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  1. It will be a good game. Homestead has more talent but Snider may have enough fight to pull this off. We will see tomorrow night. I will pick Snider. 28-24.
  2. Casey Kolkman. Bishop Dwenger’s defensive coordinator. They don’t win State last season without him.
  3. Don’t know about Carroll. Homestead students thought it was a good idea to take apart new bleachers because they were not big enough and the video themselves doing it as well as video lighting something on fire in bleachers. The odd thing is it was posted on Instagram and are trying to deny it happened. I guess when you have never won a big game before, this is how you behave. To credit the Homestead players, they handled everything well and are a very good team. Fans and parents are going to need a quick tutoring session to catch up. Having said that, Bishop Dwenger needs to realize that every single school on the SAC wants to beat them and want to do it badly. This is a perfect example of what it means to other schools In SAC if they beat Dwenger
  4. Our DBs were actually pretty good last night. 1 big penalty and 2 turnovers are what cost us. One Ball should have been thrown away and one was basically on the handoff while hit by unblocked LB. We cant afford those in any game let alone a big game. Excellence in the small details win close games. Two other plays that could have changed the game was when Goode was in end zone and was sacked. He threw it away and probably should have been called grounding. But the WR the was kind of in an area you could maybe argue that the throw was to him. Official chose not to call it. On play before FG, Goode threw a pass that was caught by Dwenger. Official behind the play hesitated for about 5 seconds looking for help on the call and finally signaled incomplete. I don’t know if it was an INT or not but I would love to see that one on replay. If Dwenger is to get back to State, they need to make more big plays like this in games like this.
  5. The gates don’t open until 6 and there was plenty of parking on opening night. That being said, North Side brought maybe 200 people (I’m being very generous). Homestead will obviously bring a larger crowd. Their student section seems to travel particularly well and it’s huge. Hopefully, it will be a very exciting game. Homestead has a lot of weapons to use and the 2 Safeties and LBs are very good. Don’t know who the corners are or the D Line. It appears the D line is not very big but they seem to be very tough and very quick. If that’s the case. Dwenger will need their A game to win this one.
  6. Everybody I know takes New Pal seriously. They are a very well coached, well conditioned, disciplined and hard nosed football team. It’s very impressive.
  7. The rule has a bit of a tee ball feel to it. Having said that, I’m all for limiting injuries and 73-0 games. I do wish the rule had a few alterations to it. 1. I think the same thing could be accomplished if the clock started running at 42-0 and only runs in the second half no matter the score. 2. If the score dips back below say 28, the rule goes away and now stops like normal. 3. Coaches should be the ones to decide if the clock runs. No team should be forced into it.
  8. Dwenger Carroll Snider Concordia Homestead
  9. Rodney, who is your source? Stevie Wonder? I can assure you, 100% of the people at Bishop Dwenger who understand football, believe New Pal will be extremely good. I have to believe you are not really a Dwenger fan and are trying to make our school look bad by saying things like this. It’s like saying, I heard from an inside source, Alabama won’t be any good this year.
  10. Saints looked ok. It’s a good thing we had this scrimmage before the first game. Having said that, if this was a real game, they would have not run scripted plays. There was a lot of opportunity for big plays if we were using whole play book. Next week will be the real test to see where The Saints are at.
  11. It’s tough to say right now. Snider has 38 Seniors and Homewtead returns a ton of skill but is the line good enough to protect Goode? I don’t know who they have. For all I know they could be the greatest line ever. Until first game, the top 3 are interchangeable. If Wayne can capture last year’s magic earlier, they could surpass all of them. North Side would be the long shot but the kids have bought in to their coach and it’s possible they could be very good. One thing I know for sure is it’s going to be fun to watch and find out. If I was forced to pick, I will go with my heart and say Bishop Dwenger. Provided they avoid multiple injuries to 3 or 4 key players.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. I see where Mr Hook never said BD was “chirping”. It was another New Pal fan. However, you referenced it and that’s why I responded to you. Whoever ends up getting to the 5A State Title game will have had a very tough road. North and South. Valpo will be very good. Michigan City as well. Mishawaka will be good. North Side and/or Northrop could prove to be very good. Regionals would be against quality programs too. New Pal(obviously very well coached and the players are as hard nosed as you will find. (Hook, the DE, 3 returning OL and I believe Lbs and WR as well) Add CS at running back and they are as good as any team at all levels. Cathedral is Cathedral. Decatur Central will be good. I’m not as knowledgeable about the teams in South but I’m sure there are more(Bloomington s?). Bottom line, whoever makes it will be 2 very good teams and will likely make for a great game. On a separate note to Mr Hook, For the record, I think your son is every bit as valuable as Spiegel is to New Pal. He is fun to watch play.
  13. Saying Dwenger was chirping because they said they will see New Pal next year in Indy is a HUGE stretch. If Valpo or Michigan City or even North Side wanted to take issue with it, that’s one thing but if Dwenger in fact said they will see New Pal next year, they are saying New Pal is so good, they will be in the State Finals. It would have been a compliment. Nice try though.
  14. A friend of mine sent me this picture. I was told the visitor bleachers are up and the concrete is likely being poured today. At latest next week. I have not seen the inside of the stadium so I can’t be for sure but it would seem to me, gold steps are the type of thing that would be completed towarss the end of the job.
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