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    Possibly because they realize it’s none of the IHSAA’s business and that schools should be free to make their own decisions on what type of travel experiences they want to afford their student athletes?
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    Our school district has a robotics team attending the World Robotics competition in Detroit this weekend. They left yesterday so will miss 3 days of school this week. They missed a day twice in March/April already for a total of 5 missed days. Granted the competition is within the 300 mile range, but they are competing against teams from all over the world. I know they are outside the scope of the IHSAA but the same schools that make up the sports rule have no problem allowing these kids to miss school. Same with marching band competitions. I agree this should be a local issue and the IHSAA membership should approve this change.
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    Enforced mediocrity. And it’s even a poor way to accomplish that. Some schools can afford better weight rooms than others. Will we begin regulating that soon? I look forward to someone demonstrating how the ability to have those kinds of experiences translates to an unfair competitive advantage on the field. After all, there are all kinds of things that give one school an advantage over another, but they’re not unfair.
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    Joe may want to reconsider his campaign strategy...............
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    Have you played on a winless team? I have. Have you played in a game where you lost by 60+ points? I did. 5 times. You probably would not have enjoyed many of my varsity football games. But I did. Every. Single. One. So forgive me if I get tired of your act.
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    Waiting on the next episode like.....
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    Gendry and Arya.....Baratheon and Stark bloodlines....well called Muda. The scene around the fireplace was excellent last night. Not sure why Jon Snow delivered the tough news to "Aunt" Daeny just right before they have to hop on dragons and fight a million zombies.....doesn't seem like great timing.....
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    I doubt Cannelton hates females, unless you know something I don't. If Cannelton offered girls Cross Country, they would offer 1 more sport for girls than boys. Title 9 works both ways.
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    Sorry but I strongly disagree. There are many schools around the state that do not offer several sports, including wrestling, soccer, softball, track, swimming , cross country, etc Those sports are not on the athletic menu for a variety of reasons, but primarily due to projected low participation, anticipated lack of competitiveness, or overall general apathy and lack of interest Why should football be any different? Why should football be considered a "guaranteed extra curricular option " when it fails to meet minimal guidelines of competitiveness as do many other sports? ADs due not "owe" kids the right to play football. It must be earned, paid for and supported at a level that takes it beyond a club sport level of competitiveness
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    Players at losing programs are still willingly participating in the sport. It's not like anybody is forcing them to. They are still getting enjoyment out of competing. When I was in high school, I was a member of a winning program in one sport and a member of a program in another sport that didn't win a game for a couple of years. I would have been very upset if the losing program had been shuttered due to "lack of competitiveness." That's an absolute slap in the face to those athletes, many who are competing to turn their program around. It doesn't matter if you or I are entertained. Should we cut the Chess Club or the FFA at Highland because they don't entertain you enough? High school is about learning and nurturing students to become leaders after they leave. It's definitely not about entertaining Joe Blow or making a school board or a group of athletic boosters happy. If a program has success, great, good for them. Sports aren't just about winning and losing and a school like Caston showed us all that last season. Well, everybody except for you and Muda.
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    A little disappointing, DT, that an out-of-the-box thinker like yourself hasn’t mentioned the officiating crisis that is very real at all levels of high school football in Indiana. We are getting to the point where you are going to see more Friday night games shifted to Saturday because of the shortage of officials.
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    Wow... according to Mark Howe (sports writer for the Warsaw, Indiana newspaper Times-Union) tweeting out that former Warsaw head coach Phil Jensen is being introduced as the new head coach at Whitko High School. Congrats Coach Jensen! @NRRaider2001
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    You milk a cow, you get a bucket of milk You milk a bull, you get a friend for life
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    That’s an easy one. Leave it up to each school to decide. Do away with the IHSAA rule altogether.
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    Impressive list: https://247sports.com/Player/Blake-Fisher-46056569/ Fisher and Karlaftis look to be headlining the 2021 class in Indiana
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    No, although he considered that vocation. He is a dairy farmer, all thanks to getting his start in animal husbandry. He started out milking bulls and now he makes a living milking cows.
