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    Probably part of the reason I’m out of the game. I firmly believe kids need MORE time off during the summer to be kids, instead of adding more to their plate.
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    Muda, you've been played. The voucher program is not creating new competition for Indiana public schools. The vast majority of the schools getting voucher payments are, as you noted, Catholic and other Christian-sponsored schools that were already existing "competitors" to their local public schools. And the students using vouchers at those schools mostly kids whose parents very likely would have sent them to that school anyway. Accordingly, the principal beneficiaries of the voucher program have been Indiana's Catholic dioceses (is that the plural?) and the Protestant churches/denominations that sponsor schools. In the past they had to subsidize tuition costs for many of their schools' students out of their collection plates. Now, the State of Indiana subsidizes their students' tuition costs for them - to the tune of $30+ million a year just for the Indianapolis archdiocese alone, per Irishman's report. That's millions freed up to pay for proselytizing to heathens like you, to buy more gold chalices (or a private jet for pastor in the case of the Protestant schools), or fund the settlement of pedophile cases, etc.
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    I want to say a big “thank you” to Coach Theobald and his staff for running an excellent camp this week! Also, thanks to the coaches and players from Brownstown, West Washington, Tecumseh, and Madison for working and competing with us this week. We enjoyed our three days together with you guys. Best of luck to everyone this season! Coach Denison
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    I guess no coach is going to be liked by everyone but not all Reitz people dislike Coach Lewis, myself included. He was an assistant when I played at Reitz, and was a great role model for me. Always had a smile on his face and quick to give encouragement. He'd let you know if you messed up but he was always positive. He was always gracious with his time for me as webmaster for ReitzFootball.com. I've stayed in touch with him over the years and am proud to call him a friend. Glad to welcome him back to the SIAC and am looking forward to the competition. Just my $0.02. Dan "Rudy" Engler
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    Someone always has a way cooler grill.
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    I've seen Road Atlas' in use twice in the last year. Once in a hotel lobby, the other was just last week by 2 ladies at a gas pump. It's the strangest sight. I used to purchase a new one every year and had quite a few Indiana city maps I carried with me. Along with all the Hotel books from the different chains. Now all that stuff is in my pocket.
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    Happy Father’s Day our there to GID Dad’s!
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    It’s a good thing the EVSC administration has not shown favoritism towards any schools. If only there was someone at IHSAA in Indy who could pull some strings.
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    So I'll take this as you have no boundaries to which you have to stay in and can accept anyone from the as far away as the parents are will to travel for their kid to go to your school. Gotcha. Looks like I'll have to head over to Yappi and do some reseach
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    Besides holiday Basketball Tournaments and maybe a holiday wrestling tourney I have not seen a school sponsored sport where a family would have to book hotel for up to 4 days in another state, pay for entry into the tourney, consecions at the event, dinner and breakfast for before and after the event. I would say the time commitment to travel sports far out weighs the commitment for school sports.
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    Hey, it was good enough back in ‘69! This just in: Get Off My Lawn!
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    Happy Fourth of July to President Trump:
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    Obama’s 2nd inauguration 2013 - the original US 13 colonies flag was in style. Now it’s a symbol of slavery and white supremacy?? Nike sucks!
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    The ENTIRE success factor promotion and "stay up" factors are 100% arbitrarily set. The success factor points and 2 year count process could easily be changed a number of ways which would yield other results. @Bobref claims the system is designed for when teams 'consistently' overwhelm the competition. Really? Is TWO years consistent? Or is it the byproduct of a good class of athletes attending a school at the right (or wrong, depending on perspective) time? East Central High school from 2015-2018 is a great example. Those four years: state runner up, Regional Champ, State Champ, Sectional Champ. That's 10 points in a 4 year span. 6 points in a two year span. But because it's a two year cycle that resets, they never bumped up to 5A. Meanwhile Indianapolis Scecina has losing seasons in 2009 and 2010. Then they are state runner up in 2011 and 2012. That's 6 points in two years - the RIGHT two years by the arbitrarily set standard and they get bumped up. So which team consistently played above their class? So the system currently in place tells Scecina they've had "enough" success while East Central hasn't. Got it. Making a change like a rolling 2 year count, a 4 year cycle count, adding a bonus to a state championship - making it worth 5 points instead of 4. All of these tweaks could be made to the current system. Would we say teams that get promoted under that system would be more or less representative of consistent success? And both @BTF and @slice60 feel Snider has been competitive enough in 6A. Perhaps. I am not downplaying any team that wins a sectional, representative of a good season and lots of hard work by the teams. But my biggest beef is that sectionals are somewhat geographically constructed and teams are blindly drawn. Being best in your local area is good enough, and not when judged against the entire state. The problem is not all sectionals are created equally, and it's more noticeable in 5A and 6A when there are four teams. New Pal is currently playing in 5A. So winning Sectional 14 should be viewed the same as winning sectional 13? And both of those are the same as winning sectional 16 two years in a row? Southridge is playing up in 3A. They were put in sectional 32. Winning sectional 32 is the same as winning sectional 30? And those are both the same accomplishment as winning sectional 28 in back to back years? No, I don't think being the best around and winning your sectional in two years is "enough" success to keep you up, when you had to be one of the best in the ENTIRE state to get promoted. And as the East Central/ Scecina comparison proves, even getting bumped up is more a matter of timing than continued success.
