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    I can't believe we are white collar. I didn't get the memo. I'm gonna ask for a raise.
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    If private isn’t an advantage why would parents sacrifice to send their kids there?
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    Thank you to all for participating and adding some excitement to the postseason. Special thanks to @WCGrad92 for taking on the grading responsibilities and doing so in such an efficient manner. (No clue how you did it my man.) Here are the final results:
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    Been thinking about this whole contraction/280 madness. I just don’t get it. As populations grow, more schools will be needed, and the kids will need something to do. Not just the 75 on the team, we’re talking about the support staff, cheerleaders, band, and most importantly fans. Come to the games and hang out with your friends or make new ones. Football is a great thing and to place so many restrictions on it is next-level stupid.
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    Western Boone is "Affluent Public"? LOL. Small farming community with 30% of kids on free/reduced lunch = Affluent? I am not sure there is a more "average/blue collar" area than Thorntown, Jamestown, Advance, Dover areas....
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    I’m so happy for the Greyhounds and glad to see my son win a state championship.
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    “Ouch!” Congrats to the Tigers! Incredible season and well deserved 4A Championship. You guys will ALWAYS be the first from 3A to have done it.
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    You forgot Official Indiana High School of the Wagonmaster! That alone probably puts them in the Top 25. 😀
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    Congrats @Temptation. Thanks for putting it together. Thanks @WCGrad92 for all the grading. Looking forward to next season!!
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    One question every recruiter asks when they visit a school is.....is there a kid in any other program we should know about? For the life of me, I cannot remember the kid’s name, but he played at Gary West. I was an assistant at Cathedral at the time. We had no film on them because they do not film their games. We spent the week as coaches trying to find anything.....TV highlights,, looking at teams they played, and who MIGHT have film. Finding film on this kid would have been a challenge. Anyway, as IU recruiters were traveling, the kid was mentioned. If I remember right, they had a limited number of opponents, and played the other Gary schools twice. The bottom line of this all is that the kid ended up with a full ride to IU, and even saw playing time. Trust that coaching is a HUGE network. I cannot imagine a coach purposely avoid mentioning a kid because he plays for a rival, or even a coach he does not like. If a kid is talented, he will be found.....class does not matter.
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    That's what they said about our schedule this year and we went to LOS. I honestly get so tired of hearing about SOS, and how that will get a team ready for the playoffs. Coaches, the team, hard work, film study, health........that stuff gets you ready for the playoffs. I think in the end for HH it was just easier to keep their schedule with a couple of "old" conference teams versus sign a two year contract with a new team who might opt out later and leave you hangin'.
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    1) Supportive administration and community 2) Strong work ethic 3) Big toolkit in dealing with a wide variety of young people 4) Holding everyone in the program accountable 5) Excellent reflection and innovation skills
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    Congrats to your son! I get it but absolutely nothing to be ashamed of with HM. There was tremendous linebacker play in the PAC this year, IMO!
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    Dating back to 1978. Carmel.....9 state titles. Ben Davis.....9 state titles. Warren Central.....9 state titles. Penn.....5 state titles. Those are 4 of the top 5 largest enrollment schools (mega-schools). Bloomington South, Castle,Center Grove, Columbus East, & Snider (non mega-schools).....8 combined. And you think the topic of the thread is lunacy? You can seriously maintain that 6a doesn't need to be fixed? Center Grove..........bla, bla, bla. Snider has an impressive track record too (although, according to you, have no chance against the New Pal, Cathedral, and Center Grove's of the world). By and large (taking Center Grove and Snider out of the equation), there is a problem. Not sure how one can be so blind not to see this.
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    “Rebuilding” is an embellished term at P/P’s...
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    incredible......... Sad really. Adults........ SMH
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    That was a thorough kicking of the rear end. Hate to see it - I’m a Memorial Tiger, proud of the Patriots and anybody else down in our neck of the woods. But Chatard looked as good as everybody said they would be. Glad we didn’t have to play them this year. Congrats!
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    Lots of Pats fans (and Memorial guy) on here crying about the late TD. Here’s what’s Bush league - your quote from earlier this week about the Danville game...”The BIGGEST reason the game wasn’t 41-10 or worse was because of the stripes!!” any Chatard fans on here saying it should have been 49-3 because of the refs? Nope. congrats Heritage Hills. Great season. Kids played hard and were well coached.
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    An interesting question would be a "Mount Rushmore" of Indiana High School Football Programs. That could get dicey!
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    Joey Paridaen at Evansville North. The Huskies really improved a lot this year and, from what I hear, Paridaen deserves a lot of the credit for instilling a culture of commitment and accountability. WR Dylan McKinney was one of the best players in Southwestern Indiana. Paridaen guided Eastern Greene to an appearance in the state finals a couple years ago. Keep an eye on him.
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    Career should not in my opinion. Perhaps formally it doesn't with Mr. Football criteria...I am not sure. But I do think career can absolutely bias a voter..especially if the candidates are really close.
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    Either way it's his... IS the record holder of Rushing Yards and TDs, I believe. It should be the most lopsided vote in history and that isn't to take anything away from the other guys as those guys should get some recognition too... But what Charlie has done and the records he broke... Those may stand for a while.
