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    If there is one thing I have learned in my time of following GID and then joining the forum it is this: it is incredibly shortsighted of me, having never played football, coached football, or officiated football to sit in the stands or stand on the sideline during the game and believe that my opinion or perspective of any particular play is the correct and absolute opinion or perspective. As to officiating I would ask how do you expect another human being to make 100’s if not 1000’s of split second decisions during the course of a game and get every one of them right. If we take the low number of 100 and say they miss 5 calls during a game. That is still a 95% success rate. I doubt any of us can claim that success rate on our daily tasks, yet we expect it of semi-volunteer people just like us every week. I hope we never put the underpaid individuals, that offer their time and physical strength to make this game as fair as it is, on a podium so we can question every call that we didn’t like. That would be the ultimate insult a real slap in the face. Players play, Coaches coach, Officials officiate, and Fans cheer. I’m a fan!
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    This is the first time I have seen this article. I believe the title is inflammatory and false; a different look at the numbers would suggest the following title: High School Football Participation Numbers Decreased Slightly, but that is OK There is absolutely NO evidence that football is Dying a slow death. There is still plenty of participation. The author points to a 6.5% decrease in athletes playing football and the rise of Lacrosse. What the author does not point out is that the decrease in participating schools across the country has been 1% in 10 years. That means that 99% of the US high schools that fielded teams 10 years ago still have students excited about playing football. 1% decrease in schools participating is not a slow death. Furthermore, the author makes additional points that explain the slight decrease in participation. Most notable of these is the decline in the total number of boys in this country aged 15-19. His census numbers showing that there are 700,000 fewer high school boys in this country accounts for a 6% decrease in the number of high school males. So football participation has decreased at the exact same level as high school boys attending high school. Amazing coincidence (haha). Bottom line: Using his numbers, the same proportion of boys are playing now as did 10 years ago. Hardly a dying sport. There is some truth to arguments that sports specialization causes some athletes to choose other sports (baseball players choosing fall ball over football). There is also truth that some families are pushing kids in different directions due to concussion risk. And there are a few families that see sports as a path to a scholarship and push their kids toward other sports that that they mistakenly believe are easier routes to that scholarship. But overall, our communities are excited about this Friday night and the beginning of football season. Players are excited. Students look forward to attending and entire communities are coming together on Friday nights. Football is definitely not dying.
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    A microcosm of society. A few people make bad choices and a new rule is put into place to make it inconvenient for the other 99.9% of the population... When people don't know how to act in public, everyone suffers...
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    We hear about bad sportsmanship a lot. Here is a post from the Triton Trojans facebook page. This was posted on Saturday after the LaVille game: This afternoon, the Triton Athletic Department received an e-mail from one of the officials from last nights Varsity game against LaVille. The official was commenting on the sportsmanship of the Trojans. Please read the e-mail below: "The Triton Trojans (staff and players) showed exemplary sportsmanship last night as they suffered a tough loss against the LaVille Lancers. It is difficult for a team to hold their composure when the other team holds such a commanding lead, but the Triton Trojans held their heads high for all 4 quarters of play as we had 0 unsportsmanlike fouls to report. A special shout out to #58 Jeremiah Farrell for his positive attitude as he was always trying to be verbally positive with his team even when the loss was imminent. He tried to set the tone of playing for pride, and we officials saw his positive attitude and wanted to make sure his gestures did not go unnoticed. High Schools need these types of athletes that show such such pride in their achievements, and their failures." Thank you to Coach Younis, staff, players, and especially Jeremiah for this outstanding display of sportsmanship! #TrojanPride
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    At least DT and Muda are educated trolls. This is a whole 'nother level.
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    Look, if you're going to post a thread, no matter how right, or in this case wrong you might be, at least make sure your potential title games could actually happen.
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    Every time I see a title like this, then I see who posted it. I actually chuckle and shake my head.🙃
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    This has been printed and Posted at the Tennis Complex: The disrespect towards the racketted Bombers will be met with a fury of forehands that the Jays have not seen before. You've been warned
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    I get the image of John sitting in his basement saying, at about 10:30 pm, "WHERE IS THAT GARY LIGHTHOUSE SCORE??" Thanks John for all you do!
