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  1. The offense has changed a little at Homestead. Hardwick is done for the season, torn ACL. He got 165 yards on ya. He got 215 on Dwenger. May change how your defense approaches the rematch. Also I thought I heard only one team in Snider history has beat you twice in the same year. That was Penn. Good luck in the tournament.
  2. And every said i was crazy. Way off on Wayne.
  3. Match up tool on here say Dwenger, but I DON'T believe it. Should be a good game Dwenger lost their best defensive player for the year, broke his foot against luers. Hoping for a barn burner.
  4. Chance of Thunder storms. Could be another 12 midnight game.
  5. My guess is yes, will know more after tomorrow's MRI.
  6. The offense at Homestead has changed... be interesting to see how they adjust with out Hardwick in the game. Personally know him and feel bad for him. Hopefully he can recover for baseball.
  7. Yep it is all BS. Who cares about rankings. They only thing that matters is if you win down in LOS.
  8. Dwenger and Concordia started at 9:50. Game got over at 12:05 am Saturday.
  9. The BD/Snider game should be a good game.
  10. Carroll over BD Concordia over Bruins Homestead over Snider North over BL Wayne over South. Hate to pick against My Saints but something seem off. I have not figured it out yet. I pick Homestead to when the bell in preseason. I told you about Hardwick... I know him personally and I stuck around to congratulate him after his 200 yard night.
  11. Nice dig on Dwenger. I sure every student section has that.
  12. https://www.wane.com/news/local-news/students-vandalize-bleachers-at-bishop-dwenger-school-pressing-charges/
  13. North Side Carroll Snider Concordia Homestead
  14. Last year is last year... what a difference a year makes. Our DBs are not that good. The North side game would have been different if the legends could catch.
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