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    The intent of the game is probably to recognize top players, coaches and players get together for a friendly competition, and overall a fun time. Whether or not the absolute best players are there or it gets high media coverage/forum buzz is probably not on the list of concerns for the iFCA. I saw articles posted so it was at least covered. The full crowd is also encouraging. Great job IFCA and everyone who participated.
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    Wait until the first snowflake civilian steps on a land mine......
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    Yep, I see a number if "issues" that could get this child removed from the home and parents charged with various forms of neglect.
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    Abolish the Dept. of Homeland Security? Yes, Please.: https://mises.org/power-market/abolish-dept-homeland-security-yes-please Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is usually wrong about pretty much everything. But on this she's accidentally correct: abolishing the DHS would be a net good for America. It was never necessary, and is mostly a channel for violating the rights of Americans through a de facto standing army of federal agencies and local cops pumped up on federal dollars and military equipment. Politicians in Washington DC would hate to see it go. But the taxpayers would likely benefit were it to disappear forever. This is something I support.
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    Sure but next tier guys put on a show, guys going to IU, Dayton, Ball St. and host of other schools. Still lot of talent on that field. Always is. I know I saw articles up north from Jim Peters covering Laporte County players and Sam King covering Lafayette Area as well
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    Area 51 expert on social media campaign to 'storm' top-secret site: Military won't let anyone get close: https://www.foxnews.com/science/area-51-expert-storm-facebook-military I read Ms. Jacobsen's book several years ago, a recommended read. That said I believe she and the military spokesperson discounts the power of Naruto running..........................
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    They'll probably drop once they lose that order from the Center Grove youth league.
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    You have a very selective memory. Shocking!!
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