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    After four weeks, I think we have an adequate sample size... 1. Memorial (4-0) 2. Gibson Southern (3-1) 3. Central (3-1) 4. Heritage Hills (4-0) 5. Mater Dei (3-1) 6. Southridge (3-1) 7. Castle (3-1) 8. North (2-2) 9. Linton (2-2) 10. Jasper (1-3) HM: North Knox (3-1), Mount Vernon (2-2), North Daviess (4-0), Reitz (1-3) This was not easy. Spots 1-3 could be interchangable. As could spots 4-7. Outside of the top six or so teams, the big schools are making it hard to access where everyone stands. Would North Knox really hang in a game with Jasper or Reitz? I put my neck out there. Your turn... Instead of a new thread each week, let's just keep updating this as the season progresses. Some interesting matchups forthcoming.
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    I was down to Booneville the last time the Miners played the Pioneers. It was 1945. Undefeated Linton, 9 - 0 - 1 defeated the Pioneers 21 - 6, one of two Booneville losses that year. The Miners were Southern Indiana Athletic Conference champions in 1945. Linton's only blemish was a 6 - 6 tie with Terre Haute Garfield. The Miners only gave up 24 points in their 10 games. I was a high school freshman and was in the band. The band traveled to all out of town games and performed on the home field in those days. We traveled with the team to South Bend to play SB Riley in the opening game the next year. Stayed overnight in SB. Great days to be a Miner. (And it still is) 😎 Another thing special about that year was a victory over arch-rival Sullivan 22- 0, the first win over Sullivan in 13 years. It was the traditional season ending Armistice Day (now Veterans Day) game, played at Sullivan that year. Touched off one of the wildest celebrations in the annals of Linton football. Several Linton fans remained overnight in the Sullivan County jail. 😁 Back to the 1945 Booneville game, an excerpt from the Linton 1946 yearbook states, "Our boys showed what they were made of in the next tilt by outscoring a fine Booneville team that lost only two games all season. This was perhaps the roughest game of the season, with Booneville outweighing our players at every position. Bud Peterson scored all three touchdowns in the 21 - 6 victory." (Peterson was a two - year, all - state halfback for Linton.)
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    Not so fast Captainobvious! Eastbrook still has to get through Frankton and Elwood. Let's not go crowning them CIC champs just yet!!!!
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    How bout those Falcons of Frontier
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    Brohm has stated multiple times he prefers to play a challenging out of conference schedule. Nevada was already on the schedule from years ago, though clearly, it was no cake walk. I do agree that it is possible they don't have the firepower to bounce back from a tough start, but I did think so the previous two years either. There is a lot of football left to be played. Brohm did scour the market for a grad transfer on the o-line has he has the last two years. He did not find one he deemed suitable, as he stated in the preseason. What that means, it is hard to be sure, but likely he was very considerate of team chemistry and didn't find the right fit. He has recruited JC o-line guys, but more often than not, that doesn't address the solution. The offensive line always takes the longest to develop and he has recruited it heavily, but his oldest recruits are redshirt sophomores. They will be fine in time.
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    His post starts off with "I heard today" and your question is when did you hear this? Do you want to know the exact time of day or can he just round to the nearest hour.
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    Me too. I also watched Chatard v. Cathedral. Without the QB Southport will be in deep, deep trouble. With the QB they might have only been in deep trouble.
