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    They’re working. The risk of serious injury in high school football is lower than ever. The game is getting safer and safer. Take this back into your communities and spread the word to the soccer moms who are keeping their kids out of youth football. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/?s=Serious+injury+risk+in+high+school
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    This must be in Slut Holler, WV (that's my neck of the woods, I can make fun of it if I want)
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    Not football related but had to share: http://www.inkfreenews.com/2019/02/08/once-a-slave-warsaws-jacob-bass-celebrates-freedom-through-wrestling/
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    On behalf of broadcasters and PA announcers everywhere, THANK YOU. I've been calling for this for years in all sports. Unfortunately, I'm sure there are a few coaches out there who will try to skirt this as much as they can to make it difficult to see them on film and order uniforms with, say, navy numbers on maroon with no outline (which are almost impossible to read), but at least this gets rid of the uniforms where the numbers are nothing more than a thin outline. It's very simple. If you have a dark uniform, use white (or gold/grey if they're in your color scheme) for your home numbers. For the white jerseys, use the darkest school color you have. Gold or grey on white remain almost impossible to see (but would probably fit within the rules) without a thick black outline.
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    shame away However Your voice counts the same as the other members not on the site's leadership team, so yes, your opinion carries the same weight as does @Muda69 @Impartial_Observer @TrojanDad @DannEllenwood insert @ XYZ members. It does not carry the same weight as https://gridirondigest.net/staff/ Not trying to be difficult, but the idea that anyone is a booster before or has been self appointed content provided gets a voice in decisions made is a fallacy to the greatest degree. But keep barking up the tree that won't result to anything more than your self serving , pat on the back mantra of importance This place will go on with or without you as seen before. And NO this is not a threat, just a reality of the situation.
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    AOC has done more at 28 than what any of you will ever accomplish in your lives.
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    Here are the new rules changes. Plenty for officials to learn. By state association adoption, video review is allowed for post-season contests. No word on whether Indiana will adopt a system. Effective in the 2024 season, jersey numbers must now be a single solid collar that clearly contrasts with the body color of the jersey. A legal scrimmage formation now requires at least 5 players on the line of scrimmage with no more than 4 backs. This is intended to cure the "wingback in no-man's land" issue that has existed for years. More on this later. It is now a foul to intentionally trip the runner. The 40 second play clock which has been in use in Indiana for 2 seasons, is now the standard nationwide. The definition of a horse collar tackle has been expanded to include "grabbing the name plate area of the jersey directly below the back collar and pulling the runner to the ground." The penalty for illegally kicking or batting the ball has been reduced from 15 yds. to 10 yds. Points of emphasis this year include proper procedures for weather delays, the expanded neutral zone as it applies to run or pass options, and the free blocking zone and illegal blocking.
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    No, because it is not required field equipment under either the NF or the IHSAA rules. Still not getting your point. My observation was that virtually every school in Indiana has them, from the biggest to the smallest. So the financial "burden" is obviously not much of a burden at all.
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    I totally understand the driving for you Dave. I was just joking with you. There isn't a bigger youth sports fan around than you are. I will disagree with you on the improved schedule tough. I am sure that you guys can schedule SR for one of your non conference games.
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    If they are going to change it up I hope they agree to have non conference games the first two weeks.
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    Is that what happened in Venezuela? Old men quit politics and let the young folks decide their future?
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    In reading comments made by officials from other states, I’m amazed how many states have literally no schools that utilize visible play clocks. We take that for granted in Indiana. Can’t remember the last time I was at a game with no field play clock ... once Bill Sharpe left Jimtown. 😎
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    I was in the ditch at: But facts is facts You totally lost me at: DT is right Why must every thread on this board turn into a contraction debate? If the local school board and community support having Football, why not? Are there schools out there that should probably call it a day, absolutely. Is it my place as a taxpayer and community member of Seymour tell Linton what they should be doing with their Football program? Bigger point, you mention yourself open enrollment, this is bigger than sports, school systems today need to have butts in desks to make it financially. How does cutting out sports programs further that cause? Furthermore, in rural communities if they opt to drop Football, because kids can just transfer to another competitive school, how long before rural schools lose enough where it puts their school in jeopardy? What about the local competitive school, how long before they're forced to expand, thus putting more pressure on the local tax base, no bother for the transfers, they have no skin in the game.
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    That's exactly why I love this new league. 250K over three years isn't going to make anyone rich. HOWEVER, it will put bread on the table and the season is only 10 weeks plus the playoffs, which allows the option for a second job, education, or ample family time. What I also love about this league is that they are specifically a minor league of sorts. They're not trying to go head to head with the NFL.
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    It's pretty funny for those who know my daughter. DE has a hard on for me, and thinks he can get a rise out of me by attacking my daughter. I consider the source and move on. Just words from a keyboard warrior.
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    The Alliance League will be wrapping it up before baseball gets started. I'm sure most of these athletes have been experiencing "real life" for awhile now as they obviously have not been playing pro ball. Maybe some of them are just happy playing. Sure the dream of the NFL is always there but again, this league allows them the chance to get better. The whole world isn't under contraction as you continually speak. Sounds from the t.v. stations nearly 3 million people watched the games and other streamlined. Fun to continue to watch football for those who love the game.
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    It took years to gather the data (my newspapers.com account helped a ton) and about as long to format the info into book form. The book doesn't have a conferences section but the new edition does have it broken down by school (plus by year and by last name). If you'd like to buy a copy, here's the link: http://www.almanacsports.com/article.php?news_id=2019011801 Also, I donate 10% of all proceeds to the gridiron digest if a forum member buys and lets me know. Thanks for being a fellow football nerd 👍 Dan
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    It's a great survival tip in case of apocalypse, shipwreck or stranded in a Moscow hotel room with a hooker, but I'm not sure I'd practice it every day.
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