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    https://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/high_school/an-open-letter-to-ihsaa-commissioner-bobby-cox/article_841397d2-7b3c-5682-880d-c3a3017a275e.html Here's an article that backs up your point that the bigger schools are dominating 4A & those other sports like tennis, track&field, cross country, soccer, etc. *** Here are my own thoughts on why Football has more than 4 classes. 1) Fewer schools play football. 320 currently, compared to over 400 in Boys Basketball. By placing no more than 64 teams in each class for football, state finalists play no more than 6 tournament games & the tournament always takes 6 weeks. With 9 regular season games, nobody plays more than 15 games. Conversely, all other team sports can play multiple games during the same week or even 2 games in the same day sometimes. And it's no big deal for a team to play 7 or more tournament games in those other sports. 2) In general, enrollment is more important to Football than other sports. Smaller schools with 3 or 4 very talented basketball players or even just 1 super-phenom pitcher can compete with anybody. In Football, you need depth to compete in the higher classes-- teams with a solid 22 almost always beat a team that has a lot of players playing Off & Def plus injuries wreak havoc as the season goes on. When the IHSAA looked closely at who was having success in 5A Football from 1985-2012, they realized that the larger enrollment schools were completely dominating. And that's why they added 6A. Check out the 5A results from 1997-2012 - it's almost all 6A names here.
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    You'll love the Traeger. I have a Pit Boss, lower priced knockoff but still amazing. A rich guy I know has a Traeger. 😎
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    The first step is to deciphering ISHAA classification and sectional assignments week by week
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    More cougars?? 😉
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    Currently the median income in the US is 59K and some change. According to the chart linked 10% of our population is living in deep poverty that is defined as less than 40% of the national median income, 23,6ish. Or roughly an $11 buck an hour job. You can probably survive in rural Indiana on that income but you're going to be in a lot of trouble in a metro area or on the coasts. My salary is above the median income, yet I still spend time doing other stuff to make additional money. I like toys, I spend money on stupid stuff at times. My point being while I don't necessarily have two or three jobs, I do stuff for pay in my spare time to earn more money. I'm responsible, I show up when I'm suppose to, I do what I'm suppose to, I don't require supervision, I am at times required to handle fairly large sums of money, and it all makes it where it's suppose to. When our kids were younger, my wife and I both worked 2nd jobs to provide for our family. In many cases our kids had, and we went without. This is the problem as I see it in today's world, people aren't willing to take responsibility for themselves and their families. It's easier to blame the system, the government, the man, whatever for your lack of success.
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    Those also used to be GOP-controlled States. NY’s State Senate was controled by the GOP until last year.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Cory Smith and for the last year ( started August 2018), I've run a Pro-Warren Central Warriors Football Podcast called, True Warrior Football. In the time that I've done this show, I've learned so much about the history of the program that I have loved for so long. If you want to see the work I've done so far, here is the link to my podcast website, https://audioboom.com/channels/4970501 The show is also available on Apple Podcasts and all major podcast apps. Just search "True Warrior Football" Last Saturday, I did a live podcast show at Indy PopCon and I had a livestream that can be viewed below. In that livestream, I announced that I am going to expand and do True Football: Indiana. My goal for that show is just about the same with True Warrior Football. I want to talk about the history of Indiana Football. I want to talk with the greats of high school football from across the state and have them share their stories with those that don't know them. I also want to cover the teams that are great around the state that don't get the promotion and coverage that they deserve. I'm looking to cover the teams from The Region all the way down to Evansville and everywhere in between. I'm very excited about this venture and look forward to working the many high school programs from across the entire state. If you have a great story about your team and would like for me to interview you for the show, so you can share it with others, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I have always felt like high school football here in Indiana doesn't get the credit it deserves for being really good and my mission to change the mind of people all over about what goes down here on Friday nights at stadiums all across our great state! Thanks for your time folks and enjoy your day!!!! https://twitter.com/TrueWarriorFB1/status/1137384496146341889
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    I had never read any of Robby's stuff before. I've read plenty by his brother Rico.
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    All I can say is "You're welcome, everybody."
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