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  1. I thought your crew did fine. Re-reading my post I can see where you would think that. I was more calling out the person who was calling out officials by name. You and your crew have earned my respect. You have always given good insight and I appreciate that.
  2. Agreed, but Cathedral's QB was a Sophomore there were likely a lot more reigns on the Sophomore QB compared to a Senior QB. Still your point is very valid Brady Allen was and is a fantastic QB.
  3. 1.) I didn't see egregious players with no mouthpiece in. Are you sure your aren't over exaggerating. 2.) I will have to look into this not sure what you are refering too. 3.) So would you say it was targeting? Honestly we all had benefit of replay. On the field though in live action I would have agreed with helmet call. Sure when you do the replay it may not have been but that wasn't a benefit to the officials during the game in live action and there is no Instant Replay in HS football. 4.) You said it. My only question for you is if you feel you are so perfect and enjoy calling out officials (some by name) why aren't you a current NFL official (serious question). My personal feeling is you are a current official, you are upset your crew wasn't on the field doing a game. Therefor you are hypercritical of the crews that were selected and pointing out some errors and calling out officials by name with an axe to grind. Perhaps your crew made more errors in other games and that is the reason you were not selected for the State Championship, but perhaps not. I have no idea on that but I think your posts have been in poor taste with an axe to grind and it shows. No offense but an observation from someone who has nothing to do with officiating. @Bobrefwhile he and I haven't always agreed on everything. He is at least forthcoming and honest. @Yuccaguyclaimed not to be perfect (no crew is) but I thought they did a fantastic job. You seem to want more respect for your crew (if my hunch is correct), but you are failing miserably in gaining it if that is the case. Be humble and plug away for next year.
  4. Agreed. I think you might see Cathedral, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, and Warren Central or North Central in a sectional.
  5. Just an FYI, IHSAA.org always has Box Score with official stats for all the games. It is the same stats on monitors when webcasting/broadcasting games in Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday and Saturday in the press box (and has been done for several years). https://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/boys sports/boys football/2021-22/2021 6A Box Score.pdf
  6. I would like to ask you a question. I get your sentiment and Micah Hauser is a fantastic football player. Do you feel Hauser would have had more yardage than Curry if they both received the same amount of carries, receptions, or plays offensively? I think what is missed sometimes is a player like Curry, just because they don't need to use him offensively a lot or at LB doesn't mean he can't produce at both. Curry had half the yardage as Hauser with almost 1/4 of the carries. Curry was on the D-line and Hauser a LB, Hauser should have more tackles at LB than a D-lineman and Curry had half as many which is a testament to what he does as a D-lineman. Rushing M. Hauser 15 carries 66 yds 3 TD 4.3 Avg C. Curry 4 carries 36 yds 1 TD 9.0 Avg Receiving M. Hauser 3 targets 2 catches 16 yds 0 TD C. Curry 0 targets 0 catches 0 yds 0 TD Tackles M. Hauser 5 solo 5 assist 10 total 0 TFL C. Curry 1 solo 4 assist 5 total 0 TFL Now I thought Popeye Williams had a terrific game with 6 solo 3 assist 9 total 1 sack 2 TFL. However you don't see Popeye play on Offense. Curry while a very dominant D-lineman also plays well on offense (when CG decides to insert him) and I believe I read he also long snaps (not sure). I think when you look at the stats and compare touches it doesn't put Hauser as the best player on the field. In all honesty there were a bunch of terrific players on the field in the 6A game and quite honestly they were all performing on the biggest stage.
  7. TV announcers said the prefect thing after they had talked to Coach Moore. Coach Moore stated there was a period in time they were the "Hunters" and now they are the "Hunted" and he feels it is very tough being the "Hunted". What some like Temp don't take into account is what Coaching Staffs endure. when you are winning it is not an easy task to keep teenage boys grounded. By that I mean complacent or overzealous. It is a constant battle for coaches to work on them sticking with the fundamentals even if they have major talent. I think Coach Moore and his staff have done a masterful job doing just that. Congrats to the Trojans Grover, they definitely earned that 28-0 back to back champions.
  8. I felt all the crews did a great job officiating (even if another had an axe to grind because their crew didn't make the finals). Mistakes can and will happen, but even in the mistakes they were not game changing errors IMHO. Thought your crew did a great job! A lot of terrific athletes on that field. I could tell at times there was good interaction between the players and your crew, which tells me the players had the utmost respect for your crew. Just have to make sure I get your autograph if I ever meet you in person now that you are a television star! Keep up the good work, felt you guys officiated the game near flawless which is all you can ask for!
  9. Good observation, when they can't even type proposal and come with a completely ignorant proposal it shouldn't garner much attention. Stay well PHJ!
  10. It will likely depend on who is in 6A. When Cathedral was in 6A previously they had Cathedral, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, and North Central in Sectional 6. It will be interesting to see how they shake out Sectionals if Cathedral and Zionsville move up to 6A.
  11. Nope definitely not an issue (nice try at a dig though). If you would like I can paste an earlier post where you used your "result to name calling" rubbish because I stated "Word to Jack-o-Lantern world". Like I said thicker skin is definitely needed and the White Goodman "I'm better than you and I know it" sentiment is old and wore out. Moving on.
  12. Truth hurt? I mean you felt it was name calling with the comment "Word to jack-o-lantern world" hope you grow some thicker skin. Heaven forbid @Olympian06brings the pain. You might need a therapist!
  13. No they only save that for Center Grove and cry baby's like yourself! Nothing better than letting a crybaby about officiating from the 1990's to hurt their feelings with a game on Natural grass. Not sure what Cathedral fans you have been conversating with. However Defensively is not one of the weaknesses I have observed with Cathedral. They are pretty stout and dominant defensively. On Offense they can have their moments! I am not sure how you can speak about weakness defensively when it literally took until Semi-state before a TD was scored in 1st quarter (including CG) and only a couple games 2nd quarter (even CG didn't score in Q2). In fact the few points they have given up were in 2nd qtr. Most games it is against the number 2's that points are scored. Now offensively they have some bad spots but are up and down. Defensively they seem fast and play well (minus the penalties they get here and there). Still it will be closer than some may think. More of a defensive battle between the 2 teams if you ask me. When it comes to closer games, I don't see that being a problem for the Irish with who they have played even though they have blown out teams in the post season.
  14. If we are being technical Merrillville didn't initially schedule Bishop Chatard. The game was made possible by Covid-19 cancellations and both teams needing an opponent.
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