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    It is close enough to July 6th. Just like the previous topic, this one spiraled off course. Seriously, some of you just need to put each other on ignore.........SERIOUSLY
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    30 December 2004
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    the bottom line is pretty simple.......if we want to play the game we love, watch the game we love, coach the game we love and officiate the game we love.....wear a mask........if not by the end of July we can all sit around and start a new post on the GID about "what do we do now since there is no football".........it's not a difficult decision...........we as coaches are always talking to the players about the life lessons of sacrifice and doing what it takes to be successful.......if we want a season, a full season, it's time to apply the lessons we preach.
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    I actually think they are real and helpful but to those intensely political on both sides, “yes” - just part of a pissing contest.
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    A better option would be to allow small schools to form co-op teams, like they do in Illinois.
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    I think he’s being sarcastic. I swear to God he is. The last 2 years the southern boys said Liptons or Madder Days would win it all.
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    Here's my annual infographic for Most wins in Indiana High School Football History. While trying for accuracy, this won't match exactly what's on the IFCA's or even my page. I tried to combine the information from both to make as accurate as possible, but the number of wins may be slightly off here and there. Thanks and enjoy!
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    What an embarrassing response by you, specifically your last two statements. I am willing to bet that Mr. Ellenwood has been a PROFESSIONAL educator for quite sometime now and is probably pretty damn good at his job. There is a big difference between PERSONAL beliefs and PROFESSIONAL beliefs AND there is a time and place for BOTH. I’m sure that he will take the PROFESSIONAL route and follow whatever district guidelines his corporation states when it comes to masks, etc. It comes with the job. This HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FORUM is not a reflection of real life. It’s nerf. It’s an Internet forum. Stop pretending you know someone based on a few posts that you disagree with. Having an opinion does not make him a “keyboard warrior” and he’s not on the clock at work so he can form/state his own opinion (even if you disagree with it) on his own time. His “local school board” is irrelevant. Just stop it.
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    The Indiana Football Digest is out. Order your copy at: indianafootballdigest.com
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    Has anyone seen instructions/protocol for cleaning of endzone cameras after normal Friday night use? Picture, if you will: It's a cold, rainy October Friday night. Following a Sectional game, the endzone cameraperson gets a sore throat and a cough. They are feeling under the weather, but this happens during football season with the weather being what it is. Cameraperson A calls on their back-up for the big Sectional Championship. Cameraperson B fills in nobly for Cameraperson A, but following the game, they start to feel sick. They end up testing positive for Covid-19, which they were infected with by using the Endzone camera that wasn't properly sanitized from the week before. How do we avoid this Endzone camera Covid transmission?
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    https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-clintonera-roots-of-the-financial-crisis-1376348141 https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/hillary-and-bill-cause-of-housing-financial-crisis/ http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1877351_1877350_1877322,00.html https://reason.com/2012/10/14/clintons-legacy-the-financial-and-housin/
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    Neutral sites seems to work very well in Ohio. Only their 1st round games (Region quarterfinal) are hosted by top seeds Why would it not work in Indiana? Apathy by schools is the argument I'm reading above.
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    I don't recall saying that ! I have to question your reading comprehension.
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    rosters of 80-130 I am sure its easy to hold their own inter squad scrimmage If we have a roster of 50, having a inter squad is not feasible to have a productive experience. Roster of 50, say 15 are Freshman, leaves 35, of those 35, maybe on average 20 could be ready to go against varsity caliber players, even if you made it as even as possible. From a smaller school perspective, I need the scrimmage especially this year with no summer competition days to gauge your team.
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    Don't forget their new Defensive Coordinator.
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    The Red Devils are always a solid team. One of the top programs in the area, year in and year out. I'd venture they've earned the right to be considered a contender.
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    Just saw four baseball games in the last two days and the only reason it wasn't six is because both of my boys were in different cities today. I have a feeling I'm going to get my fill of baseball easily before the end of summer at this rate.
