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  1. Being honest any Roncalli students that attended South Deanery Elementary Schools: Holy Name, OLG, SS Francis and Claire of Assisi, Central Catholic, Nativity, St. Barnabas, St. Jude, St. Mark, St. Roch, Lumen Christi were never going to be students at Southport, Perry Meridian, CG, Greenwood, Beech Grove, Franklin, Franklin Central, or IPS. So really they aren't losing those kids they already knew they weren't going to be at those schools.
  2. Who cares about Rozier. Fun to go back and watch. Never translated to the NFL. Nebraska has been irrelevant (more so than ND by a mile for many years). Football is football surprise. Do you have soccer to watch The Hoosiers will be fine. Interested to see who the OC will be!
  3. Hogwash! Coach Wally Riggendorf will have none of that and will send Eric "Samurai" Hansen after you!!
  4. Thank you for refreshing my memory on that one. I blame it on old age. I knew it was one of them!
  5. Yes the game has changed the last 15 years. Yes athletes have evolved in the size, strength, and speed department. I have watched more football games than you could fathom at all levels. I personally have watched my sons teams run 4 different offensive schemes: I Formation (with some sprinkled in shot-gun), belly offense, up tempo shotgun spread, and power spread. I have also watched him personally play in different defensive formations: 4-4, 4-2-5, 4-3, and 3-4. He currently plays OLB in college just finishing up his Junior year. I also have been to a lot of H.S. games prior to my son hitting High School and after. I have been to every State Championship for the last 22 years with the exception of this year I had to watch from my phone as I was out of town in another State. I have seen several different Coach Bob Springers (you may not know who that is HOF Coach from Indianapolis Washington)T formation, Coach Moore's Wing T, Coach Colby's Wing T in a phone booth, Coach Wrights Flex Bone triple option, Coach Ralph's Power Spread, Coach Fishers Fly Offense, Heck I think it was either Greensburg or Batesville one year I watched run the single wing (my memory fades on that one). I have seen 1 personnel groupings, 10 personnel, 20 personnel, 23 personnel you name it. One thing remains the same if a team runs an offensive concept they can be successful in it if they hit the weight room for strength, and repitition their offensive scheme are disciplined and execute. The spread offense was not created because of freakish athletes. It actually was created to spread the defense out creating natural holes in the line and seams in the secondary. Spreading out defenses reduced the need to power block by undersized lineman. The Shotgun Spread has been around since 1956 and Coach Neumeier started the modern spread offense (or basketball on grass like Coach Tiller ran) in 1970.
  6. The bad thing is some teams run so much gun that it is a train wreck if they go under center for a QB sneak. End up with a fumbled snap.
  7. Yes they do. I believe Coach L although retired and no longer HC is an assistant coach on the team. It is fun to watch their O-line. They are all perfectly syncronized and run like a well oiled machine.
  8. Just a side note De LaSalle Concord CA held a 151 game win streak running a disciplined triple option attack under Coach Ladouceur. They produced many D1 players that even went on to the NFL.
  9. It will be even better as it goes along the youth leagues will hammer home the fundamentals and plenty of reps. By the time they get to the H.S. they will be able to run the plays in their sleep! Coach Moore has done the same in the CG Bantam league with the Classic Wing T.
  10. When it comes to gimmick offense I think of A-11 not T formation.
  11. I will be totally honest with one thing that drives me nuts sometimes with teams I watch. 4th and goal at the 1 yard line (lets say a tournament game) down by 4 points. Offense trots out in Shotgun formation.
  12. I think Coach Sharpe is well aware he may have to adapt according to what personnel he has in that particular year. It is not impossible to pass out of the T Formation or motion etc the play book can really open up. I remember a couple of years even your Irish ran some T Formation. I believe they even hit a TD pass out of it in a State Championship game maybe 2006 vs Concord? I'm not positive which one, I'll have to research.
  13. 1. A lack of open field speed yet fast enough to out run Ben Davis, Warren Central, Cathedral, plus other MIC defenders for long TD runs on several occasions. One heck of a shifty back too. 2. Of course he wouldn't be listed in the top 15 right now he only played 3 games his Junior season. His body of work as a Freshman and Sophomore was pretty darn good. I think you will see him jump into the top 10 for Indiana Class of 2021 if he stays healthy. 3. Difficult to compare Spegal's Junior year to Steele's Junior year because Steele only played 3 games. If you want to compare their Freshman and Soph years we can Spegal Freshman 356 carries 1,958 yds 17 TD's Spegal Sophomore 327 carries 2,385 yds 33 TD's Steele Freshman 272 carries 1,703 yds 20 TD Steele Sophomore 367 carries 2,270 yds 29 TD Compare away
  14. Start the movement bring the Box Formation and Single Wing Triple Spin Series
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