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    Heritage 27-7. woodlan 55-21. AC 28-20. bluffton 55-7
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    Agreed. Though, lest anyone doubt, I have NP, personally, at No. 3 in all classes currently. No.1 in 5A. Though I am no journalistic type (clearly, experts in all things...just ask them...they have this whole "subject/predicate" thing down)...personally, I kan bearly spel. Let alone write a decent sentence.
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    Fun game out at WL HS tonight, back playing at the old field, brought a couple memories of my filming days for the Bombers. Hats off to RDP, got the hard fought 22-20 win in classic JV action!!
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    You don't want to mess with my wife Mighty, she'd kick your arse and ask questions later! Ask Charlie! Nice way to jump on the Irish bandwagon vs just using your Mighty Jones name. I might have to dictate Jack switch his verbal if you are gonna stalk the Irish the next 4 years. You should stick to your original name so people know who you are at a glance to save them the trouble reading your posts. Log back in in 2022 and tell us how you called the revival Mighty! Bye bye.
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    Some mid-season musings: Northwood: With the best player in the conference and one of the better coaches the Panthers don’t need to rely on luck. But it was certainly fortunate that they caught Concord early and get a NR squad that may be nicked up at key positions. If the Panthers can get by a plucky Memorial team, beat Bartball in its eighth week of ironing out the kinks, and avoid getting the wide-right-field-goal-for-the-win treatment in Rockie-ville, they will have earned their conference championship. Concord: Is there any team in the conference with more plays of 40 yards plus than the Minutemen? Will be interesting to see if their big-play offense can cover for their suspect defense against their closing conference schedule of PLY-NR-WAR. Warsaw: It’ll be interesting to see how much the Tigers improve after their double bye weeks (aka Goshen and Wawasee)😉 A couple more weeks to dial-in Bartball before NW and CON and a potential share of the conference championship. Northridge: I can’t help but feel the worm is turning for this Raiders squad. They’re fighting and lord knows they are well coached but with NW this week, an improving CON in a couple weeks and a never-say-die EM team to close it out . . . . we’ll find out the character of this team soon. Plymouth: My least favorite team in the conference coached by my favorite coach (not to mention my favorite concessions food). Another team that controls its destiny with a date vs CON and a potential championship showdown with NW on the last Friday of the regular season. Memorial: If you aren’t pulling for this Memorial team (other than on the nights they play your team) you’ve got no heart. The Chargers are playing everyone tough this year and coming up just short. It’s easy to look at their remaining schedule NW-WaWa-NR and expect them to get one win. I’m not much for prognosticating but I’m expecting more than one—Book it! Goshen: What a disappointing year for the Red-whatever-they-call-themselves-these-days. Good news, only 25 days until the Wawasee game. Wawasee: Basketball season starts in a month.
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    It doesn't seem like Lowell has a run in them this year. Sectionals will likely be a cakewalk, but I would take whomever wins the dogfight of Sectional 18 to advance on to Semi-State. Michigan City's offense really clicked last week against Merrillville with the addition of Lyric McFarrin (starting Safety) at RB. Still, it currently appears their only hope at this point against New Pal is if the game gets turned into a track meet. In 3A, I know Memorial has an outstanding QB/WR combo that can take over games and Chatard is putting together an impressive season. Gibson Southern deserves some mentioning as well. I'm just surprised West Lafayette isn't getting more consideration as the front runner. That team is huge and is going to give every offensive line they see major, major fits.
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2.3.. I can tell you Olympian06....EC does not want that. The curse of CE to EC is like Tiger BL's on a Friday night.....It always knocks us (them - EC) out.
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    I don't know what to think about this. I don't claim to know what is going on in the mind of Vontae Davis, but I know that encounter people at work, players, coaches, and students that are just going through the motions. It makes me sick. Each situation is different. With co-workers and coaches that are going through the motions, I could careless if they quit or when they did it. I just want them out. Some are just hanging on or cannot be let go. You might have the coach that is best buds with the Superintendent. You cannot fire him, you just have to endure him. I guess to keep it short, I think the reaction in the lockeroom of feeling betrayed or let down is natural. I'm guessing today, they are all relieved he is gone. Who wants somebody there that is going through the motions. I agree that the timing is bad, but in the end, if he quit at halftime verbally...he had quit on the team way before that. That is what I would have been pissed about. He played a game and half and had these thoughts in the back of his mind. Good bye! Let's move forward. The Colts were smart and saw something lacking in Vontae more than a lack of physical effort. They noticed a heart problem I suspect. Just my two cents.
