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  1. Dwenger had a transfer from Cincinnati last year. He graduated. He was terrible. Doubt NS has any issues with ISHAA. Fort Wayne has open enrollment.
  2. Not exactly sure what you mean, Dwenger is always next man up. Who knows why, I was just answering a question.
  3. Carroll lost the new starting QB. Such a sad loss for the SAC. Dwenger lost their QB to North Side. We will find out fast if it was Garrett or was it the kids from the great St Charles teams that carried them. Will see. My pick is Homestead to win SAC. It's the 7 on 7 team that is recruiting for North Side. Traction AP trainers.
  4. Snider will take Dwenger out, North Side May surprise everyone. Dwenger lost their QB to North. They look tough. Dwenger will be very small on the OL. Dwenger will be like last year but will be out first round.
  5. Sorry, most CYO coaches are the dad's who volunteer to coach. PAL football, Carroll in Fort Wayne, Homestead and even Leo have youth football programs starting in 4th and 5th grade. So you are just wrong. I thought this was about 1A and 2A. Success factor will move your schools out of your way so you can win.
  6. Life is not fair, Dwenger plays 5A because they had 3 great years. They are a 4A school for now. The student numbers will put them in 3A when they drop back down. 95% of the kids come from feeders schools. Fort Wayne has open inrollment so the "recruiting" myth doesn't work.
  7. When Lutheran wins state they will move up to 2A and probably be stuck there. So you won't have to deal with them. So quit your bitching and make your team better.
  8. They are on the same 7on7 team. But they are saying the family had a problem with BD. I think they found any excuse to make that happen. That's my opinion. However if history repeats itself every play who transfer out of BD doesn't do well against the Saints. Never piss off that defense.
  9. Dwenger's QB transferred to North Side.
  10. So now this is good to go. My question is what happens to the bell? Not worth anything anymore in my opinion. Luers will get to play for it every year. Easy road. No true champion can be crowned. Look at 2021 tri Champs. What if you have tri Champs in big schools division? Sell the bell for scrap?
  11. Don't forget Dwenger is a 4A and Zionsville should be a 6A school.
  12. I agree 100%, I am not a fan of the SF. I mentioned in another thread 6A teams don't get punished for winning. I think if a 6A team gets the move up points they should have to sit out the next two years. Only way to make it fair.
  13. Tune up game? Or a beatable Home Coming game?
  14. Two Dwenger games I will miss. #1 reason why i was against this. Oh well!
  15. I did a little research on Big school and little school division. By population Big school Homestead 2430, Carroll 2412, Northrop 2,087, Snider 1813 and Northside 1557 Little school Southside 1391, Wayne 1383 Dwenger 1075, Concordia 621 and Luers 587. This was a simple Google search. Now way does everyone want BD in the Big School group. Call it what it is Big and Small conference or Best and worse conference?
  16. Love how this thread was hijacked. Plus this is not a done deal. Last I heard it was voted down a few months back.
  17. Shields payed for the turf only. Thank the Tippmann family for part of the stadium. They are still trying to find the rest of the money. Not payed in full.
  18. SF rule for 6A. Get 6 points your program sits out post season for 2 years. That way the other schools in 6A have a chance.
  19. That's what I thought, but I was told he had a son in high school. The player was a freshman. So 13/14 years old. I saw some video of his son at 8 but this video didn't really have a date. One was 2018. That is why I was putting the question out there. Figured a Zionsville fan could answer my question. Not a Columbus East fan.
  20. Is that T.Y. Hilton son on Zionsville team. I have been wondering ever since Dwenger played them.
  21. I didn't say it was unanimous, I said it has to be unanimous, as in unanimous to pass. Honestly I really don't give a flying #$%@. Just tired of hearing people talk about it over and over.. I honestly don't care who Dwenger plays I will be there. I am done till July. Happy Holidays and Happy new year.
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