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    Not looking good right now - I've been salivating at the thought of Tango's Cajun delicacies for days. Unfortunately, my parole officer only allows me in immediately surrounding counties. I did give it a shot, though. After I finished mowing the Broad Ripple field, I needed a few days head start. Tried to shoot the barricades at the Johnson County line....just couldn't pull it off, though. Needed a couple more horses. The worst part was they confiscated my Skoal stache in the trailer (bad camouflage on my part). It was going to be an even longer trip since I apparently have to skirt Gibson County these days (it would recently appear). I just couldn't shake the snow and icestorm that seemed to be following me.....God forbid, didn't want to bring it their way....again. Was planning on staying away from Spencer County as much as I could....somehow Patriot74 would have no doubt found it "disrespectful" if I'd passed through...…………………………...somehow...………….somehow. If "being disrespected" could be put on canvas...….Patriot74 is Rembrandt. Man is a true artist....and I thought Dangerfield was a genius...….. Sure going to miss the Cajun, though...these bologna sandwiches at the Marion County lockup are Gawdawful….let's not even talk about how my "roomie" here tells me CONSTANTLY how "sexy" I look in orange....
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    my cat thought they called it panamabobing !
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    It's gonna be a long week waiting for this one.
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    Really looking forward to this game also. I expect a big crowd overall assuming SR has a similar community backing like Webo. You can't beat the turnout of small town, public school fans.
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    I’m not expecting a huge crowd. It’s not about waiting until the finals..... it’s about a Friday 7:30 EST kickoff at a location 3+ hours away in rush hour traffic (in Indy). Talked with several alumni and casual fans (for example.... a dad with daughters at BC, a son in middle school, but no kids on the team). They all planned to make the trip for the expected Saturday game, but just can’t make it happen with work obligations. Kind of a shame for how cool of an atmosphere this is expected to be.
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    all bow to the greatest er of all time !
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    Geez, this conversation has officially jumped the shark and may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen. Stop dancing around what is really being said here. The term “city speed” comes from the fact that there is a higher proportion of faster players in the metropolitan areas of our state, or any for that matter. Its not a slight at West Lafayette and doesn’t mean that Luers is loaded with speed or that they have faster stopwatches in Allen County. As mentioned above, as someone who follows high school track and field very closely it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that central Indiana and Fort Wayne dominate the sprints from a depth standpoint. It’s simple numbers people. Dont even get me started on “fake 40” times as that is a top hot button issue for me. Good luck to Luers and West Lafayette this weekend.
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    Here we go again... mods can DT be banned from New Pal threads for a month?
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    I worked at Howe when Coach chambers took over and was the wrestling coach there. He is an incredible man and coach that rallies the community like no other. Several of the kids on the team lived in lawrence in the same neighborhood I lived in and their parents took them to Howe just to play for Coach. So when he took the Marion job, the houses went up for sale, and they followed him. I don’t think any are still in school. They were mostly Sophomores when he left and graduated last year or the year before. He pushes them in the weight room, meets them at their level and requires them to be their best while still letting them keep their identity. To the point, he is the absolute perfect coach for Marion HS. Kudos to the admin for recruiting and hiring him. But mostly, great job, Coach Chambers!
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    Out of curiosity, what did they teach you about winning with class? Back in the day, Penn could have absolutely DESTROYED teams the way that New Pal has been. But the coaches found a way to run a 2 yard tackle play to the left, a bulldoze into the guard's butt on the right, and a misfired slant pass on 3rd down. (Oops, did I throw that so low that it was batted down?). 🤷‍♀️
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    36 was not a starter. Try again. You play the spin game with LCC and whoever else.
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    Not much about Lutheran. They would need to build them in a lake.
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    Bring plenty of lawn chairs. And if everyone from "Cowbell Nation" buys a hot dog and a pop, we'll be that much closer to visitors bleachers.
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    No I like the work he has done in WL But these recruits have committed as much or more to Brohm as they have the university. Lets face it, WL is basically a cow pasture. Lots of better potential destinations out there to choose from.
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    The Colts have not allowed a sack since the very first play of the Patriots game on October 4th. Next week will be another big test with Titans coming in after they bulied Tom Brady yesterday. GB
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    Apparently we are exporting to much of our food production to other countries. Trump tariffs may however change that .
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    Wow, you people have this whole pretending to feel disrespected thing down to a science.
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    I could understand having a strong desire to coach your alma mater but he's really got good momentum with Purdue right now. Saturday is just something that happens to programs in rebuild mode. His recruiting swing has been outstanding and things are only going to get better for the Boilermakers. It's a future "what if" question either way he goes but I just don't see him bailing right now. Too many things going right to take that kind of chance. Plus the buyout is 20+ mil and he makes 4 mil now. Unless U of L wants to make him a top five paid coach, he shouldn't be leaving.
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    Good teams can show and expose a team’s vulnerability. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. He wasn’t taking a shot at Warren. Please stop trying to search for a reason to be offended.
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    Did Purdue a lot of good when they lose to Eastern Michigan and Minnesota...
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    Out of the 21 offensive lineman indiana has. 14 are not from Indiana. Indiana has 25 kids from Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. Purdue has 17 from Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.
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    Yes they were as my little brother was one of the 2nd string Seniors. Nice try, but the game was over. You didn't just drive the field on all of our starters like that at anytime in that game. You had a 4th and 1 long TD run to separate from us. I believe we were out of timeouts and you secured the first down earlier on that drive. Thats when the defense subbed most of the #1s.
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    The question is can Lafayette handle Luers speed? If not, they will be in for a long night...
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    First of all. I went to high school with Brett, Nate and Travis. I was at Pioneer when Travis moved in and actually played against him in bball when he went to Columbia and I was at Winamac Brett told me he went to all saints in logan and Denton told me he started at pioneer in 6th or 7th grade. They were really nice to me when I first started out at pioneer cause they knew what it was like to be the new kid at school. Mitchell had a sister my age, Cody Winn went to Winamac before he went to Pioneer. I still speak to Brandon Barron daily. We have talked Pioneer football in the past.. that's how I know about adams and Miller Yes. Nick and Zach moved to Pioneer in elementary school. My cousin Justin was a grade ahead of them both. Here are some more. Stanton and Whitlock too. A move in is a move in. I don't know why you just say "we don't get move ins" Hell. I'm not afraid to say four of Winamac's all time players are move ins Mitch Reed twin lakes Guy rugg Hebron Tyler katschke north judson Eric knorr
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    I’m not gonna wish them luck..... Dirtiest team I’ve seen in awhile.......
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