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  1. The money that built Dwenger’s stadium was from someone who has worked as hard as anyone you’ve ever met. Having said that I understand what you’re saying and for the record, I actually love Luers field. But if I’m being objective, that’s where I have to rank it. Personally, North Side is my least favorite followed by South, Carroll and then Wayne.
  2. Bishop Dwenger played at South Bend St Joe a few years ago. I felt they have an excellent stadium.
  3. I may have misread the tone in his response. Too many BD Snider arguments over the years and it was all instinct. I admit I was wrong.
  4. I may have misread the tone in his response. Too many BD Snider arguments over the years and it was all instinct. I admit I was wrong.
  5. I was making an objective analysis. Yours is clearly based on your dislike of Dwenger. It doesn’t matter to me at all if you don’t attend or even like Bishop Dwenger’s new stadium. It’s your loss and something tells me you wouldn’t like it even if a personal suite was built especially for you .
  6. You only have to walk a mile to get into the stadium. Spuller is a nice venue but I think it ranks 4th in the SAC. Behind Dwenger, Zolner and Homestead and I’m sure soon to be Carroll. Wayne is literally a carbon copy of Spuller, North Side and South side are not so good. And Luers is the worst.
  7. You are now arguing for the sake of. Your Entire argument is based on kids are only going to Indiana because they have a PWO and this is hurting small schools. And now you ask me how do I know they won’t play football at Indiana without a PWO. Well if they decided they still wanted to tryout when they arrived at Indiana in the fall, they obviously would not be playing at the smaller schools. Therefore Coach Allen is not at fault for the sudden catastrophic decline in Indiana Small College football. . CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’ve just won the argument..... with yourself.
  8. Your point(lack thereof) of the PWO’s weakening the smaller schools is silly. You don’t have anything to back it up other than you wish Allen wouldn’t do it. As I mentioned, the NAIA unlimited offers hurts the schools you are worried about much more than the extra 3-4 PWO’s per season. Would these extra PWO’s go to Indiana without it? For football? Obviously not. For school alone? Some of them would likely would Do You really think every one of the PWO’s would play football at the D2 or lower level if not offered the PWO? Small school football isn’t for everyone. I personally loved it when I was in school but to play in front of less than 1000 many games is a tough sell for some kids.
  9. According to 247, Indiana has 10 players who have agreed to accept the PWO opportunity. 1 is a kicker, 1 is a LS. That means 8 are position players. 10 a year is a good number. Even if they took a few more, it would be good as 2 are special teams and if you use the average % that scholarship classes lose players over 4 years, that number of PWO position players is likely 6 at best. Coach Allen is smart to offer PWO to players he has seen on film and knows what kind of player they are and extend his connection to more Indiana HS’s. The other way to reach 125 man full capacity roster is take walkons who just show up Frosh year and you get to see for a day or 2. NAIA programs who can basically offer an unlimited number of players and have grant money to offer that pays for most if not all of their school is a much bigger detriment to the small schools you are bent out of shape about.
  10. South end must know someone getting a PWO who is better than someone he has a personal connection with. OR someone Walked on from his high school when he was younger and he didn’t and he still can’t let it go.
  11. There is not a list of Indiana preferred walkons posted anywhere. And even if you could find a list of PWO’s, Which you can’t because it’s not complete, you would have to compare it with the size of other power five schools to give it any validity.
  12. If Dwenger plays their best players 2 ways as opposed to pretending they are a 6A school and only play guys 1 way as much as possible, they would win the SAC. If they do what they did this past year and only use their best when they are “needed” they will fall short again in the SAC and in the playoffs. If that happens, Homestead and Carroll will vie for 1st place, with Homestead winning. Snider and Dwenger could still surprise but likely will battle it out for 3rd and 4th. Concordia has the skill players to surprise as does North Side. Northrop and Luers are next and then South Side and Wayne will do their best to come in last place. Concordia and Dwenger have the best chance to make it to State. Followed by Homestead and Carroll.
  13. I wish I would have said it first. I do not find that statement to be crazy at all.
  14. In my opinion, Hook could play in the Big 10 if given the chance.
  15. In my opinion only, a lot of how these kids perform depends on a number of things. Many times the highly recruited athlete go into Frosh camp with egos and expectations much too high. They have never faced adversity and assume they will be the man no matter what. They don’t know what many athletes have had to go through to get even a sniff. A player like Charlie may feel as if he’s been slighted and come in even hungrier than ever. Or he may always be looked at as a fullback and not get a fair look(although I doubt this very much). One thing he will have to adjust to is not getting the ball more than 50% of the time and being THE focal point of the team’s Offense. He will also be facing guys who are as strong as him for the first time ever. My guess is he will surprise many people and prove them wrong. I don’t know him at all. I’ve just heard about how hard he works. It seems to me the kind of drive he is said to have will carry him through. I wish him nothing but success in Bloomington.
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