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    First, I would like to take a second to address some inaccuracies I have seen posted about the Frankfort Football Program. We DO have a youth program. It was started this year and has been a tremendous success. We had 72 kids in our K-5 flag football league. The league focused on teaching kids the skills of the game. We fielded full teams in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade as opposed to last year when the teams were consolidated. We fielded a JV team for the entire season. We have 53 players on our roster… we start only 3 seniors and 2 juniors on offense and 3 seniors and 3 juniors on defense…. Even though this season did not go well in terms of wins and losses my kids worked hard every day in practice and got substantially better over the course of the season I’ve never had a zero win regular season in my life. However, this season has never felt like that. Our players have stayed positive, stayed together, and have continued to work hard. This is a tremendous testament to their personal resolve and toughness. Our senior class has been impressive in setting a tone of hard work and dedication. To Muda RH, The perspective on a season is very different from the sidelines than it is from behind a keyboard….Any time you would like to talk face to face about the Frankfort Football Program my office door is always open. My name is James Byers and I am proud to be the Head Football Coach at Frankfort High School.
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    0-9 to 2-9 and get 1 48 minute game for a chance to hoist a trophy. Cheers to the all in.
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    I know I gave them a lot of hell back in the day but I just had to say a few things. They are coached the right way, they play the right way and act the right way. There isn't a lot of talent over there but those kids give everything they have. I really admired on how they never had a I give up attitude. Coach Slocum. I hope you are around when the tide turns castons way... not many coaches would stick around with a program that is struggling to stay alive. Keep up the good work sir!
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    The Rochester Zebra nation is asking for your prayers and thoughts for Head Coach Brian Hooker. He has been diagnosed with a stage 4 Glioblastoma tumor in his brain. He will begin chemo/radiation treatment to help with his quality of life. Thank You Ken Hughes
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    In today's game, the players feel they need to celebrate every play. The defensive backs feel they need to give the "wave off" every time there is an incomplete pass thrown in their general direction (most of the time they did nothing to even cause the incompletion). Every first down, the player must get up and signal the first down (you caught the ball, that's what you're supposed to do). I understand football is an emotional game, but the individual celebrations are a microcosm of our entitled (look what I did) society. It's refreshing to see these young men celebrating and getting emotional with other young men they are going to battle with, you know the TEAM. I've seen kids run away from their teammates that are looking to congratulate them after a good play so they could "be seen". I know I'm old school and some people don't see this as a big deal at all, it is just one of those things that annoy a coach. This is the greatest team game on earth and just want these young men to appreciate and respect the game itself as well as their TEAM. And STAY OFF MY LAWN YOU YOUNGINS! 😂
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    I would gladly take the "punishment" to have the run of success that Linton had.
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    Indiana has a state tournament not playoffs.
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    Now that Linton's two year punishment penalty has officially ended , I want to express my view on how misguided this rule is particularly as applied to the small school classes. I won't speak to the bigger classes because the situation is probably much different. Most class 1A schools that have gained the ultimate success have done so because they have had a particularly special class of athletes coming through the system. I don't know why this happens but it does. In Linton's case the Miners went to the final game in 2015 and 2016, winning the class 1A title in 2016. Well, of course, a dynasty like that must not be allowed to continue. Never mind that the about a third of the 2016 roster would be graduating, including most of the great players that got them there. There were still a nucleus of returnees and new players that would have at least competed for a Sectional championship and maybe beyond but another State appearance was highly unlikely to happen. Linton had moderate success against a strong schedule going 12- 10 in the two years still winning easily all the games they normally would win except one. They bowed out in the second round of the Sectional both years but were competitive against the favorites. Arguably, Linton's '15 and "16 teams would have won this current Sectional 40 both years. They were that much better than their successors. But alas, those teams were gone. So what is the point of the success factor. In virtually all cases, graduation takes care of continued super success in a small school. Unfortunately, another unintended consequence of Linton's "promotion" to 2A is the affect on home crowd support. I am not proud of that. As many of you have read on here and experienced it in person, A playoff game at Roy Williams field has always been a special event for the home folks. In general the overall home crowd attendance has been down considerably from former years. The home crowd against Mater Day Friday night was disgraceful. Yes, the weather was bad and it was cold but few Linton fans were at the game. In fact, I think the MD crowd out numbered the home crowd. I doubt that ever happened before at Linton. Live streaming the game no doubt has a large part in that. Personally, at 87 years old, I'm not going to miss a game. Every game could be my last. 🙂 Linton fans have been spoiled. They like being the big dog on the block beating up on the smaller dogs. If the IHSAA is going to make us fight a bigger dog, then we're staying in the kennel.
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    maybe because you down vote just about everything out there that does not claim Eastbrook's greatness. Just a thought. for the record I could care less about up and downs, but I do find it funny when folks want to know; @pantherpride Smash that donation button!! Get to see who gave you that down vote!! Lets GO!!!