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    Beating Jasper may not be a win anymore against a Top 10 team in Class 4A, but it is a quality win and a game that unless you are a top tier team in Class 3A or 4A, you can lose -- especially at Alumni Stadium. Jasper is a solid opponent and their luck recently in the sectional shouldn't diminish that too greatly. Everything is cyclical. Give the new system time. The stock and bloodlines run deep in Jasper. They are VERY successful in most other boys' sports, football will return to prominence. Jasper will also benefit in the coming years of attrition from surrounding schools. Many of my classmates and former teammates, for example, work in Jasper. Unlike their parents, they have chosen to live and work in Jasper rather than commute from Spencer County. I would imagine that other school districts are also suffering/benefitting from that phenomenon as well.
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    Just a personal note and relaying the thoughts of other admins, moderators, staff, boosters, and contributors... Thank you very much for making Week 1 of the 2019 football season a success on the forum for supporters of the Indiana HS football community. The server crash was unfortunate. Lessons were learned. Thankfully @DK_Barons @77Jimmie were able to provide us with a platform to discuss and connect on a message board. Mayor @Coach Nowlin and @Irishman and others greatly have stepped up and taken some of the weight off of other staff. @crimsonace1 keeps us in-line and is a voice of reason @WCGrad92and @sr1 are others with multiple jobs teaching and involved at schools but still make contributions to TGD. @DaveMosbey and @Miner_Pride's consistency is unmatched on TGD and is only rivaled by John Harrell and @Rudy, and a few others across the state. Even @Muda69 and @DT thank you for the banter. @Mrs Gridirondigestshared a message with the administrators saying how happy that Coach Adams' legacy and love for INHSFB lives on. @dawgieinthepound turned corporate, doubt he can find his way back to Casketville. I'm still working and living in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (8 time zones ahead of most of you). In June, my father visited for 10 days and I married my fiancee ... You can send me a personal FB invitation https://www.facebook.com/Chrstopher.Johannes or follow my professional work as a journalist in the Middle East for three years now at https://www.facebook.com/cmjohannes812 I plan to allocate more time to TGD: getting the Predictor Tool back up, rebuilding our http://Twitter.com/gridirondigest to more than 10,000 followers by the end of the season, and contributing more on threads. Again thank you all and anyone we left out like top contributers this week @gonzoron @Impartial_Observer and @Impartial_Observer. Any @Bobref sitings or have @SoIndRef and IO taken that load? PS: We need more northern representation on the board. If you are interested in becoming a referee, send The Sheriff, Nowlin, me and any other staff your interest...
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    Your 3A state game would actually be the Sectional 28 championship game..... LOL #IHSAA
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    This article is a year old. Please add something to make it relevant to conversation in 2019, or it will be deleted.
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    South Newton may not be as fortunate with the athletes that step on the field but from my experience the last couple years of playing those teams Coach Durham has made them extremely respectable and hardworking men and to me that is what really matters on down in their lives rather than how many HIGH SCHOOL football games they won!
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    DT is making up both sides of the arguments and debating himself.
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    "There has been plenty of talk here by me about Penn possibly going independent..." There, I fixed it for you.
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    Angles, alignments, DL Shades, OL footwork steps per scheme your going against. Self Scouting. Gives you as a coach a view as the players see it as the game unfolds. Search Hudl End Zone Highlights and you can see teams that have it public and how much better it is for the coaching and playing communities.
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    The two teams that crushed them this year Luers beat both last year. Go stir your ridiculous crap somewhere else.
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    In true sportsmanship fashion, Sammy there to congratulate Mr Spegal on passing him for the All-Time rushing leader.
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    I feel like most people can agree with @Muda69 on this one....
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    The Patriots. Warren Central uses a helicopter.
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    You may have more success in your research into endzone cameras if you investigate the topic into each individual thread....
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    Congrats to Lewis Cass head coach Jeff Phillips and the rest of the Kings as they earned Indianapolis Colts Coach of the Week honors from the entire state!!
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    I'm not a huge fan of the running clock. The rule that makes the biggest difference IMO is the 6 quarter rule. Up until this year, schools like New Pal couldn't really sub until the 4th quarter otherwise they wouldn't be able to field a JV team. Now in games like last night, 56-0 at halftime, the starters didn't play at all in the 2nd half and younger kids got more playing time.
