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  1. I asked a few people l know about that who are connected to program and they all said they did not think Dwenger is losing anyone to start the season. I’m not saying it’s not true but as it stands now, they will be at full strength.
  2. If I go completely from memory, I believe Snider returns a QB, WR, 2 LB, 1 CB. Not sure on OL and DL. At least 1 on DL and at least 1 on OL.
  3. I hadn't heard that. That could make for a strange start to season. I guess we will find out opening night. Could be an opportunity to build depth.
  4. Wayne and North Side will be much improved this year. You can never tell what kind of team South will bring. And after that, all the teams will have talent. If BD stays healthy and remains focused, they can and should have another special season. Mebuck what are you hearing about who will be lining up for the Saints to replace the Senior players who graduated?
  5. I am of the opinion Snider received a bad deal here. 2 Sectional wins and that’s considered dominating? This means they are in the top 25% of 6A......Whoooaaaa!!!!! Stop the press!!!
  6. I think TSF was/is an over reaction won a couple schools winning 3 or 4 in a row a few years back 1. Competing for 2 years isn’t dominating anything. All it does is punish the classes that typically follow the great ones. It’s comparable to an NCAA team being put on probation. The people that caused it don’t have the face the consequences. In our system, the great teams never played up, just the ones who follow. 2. It should be a 4 year window. 3. Winning the Sectional isn’t domination. If it is dominating anything. It essentially is keeping all of the State’s stories programs in higher levels as long as they can where all the hard work that they put goes unrewarded. 4. All stories programs around the State are victims of TSF with the exception of the Indianapolis schools. The same few schools win every single year. Shouldn’t 6A teams have to sit out for two years? Or form a Super Class with 8 teams based on the TSF? Or does it only anger the powers that be when non Indy schools win a lot? And Indy kids can play wherever they want as long as the system is worked properly. 5. All schools should have a one class bump maximum and the success factor should also bump some schools down based on participation and historical performance. 6. Somebody has to win, it’s ok when it’s kids who have worked hard their entire lives. 7. This is a Socialist rule.
  7. This is the best I could get. It’s closer than it looks.
  8. Snider is always good and have added a couple athletic basketball players to the mix. They should help make them more athletic at the very least. But it sounds like they are 6A now anyway. Bishop Dwenger loses a 6 7 315 lb RT to Wisconsin, also lose Center, Guard, TE and the running back who scored the game winner in State who arguably was the heart and soul of team. On D they lose, SS, CB, THREE very good LBs and one DL. Also lose PK and Punter and Long Snapper Returning are 2 WR( 1 2 year and 1 converted QB) QB, RB(leading rusher)LT and Guard and on D 1 LB(Jr All State)2 DL 1 Corner and FS. An incoming Slot WR should help too. There was a player injured last year that you could say is a returning starter but don’t know where he will play. That is quite a few holes to fill. We will see how they do. On paper, they have the people to step in, but until proven on the field, you just can’t tell. I don’t know how the new alignment will shake out as far as Sectional draws but getting to 5A State game will still be a challenge for all teams. New Pal, however, and a few others will be a very tough team to beat. If Cathedral moves back to 5 A as it seems they will, provided the North South alignment for Sectionals remains the same for New Pal, and I was forced to make a prediction for best 3 from N and S, it would be: Bishop Dwenger, Michigan City and Mishawaka up north and Cathedral, Decatur Central and New Pal in the south. (Listed Alohabetically)
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