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    Nice Article by the Elkhart Truth on former Northridge player Isaac Zickafoose found here: Could pro football be next for Zickafoose? BY BOB OPPENHEIM roppenheim@elkharttruth.com A dream will come true for many college football players this week when they’re selected by a team during the National Football League draft. It appears unlikely that former Northridge football standout Isaac Zickafoose will hear his name called at the draft. But he isn’t ruling out the possibility of playing in the NFL. A standout football career at Bluffton University has gotten Zickafoose noticed by NFL scouts. “I feel like I have a chance to play in the NFL,” said Zickafoose. “My agent has been talking to people and he says I have a great chance. “I’m probably going to be a (college) free agent. It’s going to be a challenge because I’m a Division III kid and people doubt you when you play at that level. But that drives me. I know I’m different. They’ve never seen a player like me. I feel like I’ve got a shot. “I’m just going to keep working hard and keep doing the things I’m doing. I’ve been doing drills and trying to make myself a better football player.” Zickafoose made an impact early at Bluffton and honors would soon follow. “When I was a freshman I played on the scout team defensive line,” Zickafoose said. “On two plays I really played well against the first team offense. Coach (Denny) Dorrell told me to go play for the first and second team defensive line. He wanted me to believe in myself. He said I had a lot of potential. I started believing in myself. It was crazy.” Playing defensive end, defensive tackle and linebacker, Zickafoose finished as the school’s all-time leader in sacks with 35.5, sack yards with 228, tackles for loss with 60.5, tackles for loss yards with 308 and fumble return yards with 80. Zickafoose was the first Bluffton athlete to earn American Football Coaches Association All-American status, as he earned second team honors in 2018. He was a four-time first team All-Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference selection and a three-time All-North Regional selection. Zickafoose also was twice named HCAC Defensive Most See FOOTBALL, PAGE B2 Northridge gradute Isaac Zickafoose (7) gets set to rush from his defensive end position for the Bluffton University last fall. Photo Submitted Football From page B1 Valuable Player. Zickafoose’s top honor came on April 16th when he received the 2019 A.C. Burcky Award, which is given to Bluffton’s senior Male Athlete of the Year. “It’s a great honor,” Zickafoose said about winning the prestigious award. “It’s something I really didn’t expect to win. I got great support from my coaches, teammates, friends and family. I’m blessed to be able to receive it. “I would play anywhere to help the team. I liked playing defensive end and being able to play the run and go after the quarterback. I also enjoyed playing defensive tackle, but it was challenging. In college, teams would game plan for you on the inside and sometimes you would be double-teamed. When you played on the end you’d go up against only one guy. “Teams game planned for me more in college. In high school, there’s more 1-on-1 play. Our defense at Northridge was good. I wasn’t even the best player on our defense. Other teams focused more on Cam Ridenour and Sven Johnson.” Beavers football coach Aaron Krepps felt the honors given to Zickafoose were richly deserved. “Isaac is arguably the best defensive player to ever play for Bluffton University,” said Krepps in a press release after Zickafoose received the A.C. Burcky Award. “His God-given ability is easy to see, but what you appreciate most about him is his willingness to be coached. He showed up daily ready to work and he put the extra time in to hone his craft. His success was born out of persistence and determination.” Personal pride was Zickafoose’s biggest motivator. “I competed against myself,” he said. “I didn’t want to mess up. That would be the worst feeling. Throughout the week I would prepare for my game on Saturday. I watched film on my competition. I watched the other team’s offensive linemen, running backs and quarterback. I looked at everything. I tried to play out in my head what the other team was going to do against me.” Zickafoose bounced back to have a great senior year after being disappointed with his play during his junior season. The 6-1, 245-pounder finished with 63 tackles – 49 solo – 11.5 sacks, 17 tackles for loss, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. “My junior year was my worst year,” Zickafoose said. “It was a frustrating year. Coaches told me if I got bigger I could be unstoppable. I then started working out and eating more. I got up to 270 pounds that season. I was able to convince myself to play at that weight. I felt comfortable but it was different. It was hard for me to play in games. I got really tired in games. It wasn’t working out for me. I had to switch up things. After the season I researched how to lose weight. I cut out meat, dairy and bread. I tried it that summer after my junior year and I lost weight and got back to 230-240 pounds. It’s a crazy thing. I’ve gotten stronger since I’ve done that. I was back in the 240-range as a senior and it was my best season.” Zickafoose has also been recognized for his work outside of football. A 3.40 student as a sports and recreation major, Zickafoose was selected this year as a scholar student for his major. “My GPA has improved since high school,” Zickafoose said. “In high school I was a fool. I felt like I was just going to get by. I felt I would get a full-ride in college because I was a good football player. Reality hit me that academics is a big part of going to college. Schools were telling me that I had to get my GPA up. Schools don’t want you if you’re grade are bad. “While I was going to school at Northridge I was working at a factory in Middlebury and my boss Kent Yoder asked me where I was going to college. I said I didn’t know if I was going to college because my grades were so bad. He told me he was a board member at Bluffton University and he said he would talk to the football coach. I got a phone call from coach Dorrell. He asked me to come take a visit and I said definitely that I would make a visit. I visited the school in July and I liked it. “Bluffton has a discovery program for students with low GPA’s and I was accepted into that program. It was one of the best opportunities that I’ve ever gotten. I didn’t let them down. I was forced to study and that’s what I did. Every night for two or three hours I would do my homework.” Zickafoose, who will graduate in two weeks, has a plan if there’s no football in his future. “I would like to be an athletic director,” he said. “If I could be an assistant A.D. and work under somebody’s wings that would be a great opportunity for me.”
