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  1. Did anyone see Ohio's plan of shuffling sports seasons around to play the sports with more built in "social distance" first? Fall: Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Golf, Softball, Baseball, Boys and Girls Track, Winter: Normal Spring: Football (start season March 1, regular season begins March 22, Playoffs start in lat May) Soccer An out of the box plan, but I would take it to be able to let all the kids play!
  2. Well lets just use that logic then. You pay people that you can't readily develop........in this case special defensive athletes.
  3. As a general rule, I say DUDES play defense. Pure Athleticism rules the day on that side of the ball (Not that disciplined play and technique can't raise a players ceiling considerably). Offense is about execution, you can get away with lesser athletes on the OL with good coaching. Look at all the mid-round guys that the New England Patriots have played with on the OL over the last 20 years.
  4. Interesting article I've always had this thought, but until reading that article it had always just been anecdotal. Seen it happen many times on turf, personally experience in college (had a defensive player thrown into my legs while engaged in a block, foot stuck, knee gave) Related question for the Forum......how many of your team's O-Lineman wear some sort of knee brace and who supplies that for them?
  5. Has anyone noticed any higher occurrence in knee or ankle injuries on turf? Seems to me I've seen more players get their foot "stuck" in the turf (combination of great cleats and a great playing surface) and the first thing to give is their knee or ankle.
  6. We adopted the stretch of main roadway that leads into our town. Michigan Highway Sign lets everyone know that our Football team cleans that stretch of roadway. We cleaned all the weeds and small trees that were growing under our stadium bleachers, weeded and edged the landscaping around our school, etc. Didn't take long to do, trying to get the kids to develop some pride in where they are from.
  7. Is there a dividing line at some level of ball where you can or can't be a full time class room teacher? Example: 2A you can, but 5A you can't?
  8. Now, I do agree that great coaches are GREAT teachers, and if I was a principal, I would want those coaches contributing to the academic development of kids. But the time requirements of a classroom teacher inevitably make it more difficult to do all the things that a successful football program now requires. So how do schools strike a balance?
  9. Piggy back question.............how do schools navigate this? Some schools will jump all in and put a football or basketball coach in a job that doesn't require much of their time outside the school day. Other schools or principals don't want to show an bias and are very careful to make sure that the football coach isn't shown any favors as far as a teaching load. 2nd question, how does the football coach that is teaching Geometry, writing tests, writing lesson plans, grading, etc. compete with the coach who doesn't have any of those things on his plate? Is it fair to compare those two coaches to each other in terms of success on the field?
  10. Most, not all, but most high school coaches teach as well as coach. What is reasonable for a school to ask for as a time commitment from their Head Coach? Couple hours a day for practice, then there is that flex time before and after so it ends up being more like 3 hours. Then they have their commute. With most of them teaching, they are likely to have some sort of lesson planning, test writing, grading time in their evening, then they have to make and eat dinner, practice planning for the next day, most will want to watch some film, some staff to staff text and phone calls throughout the evening. This is all before any parent or player issues are dealt with, youth league work is done, or any time is spent with family. That's not evening mentioning the weekend grind. Time with the varsity kids in film (which the coaches were up watching til 2 am the night before) and/or JV football on Saturday morning. Maybe you get to collapse on the couch for a little while Saturday afternoon but then back to the film. Sunday morning, film, church, lunch film, mow the lawn, change a light bulb, pay the bills, staff meeting in the evening, and getting ready to teach for the week, etc. Again, this is just in-season grind............lets not start on the off season. Seems like a lot to ask for the few thousand bucks that most coaches are paid at the HS level. Is their any "fix" to this crazy work-life mix that coaches face today?
  11. What has caused the shift in power from the days of Penn, Jimtown, Duneland Conference dominance?
  12. I've admired Coach Radke for years but never been on staff with him. Every story I've gathered from opposing coaches, every old article from Northwest Indiana Times or Region Sports Network, paints a picture of a extremely passionate individual that pushes his staff and players to the limits. You could easily suspect the man of being some sort of tyrant. Then you talk to players who have played for him or coaches that have coached under him, and they are all FERVENT Coach Radke supporters. It will be interesting to see how fast he can turn Portage around, which of his longtime staff members of his staff will go with him, and what "Vibe" he chooses to exude at this stop. Is the old dog learning new tricks late in his career? Does anyone know if he will have some sort of position in the school during the day?
  13. We start at 7 up here in Michigan and I hate it! Feels very rushed after school compared to my time in Indiana. I think it hurts attendance, etc. Part of the issue with changing the times is that their are a lot of Mega Conferences up here. 1 conference that has many divisions based on size and geography, so for any change to happen takes a 2/3rds vote. It makes any and all changes happen at a snails pace. Its the classic tale of schools giving up some local control to have an outside entity schedule games, officials, etc. I don't like it, but it does save some tax payer dollars. Some on the GID would appreciate it.
  14. Coach Radtke has how many 4,000-5,000 yard rushing teams in his coaching career? You could make a strong case he is one of the best offensive minds for running the football in High School Football history. Definitely for Indiana. No concerns about his teams moving the football.......no matter what league he might coach in.
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