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    Some might not be very bright too. When they are 3A enrollment, they play in 3A (like they did from 2007-2016). When their enrollment is 2A level, they play in 2A. There are no tricks involved. Their success has been exclusively in 2A to date. They had some ok teams (not great) while they were in 3A but they ran into better teams early. 2010 - lost to Chatard (eventual state champ) in sectional championship 2011 - lost to West Lafayette (regional champ) in sectional semifinal 2012 - lost to Hamilton Heights (state finalist) in sectional semifinal 2013 - lost to Brebeuf (state finalist) in sectional semifinal 2014 - lost to Tri-West (eventual state champ) in sectional semifinal 2015 - lost to West Lafayette (state finalist) in first round I don't think they need to apologize for playing in 2A, as their enrollment dictates, since 2017.
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    How about the guy not drive his knee into the neck of the man he had in cuffs? That said, I do think a more immediate arrest could have kept things from escalating to the point it did with the protests.
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    That will be one question I am NOT asking next school year. 🤣
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    Last you will hear from me about this. You say it in public then dm in private. WEAK! Anyways, if people think President Trump has divided the US, why the record low unemployment PRIOR to this plandemic? Why the record employment PRIOR to this plandemic? Why the record stock market PRIOR to this plandemic. The list goes on. You do not have to pander to unite. That is the difference between President Trump and RINOs and Democrats. If you choose to not follow the facts, you are part of the problem. God is good. God always wins. Trump is not perfect, but Jesus uses broken men all the time. Trump isn't perfect, but he is the perfect person to be POTUS at this very moment. Have a great one all. @Howe @swordfish @TrojanDad And any other members who want to continue to transition to GREATNESS, there is ALWAYS room for ya. 2020 Trump Victory!
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    Don't think you'll find much to have a conversation about on this thread. No one on here has been touting Biden. I don't plan to DM you again, because I won't be calling you Shemp again. That's the only reason sent the DM, to apologize for that, I believe that was a mature conversation. It is NOT time for America to come together to support Trump. He has divided the Country more than any President in my lifetime. I will never support him.
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    Hey honest scholar.... Trump was working for his father during the 1973 case. The 1973 case that was settled....(no prosecution) was when his father ran the company. No guilt was admitted nor required to be admitted in the settlement. The Justice Department sued Donald Trump, his father, Fred, and Trump Management in order to obtain a settlement in which Trump and his father would promise not to discriminate. The case eventually was settled two years later after Trump tried to countersue the Justice Department for $100 million for making false statements. https://www.npr.org/2016/09/29/495955920/donald-trump-plagued-by-decades-old-housing-discrimination-case When the case was re-opened in 1978, it was also closed again with no conviction, settlement, etc. In case you forget, in this country, one is innocent unless proven guilty. A charge does not define guilt. Isn't it interesting that with those settled charges on the books, the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Charlie Rangel, etc. and Democratic Party still happly accepted political donations from Donald Trump? Are you sure prominent Dems and the Dem party would accept $$ from a known racist? If so, what does that say about your party? https://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/donald-trump-donations-democrats-hillary-clinton-119071 https://ballotpedia.org/History_of_Donald_Trump's_political_donations Schooled my butt....I honestly can't tell if you are dishonest or simply a knucklehead that stops when he reads (or somehow intreprets) what he wants in lieu of the total story.
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    The champ club is what I was referring to.
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    May be the new X-Factor here. I know @Ultimate Warrior knows him well. Should be a fun year in the old pick 'em. I almost want to get the week 1 picks up now! But, until confirmed it would just take up space.
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    What in the wild, wild world of sports!?! How didn’t he, as a QB, transfer to a poor ole’ Indy Parochial school like every QB apparently does per the crowd here? How did he slip between the cracks? Better yet, a Private school like Cathedral with big Indy money and a personal limo ............or Danville with that really nice doublewide trailer park (which seems to be the haven for wayward Central Indiana public school QBs)?
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    Apology accepted. Run some windsprints.
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    Corporate market manipulation. BTW, Trump is responsible for COVID getting as bad as it got. It’s another Katrina.
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    Indiana and even Purdue, would probably beat Minnesota this year. Fleck is a used car salesman. Row the Boat. Lol.
