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  1. HHF, DT, Driven T, I know you have had a daughter that attended Center Grove. I know you possibly went to Highland (if my memory serves correctly). I would like to ask how many years or even downs of football have you played? I know you take vested interest in coming up with controversial subjects on this board, but I just want to know what extent you have actually played football.
  2. I will personally say Indiana and Purdue will pay more attention to lesser touted recruits from (Texas, Florida, and Ohio) than they will top recruits from Indiana. I think it is a shame because some great players leave Indiana to play at out of State Colleges because Indiana and Purdue do that exact thing. I may try to do some research when I get some free time, but I would bet some big hitters in NCAA D-1 do a pretty darn good job of recruiting and focusing on the top players from their own State. I will exclude Notre Dame from this discussion because there are many factors that makes it different. I 100% can't wait to leave Indiana (not because it is a bad State) but because I am not a fan of cold bitter winters and would rather park my rear end near a beach! I have made a good living in Indiana just would rather be in warmer climates!
  3. Coach Peebles also coached at Southport and Lawrence Central. I believe he also responded with having 40 seniors at Cathedral is not the normal (in other words he was being honest he had a large SR class). Regardless it all remained the same, read Coach Lidy's too and while you down play Coach Peebles response you got similar responses for others. Coach Skinner did go more in depth and didn't just spout your typical BS. Curious to see what you get from Coach Pasch, Coach Hart, Coach Moore. I don't think you would get much difference in an answer. Probably wouldn't get much different from the State Runner-up Coaches. Keep on chugging though Thomas the Tank Engine. Sorry Coaches don't and likely won't agree with some of your notions now matter how hard you try to spin it.
  4. You're standing in front of the dart board with common sense, less chance one of the darts he throws blindfolded hit the dart board.
  5. The award is for the best football player that played High School Football in Indiana, not the best Indiana High School Football player that elected to play college football in Indiana. My attempt at equivalency is that Ohio State, Alabama, and Clemson have had more National Championships in football than Indian, Purdue, and Ball State (Notre Dame is a different animal with academic requirements). Steelers, Patriots, 49ers, and Cowboys have won a bunch of Super Bowls.
  6. Why should an award for the top player in Indiana have anything to do with if they choose to play college football in Indiana or not? Lots of factors these young men look into (and it doesn't always involve football, can also involve academics, Major choices, family history). So basically your saying we should for go giving Mr. Football to a player that elects to play at a high academic University that is successful in football for someone with less talent that decided to go to Purdue, Indiana, Ball State who have not had the same success and may not (depending on the College) be as prestigious. Doesn't make sense. That is like saying a College player shouldn't get the Heisman if they were to get drafted by the Steelers, Patriots, 49ers, or Cowboys. Should only get that award if they go to the Lions.
  7. Yeah I didn't want to so call kill the messenger. I just wanted to point out the not much difference with CG and FC and Carmel is pretty much in their backyard. That is why I definitely stated I didn"t want it directed towards you just general questions
  8. I don't disagree with anything you have stated. However I don't get the travel time. How would any HCC teams have more travel time to Carmel than any of their other members? Carmel is right there with several members (Westfield, Fishers, HSE, Noblesville). Why would travel with Center Grove be an issue to not accept them yet Franklin Central isn't (for some of the members Center Grove would be closer than Franklin Central). To me Travel Time would be a scape goat excuse (don't get me wrong not throwing that on you just something that baffles me).
  9. Best part of reading the Head Coaches answers are how they totally disagree with notions being pushed (or shall I say darts being thrown blindfolded) by the one asking the questions. Over the years I have had great conversations with many of the coaches (current and past retired). They echo the same sentiments that these coaches do.
  10. There will be some (mostly people with vested interest in the remaining 6 MIC schools). Far more others will see beyond the BS like "academics vs athletics" when it concerns Center Grove and Carmel. I would bet that IDOE would agree that Center Grove along with Carmel were tops in the MIC in academics along with North Central. Which is why many will see right through the nifty PR public statement. You don't speak for people on the outside, only for yourself. Not all people on the outside view it the same as you do "Throw darts at the wall and see if it sticks, 90% of the time the dart doesn't even hit the target". The "folks" behind the MIC public statement used what they could PR department to save face and try to make themselves look good. There are likely several that see right through the BS PR statement. You're not one of them (talk about myopic). Race was an easy PR move to save face with recent events. It is obvious this was a possible move by Center Grove and Carmel Looooong before the shooting and the blackface. Heck even you have been bringing up gate revenue dating back several years.
