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  1. HC/OC is PE Teacher, DC is Special Education, One Business Teacher , One English Teacher, One Alternative School Teacher, One Police Officer, 2 local business owners. The issue will be that our staff is aging and finding replacements for some of these guys as they retire is going to be really difficult. Our MS staff is all Non-Teachers, where maybe 20 years ago those were young teachers waiting in the wings to move up to the HS level, that is no longer the case.
  2. I teach and coach of at a HS of 750. 4 JV/FR coaches (they handle both responsibilities) and 4 Varsity Coaches. Staff has 4 "offensive coaches" and 4 "defensive coaches" and the coaches travel between the levels at practice depending what side of the ball that level is currently on.
  3. To add to my list from earlier today.... #4. Let respected head coaches and/or those in sports that NEED multiple quality coaches to function present quality candidates for hire. (Administration is fearful to do this because they don't want to be accused of playing favorites, kids and programs suffer when lesser hires are made as a result). #5. Superintendents need to craft a list of "district needs" to hand to their principals before hiring season begins. Coaching positions, club sponsors, band and choir directors, etc. With instructions that you need to hire people that check
  4. #1 Hire people that will coach. These teachers will have a better connection with the kids and get more accomplished in the classroom anyway. Good coaches are typically good teachers as coaching is teaching. #2. Give coaches a "manageable schedule". They bring value to the building and community after school, so have them teach less different classes to prep for. Don't ask them to teach AP or classes that have heavy planning and grading loads, etc. When other teachers complain, stand up for the fact that they coach and its valued. #3. Pay stipends that allow folks to coach w
  5. Like most problems, this one is multi-faceted. In no particular order, here are some reasons I think coaching shortages are brewing in most places across the country...... #1 Less young males who played HS football entering the teaching ranks #2 More requirements of classroom teachers that make it difficult to coach #3 Coaches frustrated with travel sports based problems, and schools devaluing education based athletics because in part of travel sports leading to sport specialization and lower participation in traditional school based athletics. #4 Coaches feeling like the
  6. Don't see strength and conditioning guys coach? Or don't see under trained and overworked kids? Maybe Central Indiana people are as the kids would say "Just Built Different".
  7. I teach a Strength and Conditioning class and coach at a Michigan HS.
  8. What I run into is kids who are chronically over worked and under trained. They walk into a Monday morning weights session in the summer and are so sore, tight, and tired they can't move. BUT, that doesn't stop them from trying to go to 3 basketball open gyms, 3 weights sessions, a collegiate camp, and play 5-9 "travel" baseball or basketball games over the course of a week in the summer. Then parents of the 5'9" 150 lb young lad can't understand why he doesn't get more playing time for his high school teams, after all, his travel coach says he is the BEST and he plays all the time!
  9. I hope at some point kids and parents start to realize that the pageantry, buzz, the big deal in town, etc. All that stuff is synonymous with high school sports. You'll never recreate that with travel athletics. (Insert whiny voice): "Well I play travel....." Great kid, how did it feel to score the game winner in front of a parents only crowd of people you don't really know?
  10. Will the pendulum ever swing back the other way? What causes that shift?
  11. Does this significantly change how a coach builds his staff? Is the age of teaching staff, # of coaches in the building, and willingness of the administration to hire coaches, now more important than ever for a coach to consider before taking a job?
  12. Lots of good stuff here, every situation is unique. The key is getting decision makers in those districts to read their own situation, and then make the decisions that help engage students in those districts. Getting kids to be active, take pride in their school and community, learn sacrifice and teamwork is only going to benefit these schools academically in the long run. Your 3rd point about Admin hiring coaches is a tough one. I'm right with you, but teacher shortage is making that harder and harder. Why can't every Administrator be given a list of district needs (teachers, coac
  13. It seems that sometimes very rural schools struggle at athletics because kids live so far apart and there is no park or centralized place of pick-up games. I've taught in a town with a park, and kids were always down there shooting hoops, throwing a football, playing soccer. Kids there talked sports. They came into your room in the morning saying things like "Did you watch that game last night? Why the heck did they not take a timeout in that situation!?" I've also taught in a very rural district. Kids literally had trouble getting together to play with other kids because they
  14. Both are consistently good due to extremely high participation rates, excellent coaching, and great program alignment grade school to high school. I can see where if two smaller schools can't support those things individually, but by combining their resources could do so, that a bigger combined school might be an answer. It does sadden me that some look at that as the first option, rather than putting things in place that might lead to better participation, better coaching, better program alignment at both smaller schools and therefore a higher number of kids overall benefiting from pla
  15. Going to play a little Devil's advocate here........does anyone else worry about kids having less opportunities for involvement in this model? 44 starters in 2 football playing schools gets cut to 22. 10 basketball spots to 5, 28 wrestling slots to 14. What is the positive trade-off that comes with this move towards fewer teams? Is the thought that Elkhart or other like schools couldn't successfully support 2 smaller programs in each sport but with their combined resources they could support 1 program at an accelerated level of competition?
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