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  1. Who says he didn't speak the truth and didn't keep it unfiltered. He didn't leave Mt. Vernon to go to Carmel another MIC school. He left Mt. Vernon to coach at the place he played football Warren Central. What he said was probably absolutely the truth, but when Warren Central came open a place he played at himself it probably felt fitting to him to be HC at his dream job. Doesn't mean he was untruthful. Just means something (his dream job) came open at a time that was fitting for him. I don't believe for a second he makes his decisions to make you or anyone else happy for that matter. He makes
  2. Yes he could have gotten the break from the grind at MV. Yes he could have missed the grind of the MIC. Honestly who knows. In all honesty no matter how much of a break from the grind a Coach wants, when they have the opportunity to be the Head Coach at their Alma Mater (especially a Alma Mater that is at the highest level) most coaches would jump at that opportunity regardless of circumstances.
  3. Did you just state @Coach Nowlinisn't high on the athletic scale? 😆 I will have you know his 40 times when he sleeps at night break NFL records!! How dare you doubt this! Even Kenny Powers knows!!
  4. Yes and just as rare for CC to be a P/P to do so in a short amount of time. Which is not unlike Fisher's High School doing so.
  5. I can name more. From Pioneer, North Vermillion, and even another that held many records from Sheridan.
  6. On a side not Tony Dungy's son played football at Park Tudor. I know doesn't fit your agenda It popped up in the cornfield's of Sheridan with the Zachary family.
  7. BTW the best 1A Running Back I have ever watched was Devin Moore (Ritter/Urban). Best running QB/DB was a tie between Nick Zachary (Sheridan/Rural) and Jack Kiser (Pioneer/Rural)
  8. That is because classes in the IHSAA aren't determined on if a school is in a Urban or Metro area. It's determined by enrollment. Park Tudor (a private school) located in prime area in Indianapolis has the same pool of potential players and have won 5 games only 1 time in the last 15 years. most years a 2 win or 3 win season is the norm and there are several 1 win and even an 0 fer.
  9. I will make the solid argument for Emil Ekiyor (there is a reason he is starting at Alabama right now). Here is 1 highlight tape of his Sr season at Cathedral. He made a switch from Tackle to Center (his Tackle highlights are just as good as his Center highlights. He is a Guard for Alabama currently very fundamental and multi position OL. That being said Fisher is a great OL as well.
  10. Not fired up what so ever and have no ties to Covenant Christian. I'm stating even if he was at WC as a freshman or soph what does it have to do with anything. He was at TC Howe and transfered to CC only after Howe closed its doors. I am asking you if he did (which it has been stated that he didn't) go to WC for 2 years what is your point? Does WC give their kids a special drink (ala Space Jam) and it makes them so much better? There are kids that transfer ALL the time (I'm sure South Adams isn't immune to transfer or move in kids). T.C. Howe closed completely for good, what is the issue if hi
  11. You are still on this? Heck even the link you have given has 1 lone highlight play. Regardless he didn't transfer from Warren Central to Covenant Christian. He enrolled at CC after T.C. Howe closed their doors. Even if he did attend WC as a Frosh and Soph like you claim, what did it have to do with the CC vs SA game? Kids move and transfer EVERY year mostly at Public schools. So I am failing to see where it would be an issue?
  12. I think I just found your Zoom session Coach Nowlin!! All in fun my man! Have a good laugh and great day!
  13. Well to start that is the solution. Then after 2 years when the 50 roster team hits a Public 81 roster team, those teams have to be moved to 8A. Then we will keep adding them until said 50 roster team wins State, then we can stop. (full on sarcasm)
  14. Why invest in a Hi-Pod X31 when you can have WTHR or another news station film practice from a helicopter! 😆 Some who have been around will get it (sorry WC fans was meant in fun). Yes, he would be a great candidate for the WC job though. He did well at Pike.
  15. Really limited on when MIC schools can be schedules with any team. Mic teams are usually only available to schedule non-conference weeks 1, 2, and 9. The Cincinnati schools Cathedral plays happen 4, 6, and 7 which is when most teams are playing their conference schedule.
  16. Both games should have been 2-0 win. All Forfeits are considered a 2-0 victory over the forfeiting team.
  17. Good name to throw out there. One interesting thing is his flex-bone offense is very similar to the early years of Kevin Wright at Warren Central.
  18. I know you used Maxpreps. That is why I stated it is inaccurate and the actual roster is available in the IHSAA Finals program and also on Chatard's website. 2013 was also the year the success factor was introduced. Heritage Hills will not have to worry about Chatard next year because Chatard will be moving up to 4A. It moves highly successful teams up a class all by a point system. needs tweaked to 4 years but it is a good system. By the way you brought up Pike Central and Tecumseh, they can't compete with their 1A and 3A Public counterparts so no they won't be able to compete with CC o
  19. What about Craig Chambers would that be a possible candidate to apply. East side ties as former HC at Howe. He does have HC and Assistant AD jobs currently at Tech. Just tossing a name out there.
  20. You can go to the official IHSAA State Championship program (link provided) to count the Chatard roster 81 players listed. I am sure they would love to have 107 players on their Varsity roster though. https://www.ihsaa.org/portals/0/Flip Book/2020-21/fb/index.html Also 2020 6 classes 5 P/P State Champions, 2019 6 classes 3 P/P Champions, 2018 6 classes 1 P/P Champion last 3 years data.
  21. We got to witness first hand who the better QB was between Westfield and Cathedral first one was 7 of 14 99 yds 2 TD 8 carries for 30 yds, the other 18 of 26 201 yds 5 TD's 7 carries 109 yds 2 TD's. In the CG game CG's QB wasn't having his best game even throwing a pick 6 that covered 70 yds. He did though redeem himself with the final drive after Cathedral turned it over on downs. That being said with the style of Offense CG has they don't always unleash to show what their QB can do so it's a tough comparison. I'll also state Cathedral's WR wasn't going to get a lot of offers for fo
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