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    Nope just Drunk (perhaps)..gonna leave the other part to others...😆
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    https://technocracy.news/cdc-confirms-extremely-low-covid-19-death-rate/?fbclid=IwAR1CaXgp0aCtIsLRFwgUSTeOAwRpVwvZB6n6P3-vU07VMVBq588yYS6knhk “The CDC estimates the death rate from COVID-19 for those under 50 is 1 in 5,000 for those with symptoms, which would be 1 in 6,725 overall, but again, almost all those who die have specific comorbidities or underlying conditions. Those without them are more likely to die in a car accident. And schoolchildren, whose lives, mental health, and education we are destroying, are more likely to get struck by lightning.“
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    You run Fauci through the woodchipper then use him to try to support your argument....hilarious ! Glad for your factory but it isnt Fla., Texas, etc.....
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    I would edit my previous post, but my phone will not allow. Two more things and then I'm done with the @DT. First of all, your lane is very obviously not Indiana high school football in general, it is the promotion of "big school" football that produces the majority of the "talent" in the state. If that's your focus, fine, but that makes you the guy on the interstate who puts his cruise control on right at 70 and tries to pass a semi without accelerating. Sure, you're "in your lane" and "following the letter of the law" but it's also inconsiderate at best and dangerous at worst. Finally, I've coached teams that went 9-1 and teams that went 0-10 and don't you dare tell me that those kids that went 0-10 didn't take away anything positive from that season because they did. I've spoken to those kids, who are now young men, and they certainly wished things would have gone differently, but they wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. But sure, go ahead and pound the table demanding that all those experiences shouldn't happen. It's insulting, and contrary to the purposes of this forum. I'm done.
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    Different ways to look at it If that was the case, why is OPTION to join vs Mandatory to join? Congrats?? Choices and options life and professions are full of them. Its not a one size fits all. Interesting why so many want to have it that way
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    If you think I was comparing rape to a viral illness, you are simply mistaken. I was comparing the attitude of those who view infection as inevitable with the General’s attitude toward an inevitable rape. The comparison was to the attitude toward an inevitable, but bad, experience. My bad for being unclear.
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    The current flag football program, per your article, is part of the Unified Program. My understanding of the Unified Program is that the IHSAA partners, at least perhaps unofficially, partners with the Special Olympics to provide student-athletes with special needs an opportunity to safely participate in athletics. It is a wonderful program, but I don't think that it serves the same purpose as the push for Co-OP and/or 8-man football investigation. In other words, the existing flag-football program is NOT a "better option" than 11 or 8 man football for communities who want to support a program.
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    Agreed. Depends on a what point you believe a fetus becomes a "baby". And if you truly believe in personal freedom then the state has no business telling what an adult can do with their body, or the contents within it.
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    Time zones are, or at least should, be based on Meridians of Longitude. You begin in London, head west 15 degrees for your first time zone (GMT—Greenwich Mean Time). Keep going by 15 degrees and you would see that Indiana and the Eastern half of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Yooperland (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) would all be in the same time zone.
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    I would agree with these except WeBo would move down to #7 with Scecina jumping into the #6 spot and Pioneer the #8 while dropping Boone Grove to #9.....(the south won't rise again this year either...at least in the playoffs if they happen)
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    I bet the families of the 120,000+ dead folks would disagree with you. There's no bigger fan than me but I don't want anyone to suffer a serious illness or just to fulfill my fun fantasies. I hope I'm wrong but I'm still worried that we won't see our beloved football this fall.
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    Any name I call you describes you...which is why I call you multiple names. I have never called myself an expert in any field. Where have I done that? I kept stats for Winamac basketball.. Therefore I am the stats guy for that program... Hint my name.
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    Shooting in CHOP zone last night, Cops can't go in. Can't wait for the Marxist folks in there start turning on themselves. Sounds like justice to me. t
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    Damon Bailey did it in 1990 as an HS senior.