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    We haven't been reprimanded yet for still wearing these helmets.
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    No. The basketball sectional is not next week.
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    Sounds like you need to check out Rondale Moore highlights, especially his TD from Ohio state this past weekend. Hopefully that will help curb your uneasiness to know there are still a few who play they way you prefer.
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    The Pee-Wee teams consistently have highly winning seasons. The Jr. High programs are consistently good. There is not much correlation from football team success as an 11-12 year old to success as an 17-18 year old. This school has consistently had bad bad seasons; this one was just done with one of the smallest rosters. Caston just put a ton of money into a weight room a few years back. Not to mention, Caston didn't have a coach this past July: https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/local_sports/article_f699d472-9706-5809-ba33-60b00bdecbbf.html The story when I was growing up was "That school won't be around in 10 years" and then another 10 years would go by. Enrollment has been on a steady decline: https://compass.doe.in.gov/dashboard/enrollment.aspx?type=corp&id=2650 History of Caston School Corp: • June 1959: Resolution passes for consolidation of Grass Creek School, Fulton School, Twelve Mile School and Metea School into one school district named Caston School Corporation. "Cas" for Cass County and "ton" for Fulton County. • 1961-1962: The four schools combined into two high schools and two elementary schools. Fulton and Grass Creek schools became North Caston High School and North Caston Elementary School respectively. Twelve Mile and Metea schools became South Caston High School and South Caston Elementary School. That same year, students were allowed to vote on a school mascot (Comets) and school colors (red, white and blue). • August 1964: The Caston School Building Corporation formed to provide funding for construction of a new building that would house K-12 under one roof. • April 24, 1966: Groundbreaking began on the new building. • 1967-1968 school year: First year Caston operated as a K-12 facility in its new building. I'll say this much.. We didn't win a ton of games in the stretch that I was there, but I couldn't imagine not having the opportunity to play. I just texted my buddy last night about some of those fond memories in a 1-9 season. Man @DrivenT, I feel bad for you.
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    What a Cluster! is the story of Indiana high school football's infamous cluster system. For two years, in 1983 and 1984, the Indiana High School Athletic Association determined its football playoff participants using clusters. While it had its benefits and supporters, it definitely had its drawbacks and critics. We look back at how the system came to be and why it ended. Plus standings and scores for all 64 clusters and every playoff game during this crazy two-year period! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1728807158 Also, thank to the staff of Gridiron Digest for letting me promote this. As appreciation, I'll donate 10% of the proceeds of each book and ebook sold (just email a copy of the receipt)! Dan "Rudy" Engler
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    Congrats to those kids, their coach, and the parents. They are learning invaluable lessons - accountability, selflessness, teamwork, the value of hard work, and most of all - not allowing themselves to become victims when things don't go their way. No surprise at all the coach is a state trooper. We need a heckuva lot more people like that in this world. I have no doubt that in 20 years when those 15 attend reunions as teachers, policemen, firemen, business people, etc., they will look back with very fond memories and give thanks that they had the opportunity. No doubt whatsoever...
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    Did you mean, the unstoppable force vs the immovable object?
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    Shout out to 2-7 Greenwood beating 2 teams with winning records to reach the Sectional Final. ALL-IN FOREVER!!!
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    Looks like NJSP and Pioneer girls won their volleyball regionals, I know NJSP and Caston had some runners advance to semi state. This little conference is making some noise in several sports this fall. knox with a big win at Jimtown too. So on that note, congrats to the whole conference for representing us all very well and good luck through the remainder of the tournaments.
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    Just got off work at the Sanitation Plant and am catching up, had to work some extra hours for the Boss Man in order to get off for last night's game. Ya' know, one of the good things about working at the plant is that it finally cured me of the bad fingernail biting habit that I had (along with this Hepatitis thing). IWG, I know that there are a lot of Cathedral folks that own a lot of stuff...anybody own a few McDonald's (guessing you might own several as a typical Cathedral guy)...I've been thinking about the food service business these days. I'm a people person and am just trying to move up in the world. Maybe George's needs help. I do like watching wrasslin', though. "Dick the Bruiser" is my all-time favorite. Loved him and "The Crusher" as a tag team...best tag team EVER. Good that you bought your kid a Mercedes. The Old Lady and I gave our kids our '78 Schwinn's on their 16th. Felt a little bad for the younger one, though...no straddle bar. I feel ya' though. Kind of stinks being twice as large a school with 100 years or so history not having as many football State Championships as a school around for just 50 years or so. No doubt you will catch up. Pulling for you guys.
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    Awesome! Since you're in charge of this competition, I assume that the competitors will be decided by some arbitrary, computer-based criteria.
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    Would it surprise you to learn that next Friday is in November?
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    How I envision @DrivenT deciding his next topic to post. This is no slight by the way. You provide plenty of content here on TGD
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