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  1. Just because Hobart’s board has no backbone and are punishing 15-19 year old kids because of a virus that will have absolutely ZERO effect on them doesn’t mean the rest of the State should concede to their lack of character.
  2. Amen Brother. This guy does nothing but post bad news without solutions. And does so with the speed of someone who could only be happy to hear the news.
  3. Tough guy. You don’t have to type it nor do you have to say it. You see I can read and interpret what their meaning is based on how often they react a certain way(much like you do here). I can also tell that I am correct based on the fact that you actually looked to see how many “likes” I had for this post and it annoyed you enough to mention it. That means it hit a nerve because it is true. You became angry as a result and like a two year old had to attack me. I want foot ball in the fall. As do many others on here. It’s what is best for the overall health of these kids, now and in the long term. Anyone who won’t look at the long term consequences of stopping school and athletics is going to have had an agenda. What hours is? I don’t know. However, I do know it’s not for the good of the kids and football.
  4. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long long time.
  5. The stat guy actively cheering for no season again. You should go start another site where people talk about what’s wrong with football. On this one, we promote it.
  6. Bishop Dwenger. Brendon Lytle will be amazing. He has skill to be one of best QBs in the state. So will Devon Tippmann and Vinnie Fiacable who are already well known as some of best on State. New names that should do very well...KJ Tippmann, Sam Pesa, Callan Stauffer, Michael Finley, Jon and Joe Fabini, Adam Lee and Gavin Groves, Jack Tippmann and Rocco Ciocca and Ben Simcox. The most electrifying kid on the team? Henry O Keefe. My nephew played against him when they were younger and I’ve followed him. If they use him correctly, he will be one of the best on the State.
  7. This is called taking a stand. These kids have guts. They stood up to the adults who tried telling them what’s best for them under the lie that it’s what is best for them. We should all be re-posting this and sharing it.
  8. That’s what I’ve always thought too. Some people seem to be actually cheering for the season to be cancelled under the guise of being concerned for the kids. They say, I REALLY want to have a season but man I just don’t see it, unless everyone wears a mask. But even then if one person gets sick...... What has never been offered by these people was a solution. They only promote and comment on scenarios to close down the season because that’s really what they want. The Proof being exactly what you just posted.
  9. I am far from wrong on this. I can understand the situation just as well as these decision makers why a decision was made. It’s called liability to the school, wokeness or a de emphasis on athletics. There is absolutely a way to play a season. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t want it to happen or are afraid of the liability. Playing football in general is likely more dangerous to play every year than the danger the virus poses to them this season.
  10. Only people who hate athletics would say Washington Township is taking a stand. Give me a freaking break. They took a stand like France did in WW2.
  11. My solution is you let the kids play. Have the kids and parents sign a waiver. If anyone can show proof that this age group is in anyway at risk, we can discuss another idea. It’s remarkable to me that early on when the virus was just starting to infect people the US, New York was practically trying to help it spread by keeping the subway open and sending patients to nursing homes and packing people in elevators etc. All of the sudden we have a huge outbreak and the country locks down because of what was going on in NYC. Other areas were sure to follow the epicenter if we didn’t . Now as we have reopened, I’m supposed to believe that Florida has 15,000 new infections while New York has only 85? The subway is still open. People still take elevators and it’s highly over populated and riots have taken place and homes are the size of a closet making social distancing impossible. I don’t believe we are being told the truth. If we are and New York only had 85 new positives then the shut down is useless because after a while the people will develop immunity which would have to be the case in NYC. They may have tried to lockdown as much can. But an NYC lockdown is the equivalent of an opened up Michigan during 4th of July. I’m not even taking into account the fact that they didn’t actually lockdown because rioters were and are still allowed to roam free. My last comment is this. Nobody knows for sure one way or the other what will happen. Proven by the absurd amount of times the info coming at us has flip flopped. YOU CANT SHUT THE WORLD DOWN BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID SOMETHING MIGHT or MIGHT NOT HAPPEN. We are supposed to lockdown indefinitely and listen to what we are told until when? I’ve heard many different answers. Most of which we have reached. Only to have the goal posts moved. Time to push back!
  12. As opposed to just covering their backsides liability wise, perhaps they should consider the kids mental health by being locked in their homes for 3/4 if a year without school or contact with their friends. Find a solution to the liability as opposed to cancelling everything.
  13. If we don’t push back and say no, the powers that be are going to keep pushing things on us the vast majority do not want. I just went to CDC site myself and saw that 15-24 year olds, nationwide have had 142 deaths. All of which had PE conditions. It’s out of control what the Govt, IHSAA, schools and so on are doing here. Missing school, work, being locked down, missing sports, band events, Cancelled/postponed weddings, not having visitors when you are 80 years old in Nursing Home and lonely, cancelled family vacations, Church closings will all take a mental and physical toll on people. What is going to be the long term effects from these things? A lot worse than the virus. I’m not even taking into account that during the lockdown, alcohol abuse went up, as did spousal abuse, suicides and many more unintended consequences. It’s time to say no and say what we all know to be true. Let’s open everything up, use common sense and move on. It’s life and we can’t live life in the state of fear from the unknown.
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