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  1. I kind of seriously thought he would end up at San Diego St. Hearing Coach Lewis took the Head Coaching position and O'Neil mentioning some interest from the West Coast. Lewis was the one recruiting him to Colorado so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise. San Diego St. signed what was deemed the Mountain West's top rated recruiting class. As for Danny O'Neil what a joy to be able to head to San Diego to play football for college big difference in weather!
  2. He did leave Purdue, he went to Louisville with Coach Brohm
  3. M. Graham WR 6'1" 180 lbs - 39 Rec. 566 yds. 6 TD. He was listed as only playing 7 games and did not lead his team in catches, yards, or TD's. There are a few of the other WR's I feel people could be upset about not getting the WR position award and Graham is not one of them. Now if you were to say Tuggle, Coy, or Hall you might have a case. Or if you only have 6 TD's on the year.
  4. Oh I definitely understood your post and wasn't dismissing it.
  5. I don't think anyone from P/P is saying "we win because we just work harder". As for feeder system (assuming you mean feeder football league) I have first hand knowledge of this one. There are some excellent feeder Jr. football leagues for public schools, and you can tell because it shows up at the High School level (just some examples CG's Bantam, New Pal, Brownsburg, Whiteland). I have been to several Jr league tournaments and you can usually see which ones are well ran, the ones poorly ran, and the ones starting to make the turn. More on comparison I've witnessed with CYO later. As for culture this is not just something obtained by P/P, there are plenty of Public schools with football culture it is not just selective to P/P. Some have even really started to breed a culture, using @Titan32 as a example, it has not been unnoticed by me that Coach Hart has really built a football culture at Gibson Southern. Building that culture mixed with a terrific youth football league those schools start to reload instead of rebuild. I would say Gibson Southern has now hit that echelon of reloading from what I have seen (I 100% mean that as a compliment). I will speak on one thing I have noticed over the years (taking out student population) looking strictly at feeder programs. When it comes to CYO you can check out @Cyoguru posts about CYO football he has always had some great posts. I am going to do just a small comparison of something I have noticed when it comes to advantages of feeder program. Let's take Chatard for an example on P/P. In CYO you will have lets say 7 or 8 elementary schools that have a CYO football team for 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th (these aren't exact numbers). Now lets look at Danville for an example on Public. They will have a youth league that has say 6-7 teams for 3rd/4th and 5th/6th (these aren't exact numbers) then those filter into 1 Middle School for 7th/8th football where they play schools in their conference. Now when you snap shot that Chatard (while they will lose some from CYO to Cathedral, Brebeuf, and sometimes even the local public) Can be bringing in 7-8 kids that well experienced at QB (just using that position as an example) and go on down the line at positions. Danville however has filtered from multiple in youth league to 2 or 3 at Jr High level so the High School will only get that many. Personally that is where the depth comes from and it tend to keep the roster large coming in as Freshman at Chatard, then some will drop off after Freshman year not to play again but they will try to keep the interest of them all to come back for JV/Varsity. Where as Danville will get a drop off from Middle school to Freshman (just like Chatard does from Freshman to JV/Varsity) and then another drop off from Freshman to JV/Varsity. To me that is definitely one advantage that I have watched. I am not saying it is the only advantage either, and there is no "ego" involved for me. Some programs have done very well at retaining and even have outstanding youth programs. To me Center Grove's youth program (Bantam and Jr. Trojans) is unparalleled in the state of Indiana. There is a reason their program reloads and is very strong regardless of being in 6A. I think their Jr Trojans are 10 time champions of the Trojan Horse Tournament in Ohio.
  6. Does Roncalli still have their STARS program for Special Education Services? I know Cathedral offers language support programs, but that is not special needs. I don't think Brebeuf has any special needs. I know both schools do not discriminate against disabilities and have had disabled students, but that is different tan special needs. I definitely respect your knowledge of it because unlike others I know you have taught in both Public and P/P.
  7. In all honesty some schools you see in 5A and 6A have experienced the benefits of urban sprawl to grow them to what they are now. They are not too far from being some of the top contenders for 3A though. Some examples Zionsville, Whiteland, Hamilton Southeastern. They were right there competing with some of the P/P in metro areas. Their schools have burst into large student populations. Heck HSE once a very good 3A school, grew so big so fast they created Fishers High School and now both are 6A. Many rosters (both P/P and Public) have grown over the years as the schools have. You can go look at State Championship programs on the IHSAA and see the big difference. Look at the 1992/93 Wesfield (2A at the time 35 on roster) vs 2013/14 (6A and 133 on roster) or the 1992/93 Cathedral (3A at the time 50 on roster) vs 2013/14 (5A and 123 on roster). That is why I contend location to metropolitan. Plus on some of these teams you can look at the years they made finals and see the legacy names on the rosters
  8. I get that and you are in the minority on this. Most complain about other things without a clue and it spreads like wild fire. I can tell you I have been around my fair share of youth football tournaments where a dad from a public youth football program sees a kid that looks to be a stud and states "He is being recruited by Insert P/P " only for a few years down the road he isn't even playing High School football or is on the local Public school football team. A majority of them speak nothing but transfers, recruiting, and where they get kids from. The water cooler talk can get pretty comical from an outside perspective. No I am saying that every State in the US athletic association gets incessant griping about it (mostly not for the advantages you speak of) that they have no choice but to look for solutions. Most of them come up with off the cuff solutions that do nothing to combat what they are trying to do. But hey they have tried to do something to wane the constant bickering to them. The success factor (although was adjusted from its initial proposal) was a more thought out way of combating it without using a multiplier. Also no I am not saying that only admin, coaching, youth, feeder are the only cause. There are other factor (including location to metropolitan etc. Also sometimes it simply comes down to mistakes made by one team and not the other in a game. To state in better terms there are times a Public team perfectly capable of taking down a P/P team just simply goofed up multiple times in the game. It wasn't that they weren't capable and the score wasn't indicative of the game, they just made mistakes and the other team didn't. They are teenagers after all and turnovers can be very critical in a game. Absolutely not my claim. My claim is there are many factors. Yet in large part regardless of those factors the majority of complaint is the same old transfer, recruit, etc complaint with very little support to their argument. While you think I feel there isn't inherent advantages that is far from the truth because there is. There are inherent advantages not just to P/P but also location to major city's and large populations. More so in some states than others. I would bet you could go through each state and some of the top teams are near large population metropolitan areas. There is more to the inherent advantages than gets discussed in large part. Yet most of the complaints come down to recruiting and transfer.