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    I will admit to being very surprised by the Warrior win. Certainly this makes me think twice about the Warriors.. The talk was that their D was good, but the offense? I only saw video from the Sullivan 15-12 loss...and thought.. yes. .the D held a potent Arrow attack at 15, all early... but the offense? Then they put 65 and 44 points back to back and held both opponents to 0.. but again... Eastern G is 0-4, Tecumseh is 1-3 (their win over 0-4 Pike Central). I thought Boonville would be too big too quick too much depth... etc... I had looked at that big QB and that speedy RB and some of those big guys up front and thought.. ok.. we will see what NK can do. Well we did. THey held the Pioneers to 6 for a long time.. and 2 TD's til deeper in the game... but the surprise here is the 34 points put up. Holtman Doades 219 rushing yards!! Cole Richter another 116?? I was very surprised. I guess maybe I put too much stock in the Pioneers beating Vincennes Lincoln 19-6. I mean they are 1-3 too. And Washington is 0-4 as well. I thought the Jasper loss might be more that Jasper was ultra fired up after a loss to Southridge....and considering the Wildcats other 2 losses are to Memorial & Heritage Hills! Sounds like NK was very physical.. and just pounded the Pioneers up front. I mean that's what NK's offense has been for many years now. That's how they make their hay. Now if Linton can match that physicality.. which is definitely a Miner trademark, and run the ball anywhere like the Warriors did.. which is another Miner trademark.. I feel good about the Miner chances this week. But that said.. i would imagine this was a major disappointment for boonville. I would imagine there will be some serious work put in this week and some massive challenges presented to the Pioneer players... They are the defending Big 8 champs.. I know there has to be some pride there. I can't fathom they won't be better prepared for this week... some changes or alterations made... i know Linton cannot take Boonville for granted. It's a chance to play someone in 4A and prove ourselves just as it was for North Knox.
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    I think we will get a much clearer picture of how competitive southport will be in the sectional after seeing how they compete with chatard this week.
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    Wrong thread you Green and Yellow nasties Get outta hear!!!!!!
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    About time we got this poll, even if two teams records were reported incorrectly! I think this year, GS may have been able to take on Memorial and get the W. Toss up i'd say, but I still like the Titans in that matchup.
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    Jasper wins convincingly IMO. They will then win the remainder of their regular season games. I am a believer that the Cats will be playing for a Sectional championship too!!
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    6A 1 Warren Central (7) 3-1 97 2 Avon (2) 4-0 88 3 Carmel (1) 3-1 84 4 FW Snider 4-0 64 5 Lafayette Jeff 4-0 51 6 Fishers 4-0 44 7 Brownsburg 2-2 37 8 Westfield 4-0 35 9 Merrillville 4-0 17 10 Center Grove 1-3 12 Homestead 4-0 12 Others receiving votes: Warsaw (7) 3-1, Southport (1) 4-0 5a New Palestine (9) 4-0 99 2 Indpls Cathedral (1) 3-1 91 3 Valparaiso 4-0 80 4 Concord 4-0 58 5 FW Dwenger 3-1 51 6 Elkhart Central 4-0 45 7 Mishawaka 3-1 41 8 Michigan City 2-2 32 9 Bloomington North 3-1 16 TH South 4-0 16 Others receiving votes: Decatur Central (8) 2-2, Harrison (4) 2-2, Castle (3) 3-1, Franklin (3) 4-0, Whiteland (2) 1-3 4A 1 New Prairie (5) 4-0 86 2 Mooresville (3) 4-0 82 3 East Central (1) 4-0 72 4 Evansville Memorial 4-0 67 5 East Noble 4-0 49 Marion 3-1 49 7 Delta 4-0 47 8 Plymouth 3-1 42 9 Mississinewa 3-1 21 10 Northwood 2-2 10 Others receiving votes: Leo (8) 4-0, Pendleton Hts. (7) 3-1, Evansville Central (6) 3-1, Columbia City (2) 4-0, Hobart (1) 2-2 3A 1 West Lafayette (6) 3-1 93 2 Indpls Chatard (3) 3-1 92 3 Gibson Southern 3-1 69 4 Indpls Brebeuf 3-1 57 5 Heritage Hills 4-0 54 6 Mishawaka Marian (1) 4-0 49 7 Guerin Catholic 3-1 46 8 Brownstown Central 4-0 42 9 Southridge 4-0 28 10 FW Concordia 2-2 11 Others receiving votes: Knox (5) 4-0, Jimtown (2) 2-2, Danville (1) 2-2 2A 1 Indpls Scecina (10) 4-0 100 2 Lewis Cass 4-0 78 3 Western Boone 3-1 74 4 