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  1. Your only as good as your feeder schools. BD will see a very large down fall the next few years. In my opinion football is on it's way out. Probably another 10 years it will be a club sport. Hate to say that, but less kids are interested.
  2. When Private schools take over 6A then where? MAC or Big 10? Why not make your school better.
  3. Doesn't really matter after they turn in the equipment. A forfeit is a loss. Nobody cares about records accept the players when the talk about the good days..
  4. It was on the Gridiron Digest, so I am thinking it was an adult. 20 year olds are kids to me. It was on threads back in the spring and summer. Even last year.
  5. Oh I Agree. But like I said after next two years they will be back down where they are according to size of achool. So sad kids are punished for the classes before them did. Dwenger will be the 500 team next year.
  6. Not sure of the age.... it was on the gridiron.
  7. Dwenger has turf, but the visitors side only holds 600.
  8. Warsaw says they will beat anyone from FW... so I will be a homer. Carroll Snider in OT Northrop, North seems to be heading in the wrong direction Marion will end South's year. Delta and Wayne have bad blood from a few years back.... Delta by 10 Concordia will move on. We do need them to get beat. Dwenger will need to rent Zollner for reginal or Semi state, or both. Just kidding. I am not allowed to pick Luers. Dwenger should be able to beat Anderson by halftime.
  9. So why does Dwenger play in the big school division? Leo and New Haven are bigger. The next Two years will be painful for the Dwenger faithful. I have also heard Dwenger's enrollment is way down. They should be a 3A school soon.
  10. Could it be that large school districts also eliminate each other? Like in the SAC (Fort Wayne) 3 6A schools, 3 5A school, 2 4A, 1 3A and 1 2A. All are in same sectional. Just a thought
  11. Carroll over Wayne Cadet over North Snider over Luers Dwenger should win Champs crush South ( I would play my JV)
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