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  1. Clinton Central has an opening on the varsity staff for a wide receiver/defensive back coach. Top priority is hiring a defensive secondary coach. Currently there are no teaching positions available but it is early. Coach needs to have varsity secondary coaching experience. Contact Coach Gilbert to gain more information or interested at George.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us. Summer and in season availability for the position is 3 pm - 7 pm for practice and staff meetings.
  2. From: Coach Gilbert Title: Proposal from a Retiring Coach Next fall, God Willing, will be my 40 season as a head football coach and my final season as I plan to retire at the conclusion of the 2022 season. I have taught the past 34 years Social Science at Clinton Central High School and have been the head football coach 22 of those years. I am currently on my second run the past two seasons. I pride myself in being a classroom teacher first and extending that forum to the athletic field. My current course schedule includes: United States History, World History, APUSH, Psychology and Sociology along with certification as our school weight room instructor. We currently have an opening for second semester on for my teaching position, then after the conclusion of the football season an opportunity available to interview for the head football coaching position. This is a unique opportunity for the right candidate with a strong academic resume. Our students are outstanding as our academic rigor is directed and expected by students, administration and community. What kind of candidate are we seeking? Successful assistant coach with 5 + years of high school leadership experience. [from any class level] · A former or current head coach that would like to try again or just decided as I have done several times that you are just not done yet. [from any class level] · High level of strength teaching ability to lead not only football but direct the entire strength program. Once implemented this is not as hard as it may sound. · Commitment toward moving this program in a positive direction. · Able to work closely with administration, especially the Athletic Office. Football has a strong tradition here at Central, football has been heard at times state wide but we still are looking to advance beyond the regional level. We have a wonderful fan base, best equipment available, and an outstanding veteran coaching staff that plan to stay on after I retire. All the wheels are in motion for the right guy! The Gridiron community over the years have liked and dislike me as a coach but that is ok because our community feels the same and that is what we all expect! If interested contact me through my email address and we can talk more. I will answer all email inquiries, I want someone to come in and do well! Email: George.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us
  3. Clinton Central is in need of one team (last minute team drop out) for the 16 Team 11 on 11 scheduled for Monday, July 12 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Teams are coming to Clinton Central from around the state along with around 30 IHSAA OFFICIAL TO WORK competition. Schools coming represent 1A - 4A and any school willing to sign up is welcome (including any 5A or 6A schools. Please let me know ASAP if interested. Send me email at George.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us
  4. Clinton Central has a paid WR/DB varsity assistant coaching position open. Candidates must be 21 or older with playing or coaching experience working with WRs/DBs. Interested candidates should contact Coach Gilbert via email at george.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us to schedule an interview for the position.
  5. Team dropped out and I have one opening for our Monday, July 12th 11 on 11. We currently have 15 schools and would like to fill the 16th spot. If Interested Contact Coach Gilbert at email george.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us
  6. We currently have one opening for our Monday, July 12th 11 on 11 competition. We have 15 teams and are looking for 1 more (team dropped out today). We have schools coming from across the state representing Class 1A - 4A ( 4 Class 1A teams entered). We welcome any school 1A - 6A. The competition runs for 2 hours and each team will play between 8 and 11 schools during this period. There are 4 rounds in 3 or 4 team pods, when 20 minute varsity session is done JV will play for 10 minutes at each pod. This is a great opportunity for players and coaches to see many different offenses and defenses. Plus an opportunity to play against many of Indiana’s top coaches and traditionally strong football programs. if interested please email me at George.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us
  7. We now have 13 schools entered and we are still looking for 2 teams. I will also, when full set up a reserve list of schools wanting in if schools wish to bow out.