Rensselaer Central 4-0 69 5 Evansville Mater Dei 3-1 64 6 Pioneer 3-1 47 7 Triton Central 3-1 36 8 Eastbrook 2-2 31 9 Heritage Christian 3-1 17 10 Linton-Stockton 3-1 14 Others receiving votes: Boone Grove (7) 4-0, Tipton (7) 3-1, Andrean (4) 2-2, Eastern [Greentown] (2) 4-0, Shenandoah (2) 2-2, Switzerland County (1) 4-0 1A 1 Indpls Lutheran (5) 3-0 91 South Adams (4) 4-0 91 3 Adams Central (1) 4-0 84 4 Southwood 4-0 64 5 Parke Heritage 4-0 54 6 Monroe Central 3-1 42 7 West Washington 4-0 38 8 North Vermillion 3-1 29 9 Churubusco 3-1 20 10 Sheridan 3-1 14 Others receiving votes: North Daviess (8) 4-0, Perry Central (6) 1-3, Attica (5) 3-1, North Miami (3) 2-2 2019 IFCA COACHES POLL Week 5.pdf
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    You got the extra "E" because I'm a heavy tipper. Humor for humor. I could have said, "Pionears". LOL I would caution using the name, "Minors" instead of Miners. I think the last time someone posted that, their team was totally embarrassed on the field. It's all good though. And I apologize for the typo in the spelling. So it's boon , like an adventure and not boone like Daniel Boone. Got it.
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    Some states do this. Not sure about Illinois. In some cases yes and some cases no. Depends on the state or region. It could be a difficult night physically to try to do both. Exhaustion can lead to poor mechanics and poor judgement so you have to be careful with that. I'll have 5-6 miles of steps for most high school games.
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    At least this week we can get some sort of Comparison across the state. Chatard plays Southport and that should give us an idea of how strong Gibson Southern is. It’s not a perfect comparison but it is something. And by default when GS plays Heritage Hills next week we really should have a good idea.
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    I am already scheduling games in the '24 and '25 season! I actually have a BD game in 21
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    So the answer of why it was a bad loss was a non answer other than historically speaking WL has been better than LJ last 10 years Got it.
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    I think you need to jump on to ISC and watch a replay of the WL-Jeff game. 6A against 3A. 1st game of the season. Two ranked teams in their class. Athletes all over the field. Despite the score, great defense played by both teams. Eight point differential for the final score. How is this a bad loss?
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    Trying to wrap my meathead around this statement....... gonna need some more insight on how that was a bad loss
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    One of the biggest issues with Arbiter as I understand it, was Arbiter didn't play well with all scheduling software. EL is a product of one of the scheduling software companies and is suppose to be able to link to the the other scheduling software products. One by-product we're seeing is virtually EVERY contract we've had for the last two years has been in EL, even if they were originally scheduled in Arbiter. We've be paid via EL Pay for 4 of 5 V games we've had. The nice thing about being paid via EL Pay is my savings is growing, but I don't have the walking around money I used to have. Oh who am I kidding, my wife or kids are going to end up with it anyway!
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    It was great to see George playing hard. I also think Cornel Jones stepped up well in replacing Bailey. Purdue will be fine.
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    As will I. Trash is right.
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    Well, did we all just witness Mr. Vinatieri's last game in a Colt uniform? Will he retire before next week's game?
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    I'm an official not on a crew and I'm not sure what you're implying here. I absolutely love football, and I get to help crews who need a replacement official that week or several weeks during the season. The assigner in my association has been warning us about this for years. There are 3 online scheduling websites being used as well as paper contracts, there's a good chance there was a double booking and miscommunication between school, assigner and officials.