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    Region football clearly appears to be on the upswing. Hopefully the virus wont derail or curtail the season. We are starting to once again see the Region produce D1 talent. Coaching turnover is looking better and staff experience is on the upswing. Russ Radtke's return is a big boost to NWI football and to The Duneland Conference in general. The Hammond schools have a chance to give Region football another positive shot in the arm. Will see how that plays out over the next few seasons.
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    As will the Lowell-Crown Point game.
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    I find this interesting. He calls certain people out, telling them they do not know of which they speak, yet this sanctimonious hypocrisy occurs. Baffling.
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    Being the target of the comment; just exactly how is it juvenile to compare to other riots or protests? As someone who has been called out for being "selective" in my criticism by others; I was merely pointing to other riots that have occurred, and excluding the tea party one, that the other riots were never brought up here. I also added the disclaimer at the beginning of the post that I do not condone. Now that I have been called out again. I wonder what exactly was the point of posting about the riots at all? No posts about the murder of Floyd; in fact, the first comment made was AFTER a post about the rioting. I have also noticed that no one addressed the differences in protests I made in a follow up post. How is it that heavily armed militia and protesters can go inside a Statehouse (an illegal act) and yell and scream in the face of law enforcement, while many innocent protesters (excluding the looters and others causing destruction) were tear gassed and attacked by law enforcement in full riot gear (something law enforcement at various Statehouses apparently did not need).
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    No it isn't. It's time to make America............America. I think the looting is misguided. I think those doing the looting would be better served taking other actions. Peaceful actions don't work, it's time for something else.
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    Correct. That gets alleviated a little with football divisions though. Only have to travel super far in the week 9 crossover game.
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    Furthermore, I moved here a long time ago and my family and I have assimilated very well and have made some very good friends which is more than I can say for you. I see you as nothing more than a sixty something jerk.
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    Not condoning the riots at all; buuuuuuuuuut
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    Yes, meaning kids and teachers with various illnesses.
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    The problem was that some parents didn't want Barr leading the program from day 1. His hiring cleared by 1 school board vote. His firing was mostly political. Everyone involved with the program knew that the last three years would be tough. This upcoming season was supposed to be bright. I've heard from sources that Barr had made major strides in building the foundation of the program as well and I heard nothing but positive things outside of disgruntled parents whose kids weren't playing enough and etc. Barr was the head coach at Chatard when they won two state titles, 9 years overall. His record is not 57-80, it is much better, but for some reason Harrell's site doesn't list a coach for several of the years that he coached there.
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    Don’t be surprised to see several charter schools pop up in South Bend. They already have Career Academy. It will be just like Gary in 10-15 years.
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    CNN when Biden says it: Just a poor attempt at humor. Also CNN if Trump drinks his coffee black: Proof he’s racist and wants black people to die.
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    Detassling corn for $ or going to a "voluntary" summer workout.
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    A tribute to the late, great Jerry Stiller. A thread created solely for the airing of grievances over downvotes. If ya got 'em, post 'em here!
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    Who are three guys that have never been in my kitchen?
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    It is comical how liberals pretend to be authorities on black people. It would be interesting to discover if any of the GID lefties has married a black person or ever attended a all black church, nightclub, theater or family reunion. I wonder if any have ever been approached by alumni association members of an inner city school and asked to join as an honorary member?
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    I read about the case in 1973 when he worked for his Dad. You said multiple cases. Can’t find multiple cases. Also, you failed to mention the outcome of the 1973 case...... So, since I must not command Google like you, would you please share the multiple cases? Thanks Mr. Honesty
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    Pioneer...end of thread.