  8. I would like to see if officials in Central Indiana might be interested in working a large 11 on 11 competition on Monday, July 12. The competition will run promply from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm. Clinton Central is located on US 29 [Michigan Road] about 30 minutes north of 96 St. in Indy. When I have run these large scale 11 on 11 competitions at Tri-Central we always had a great turn out of officials wishing to work there mechanics to get ready for the season. We will split 2 football fields with a red zone field separate and we can accommodate 15 teams including our team. Teams will start with ball on forty with 3 downs to get a first down. Once in red zone offense will have 4 downs to score [no kicking game]. When offense gives up ball on downs or scores ball goes to resting team. Offense moves to defense and defense becomes resting team. Action is fast paced with lots of repetition, although coaches and officials can stop action for a teaching point at any time. Officials throw flags as if regular game. Action will run 20 minutes non-stop, then teams move to next pod of competition. I will organize this action with each official and team having in their hands a schedule of competition with fields marked. During the break (10 minutes) Varsity moves on and for next 10 minutes JV players will play then follow there Varsity to next field of competition. We currently have 2 4A schools; 2 3A, 4 2A, 3 1a teams coming. This works best with 300-400 athletes at competition with we have officials available. Please contact me if interested in coming to work competition. There are no trophies [winning or losing during competition if of no importance at this event and that has made this a great learning tool preparing for the season so coaches can focus on plays, players and staff and not worry about the stuff we have to deal with during the season. This has been a great night of fellowship for coaches, officials and players. I hope we can get at least 15 to work but 30 would allow rest periods for officials. We have had as many as 40 and it worked out great. Let me know if interested george.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us
  9. We have 10 schools currently signed up to come to our 11 on 11 competition. We currently have 10 teams that have committed to come. We currently have 3 1A; 4 2A; 2 3A; 1 4A. We have 5 spots left would love to see 5A and 6A consider bringing a team as well as 1A openings. OFFICIALS! We would love to get you guys to come also as this is a great opportunity to get ready for the season. Our school is 30 minutes north of Indy on the Michigan Road [421]. When we ran this at Tri-Central we always had 10 to 30 area officials come and work. Please contact me via email at george.gilbert@clinton.k12.in.us. This is a great night of fellowship and finding things out about our teams without worrying about winning and losing!
  10. Thank you Foxbat! I now have learned something new!
  11. I am not very good with technology. I have received messages that I cannot get to. I am listing my email for direct contact if you are interested in our 11 on 11. George.gilbert@clinton.K12.in.us. Please contact me with question or if you want in. I apologize for my lack of technology skills. coach Gilbert
  12. For several years I ran a large 11 on 11 at Tri-Central. Moving back to Clinton Central I am planning a large 15 team 11 on 11 competition for Monday, July 12 from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm. At Clinton Central we have 2 full fields where we can work 4 competitions of 3 school rotations and we have a red zone field that we can also work 3 schools in rotation. We will hopefully get the IHSAA officials to use this as a training night and officiate all competition. All of this is contingent on where we all are with the pandemic. I am ready to see if schools are interested. We will accept 1A up to 6A schools and the first 14 schools that commit are in. Please email me for information or entry.
  13. Ruling? situation Team A kicks off to Team B. Receiver catches and runs, defender knocks ball out of receivers control, ball intercepted by kicking team and player runs 25 yards for touchdown. on field, Ruling 1: ball is dead when fumbled, kicking team does gain possession. then there is a meeting of the minds as the officials spend 6 minutes discussing on field Ruling 2: touchdown which is the correct rule? I was puzzled as I thought you could not advance a free kick fumble.
  14. This is great news for Bloomington South and Indiana High School Football. Over the winter months after my first season as head coach at Tri-Central, I moved Gabe's brother Memo to the position of defensive coordinator. He immediately requested that we change defense and wanted to take the entire staff to meet with Gabe and his defensive staff. Well, coming off 0-10 season and losing by 40 to 60 points each week, I agreed. We met with Gabe and he made such an impact on me as an excellent technician of the game. We spent a day with him and his staff and continued to follow up with questions on through the next season. I share this because I do not believe we would have had the great run that we had without Gabe's brother Memo becoming our DC and even more so without Gabe's direction and help implementing the 34 defense. I give my highest regard to Gabe and all that he represents toward continuing the great success of Bloomington South football!! Gabe has truly earned his way and has continued to pave the way for others along the bumpy road of being a football coach!
  15. Taylor is looking to hire someone in the Howard County area available from 3:30 to 6 pm daily with football coaching experience. Taylor is seeking a defensive line coach but will consider options with experienced coach. Contact Coach Gilbert if interested.
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