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  1. Should be here come game time: https://www.centergrovefootball.com/live
  2. Great coaches adapt to their player personnel. While Coach Gillin and Coach Coll do like to throw the pigskin around, they are also smart enough coaches to adjust to what their players are best suited for. By that I mean if they have big strong O-lines and a good RB they will run the ball more. If they are better suited for throwing the ball they will throw the ball more. If they have both they will stay very balanced. Looking at this years stats Mooresville is pretty balanced and Franklin while balanced teeters a little more on running the ball. Mooresville Rushing 1,465 yds 218.1 YPG Mooresville Passing 1,198 yds 149.8 YPG Franklin Rushing 2,134 yds 266.8 YPG Franklin Passing 1,381 Yds 172.6 YPG
  3. I get what you are stating, but I don't know if I would say a majority of teams. I see a few that seem to be backsliding. I also see a few that are not backsliding and not improving. It has definitely been a interesting year in 6A. Of course that will make it that much more fun come playoffs. What I think is interesting about the Cathedral vs Center Grove match-up every year is how it usually plays out. A couple of years I have seen comments where people thought both teams would be conservative being the last game of the season heading into the tournament. Usually it is the exact opposite, both teams lay it all out on the line. Should be a good game between two great programs.
  4. I could see the Final 4 being: North = Valpo vs F.W. Dwenger South = Cathedral or New Pal vs Bloomington South or Bloomington North
  5. The magnets in the ping pong balls to get demagnatized before the draw. lol
  6. Looks like it will be on the ISC Network https://www.iscsportsnetwork.com/videos/2019-fb-indianapolis-cathedral-at-brebeuf
  7. How is your example any different than what can happen in 4A Sectional 23? East Central could draw to play at Martinsville first round of sectionals and then play at Greenwood or at Mooresville in second round of Sectionals. My point was the travel was what you mentioned in your first post, that already could be a possibility. I don't see any harm in the original post giving a hypothetical on a seeding. It shows interesting match-ups, really no need to rip into each post on it.
  8. The seeding given didn't have a Sectional. It looked like a standard playoff bracket to me. Much like D-2, D-3, and NAIA use. What is the difference in long travel in round 1 compared to round 5. Travel is travel.
  9. Marion had to travel to Evansville Central for the 4A South Semi-State last year. A 3 hr 51 min 9 or 4 hrs 9 min depending on which way was taken to get there..
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