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    The general election scenario that Democrats are dreading "We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country," says a top former economic adviser to Obama. In early April, Jason Furman, a top economist in the Obama administration and now a professor at Harvard, was speaking via Zoom to a large bipartisan group of top officials from both parties. The economy had just been shut down, unemployment was spiking and some policymakers were predicting an era worse than the Great Depression. The economic carnage seemed likely to doom President Donald Trump’s chances at reelection. Furman, tapped to give the opening presentation, looked into his screen of poorly lit boxes of frightened wonks and made a startling claim. “We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country,” he said.The former Cabinet secretaries and Federal Reserve chairs in the Zoom boxes were confused, though some of the Republicans may have been newly relieved and some of the Democrats suddenly concerned. “Everyone looked puzzled and thought I had misspoken,” Furman said in an interview. Instead of forecasting a prolonged Depression-level economic catastrophe, Furman laid out a detailed case for why the months preceding the November election could offer Trump the chance to brag — truthfully — about the most explosive monthly employment numbers and gross domestic product growth ever. Since the Zoom call, Furman has been making the same case to anyone who will listen, especially the close-knit network of Democratic wonks who have traversed the Clinton and Obama administrations together, including top members of the Biden campaign. Furman’s counterintuitive pitch has caused some Democrats, especially Obama alumni, around Washington to panic. “This is my big worry,” said a former Obama White House official who is still close to the former president. Asked about the level of concern among top party officials, he said, “It’s high — high, high, high, high.” And top policy officials on the Biden campaign are preparing for a fall economic debate that might look very different than the one predicted at the start of the pandemic in March. “They are very much aware of this,” said an informal adviser. Furman’s case begins with the premise that the 2020 pandemic-triggered economic collapse is categorically different than the Great Depression or the Great Recession, which both had slow, grinding recoveries. Instead, he believes, the way to think about the current economic drop-off, at least in the first two phases, is more like what happens to a thriving economy during and after a natural disaster: a quick and steep decline in economic activity followed by a quick and steep rebound. The Covid-19 recession started with a sudden shuttering of many businesses, a nationwide decline in consumption and massive increase in unemployment. But starting around April 15, when economic reopening started to spread but the overall numbers still looked grim, Furman noticed some data that pointed to the kind of recovery that economists often see after a hurricane or industrywide catastrophe like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/26/2020-election-democrats-281470
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    I wasn't the first to tell you he was seen this weekend.....but glad you admitted YOU'RE a lazy hack..... You'll never convince me or anyone else you were showing concern for Pence....you know, the same guy you said lacked a heart and was a robot. You're not discrete....not at all Grandpa....
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    The facts are Minnesota is historically a blue state....Minneapolis is historically a blue city. (former stadium named the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome) A current Dem senator failed when she had the chance to do something earlier. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is not the first and only fairly recent case of alleged racism with the police in the city. Why aren't Dems holding their elected official accountable in this city? When you read some of the racial disparity data below, tell me how Dem leadership has been there to help bring equality?? Theres much more to the story. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/27/us/minneapolis-police.html https://time.com/5844030/george-floyd-minneapolis-history/ But while the problem is national, Minneapolis has its own particular history with the issue. Several such encounters there helped fuel the Black Lives Matter movement. In 2019, Minneapolis was ranked the fourth worst metro area in the United States for black Americans, and the city is highly segregated. Accusations of police racism have also been a consistent issue for the city. https://www.startribune.com/how-did-minnesota-become-one-of-the-most-racially-inequitable-states/547537761/ For example, poverty among whites in Minnesota is about 7%, while the rate is more than four times higher at 32% for blacks, the third biggest gap in the country. Statewide unemployment was 8% for blacks compared to 3% for whites, the fourth biggest gap; and U.S. Department of Education data shows reading test scores of black fourth-graders are much lower than whites, the second widest gap of the 41 states that tested enough black students. Gaps also exist between Hispanics and whites, although not as pronounced. American Indians are poorer than any group, but it’s difficult to compare states because the Indian population is too small in many states. The reason for Minnesota’s very large black-white disparities, compared to other states, has been a puzzle. Indeed, homeownership rates underscore disparity gaps: 76% of households headed by a white person own their home, compared to 24% for blacks, third widest gap in the nation.
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    Now that Antifa is defined as a terrorist organization. Watch out. Antifa is as far left as you will get on the political spectrum. Wake up people. You on the left are getting used and abused by your own side. Dems have nothing. Now that the “virus” didn’t work. They turn to riots and protests. What’s the next false flag? Aliens? If you want to stay ON TOPIC, let’s talk. Don’t bother sending me dms apologizing or whatnot as a few of you have done. I call it like I see it. Don’t like it. Don’t care. Facts are facts. Unite together. Let’s ALL Make America Great! You want to be a dissenter, you are part of the problem.
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    Lol! Sharing Hollywood deep thoughts. The same people that normalize violence and bring many of those same items listed in that meme into homes. Can anyone from Hollywood talk about sexual assault with a straight face? I know...it’s only a random meme you found and posted.
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    The liberal mainstream media is also promoting the violence and criminal behavior across America regarding Minneapolis. The obviously staged arrest of the minority CNN reporter was absolutely ridiculous.
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    Obama was the most "racist" president since Lyndon Johnson. Democrats and their propaganda machine, the mainstream media fake news, constantly fuel racial divide. It is one of their primary political strategies.
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