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  1. I think players appreciate hearing the truth from their coach. I watched the game on YouTube today......Coach Kinder was correct. They were the significantly weaker, slower team, and weren't going to win that game no matter how well they played. Probably good for the players to hear that. What he is really saying is "boys, if you want to be competitive in these types of games, we are going to have to get bigger, faster, and stronger than we are right now."
  2. Press Coverage of HS Sports is not what it once was. I think NWI Times and Region Sports does a good job compared to what we get up here.
  3. People do not realize that Time of Possession might be the number 1 stat that can consistently even games. In my opinion, New Prairie was much better than Mishawaka this year, far more than the 1 point we won by, but we only had the ball for something like 10 plays the entire 2nd half..............those Caveman run that clock on everyone. Even more devastating if you can get a turnover.
  4. We just played them, and I was impressed with (as I've been in the past) with Plymouth. From what I understand, his last son is now through the program. Would John Barron ever be interested in making a move? I would think the guy at Central is in the "drivers seat" for the job, he has done some great things there......., but Barron would be a big name. Guy knows the area, could probably dig up a staff better than someone from far away, lots of consistent success to his name, etc.
  5. That's Awesome! Huge fan of those mid 90s Nebraska Teams! Tomich, Winstrom , and all the other Rush Ends they had back then were STUDS!!!
  6. Well I'm obviously not the only one that took it that way, as Admin removed your comment.
  7. That was not how your original post came across.............
  8. Both Barron boys are GREAT HS players, and I'm saying that as an NP guy. Sad that a Plymouth fan can't back their own player.
  9. My prediction is it will be closer than people think. New Prairie -6.5 2013 was a blow out 2014 we beat them by 2 and did nothing in the 2nd half 2019......? I think Coach Barron and their staff is pretty good, they will have a good plan.
  10. I wonder if Plymouth can withstand the early onslaught of NP? The speed the physicality, the unique offense, etc. I think Plymouth will eventually settle in, but will it be 21-0 or 21-7 by the time that happens?
  11. Will it be a repeat of 2014 when it took Plymouth a half to figure NP out? If I remember right the Cougars rushed for 300 in the first half and scored 35, but our lone score in the 2nd half was a safety on the older Barron boy. Plymouth threw it all over that night to the Drudge kid, he was a STUD. Weather going to play a factor Friday?
  12. Thanks! Really exciting to see Bart Ball take off at yet another school. If the run heavy offenses like Warsaw's and New Prairie's seem to have any weakness, its the DB's being very inexperienced and/or uncomfortable playing the ball in the air.
  13. As someone that no longer lives in Indiana, can someone give me a recap of the Plymouth vs Northwood and Concord vs Warsaw games last week? Always enjoy hearing about the NLC!
  14. Will Plymouth have anything for NP if those two meet up in the Sectional? What do you NLC fans that have seen the Rockies this year think?
  15. Ron Brown???? Great turn around at Triton. I know he is early in his career, but that program was on life support for a while and they won a sectional last year right? My names and years may be off.
  16. What about Jeff Adamson at Eastbrook? 270-88 in year 31. Plenty of consistency at a smaller public school. Very hard to not feel the talent gaps in a school that size, but every year he has them competing for a Sectional.
  17. This is week 3 in Michigan Benton Harbor had a great run a few years back under Elliot Uzelak, but he stepped aside when he confronted admin about the schools extremely low graduation rates, lack of certified teachers, class sizes, etc. They usually have plenty of athletes, until Coach U they have always had a hard time overcoming their own disorganization which is compounded by some of the very tough socio-economic circumstances of their students. School was recently almost shut down, lot of local pride seems to have saved it for the time being. https://www.heraldpalladium.com/news/local/uzelac-blasts-bh-schools-on-way-out/article_02314c23-0359-5c89-8734-9cf866aa6cc1.html Coach U's parting thoughts
  18. Lots of other options for kids to entertain themselves in 2019, with more and more parents saying "well I can't make them play if they don't want to...." They don't WANT to eat their vegetables or go to sleep either but you make it happen because its good for them. Drives me insane!
  19. I've always found listening to all the old Radtke stories to be EXTREMELY entertaining. The Bone Tree, the sideline explosions, the unapologetic way in which he operates. I was at the NP vs St. Joe playoff game in 2013, I think it was the Regional. NP is up by 2 or 3 TD's going into halftime and Russ is just killing his coaching staff on their way into the locker room. A complete undressing of adult men. So I see one of his staff members later that year and say "Hey, how is it working for that guy?" Thinking I would get some dirt,...... I got nothing but a GLOWING report of a man that all he wants is complete dedication and desire for perfection out of his staff and players. I find the chaos that seems to surround him, with the stark contrast of how tough and discipline that his teams play with to be one of the most interesting paradoxes in athletics that I've seen. Anyone care to share some good RR stories?
  20. How does Russ Radtke always seem to turn out just absolute Grinders? Everyone that said, "Coach Radtke will never relate to the millennial player" or "Kids don't want to run that style of offense" Dude just keeps right on ROLLING through the competition!
  21. My guess would be Monrovia is almost forced to stay internal when this is SOOO late in the year. With their string of success in recent years, I'm sure they have some very capable coaches on staff.
  22. Many don't understand this. It has lead to the sad state of Indiana public education. The pay freeze and no way to climb the latter without increased enrollment is a large part of why I'm no longer a teacher and coach in the great state of Indiana. Sad that so many don't realize how the system works.
  23. Sad that no one sees the negative effects of constant teacher turnover. I taught at my first school for many years, I knew the kids, the brothers, the sisters, parents, coached kids in multiple sports and at multiple levels. The relationships you develop cannot be understated. I could get kids to do things they didn't want to do, just because I asked them to, sometimes just with a look. Fast forward, I'm at my 2nd teaching job (in Michigan) and I've only been here a couple of years. I like the kids and they like me, but its not the same. Takes years and years to become part of a community or school system that is the community in a lot of rural areas. Deeply bothers me that those relationships are being robbed from Indiana's youth.
  24. SMH......in what world does it not make sense to incentive Professional Development like earning a Masters in your employees? Just another attempt to de-professionalize education.
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