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  1. I would be interesting in seeing the data on Ohio, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana high school playoff attendance totals and average attendance/playoff game.
  2. Good post Bonecrusher. I have stated on other threads earlier in the year that if I could make only one change to IHSAA, it would be neutral site for regional and semi state. i wouldn't mind Sectional championship also, but could leave with that staying as is. It is at least very encouraging the the new leadership is thinking about ways to improve. Step in the right direction.
  3. Agree that Ohio has a lot more casual and rabid football fans than Indiana. Also agree that Indiana is unique and different but not necessarily for the better. From a competitive perspective, neutral site is more balanced for both teams vs one team driving 2.5-3.5 hrs hours to compete. From attendance perspective, one could argue this both ways without any real data to support argument. It could increase, decrease or stay the same in a neutral site format. My belief is that worse case it would remain the same.
  4. Neutral sites seems to work very well in Ohio. Only their 1st round games (Region quarterfinal) are hosted by top seeds Why would it not work in Indiana? Apathy by schools is the argument I'm reading above.
  5. With WeBo winning back to back State Titles (awesome feat), when are they bumped up to 3A?
  6. I'm encouraged by the open mindedness of the new Leadership to consider change. It is needed in regards to current playoff system. I'd love them to expand the discussion to review neutral sites for Regional and especially Semi Sate games. One step at a time I guess. Also agree 100% with DT's last post, it is home field advantage for local Indy schools. Hard to deny this fact. Having said that, I still think Indy/LOS is the ideal location to host and it's encouraging to see new leadership open to ideas/ways to mitigate and get more butts in seats.
  7. So who are the sectional winners? 33- Andrean 34- Bremen 35- Bishop Luers 36- Eastbrook 37- Western Boone 38- Scecina 39- Eastern 40- Mater Dei
  8. I agree with VikingNation's Top 5. 1. Valpo - with Grimes transfer clear pre season #1, he would of looked good in a Niner uniform!! 2. Merrillville - always loaded with talent and they get even more with Morton transfers. Pirates will be right there with Valpo 3. Hobart - return a lot of athletes, experienced qb, have a lot of confidence, good schedule with conference title between them and Niners 4. Andrean - almost same comments as Hobart except QB comment, who is going to lead this offense that has a ton of talent and size? 5. Chesterton - all rides on the arm of QB Mullen, a qb with his talent at the hs level can carry you a long way! 6. Crown Point - defense is always solid and Petit at QB with another year of experience will only help. Maybe they will open up the offense more....doubt it. 7. Portage - RR will get them to play physical and with their numbers will find a qb to run his offense. 8. Highland - Coach K is a great coach, they made big strides last year and I see them only improving as long as he is there. 9. Morton - even with transfers, shelves not bare from a talent perspective, new HC with new system, they will be better come playoff time 10. KV - much improved last year, physical team, returning QB?, this program going in the right direction I debated #10 between Lowell, KV, and RC. I did not like what I saw in Lowell last year, just don't know if talent level is down. RC is always solid but they did lose a lot from last year but it is a unique system there and they have a rb returning this year from injury that is supposed to be a stud. Let's all hope we will have a full season. We need high school sports back, heck all sports back for that matter!
  9. BTF - are you forgetting OSU one the very first Championship???? Beating Bama in semis and oregon in championship. I guess that doesn't count. ND not relevant since the 80's?? Wasn't ND in the playoffs recently?
  10. Unfortunately, I do believe that CV will have an impact on participation levels at all schools and enrollment declines at P/P due to economic impact. Then I think it will be the decision of the administrators at these schools whether to contract. If contraction is the decision, I would still like to see these student athletes be given a chance to play somewhere; a school in their district, adjacent district, even P/P if they can afford it. I completely understand the logic behind the MR and thus contraction. My opinion is this should be up to the leaders/administrators for each High School/District not a mandate from the IHSAA. I think the IHSAA should be involved especially in regards to eligibility and participation at other schools that offer that sport. I'm all for the student/athlete and increasing participation in all sports/activities.
  11. Someone mentioned flag football, I could see this becoming a varsity sport before 8-9 man full contact football. Since the onset of the head trauma issue, I've seen the increase of youth flag football participation. I don't have any facts/data to support other than observations for sign ups in our area. I'm really torn on this issue, both sides make very valid points. As an observer of school that is on the list for contraction (Bishop Noll) over the past 5-10 years, it was very disheartening to see 20 kids (give or take a few) on the their sideline and then just get completely beat down on the field. I felt awful for the kids, coaches and parents. I was an advocate for us to quit playing them even thought BNI was our fellow Catholic school in the Region. I would often think why do they even have a team? How do they practice? etc. However on the flip side, those athletes on BNI were competing, enjoyed playing, enjoyed each other, never gave up, were proud of their school, and took enjoyment in the little wins (a play, a td, a interception, etc.). So when I look at it from the view of the student/athlete that is playing and enjoying it even though the scoreboard is very lopsided, I'd say let them play. After all, isn't it about the kids?
  12. HoopsCoach - thumbs up!! It surely can be done. IHSAA does it for Baseball and Basketball now.
  13. Contrary to what you read and see on tv, no one really knows. We are in uncharted waters with this thing. Unfortunately, I think there is strong possibility there will be no Fall sports in 2020. President Trump extending quaruntine to the end of April not a good sign. When it is lifted and with no vaccine in place, I think there will be extreme fear and administrators will be very conservative in what they allow to happen. just my opinion.
  14. Region All Time Classic - Andrean at Griffith 2004 Sectional Championship (Also known as "4th and 26") Andrean down by 35-28 with about 2 minutes left. Andrean has a 4 and 26 from Griffith 40-45 yard line. Tommy Finn to Jake Kocal for TD. Koch somehow got behind Griffith's prevent defense. Then to top this off, Coach St. Germain lines up for tying XP kick and fakes with an run option with Finn to Kocal for 2. Win 36-35. Griffith was stunned! What made this game great was not just the end but it was a "slobberknocker" between two teams that absolutely hated each other. A back and forth game between two excellent football teams with great athletes on both teams and two outstanding coaches; Saint vs Radtke. Packed house at Griffith with their fans yelling things at us Ive never heard before. I learned things about my mother that I never knew before. Great environment. Andrean went on to win State vs Heritage Hills 21-14.
  15. I've been long time reader/viewer of GD just not a big poster as my numbers reflect. I'm a big believer of disagreement, controversial discourse and out the box ideas and thoughts. Better decisions and outcomes come from it. I am not a fan of the personal attacks to these ideas and topics. So DT and Muda69, Ive enjoyed your topics even though I don't always agree with them so please keep posting. Let's all just stop with the insults and attacks.
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