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    Coach Nowlin it is such a pleasure having you on the Boards bringing your knowledge. Thanks for all you do for Indiana high school foootball
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    It was a great interview, but I actually like this one better. Chris and Nathan really calls him out. https://www.regionsports.com/2020/06/09/football-four-down-territory-6-5-20/
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    My son will be a senior at Lowell which means I have been seeing this particular class evolve from little kids playing Pop Warner 12 years ago into full grown men. I can't surmise what will happen, but I think good things will be happening at the Inferno this fall.
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    Fun game to watch, neither defense could stop the other offense... take those fumbles away and that would have probably been a wild finish! Anxious to see how Valpo/mville game goes, Hobart/Andrean could be a doozy too. Will Lowell be a player this year?
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    Here is a recap of conference representation for the 20-21 state football top recruits : https://247sports.com/Season/2021-Football/RecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=highschool&State=IN MIC - 12 Hoosier Crossroads - 7 NIC - 5 Duneland - 4 North Central - 3 SAC - 2 Mid State - 2 Conf Indiana - 2 Hoosier Hills - 2 Hoosier - 1 Northwest Crossroads - 1 Hoosier Heritage - 1 Eastern Indiana Athletic - 1 Independents - 1 Observations : Brownsburg tops the list with 5 players. I sense some self promotion. MIC is kind with 12 players, HCC with 7 but five from one school. Relative talent weakness across the balance of the conference. NIC is solid and the new Elkhart HS has two players on the list. Impressive. Is The SAC falling off the grid? Where is the SIAC and the PAC? Lots of talk down there, where are the players? Only one Indy Catholic player on the entire list. Roncalli and Chatard, what gives? Nice looking group of offensive and defensive linemen, maybe the best the state has ever produced in one class.
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    I think that looks about right. Valpo is also very close with their enrollment
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    Swordfish - is this actually for real? Honest question. If so, it’s frightening....and would seem to be a bit of a “tell”. I have long recognized that Antifa was little more than a babysitting service for backdoor Brownshirts (since they seem to openly wallow in that imagery) but this seems even too obvious a message for their somewhat wanting PR department.....though they do rely perhaps too heavily on their many apologists at the Times, Post, etc. to sugarcoat their real message. Still, I truly think they need to beef up their marketing department. The only other observation I have about all of this is the absolute dearth of information and coverage about this situation outside of a quite literal handful of places.....one would think “CHAZ” (sharing that somewhat unfortunate name with the cologne from the 80’s - but no doubt MUCH more fragrant given their population) is north of the DMZ with the scant coverage and seeming lack of interest by the mainstream press. I get more Google references regarding UFO abductions in Metamora, Indiana than I seem to get when I look for information regarding this newly formed communist utopia nation on our western shores. God forbid I Google for references regarding those “commoners” in Michigan marching peacefully to go back to work or to attend church....such things as national crises are composed of apparently....based on the intense and scathing coverage of that “rabble” (Thank God for that brilliant governor they have holding things together in Michigan, btw). Can’t have those flyover rubes wanting to get back work or attend church when there is a country that needs burning to the ground.
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    I thought Knox's best chance to beat Pioneer would be this up coming year... W john gone. Itll be interesting to see. Ill say Pioneer Knox LaVille Winamac North Judson Culver Triton Caston
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    Granted not all called it a hoax; Hannity led that charge; Regan is actually on leave because of her comments; but downplaying the severity of it the way the network did was just as irresponsible. https://www.thedailybeast.com/fox-business-anchor-trish-regan-on-hiatus-after-calling-coronavirus-an-impeachment-scam
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    Lol no it wasn't. Less people voted in 2016 then in 2012 in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. That's what led to a R win among other things. Trump out performed Mitt in Pennsylvania and Michigan but not Wisconsin. Clinton didn't out perform Obama in any of those 3 states (she did out perform Mitt in Michigan and Pennsylvania).. And Trump didn't out perform Obama. Democrats need to run on Health care and Infrastructure like they did in 2018. They won the governorship's in Wisconsin and Michigan and held onto the governorship in Pennsylvania...and won the house by doing so. Trump is the most beatable incumbent since Carter. I think you'll see more Independent and moderate R's vote D and quite a bit of Obama turn trump voters vote D again.
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