  9. Just for clarification I never stated Cherry or O'Neil haven't won State Championships because both of them have (Cherry 2022 and O'Neil 2021). I was stating had they made it to the State Championship this year. The reason I state that is because I feel both would have had terrific games in the passing game against Crown Point (similar to the big game Ringer had in State Championship), thus bolstering their argument for Mr. Football. It is not so much "winning" a State Championship as it is getting to a State Championship having a good game and statistics to impress the voters. Some of them tend to forget certain players when they don't get to see them in that final game, and I am not saying that is right or just either. Like it or not that is how it tends to go, I never can predict how the voters think when voting. There have been 13 of the 30 Mr. Football winners that have not won a State Championship. I too felt Yeast should have won his Senior year, but I don't have a vote in it. I feel like the reason the player won it in 2016 was because he was committed to Clemson, but that has just been my opinion. Mr. Football winners who did not win a State Title: 1992 Alex Smith RB Franklin County (lost sectional championship to East Central, broke career rushing record), 1995 Earl Haniford QB Martinsville (lost in Regional career passing record), 1996 Isreal Thompson RB Martinsville (lost in Semi-State), 1999 Derrick Ellis RB Arlington (lost in Regional), 2000 Otis Shannon RB Cathedral (lost in Sectional 2nd Round Career and Season rushing record as well as single game), 2002 Clayton Richard QB McCutcheon (lost in Sectional Champioship career passing record), 2008 Morgan Newton QB Carmel (lost in thrilling State Championship game vs CG), 2010 Tre Roberson QB Lawrence Central (lost in State Championship game), 2011 Gunner Kiel QB Columbus East (lost in Semi State), 2014 Markell Jones RB Columbus East (lost in Semi-State single season and career rushing record), 2015 Brandon Peters QB Avon (lost in thrilling Semi-State to CG), 2016 Hunter Johnson QB Brownsburg (lost in Sectional Semi-Final), 2022 Drayk Bowen LB Andrean (lost State Championship game).
  10. I am not sure why you have a problem with my statement. What Tyler Cherry or Danny O'Neil did in their Jr year is irrelevant for a Senior award. Both of them had terrific games against Ben Davis in Regional and Semi-State however ended up losing. I am not saying anything "bad" about either one. I am stating they would have had a better argument for Mr. Football. Since they did not and Josh Ringer did make it to the State Championship and performed at a high level in the State Championship it will likely go to Ringer.
  11. I don't thing how high he gets drafted will mean anything. Some examples Robert Mathis was a 5th Rd 138th pick from Alabama A&M, Tom Brady 6th Round 199th pick.
  12. I have yet to see a game where a population type at a P/P school forced little johnny from a Public school to fumble, throw an interception, miss a tackle, or miss a gap assignment. So again how are they getting "screwed" exactly? You want to know why there are so many attempts to fix this issue, it is because of the incessant moaning and groaning, 99% of the time for things that don't exist that there is some sort of cheating. Chatard (which I have no affiliation with) has received a lot of grief over this for years. The talk about boundaries and feeder schools, they post their roster with what elementary school they went to. Guess what all but maybe a couple went to P/P elementary school in their feeder system. There have been plenty of Public schools right there with the talent to beat them. I bet you can go back and look at the game film or statistics and the big difference is they did not turn the ball over or didn't turn it over as much. The RB Kinnett that was a struggle to stop at 5'7" 165 lbs (in a cast) went to St. Pius X literally 7 minutes from Chatard. The DB Guy that had 3 Int's (6 Int's in the last two State Championship games) went to St. Matthew's 7 minutes from Chatard (about halfway between Cathedral and Chatard). They are good hard working football kids too, yet you have no problem saying they have an advantage. I could go on and on naming players. I know from first hand experience there are teams that are beat mentally before some of these P/P even get off the bus to play them. I look back over the impressive job Coach Moore has done at Center Grove since he arrived. What he did was instill his philosophy in every aspect of Center Grove and it started with the Bantham Football. They play disciplined, they make very little mistakes. They hit the weight room hard and he has put a major focus on building speed (having been the track coach too). He has built them into a dynasty. all something any team can do starting in their youth program. and filtering it into everything they do.
  13. Then perhaps you shouldn't have used the words "Better prepare him for college". Left it kind of open there don't you think.
  14. You should read up a little more in depth on Indiana Choice Scholarship Program (ala Vouchers) and the criteria for it and for the schools accepting them.
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