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    Some changes at Pioneer beyond the '19 senior class... Previous Varsity Assistant Coach Dave Gregorich (2007 Pioneer graduate) has resigned and is now with Coach Johnson at Logansport. Dave organized some great defenses, getting to the State Championship 4 of his 5 years as the DC. Dave also coached the OL. With that exit, Coach Berry has promoted Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Vianco to DC. Coach V played (RB/DB) played with/graduated with Coach Berry from Pioneer in 2006. Coach V has been on staff coaching the RBs/DBs the past 2 years, as well as being the JV offensive play caller. Additionally, Coach Berry has promoted Junior High Coach Josh Lytle to Varsity Assistant Coach. Josh played for Pioneer 2009-2012, recently graduated from Purdue, and just completed his 2nd season coaching Junior High. He will coach the OL, while Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Gates, also a 2006 Pioneer graduate, coaches the DL. Josh was an Indiana North All-Star (OL), as was Coach Gates (DE). The status of 20 year veteran Pioneer coach Steve Berkshire (LBs) is unknown at this time. But he's like that stray dog you kick to the curb, he just won't go away for good and keeps showing back up and bringing a smile to your face when you need it. Besides that, someone has to keep Coach Berry's head in check by reminding him daily that he lost a game once upon a time (as if 44-1 and 2 titles isn't enough). I really don't know how many high school staffs across the state can stake claim to having 100% of their staff be former players and alumni. It's definitely special to have such a close knit group, and the passion they put into it for their alma mater is second to none. As for me, time to take a break and be a fan. It's been a fun ride. 13 years of youth league, 3 years of junior high, 4 years Varsity Assistant... and every one of those 20 years fully tied into and committed to our Head Coach's program. That's the secret, that's what it takes to develop players in a system, people who buy in. It's a top down and bottom up mentality. ALL IN. And if people think Pioneer is rebuilding and will start to drop off, don't expect them to drop too far as long as the above coaches are on the prowl!
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    My wife helps coach the Robotics team at the elementary school where she teaches. My five year old cannot wait to participate and free builds at home to make things that look like the robots that they use in the competition. He is far smarter than me and he loves that stuff almost as much as throwing balls around and wrestling his brother. Time will tell what he want to do when he gets older. I will following whatever he decides to choose and and be his biggest and quietest fan in the stands!
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    For most of McWhorter's tenure they were NOT the smallest HCC school (Westfield). And the gap in size between them and other schools, particularly HSE/Fishers was much closer than it is today.
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    Show me a government school that requires their students learn ALL ideas in all required subject matters. Isn't that what approved teaching curriculum are for? Shouldn't I as a parent have a choice in what ideas are presented to my children? Isn't that one of the reasons many parents home school or send their children to religious-affiliated schools?
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    This post has went viral and was meant to be funny. Mission accomplished. My son was on a SeaPerch team that qualified for nationals and got to go to LSU to compete. All while playing middle school and now high school football. I enjoy both and the skills he has garnered from both are helping him to develop into a fine young man.
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    Good luck with the rebuild. Always happy to do my part to generate traffic. 😀
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    I did some more Math: 444 divided by 12 that is exactly 37 accounts per day thus far. Dead I tell ya, Dead dead dead
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    I thought you would want "responses" to your "viewpoint" I think you have shortchanged Coach Ech's as well. Our Savior!!! Good thing you signed back with over 400 people since we've opened up back after only a month off on rebuild. I believe its been 12 days since we've opened back up. Not bad for Off Season numbers thus far: EMBER STATISTICS Total Members 444 Most Online 424 17 hours ago
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    SF wonders where the next example of the non-existent "Fake News" is going to come from?
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    If only someone....anyone had opted to be an adult in this situation. Media is going to find the angle that fits their narrative. There's plenty of blame to go around, I'm not sure anyone has the moral high ground in this situation.
