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  1. Agree 100% Columbus East would have been in the Semi-State instead of Bloomington South. New Pal was an team that nobody was going to beat. Would have been a heck of a road to the finals for New Pal though. Whiteland, Franklin Cathedral, Columbus East, Valparaiso.
  2. This has been discussed ad nauseam in a prior thread. Spegal was/is fully eligible to play with no doubts.
  3. Their 2nd Title in 3 years. Their QB has had a a great career for the Tigers. Watched him play as a Soph against Cathedral in 2017. The game last night was a good one. The Tigers were down 14-7 after 3 qtrs and threw 2 TD's in the 4th to win 21-14. Cathedral played at Elder this year (was an OT game Elder won 38-31) and Pickerington Central played at Columbus East (20-14 Pick Central won)
  4. https://44news.wevv.com/rapid-rise-fall-evansvilles-crimson-giants/
  5. Don't know the answer to your questions. I will say most coaches in High School football know you have to have talented and disciplined pleys, and you have to have a little luck on your side too. Every team that wins a State Championship puts those 3 things together. Be it luck of getting a home game at the right time or really anything else. Looking back at the playoff run by Evansville Memorial this year, I think their toughest game was likely their game against Mooresville. Memorial took full advantage of 2 early turnovers in the game to jump up 14-0 and forced Mooresville to play from a hole. Credit to the Tigers for making plays and taking advantage of the opposing teams mistakes, and that is what good football teams do. Congrats Memorial!
  6. Senior year stats alone: Games Played -14 Carries - 330 Yards - 3,168 YPC - 9.6 YPG - 226.3 Rushing TD's - 55 Only 3 fumbles all year (lost 1) that is 1 turnover in 330 carries. he only has 5 total turnovers career in 1,331 carries! Amazing!
  7. Actually is a good list. That being said: Mike Gillin - Mooresville, I feel this may be his last stop. Coaching where he lives seems to be content there and has totally turned the program around. The more I look at it Shane Fry would be a great hire as would Pat Shanley and Kyle Ralph. This could be a terrific job for Dave Sharpe. I know when he resigned from LaPorte to move to Indianapolis for their foundation in their sons memory. He stated Football is in his blood as much as teaching and he'll persue both once he is established in Indianapolis. Fishers would be a great landing spot for Sharpe and Fishers would get a terrific Coach to boot.
  8. It will definitely stand for awhile. It will take a RB starting as a Freshman and starting all 4 years to even attempt to break them. Not only that but they have to average great numbers each year.
  9. I hope that wasn’t directed towards me as I have no dissent. I also vehemently am against the supposed contraction to 289 like @crimsonace1. I posted that Shelbyville completed their season (because it had been stated they shut it all down) with their schedule that had scores. I was asked a goofy question what weaknesses they found to score a TD in Orndleton heights the last two games. I sarcastically responded they ran the same okay week 1 (only other game they scored in) and found that it still worked. wasnt being mean towards Shelbyville just found it a shall I say goofy question so I came up with a just as goofy answer. BTW @Gipper what is the best seasoning for coaches? lol Cajun ?
  10. I'm not mean. I just answered a silly question with a silly answer.
  11. I have wondered the same thing. Boy has that area grown from Hamilton Southeastern being a 3A school back in 1993 to now having 2 large 6A High Schools in Fishers an Hamilton Southeastern.
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