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    4 different high schools in 4 years if I am correct. I have to really respect those who work so hard in seeking out that perfect educational fit.........and never give up..............apparently.
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    I was on the can when I wrote this
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    Yorktown just started a new Youth Football program that has 200 kids in it's first year. Some kids played at a nearby league last year but many came from soccer and had never played prior to this year. Football is not dying. Football as we once knew it is no longer around but the sport itself is still going strong.
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    Andrean also loses kids to public schools Street goes both ways. Bothers this guy ZERO bits.
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    His post starts off with "I heard today" and your question is when did you hear this? Do you want to know the exact time of day or can he just round to the nearest hour.
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    Are referees on the verge of possible contraction? I hope not!
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    In another sport, my oldest picked up his official’s license his Senior year in HS to earn a few extra bucks. His first games were a pair of 5th and 6th grade games. Going into that game, he had been selected as a HS All-American coming out of his Jr. Year. He ended up leading the State in scoring that same year and then went on to a College playing career followed by coaching. I watched the game (since it was his first) and was stunned at the abuse hurled at him and the other official (there was one particular toad-like dad just in front of me sprawled in a lawn chair I wanted to step on). Even then, one of the coaches yelled and screamed at them the whole game....this coach was and still is a HS Coach, btw. Again, we are talking a 5th and 6th grade game. Following the game, my son gets home and tells his Mom not to bother washing his stripes. He told her, “I’m done”. He never officiated another game. For the record, he’s no shrinking violet. He was a tough, bruising player in HS and college. Equally tough businessman these days.
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    Winamac has never had a problem with penalties at home!
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    Random account: my endzone camera broke @Tanka Jahari: holy smokes. My time is now!
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    Most importantly go to the Ale Emporium (County Line & Emerson) before the game and get an order of Hermanaki wings. Then go to Long's Bakery on Southport Road just east of Madison and get some donuts (cash only). You can thank me later.
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    Game has evolved, so has technology, most of it is welcomed and important. Such as not having to dub VHS/DVDs, then use your own gas money to meet a coach halfway point at 6-7 a.m. to exchange film. Though as a Fan, you can see it as a game played by children, which I understand your perspective, but for me this is my PROFESSIONAL CAREER CHOICE, and yes Football is viewed as Co-Curricular in my eyes and my #1 job is to teach lessons associated with football's X/O's life skills. which Football is just 1 avenue used to communicate and teach said lessons.
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    I'm sorry but North White and West Central have no business in the HNAC. I also feel Caston is in over their heads in this conference. The old Midwest conference was perfect for NW, WC and Caston. Schools of same size and competitive ability. NW and WC made the correct choice staying or going back to the Midwest.
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    On the 2nd carry of the game, Charlie Spegal is now the ALL-TIME leading rusher in the state of Indiana. Congrats to an amazing player and good luck the rest of the year... 10k soon.
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    The whole idea of HS officials having to do media to hold themselves accountable is so asinine. We are talking HIGH SCHOOL here folks. HIGH SCHOOL
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    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln
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    Linton and Sullivan both had EZ cams Friday night.
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    Wow!!!! 69 TOTAL points??? Nuts!!!
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    Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful night under the new lights, on the new turf at North Posey
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    Please start a single thread addressing this topic. You're on every thread in this forum asking the same question over and over again. It's a little annoying to say the least.
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    Opposing viewpoints I'm good with when it comes to run vs. spread, private vs. public, etc., Ridiculous yes, entertaining up to a point. I don't understand why a person takes the time to read GID, respond to different threads, send in support to keep GID going, even suggest that GID sell subscriptions at one point and then spend their time and energy to bash high school football and constantly campaign for it's demise at high schools all over the state. That blows my mind. Just walk away if it bothers you that much. Nuff said!
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    OH MY GOD ITS DYING GUYS!!!!! ITS DYYYYYIIIINNGGGG. Come on man this horse has been beaten into glue.
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    players choose this path and they choose when to leave this game at the highest level. They are well compensated for this choice. I blame no one for leaving the game when they want to leave the game
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