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    This again? Can I save us all some time here... "Blah, blah, blah, why don't you all take this virus as seriously as you should?" "Blah, blag, blag, where is the proof that this is any worse than any other illness?" "Blah, blah, blah, science..." "Blah, blah, blag, but this science..." Accusations of callousness... Accusations of cowardice... (5 pages later) *rinse and repeat the above* Topic shutdown... (24-48 hours later) "New" thread questioning where things stand now... See above... I'd ask if I missed anything, but I think you get the gist... Over/under on this thread: 3 pages
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    A better option would be to allow small schools to form co-op teams, like they do in Illinois.
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    Take my bet unless your scared and truly don't believe trump will win in a landslide.
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    Here’s a shout out to all those freedom loving guys who are taking a stand against wearing masks.
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    All that makes too much sense. In the meantime we will just continue to make fun of the IHSAA and why they do things so backward. A 9-0 team goes on the road to play an 0-9 team in the first round. Or even better, two 9-0 teams square off in one game and two 0-9 teams square off in the other. An 0-9 team earns the right to play another week while a 9-0 team cleans out their lockers. Everyone except the IHSAA knows this is stupid, but I'm sure we'll get some politically correct responses.
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    I'd rather keep Lucas Oil for the championship but use those venues for semi state games for the bigger classes. This is however using my method of determining semi state matchups instead of what is currently used. I'd rotate which regional winner plays which every three years. So currently it is basically NW vs NE and SW vs SE. I'd have a 3 year rotation and I'll use NE in this example (since that is my area). Year 1 NE vs NW and SW vs SE; Year 2 NE vs SW and NW vs SE; Year 3 NE vs SE and NW vs SW. Year 1 the first matchup could be at Notre Dame and the second in Bloomington. Year 2 I'm not sure what locations would work for those probably U of Indy or something like it. Year 3 could have the first matchup at Ball State and the 2nd at Purdue. I know many Ohio HS football fans wish they had a Lucas Oil venue for their state championship. The east side of Ohio has reclaimed holding the championships after a brief stay at the horseshoe. Many of the smaller division champs in Ohio are from the NW/WC Ohio area.
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    I like that idea! I don’t know anything about UE’s football facility and Hanover’s in tiny. I don’t think it’s very big at ISU either.
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    Watching the libs heads explode is hilarious.
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