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    I'm gonna need you to go a bit more in depth with your prediction/analysis.
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    Haha, it has not always been the case that Seymour was a tough game for us Mr. "OLD coach" lol Kid Rock? Instead of the Jackson Bowl?!?!?! That's a BIG negative sir!!!!!!!
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    "I think it will be Brownstown's toughest regular season game by far." NPatman spewing knowledge this morning! Should be a great game and a great atmosphere. Too bad there is also a Kid Rock concert that night.
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    Chaser, Chaser, Chaser 1..2..3.... The only thing STC is chasing is the Seagrams Whiskey! Chaser, STC agrees with you. As much as I am drinking the Boom Juice and on Coach Booms train.....I just don't see (most of the day) how those River Boom Rats pull this one off. STC would love to be a Rat in that so called place they call a locker room down there, heck more like Harden Town when Coach Boom gives his pre-game speech. For get the pre-game speech....how bout dem Boom Boys adding a little color to the smoke show last week. I had some local pull that up on something called "tweezer"??? or Twitter.....maybe.....heck it was the National Guard Game....They added Red & Blue to the smoke show. STC will be honest, it looooookkkkeeeed GOOOOOOOOD! Only one complaint...STC wishes Coach Boom would wear a Red or Blue jacket...that white just does not look good on us big folk...although he is on the D1 fitness plan so he tight. 3 Way the River Boom Rats can win: 1)The equipment bus goes off road to Koon Hunters Lodge and has a few coldies with some of Stink Town's finest. 2) Boom Boys put their version of the water-boy out there in "Chuchie" 3) A former Head Coach & Hall of Famer runs the sprinklers all-day Friday Boom Juice Forever - Diet Cokes NEVER!!!!!
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    Looks like it’s going to be a hot one come Friday night! I’m ready for some fall temperatures.
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    Personally, being a New Pal fan, I can tell you that I’m hopeful the Dragons can win all of their games by as comfortable of a margin as possible. I can also tell you that there are too many good teams to proclaim anyone a champion, especially at this point in the season. Unfortunately, other than conference titles, the regular season (in Indiana) is preparation for the playoffs as mentioned many times by several on the GID and elsewhere. @Temptation obviously has some very strong opinions, of which I do not share and I appear to be in the majority in that regard. I honestly believe there are a number of teams in 5a that can win the blue ring this year still. We are only halfway through and as teams improve and adjust, things start to get interesting! I’m not good enough at reading tea leaves to make any predictions at this point.
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    Guerin at Chatard - should be a battle. Guerin proved themselves last week knocking off a Top 10 6A team. Too close too call (they have all been too close too call from my perspective). Roncalli at Brebeuf - going with Brebeuf too....but Roncalli looks to be pulling it together. Not real impressed with their Scecina game last week but their Freshman QB seems to be REALLY stepping it up. Covenant Christian v Heritage Christian - going with Covenant. This Guerin/Chatard game is HUGE on several levels. If Chatard wins then they have won conference (BTW, if Roncalli loses any conference game this year, then they are tied with Chatard for overall historic conference record...looking for some solace since Roncalli has dominated the conference the last 2 years). If Chatard loses, then, the conference is wide open... BTW, 3 out of the 6 Top 3A teams currently are from the CCC per Sagarin. Toughest class pound for pound. Actually good to see Sags give Guerin "some" credit. Rare event.
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    Every exit survey I have ever seen cites it as the #3 reason officials leave the avocation early. The first two are family and employment responsibilities.
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    Stink, come on man, there ain't no doubt my boys are gonna take it to them Friday night. I came out of retirement to get me a ring and I ain't gonna let no thing stop me, heck this may very well be my last chance, the pregame meals are starting to show a little. But yeah, it's business as usual for us, we not gonna treat it any different than any other opponent. I've been hearing all the chatting about this and that but let me tell ya, we gonna be ready to play. Well, I gotta walk on out now 😋
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    iiwii starting the thread...Miners by 1,000
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    The atmosphere at GS and Enlow Friday will be unbelievable. 4 schools with tremendous pride for their teams. Titan54 is the man!! Do you do to go orders? I’m close enough to GS to grab a couple brats on my way to Enlow?
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    I believe if my memory serves correct....they were a 3 point favorite at home last year in the regional as well over Dwenger and got beat 34-0
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    This game will be decided by the offensive lines and turnovers. Even though they are potential sectional opponents, I do not believe any staff will save a card for that. Should be a tremendous game. I love it when Dave Mosbey gives us the history lesson. Very excited for Friday night.
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