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    I'd be in favor of a longer cycle as well. Completely agree that one great class can ruin the opportunity to compete for a good not great upcoming class. I'd like to see an "Unsuccess Factor" too. I've read about it on here before and thought it was a good idea. Bump a team down if they haven't won a sectional game is x amount of seasons. I think it would be a great way for struggling programs to build. I realize it would not benefit struggling 1A teams but that would be about the same as teams who are struggling and stuck in 6A because of enrollment in the current system.
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    Completely disagree. I think it should go the other way. Like a 4 year cycle instead of 2. 1 very good class can easily get you enough points to move up which I don't think was the intention at all.
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    Whole heartedly disagree with this. We see great classes come and go every year. For example. Evansville memorial state champs in 2017 runner up in 2018 just graduated an insane class who had numerous long term starters. A 4 year starter at QB. One heckuva WR and I think there was a really big fella on OL for 4 years too. Sure....they could have contended in 4A this last year. They mopped the floor with the SIAC this past year alone.....but now they are in 4A and I’m not sure they have the pieces ready to contend for a regional. Linton had great class a few years ago too....and plenty of other teams come to mind with great classes...like pioneer....webo....tri West a few years back. My point really is, there is no perfect system. And while 2 years could mean getting your butt whooped in consecutive years, it’s a system that still works and has balanced itself out. At 2 years you protect the schools that have that magical senior season but you allow movement for schools that compete for the state title over 2 years....there are still schools who see big falloff with this but they usually fair okay and then they move back down. Its not a perfect system but any proposed change that I think most people would seek out would be one for 2 years with extra elements that factor in 2-6 years. Probably wayyy too complicated for the ihsaa to take on lol.
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    Ah the caps lock monster... it gets the best of us.
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    I don't know, I haven't paid too much attention to what he's saying about Pence, nor what Pence has said about him. Pence is not currently his opponent directly, nor do I expect him to be anything other than a Vice-Presidential candidate. But I would agree that he should concentrate on the real issues and not get sidetracked too deeply on the LGBTQ subject. I'm not giving much attention to any of the multitude of candidates the Democrats are trotting out. If the D's continue on the path they're on right now, I think they're doing everything they can to lose the 2020 election.
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    I am a little puzzled why this "But I personally didn't do anything wrong!!!" whining wasn't raised when the U.S. under President Reagan paid reparations to Japanese-Americans placed in detention during WW II, or the multiple times in the last 100 years when the U.S. has paid billions in reprations to various Native American tribes for dirty deeds it had done long ago to their ancestors. I am reminded of the line from the movie "Diner" where the guy tells the creepy guy who is getting in his face, "I'll hit you so hard it'll kill your whole family." Isn't this another case, ala the Native American tribes, where the U.S. government would just be acknowledging that it did wrong in the past to a group of people in a manner that was so eggregious that it literally is still causing harm to those people's ancestors generations later? The United States as a nation frequently takes current tax dollars to pay for obligations it incurred in some past time, when many current tax payers may not have even been alive, and had nothing to do with the events that created that obligation -- the reparations paid out in 1988 to Japanese-Americans interred in WW II being just one example. I think it would have struck people as odd to have heard some 35 year old white taxpayer back in 1988 complain about those reparations because he personally had no beef with Japanese-Americans, and his parents told him that they were against the internment when it happened.
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    What it felt like watching the Arya and Gendry scene, where she checked THAT item off her bucket list......ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, .......OK, it's over.....
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    My guess is with the first fight being this early, there will be some sort of retreat involved, forcing Westeros into the battle.
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    By name and the traditions in GOT regarding "bastards", no. By blood, yes.
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    If a ref is working for $50 per game, he's doing it for fun or exercise, not income.
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    DT. Some are not in agreement with you. https://www.abc57.com/news/lack-of-sports-officials-is-only-getting-worse-for-concord-high-school-athletics?fbclid=IwAR1MabPBF6S8RrEJD2bw3kRSAV9ZcyREGvAZYjhNLDyPeCBhAfZhSimB4uw
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    Hey ... lay off of @gonzoron! Lord, I apologize for that.
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    Another great reason for contraction. If we drop 40 programs, thats 20 fewer bad games on Friday night, and 100 extra officials available for the pool. Problem solved. Your welcome 😀
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    I don’t think I’m related to the mastodon, but we’re close to the same age
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    Yes... yes it would. But I'll go ahead and just settle for the school's first ever sectional football championship. Baby steps DT, baby steps lol
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