten title in most years as long as he's the coach. No one does more with less than Wisconsin from a recruiting talent pool but some years it all lines up, some years it doesn't.
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    I would take that team right there and put it up against any team in the nation.
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    We've published our fifth book, the Complete History of the Indiana High School Football State Tournament. It's got scores from all 10,812 games from 1973 to 2018, win/loss records, how many postseason championships schools and coaches have won, plus more! Again, 10% of the proceeds of books purchased by TGD members will be donated to the TGD. Just email me a screenshot of the receipt so I know to give credit. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1790647002 Dan P.S. - if you purchased any of our other books and have not yet sent me a screenshot of the receipt, please do so that I know how much to donate to the Gridiron Digest
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    I think Elliot should have been in the finals not Bell. But I am grateful that 1 of them made it. If Kiser wins the Award @coachnowlincoachnowlin I will congratulate him and be happy for him. Warren is a great community and we are happy to once again stake claim to being the Defending champs of the largest class in Indiana. I am still in favor if having a Me. Football for every class.
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    My take is different. I know absolutely nothing about this situation. Nothing. The coach may be a great coach and everybody else jerks. However, from my experience what I imagine is a coach of a jr high team that thinks he is coaching the Celtics. He pushes too hard and keeps on the kids even when blowing out the other teams. Maybe he plays the bench and maybe he doesn't full court press, but he still traps and he still pushes the pace and stays on the kids the entire time. The school gets complaints about him so they meet with him and tell him how they expect him to conduct games. In the first game after the meeting the coaches behavior has not changed. The AD goes to the locker room to remind him of what was discussed before and the coach bolts. Like I say what I imagine may be way off but in my long experience it is the most likely thing.
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    The founders of our republic were very sensitive to the entanglement of church and state. Remember where they came from ... and why. Almost to a man ... and they were all men, of course ... they were themselves religious. Which makes it all the more remarkable that they recognized the danger to society that the unification of church and state presented. Some could argue that they went too far in the other direction. But some of the thoughts expressed in this thread show why they felt it necessary to build a margin of safety into the guarantees of the First Amendment. Brilliant, actually.
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    I'm bummed I only got one response
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    To be clear, I ain't the most religious dude in the world....my parole officer can attest to that, but because my better half has prayed for me daily and she basically runs all things including our kids going to Catholic schools, I am used to seeing prayers pre and post-game. Personally (despite not being the most religious dude around), for many years, I have thought one of the coolest things I have seen on the football field is when 2 teams gather in prayer at the end of the game. In a country that is so divided today just seems that when two teams that have beat the heck out of each other can gather in prayer afterwards...well...almost seems more important than the game. No Pollyanna, btw. I get how irrelevant it might be to many of the players but its always impressed me. It means something.....something important. I think.
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