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    I hope that wasn’t directed towards me as I have no dissent. I also vehemently am against the supposed contraction to 289 like @crimsonace1. I posted that Shelbyville completed their season (because it had been stated they shut it all down) with their schedule that had scores. I was asked a goofy question what weaknesses they found to score a TD in Orndleton heights the last two games. I sarcastically responded they ran the same okay week 1 (only other game they scored in) and found that it still worked. wasnt being mean towards Shelbyville just found it a shall I say goofy question so I came up with a just as goofy answer. BTW @Gipper what is the best seasoning for coaches? lol Cajun ?
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    you are out of your mind...I said nothing of the sort....Nothing of the sort. Perhaps it is you that need to go back and read the posts in this thread. BTW, what Grover stated about Coach Moore's past in Florida was true....and he stated only because your claim of socioeconomics being the most important factor.
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    @DumfriesYMCA, I didn't want to derail the Breakout thread with Allen but know GS will lose a lot of their top receivers - Butler, DeJong, May, assuming they're all seniors. I'm guessing there are underclassment receivers waiting in line to make the jump?
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    Seriously, if it is possible to send the full size rendering of your Avatar via GID Personal Messenger, I would truly love to have it. I honestly think it is one of the funniest things I have seen here. Thanks in advance....hopefully.
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    Big fan of his and the young man at LCC (QB). They really impressed. Sky is the limit for both. Looked like both have the "it" factor.
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    Breathing room achieved. Then again, the Hawks are now leading the West, so the Packers could up playing the 49ers sooner than later...
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    I trust my eyes. It's not difficult to discern between an aggressive team and a passive team. We've seen them both over the years. Valpo looked passive to me. NP looked aggressive.
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    Totally agree. I have never not seen this as an advantage. P/P participation rates are generally high. Chatard football participation rates are insanely high by any standard....including P/Ps. Yet Memorial last year kicked Chatard’s butt and supports 2 State Championship level Men’s Fall sports. The year prior Danville (a public) did the same. High participation is great but you still only field 11 players at a time.
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    Heck....it’s worse for an old adult in the stands. Felt like I was watching a shell game at LOS. I loved watching your offense....even though I never knew who had the ball.
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    I know you want to make Perception Reality but it really isn't. You have Heritage Hills. The kids from that elementary and middle school system will go to Heritage Hills. The student body may ebb and flow. I am in no way affiliated with Chatard. That being said there are reasons the student body doesn't grow and it has nothing to do with athletics and padding their trophy shelf. Chatard sits 3 miles from Cathedral, 8 miles from Brebeuf, 5 miles from Lawrence Central, 7 miles from Lawrence North, 5 miles from Heritage Christian, 4 miles from North Central. There are feeder schools into Chatard 10 North deanery schools K-8 to be exact. The High SChools mentioned above all may have kids from those deanery schools 10 elementary schools especially Cathedral and Brebeuf. It is easy to sit there and say they control their enrollment because they aren't growing or have lost students and that is your perception. Reality is Chatard is trying to gain kids from their deanery schools to go to Chatard. However some opt to go to Cathedral (be it a legacy student or whatever) some opt to go to Brebeuf (be it legacy student or whatever) and some opt going to a public school (Perhaps their parents can't afford the tuition of the other 3). Regardless Chatard does not sits in an area with a lot of High Schools rather close by.
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    Ralph doesn’t have to worry about the “politics” at New PAL as he would at maybe some of these other programs. Right now, New Pal is as good as anyone in the state. I would say IF he ever decides to leave, he would make his way back to St X.
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    Darrin Fisher's Whiteland offense would be an intriguing and unique fit at Noblesville and in the HCC.
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    I CANNOT BELIEVE @CoachAndersonand @Boilernation and ESPECIALLY YOU @COACHMARTIN letting BANKER/COACH DURHAM win for the 5th TIME!!! Very Disappointed in you guys
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    The fatal flaw of the success factor is that it aims to make life harder on kids who had nothing to do with the success. ”Programs” don’t have success. Particular kids do. Should the IHSAA similarly add strokes to the scores of golfers or time to swimmers whose schools happened to have a few standouts the past couple years? “No, but those are individual sports!” Not really. They have both team and individual tournaments. And the success of a team is going to depend a whole lot on how good their individual athletes are.... ...which is no different than football or any other team sport.
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    Due to economic depression, high school sports has been shut down for the last ten years. They are about to start up again. You are offered one million dollars if you can win the state championship in a one class system. You have a choice of three teams...............Carmel, Center Grove, or Adams Central. Who do you choose and why?
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    Correct. Public schools with an enrollment of under 500 get a decent crop of athletes and even the best can only make a run at it 2-3 times per decade. Meanwhile, the “factories” will continue to dominate these levels annually for obvious reasons...and its only getting worse. The gap is growing folks.
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    Gonna be fun!! I expect a lower scoring slug fest like last night.
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    Congrats to New PAL! The small 4A school with that tough men mentality and work ethic! Congrats to Valpo on a great year.
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    Because you are right all the time?? 🙄
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    You had 2 chances to prove this statement but failed both times.
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    On behalf of the leadership team here at the Gridiron Digest, just wanted to express our thanks to all of you, our friends of GID!!! Whether you agree with folks or disagree, its always a great conversation (well most of the time) with fans of Indiana High School Football. Thanks to all our Boosters who generously give to us yearly Thanks to all our coaches who patronage our site Thanks to all our other members who engage, converse , argue, and PROMOTE, the best parts of this great game in our state. Good Luck to the 12 teams competing this weekend for State Titles and a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!! Cheers Coach Nowlin
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    Blackout Wednesday huh? Shut up. Every team should enjoy the experience.
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    You know these kids personally from up there in the North?
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