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    Stink you are one crazy dude. For years and years I have enjoyed your rhymes. Sometimes those rhymes were hard on my Knights but you are coming around. I'm working on my video skills, but here is how Coach Rand walked into the building today on the hill! He got that SWAG (South Dearborn WINS All Games)
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    i am strongly in favor of the IHSAA implementing Minimum Participation Standards (MPS) by class, which is primarily a mechanism to insure player safety and a reasonable level of competitive capability Teams must practice. daily in order to compete at even a minimal level on Friday night's. Daily practice requires bodies. The IHSAA must also attempt to minimize the need for full time 2 way players My MPS proposal requires the following roster minimums by class : 1A - 22 2A - 26 3A - 30 4A - 35 5A - 40 6A - 45 Schools who cannot meet these roster minimums must cancel their season and perform an internal cost - benefit analysis to determine if football is a viable extra curricular activity for their particular school. The IHSAA would determine if reinstatement is appropriate.
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    Sign needs to be updated, Indiana now has over 1 million LTCH issued.
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    I don't question the work ethic of younger people in society when it comes to referees. Have had the distinct pleasure of coaching ... now in my 18th season ... youth football and have gotten to know the refs up close and personal. Our games are a great place to train younger or new officials and I've been able to see many over the seasons work the trade. As a coach, you sometimes get so grief from parents, fans, etc., but it tends to be specific like "Why isn't my kid getting to carry the ball?" or "How come my kid only played on defense during the game?" Refs often seem to get what I call "drive-by" grief. Usually indiscriminate and almost always based on a lack of understanding of rules by the fans, parents, etc. Sometimes it's just a lack of realizing that, in a youth game, the second-string flanker on the far right-hand side of the field playing slap-fight, patty-cake with the third-string cornerback while the team runs a wide left-hand sweep doesn't warrant putting laundry on the field. I wouldn't say it's a lack of work ethic as I've been quite pleased with the fact that these younger refs are taking time on the weekends when they could be running with their college buddies to come out and help us coaches give back to the community. I've been happy with their performance and therir desire to not just show up, but to do the job right too. It may, more likely, be a lack of tolerance for cr*p and BS from folks who themselves don't have the work ethic to come out and do the job, but feel that their "ticket" grants them the right to be part of the show.
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    The overwhelming likelihood is that there was some sort of a communication foul-up. I can assure you that if it is as simple as “the contracted officials didn’t show up” there will be serious repercussions for those officials. Don’t rush to judgment.
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    Should be a great matchup! One of the best OC's in the area vs. one of the best DC's in the area. I was fortunate to have both on staff, and they are top notch! Best of luck to Coach Skelton and Coach Kolkman! Have at it! Coach Rowland
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    I was playing QB for Lake Central in that game.
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    I feel i am the only person who can speak with absolute authority on all this ridiculousness. IP Addresses, 2 step verification, and many other behind the scene actions that I have access to tells me a story. This story is way different then the current narrative. My man, Ultimate Warrior, take a HEAVY piece of advice from the 1 guy who actually green lighted your account , what you think it seems is farthest from the reality. HOWEVER, based on your little diatribe, it looks like you we had an influx of Pioneer supporters sign up from last night....maybe some old friends of yours. So you did accomplish that ALOT OF WASTED ENERGY
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    As someone who is on here alot I dont see anyone put down winamac kids.
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    Winamac has never had a problem with penalties at home!
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    Note to self: It is perfectly fine to humiliate your players as long as you win the next game. (Not true) Instead of telling players to wear their jerseys inside out, how about working on an offense and being able to execute in games! On top of that, try to get players committed and willing to work hard every play! I feel that this is a more logical approach to losing a game and preparing for the next!
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    I honestly don’t give two craps about how Barr does. Two terrible seasons to start his tenure at Winamac and a third that is following the same path are not acceptable in that community and you know it. His offense is predictable and the defense is porous to say the least. Only bright spot is Compton and to me Barr is holding him back. The players are undisciplined and at times flat out lazy, and that starts from the top down. Hard to go go to battle for a dude you don’t respect.
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    This is the same school system who kicked a kid out who contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion back in the 80's.
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    The two teams that crushed them this year Luers beat both last year. Go stir your ridiculous crap somewhere else.
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    A sad day. Truly an American Icon. He will be missed.
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