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  1. From what I was told today, Blackhawk will be playing at Zollner Stadium next year.
  2. Or put in turf and use it for both like Dwenger. Honestly if they rent it would probably be with Concordia or Dwenger. Dwenger wanted to rent Northside in the tournament but was denied by FWCS. So the rented USF stadium. Because Zollner was in bad shape.
  3. I thought they played on their soccer field? 8 man football plays on a smaller field then 11 man. Black Hawk has a lot of land behind the church/school. Plus I believe FWCS will not rent fields to other schools.
  4. I have Xfinity but the channel on that guide are not correct. I watched on my Phone on the ISHAA website.
  5. Can't find the game on Bally sports channels. They have basketball on.
  6. Does Dwenger play Brownsberg at Lucus oil as well?
  7. Probably will, I was at the North game.
  8. I totally miss read. I think Snider will be fine against the option. That have the speed. I can't see Mishawaka stopping the run game. I like how Snider starts #9 and then it seemed like they rest him in the 3rd and he takes over in the 4th. Saw it twice against Dwenger and again last week with North.
  9. Your kidding right? Beat Dwenger twice and North Side twice. Only loss was to Carroll.
  10. From what I am hearing they are almost small enough to be 3A. Just from what my teacher buddy tells me.
  11. I went last night and was wanting Snider to win. But I was worried a bit. I thought Snider was a little flat. But I knew they never quit. Mishawaka stadium it big and old but cool as hell. I went in 2018 with the Saints. Field was grass/sand. Not sure if thet have updated it. Score board is massive. Good luck Panthers.
  12. Garrett has lost control of this year's team at Dwenger. I feel Dwenger has gotten worse each year sense he took over. Will be going to Next week's game. Snider will Beat North.
  13. Carroll is playing with a lot of heart. They are real good team on both sides of the ball.
  14. Snider big over Concordia Carroll by 2 TDs Northrop over Wayne Dwenger over South Homestead big of Luers
  15. My picks are North Side, Carroll, Luers, South and Homestead.
  16. Carroll over Luers Concordia over South Snider over North Homestead over Northrop Dwenger over Wayne But after what I saw last Friday I would agree with BTF. UPSET SPECIAL
  17. Doubt it. Most people don't even know about this.
  18. Dwenger had a transfer from Cincinnati last year. He graduated. He was terrible. Doubt NS has any issues with ISHAA. Fort Wayne has open enrollment.
  19. Not exactly sure what you mean, Dwenger is always next man up. Who knows why, I was just answering a question.
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