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    Gosh, I must’ve missed the spot in the article where it said these kids were not in the military because they are pansies. 🙄
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    nothing gets by Mike Francesa http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/mike-francesa-todd-gurley-referee-jersey-swap-nfc-championship/b86vbnahwyd510j0jpwdi49v0 Gurley did not originate the MEME/POST as an fyi. It had gone "viral" by the time he put it up on his Insta I understand your point you are making, but its not like it wasn't already out there
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    Of course that is what the chaperone is going to say, helps to abdicate them from any responsibility in the matter.
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    Reading these comments reinforce to me why the military is struggling with qualified recruits.....raising pansies..... https://news.usni.org/2017/10/12/panel-pentagon-facing-future-recruiting-challenge-due-lack-candidates The next thread will focus on playing more video games. Why play sports for real, when we can use our imaginations and thumbs while lying on the couch eating ice cream and chips?
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    As a life skills teacher, we have some too. the IAM test only takes 1% of the students. We have about 2% so half have to take ISTEP. Go figure
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    Preposterous. Of course it does
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    From a sped teacher in our building Basic skills juniors and seniors now have to take ISTEP. They are only in elective classes yet have to take the English LA and Math portion of the ISTEP even though they are enrolled in functional skills math and English. Let’s remember these are the kids that since they entered elementary school, we knew they would be counted as failures against our graduation rates, by law.
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    Enjoy playing other sports while preparing your body in the weight room to be ready to go in the summer.
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    http://reason.com/archives/2019/01/23/school-choice-is-a-noble-cause To give students another perspective, I started a charity that offers teachers free study guides, sample lessons, and videos that introduce students to free market ideas: Stossel in the Classroom. Most of the videos are versions of my reporting for Stossel TV, Fox, and ABC News, specially edited for students. In these videos, kids hear from people in parts of the world where markets are not as free and people suffer because of it. After watching, one high school student told us that he now understood that America is "the rare place where you can write the script of your own life." That idea is important to kids, who don't always feel that they're in control of their lives. One student, Gabriel Miller, told us, "When I originally went to school, it was all taught from one side: This country is horrible; because you are a minority you can't make it. It made me dislike the country. But after the videos were shown, I felt ashamed for what I initially believed." He then enlisted in the National Guard. "I wanted to give back for, not only giving my family so much opportunity, but also to protect, defend and serve the people in the United States." "We never really thought like this before," his classmate Diony Perez told us. "We're taught that the government is... responsible for us and we have to trust them in doing everything for us." After watching videos about entrepreneurs, Perez decided he didn't want government to take charge of his life. Instead, he started his own business. His company delivers cars to customers without them having to step foot in a dealership. Students say certain ideas in the videos stand out because they are different from the anti-market messages they usually hear in school. One that stuck with many was "unintended consequences"—the idea that laws meant to protect people often end up harming them instead. A higher minimum wage, for example. Most Americans support that idea, and it does raise some workers' pay. But a minimum also prices young and marginal workers out of jobs by making it illegal for them to get starter experience at lower pay. Every law, every regulation is announced with the loftiest of intentions—making the poor richer, protecting the environment, guaranteeing food safety—but again and again, the laws not only fail to achieve their stated objectives but also make things worse by limiting choices and making it harder for businesses and customers to find mutually satisfying solutions. Few students understand that. In fact, these days most are more pro-government, even socialist, than their millennial, generation X and boomer predecessors. Watching these videos in class will help many students open their minds. One student told us the video series "contradicts all these beliefs about how socialism is great." I would hope so. Socialism is definitely not great. Fortunately, about 10 million students will watch these videos in class this year. Some will change their minds. "I went to my mom. I was like, 'Do you know who's really paying for all this government stuff?'" said Diony. If you know teachers who might want to use the videos in their classrooms, please tell them about SITC.org. All our resources are free. School Choice Week isn't just about letting kids and parents choose where they go to school. It also means being able to choose what ideas they learn—including the concept of choice itself. Kudos to Mr. Stossel.
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    If You Still Think Nick Sandmann’s Smile Is Proof of Racism, You’re Seeing What You Want to See: http://reason.com/blog/2019/01/22/nick-sandmann-covington-catholic-racism
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    http://reason.com/archives/2019/01/22/homeschooling-produces-better-students/ The government school teachers unions also hate homeschooling.
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    Quite sensitive, aren't we?
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