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  1. Dwenger had their turf for a few years now.. stadium was new last year.
  2. The confusion is... the article is about North East Indiana. But who ever started this thread put Northwest indiana.
  3. So I heard Dwenger hired an OC this week. Any idea who it may be?
  4. Like you said it is my opinion. But I can say this, he was to conservative in his play calling at times. Clock management was an issue. There was several time the QB was screaming at him to get the play in. Very noticeable during the Concordia game when nobody was there at 11pm. I feel the Valpo game was on his shoulders. We knew the weakness of Valpo but didn't go to it untill second half. Hell even the PA announcer pointed out the fact of one of our mistakes when he forgot to turn mic off. He was way to predictable his second season. His first year he did well but nobody new his style. Like I said this is my opinion.
  5. Dwenger will keep moving. OC leaving was a blessing. DC will hurt a little bit. Best of luck to him at Heritage.
  6. Surprises by this, he had some good talent in the lower grades moving up next year at Woodlan. Will it help Wayne? Who knows, Wayne had a good coach as well.
  7. Would love to see him at Purdue, but would be cool to see him join Luke from Dwenger at IU.
  8. His profile on Max preps says he is 19. Is that not fact? Not starting any rumor. The guy is good. The only state game I watched was the 5A because I heard about him all that week. I thought he looked like a man so I googled him and it said he was 19.
  9. Garbage? His profile on max preps states he is 19. Not starting any rumors. What is his bday? Please forgive me if I didn't see it on any other threads. Obviously the rules have changed. I will move on. Hope he wins it he deserves it. After he is the all time leading rusher.
  10. I have to agree with you, the one number that bothers me about Charlie is his age. It says he is 19, some say he is almost 20. How was he eligible to play his senior year? What is the ihssa rule on age? Back in the 1980s you could not be 19 before you started your senior year. I guess my point is he is a man playing against mostly kids.
  11. Congratulations to the Vikings! Beat NP. Keep the title in the North. Good luck at LOS. I almost enjoyed my stay at your stadium. I was blown away at how big your stands were and how full and load. What does it hold? 4,000 plus? The hospitality from all your fans was great.
  12. Yes, we usually have a platoon of running backs. I will say the one that started last week is a senior and it is his first year ever playing football. He was a soccer player. Toby is a beast.
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