  11. You are 100% correct there. The reason he doesn't have offers from B1G schools or other D1 schools is due to his measurables (height, weight, 40 time, etc). Unfortunate but true. Still has the heart of a lion.
  12. Not surprised at all that is how Driven T, DT, HHF works. Throw a story out there to see if it works even if it has to be twisted into a lie (or fit his agenda) My point is because you want to make a spin with innuendo or blatant lies. Nothing disputes the fact CG wiped the floor with the MIC winning the MIC conference title (which still stands) the last 2 years. Just because you want to make it more than it is doesn't tarnish it. If anything you're more tarnished with your undermining of the GID than CG or Carmel is with the MIC.
  13. I can answer that. His Junior year Center Grove also had Austin Booker a 6-6 240 lbs D-Lineman. So they couldn't really run away from him it didn't matter which side you went to they had it covered. This year no Booker on the other side so teams tried to run on opposite side of Curry. Just my personal opinion (take it for what it is worth). CG has had some pretty good D-lineman the last couple of years which have even boosted the LB tackle stats. Don't feel this is an attack towards you, I just wanted to point out its not an exact comparison when taking an interior D-lineman from a 3 man front and comparing to a DE on a 4 man front or a LB. While I think Allen will win off his stats. I don't think Curry should be diminished or the terrific year he had (coming from a non Center Grove supporter that has watched him live and on TV multiple times). I still think you bring great content to the GID and respect you for that.
  14. 7 sacks (which he actually had 8 not using maxpreps) 24 TFL's 65 total tackles is very impressive for an interior Defensive Lineman in a 3 man front. Especially playing at the level he is with 6A opponents in the best conference in Indiana. Which is why I ask. I don't find you as someone who doesn't like Curry, I just am trying to understand why the down play and comparing him to a LB and a Defensive End in a 4 man front when he played interior on a 3 man front. That would be like comparing Allen to a RB or a QB in a Wing T. I am no supporter of Center Grove, have no ties to them whatsoever. But I have watched Curry play live in action at least 8 times the last 3 years, and on TV in games at least 14 times the last 3 years. He has been a nightmare for Offenses to where they have to gameplan (run away from him, double and triple team him, and even create screens to his side) yet he still chases down plays and makes the tackle. I've watched it live and on TV as well as highlight reels. He will hit a QB and make a tackle on the RB for a loss or minimal gain, chase down RB from the backside for a TFL or minimal gain even run out to make a tackle on a WR that a pass has been completed to. While you may not think his stats don't cut it many P5 colleges did. Like I have said before defenders have no chance to beat out a stat crazy QB, RB, or WR. Doesn't mean his stats from his position should be minimized. Yes I feel Brady Allen had an amazing season at QB, but I don't feel his play on the field was more amazing than Curry's.
  15. Been a lot of lineman (currently in the NFL) that we knew were going to be starting on Sundays that didn't get a sniff I 100% agree with you there!! Zack Martin was a stud for sure! As were James Hurst(Plainfield), Ted Karras (Cathedral), Brandon Knight (Noblesville), Nick Martin (Chatard), Danny Pinter (SB Adams), and Jason Spriggs (Concord). All I think have had better careers than Bo Barzilauskas but didn't get Mr. Football. Unfortunately Lineman (defensive or offensive) won't get a sniff with their stats compared to and offensive RB, QB, RB that get major stats while OL pave the way to get them those stats.
  16. Just curious why do you downplay Caden Curry? Is it because you want more to prop up Brady Allen (who everyone knows is a great QB) Hauser was a terrific player as was Popeye. There is a reason though that Caden Curry is the #88 national prospect in the Nation. Popeye is #353 (Hauser doesn't even show up). Yes I know you get more looks when you have size, but the film and view of Curry doesn't disappoint (nor does Popeye). I just don't get the obsession with try to down play him (like his stats were weak) and comparing a interior Defensive lineman stats to a Defensive End or Linebacker? The fact he has just as many (I believe 1 more sack not going by maxpreps) than a Defensive End (Edge rusher) and more TFL's is pretty eye opening.
  17. The accusation has nothing to do with the fact they wiped the floor with the MIC the last 2 years. Disloyal member or not (more like conference member being drug through the mud because they didn't like the direction of their conference) they still took the MIC and just waxed them the last 2 years. Play on the field matters not bologna media stuff (that we all know you love. You give yourself way too much credit. Do you own stock in lubricant to help squeeze your head through double doors? Be careful you may float off like a hot air balloon.
