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  1. I have learned my lesson with Ole Miss. I am not counting them out. I say they win by 7. I thought Eastern was better than what they are. A last second win against Lapel and a close game against Alex. I don't see any way this game is close Friday. Eastbrook by at least 21. MG got a lucky draw to get here but that's okay! Unfortunately this one will be over by the 2nd quarter.
  2. Don't join the bitter side! It could always be worse, you could be an A.P.A.nite!!!!!
  3. This could be the best comment of the day!
  4. I'm not saying it is likely that Mississinewa will make it to state but honestly I don't see anyone in 4A that can't be beat on a great night. It would take near perfection to get passed East Noble or East Central but its not like In 3A where Chatard realistically can't be beat in the tournament. Just my opinion. (which if you look at all my wrong picks this year really doesn't mean much!!!)
  5. I agree. That was a very impressive win. Delta had a great team this year. Congrats to Ole Miss for getting the job done! High School kids stepping up in big game situations only happens with a great coaching staffs the kids believe in.
  6. Oak Hill vs Peru: Oak Hill is on a good roll right now. With home field advantage they win this one by 10. Delta vs Mississinewa = I really want to pick Ole Miss on this one but I think the strength of schedule is going to really play an effect. I am sadly picking Delta by 14 Tipton vs Frankton = NO words for Frankton getting beat 27-0 by Madison Grant week 9. Tipton wins this by 35. Eastbrook @ Blackford = Eastbrook remembers how close this was first half and unleashes this week. Eastbrook by 35 over Blackford. Alexandria @ Elwood = Even Alex can't screw this up. Alex by 450. Madison Grant @ Taylor = Great draw for Madison Grant. They go into this confident after pounding the Eagle and win by 21.
  7. CIC Round 1. Who is making in to next week? By the Saragin numbers: Delta @ Mississinewa = Delta favored by 10 Peru @ Oak Hill = Oak Hill favored by 4.5 Tipton @ Frankton = Tipton favored by 30 Eastbrook @ Blackford = Eastbrook favored by 22 Alexandria @ Elwood = Alexandria favored by 36.5 Madison Grant @ Taylor = Madison Grant favored by 29.5 Who are you taking?
  8. I was at a game Friday night and I am curious if the officials got this one right... Team 1 gets flagged for targeting during the play. Team 2 jumps up, says something and gets an unsportsmanlike conduct after the play and then Team 1 then gets flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct immediately after for saying something back. How do you mark of these 3 flags?
  9. Enough of this round ball talk. You want to impress me with winter sports talk, tell me Ole Miss has more than 2 wrestlers that can tie their own shoes! I will see PH in person tonight. Maybe they are better than I think but I am guessing Delta simply looked past them and didnt play well. The Delta/New Pal game will be a good one to watch. Although New Pal will still pound them.
  10. Man I have a great answer for this one but I had to delete it because you just cant post those kind of jokes anymore!!!! It was a good one though! I could beat him one on one easily. He's not even that good. Just a product of a move into an easy schedule so Grandpa can relive his dream of coaching and make the Bruins fell all warm and fuzzy inside. 100% joking of course. He might not be a big time D1 player but he will play for a D1 somewhere. Believe or not I have gained a lot more respect for Mississinewa since their back to back strong sectional performance. A few years ago I would have said they were a joke that just beats up on 2A schools. However, even with my new found respect I don't think they can hang with Delta. The Pendleton Heights win was good but I am not sold on PH. I have seen Delta play and they are big upfront and athletic at every position. I'm not going to say there is no way Ole Miss can win but it's going to have to be the best game they have played all year and Delta is going to have to cough up the ball at least once to help them.
  11. Interesting. Funk is 72-35 with a Sectional Championship in 2017 and running up in 2018. Prior to him taking over I believe Ole Miss was really struggling to hold on. Why do you think he is holding them back? Seems like he was doing pretty well there and could get something bigger and better if he wanted to. Alex on the other hand, I agree with.
  12. Now that the kind of juicy stuff I'm talking about. Unfortunately the word "Rumor' is banned on the GID and could get us shut down.
  13. WHERE IS EVERYONE???? There used to be some great battles and hurt feelings on the CIC threads. Now its as boring as a 6th grade girls basketball game!!!! I even tried to poke a little at the Tigers and got nothing. Halfbackpass, flying.I.know.nothing.but.say.everything.socks, C.J.B, Riverrats.......Anybody out there?
  14. According the the Prediction Tool: Eastbrook is favored by 23 Madison Grant is favored by 24 Mississinewa is favored by 33 Oak Hill is favored by 22 My Prediction: ( Its going to be rainy. Who can handle it and whose balls hit the ground?) Eastbrook starts looking to the future and plays a sloppy game against the Bruins. However they still pull out a win with a score of 28-14. Madison Grant wins the toilet bowl championship by a score or 54-21. Mississinewa puts it to the Tigers. I know the Tigers always think they have something special. Sorry fellas, the Tigers are privileged to play against some awful football teams which makes the Tigers record look better than they are. Still no match for Eastbrook and Mississinewa. UPSET PICK: Frankton is going to come out inspired to conquer the world tomorrow night. Its going to be a rainy night and their ground and pound offense will carry them to a 7 point victory. 14-7.
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