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  1. We struggle against Wayne, Mishawaka, and Central. They are being challenged. We could have lost each one. We just over came. Now with that said we lose those kids to graduation. So the young kids have to play up because of the class before them. How is that far? Let's flip this doesn't the Leo, New Haven, Angola want to be challenged? I guess it come down to how we each see it. Should Alabama or Clemson move up to the NFL?
  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I want to add why is this not applied to 6A school? I think if a school in 6A wins enough points to move up to 7A, I know it doesn't exist, they should have to sit two years out of the tournament. After all this about giving other schools a chance. Just my opinion. Like I said this was put into place to punish good programs.
  3. It is a big hassle. When they ask that question make sure that is one of your questions. So much nice the old way. Once you get on never sign out. That is what I do. I only do it from my phone. It is easier to sign into my bank accounts. Good luck my friend.
  4. Going out on a limb, I will pick Bishop Luers to win the state title in 2019.
  5. I think it should be tossed out. Punishing a program for being good is BS. So if Dwenger who just moved up to 5a get 2 points they go up to 6A? So every year they are going to tweak who goes where for tournament time. Should be set by enrollment only. My opinion
  6. The new security is a pain in the buttocks. Dump it. It is a blog about high school football. You are the only app that uses it. Not even my bank is that hard to get into. Just saying.
  7. I want to say sorry. I did enjoy the home side last fall when BD used it. Great field just wish visitors side was higher up. I didn't mean the way it sounded. Good luck this year. Hurry up August.
  8. I have to agree with ya. I skip the Luers and South Side games each year when they are there. I love being up high and elbow room.
  9. Homestead will be even better next year. That program is getting better every year..
  10. They dropped back down because of enrollment. Luers did well in 3A no reason to say they didn't do anything.
  11. Attendance is down because you can watch for free from the comfort of your home. My own brother stays home now to watch. I watch all the other games on Saturday but go to the BD Games.
  12. Nobody this is pie in the sky. This only benefit one school. The same people who wanted to drop south and north side out of the SAC a few years ago. Maybe Snider should leave the SAC and become like Cathedral (independent) and that will help them be ready for late postseason play. One of the perks for Homestead and Carroll to join the SAC was a set schedule no need to go find two games a year. FWCS can't afford bus service for kids with in 2 miles of their school. How they going to bus South Side to go play in South Bend or southern Indiana. So we schedule all over to play better school to get better, and the truth is we all play each other in sectionals. Only one school move on in each class. So again how does it benefit? People need to keep in mind this is high school not college.
  13. It will not matter... Snider, Northrop and North Side will not get out of the sectional for the next two years. Just saying 😉
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