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  1. Oh I Agree 100%. Ledo looked good.
  2. Carrolls defense looked good. Dwenger looked flat but I also know they sat a few key players. Gave the younger kids more time. It was like watching NFL preseason game. I Do think the Saints will be ok. They are always slow the first game. Good chance they could lose next week at Wayne.
  3. After sitting in Carroll's visitors section last night I realized Dwengers visiting side is good enough! Same size as Carroll's, south side, Northside, and lures. If Dwenger didn't dump a bunch of money into Zollner over the last 35 years that visitors side would not be 2,500 seats either. Starting to say people are going to hate.
  4. They went out after they got back from the Carroll scrimmage. I got to witness this in person. Great day for the school.
  5. State Finals are a long way away. Anything can happen in the next months.
  6. I think the new security is a pain In the Buttocks. It almost kept me away.
  7. I heard Snider got some basketball players to come out and play. I also heard one has already been hurt. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Does anyone know how progress is coming at Northrop? I heard it may not be done in time.
  9. In the past Homestead didn't know how to make adjustments. Dwenger, Snider, and Luers are the best programs for that. Homestead back in the day (NHC) never had to. But like I said they have been evolving.
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