  18. True, but some have overcome the death sentence which is a positive: DuJaun Daniels played at Boston College and was a scout with Patriots now I believe with Raiders. Rex Grossman played at Florida and did have an NFL career (if you want to call it that). Clayton Richard ended up actually focusing on baseball ending up in MLB. Darren Evans played well at Virginia Tech, went into NFL but never really did much. Jaylon Smith was a very good player at Notre Dame and has played in the ProBowl of NFL. Terry McLaurin may be the most accomplished out of any of them when it's all said and done. Was a starter at OSU has really taken the NFL by storm
  19. No he doesn't. Having been around the GID for years (even before you became a member) he has always done this (Driven T, DT, HHF) doesn't matter what screen name. Plenty more to the history but not worth going over. How in the world does this "tarnish" Center Grove's back to back State Championship run? They wiped the floor with the MIC the last 2 years, their closest games have come from Westfield, Cathedral, and Lawrence North (only 1 of those was a MIC school and just so happens the HC of that schools was a former assistant to CG's HC). That has to be the most ignorant comment I have seen you type (and there have been plenty over the years).
  20. 1. I think you will see CG back to Wing T with occasional Spread here and there like prior to Jackson. You will still see them pop into spread on occasions. @Groverprobably has better insight on the QB behind Jackson, but all of the Trojans know the Wing T like the back of their hand. 2. Carmel has plenty of players within their school, it will be interesting to see what they produce next year. 3. Ben Davis made great strides towards the end of the year. They ran into are very good CG team but they were playing some of their best football prior to that. 4. Warren Central will build, Coach Kirschner did the same at Ben Davis. It took a couple years to implement what he needed. Then he fielded a terrific team and went undefeated. I highly doubt Warren Central is losing any kids to New Pal or Mt. Vernon. 5. North Central is North Central. Right now a general season for them is 6-4, Coach O'Shea after a 3-7 season built a 9-3 season. Then followed up with back to back 6-4 seasons losing close games in Sectional to WC. This past year was his worst season 1-9, possibly a very young team. 6. LC greatly improved as the season went along Coach Patterson seems to have started to get them to buy in, next year will be the sign if they turn the corner. LN I think you may see a little bit of a drop off but Coach Mallory does a great job with the Wildcats. My questiion is when Coach Moore decides to retire will Coach Mallory be of interest by Center Grove? 8. Pike a program that really boggles me. Coach Gillin will not be leaving Mooresville, he lives in Mooresville and he will likely retire from Mooresville one day. I don't see him leaving Mooresville. Pike had a terrific Coach at one time in Coach Moyers, not sure what went south with that. Coach Ech is a good Coach, maybe he can get them turned around.
  21. Jake Pasch is a very good football player (Offensively and Defensively). I don't feel he would have a problem covering 5A/6A receivers (a lot of these teams compete in 7 on 7 match-ups through the summer). He wasn't one of those that chose to be a big fish in a small pond. He was going to play for Lutheran regardless because his father is the Head Football Coach at Lutheran.
  22. The college part is very debatable. Jay Cutler in 4 season as starting QB threw for 8,697 yds 59 TD's 36 Int's, Rex Grossman in 3 seasons as starting QB threw for 9,164 yds 77 TD's 36 Int's. You could 100% say Cutler was the better NFL QB.
  23. Depending on how his season goes next year you could say Jaron Tibbs. His stats in the 5A State Championship game were impressive!
  24. One is a Senior (Hauser) and the other a Junior (Bowen). We have another year of seeing Drayk Bowen, should be interesting.
  25. You can say that for yourself. However while you say that, there is a reason David Bell is entering the NFL draft just like George Karlaftis so he must have been (still is) pretty darn good. Jack Kiser winning it as a QB has been a pretty darn good LB for Notre Dame (his 66 yd pick 6 was pretty awesome against Wisconsin). So I don't think it was a far stretch for people mentioning Bell and Kiser. GK should have been included in discussions but I wouldn't say "far and away" as all 3 have performed very well at the college level (2 of them Bell and GK leaving early for NFL draft) and I think you will see all 3 in the NFL. That being said former Mr. Football Terry McLaurin was spectacular his JR and SR year. He won the award and was a no brainer. Went to Ohio State and was pretty much a utility WR, did all the little things like blocking etc while being overshadowed by WR's like Paris Campbell. He hits the NFL and shows what he was capable of all along even though OSU didn't utilize him in that manner as much. While Campbell was drafted ahead of McLaurin, Terry has been on a roll in the NFL doing things we watched him do in HS.
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