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  1. What you're missing = What's the point of asking a question on a public forum if you're going to get Butt Hurt over the answer you receive? If you know it is illegal forward motion, don't ask to begin with.
  2. I would love to use this case as a case study. If the player that tested positive played a significant amount of time Friday, I would love for each of the other players from both teams to get tested on Wednesday (Day 5) and the following Monday (Day 10). If absolutely no players follow up with additional positives, maybe we are overreacting. If there are some positives within this situation, that could be meaningful statistics as well. Either way, it stinks for Clinton Prairie but how about someone use this as a positive way to learn more about the virus!
  3. If it is truly to protect the player from returning too early, why can't the IHSAA give Athletic Directors waivers for guardians to sign off on any liability? There is nothing fair about a kid having to sit out 14 days because his sister had Covid, then add on another 6 days before he can compete when he has been heathy the whole time.
  4. Eastbrook @ Madison Grant: Although I was impressed with Madison Grant's fight last Friday despite their low numbers and slow start to the game, Eastbrook is simply too much for any other CIC team right now and will score as many as they want. There will easily be a running clock to start the second half. I could honestly see this game being cancelled as well with Madison Grants numbers. Mississinewa @ Elwood: I really have not been that impressed with Ole Miss this season for being a 4A school, however, they are much better than Elwood. Ole Miss wins this 38-14. Oak Hill @ Blackford: I think this might be the closest game of the week. I almost want to call an upset special but I am going to go ahead and give the Golden Eagles the 24-21 win. Frankton @ Alexandria: On paper Frankton wins this one by 2 touchdowns but after watching the game last Friday Night I have to call it how I see it. Alex will win this 48-20.
  5. November 16th, 1997. I remember it like was yesterday as it was the first day I had grown 1\4th inch since 2nd grade. 0-10 Colts defeated the 8-2 Packers. Anything can happen on any given day!!!!
  6. Hold up Cowboys! Let's not be going and putting the cart before the horse. Lapel has to get past Frankton first.
  7. Well it looks like I'm not heading to Vegas. The only one I got right is the #1 that most Frankton guys probably didn't want. Other than that, it looks like a pretty good draw that is not too far off of a seeding system. Now who slips up these next couple of weeks by over looking the next two opponents thinking about the tournament and who packs it in knowing who they have drawn for the tournament?
  8. Maybe some bulletin board ammo here to get Eastern to get fired up and ready to play! Just kidding, Eastbrook will beat Eastern with slight ease if they meet each other. Eastern, Tipton, and Lapel all have realistic shots if Eastbrook over looks them or gets hit with Covid but other than that, I don't think anyone gets within 14 points if each team is playing on all cylinders. They are just too well coached with the athletes to back up the coaching.
  9. I don't 100% disagree with you on this statement but it all depends on what the coaches learned about that game. Frankton went something like 1-13 with an interception the first half of that game and then ran the ball with ease the second half. Elwood ran their big fullback with success but then freaked out and put the ball in the air their last possession and blew any chance of a final drive for the win. I think if we see a rematch and Frankton leans on Finley, Harrison, and Everitt with a run gameplan, the Eagles win by 14+ If they try to air it out again, they lose.
  10. Here is my first round CIC predicted draw. Not my "Who do you want" but more guessing "Who ya goin' get" : Sectional 36: Eastbrook vs Eastern Alex vs Tipton Frankton vs Lapel Blackford vs Elwood Sectional 43 Madison Grant vs Tri Central Sectional 20 Mississinewa vs Jay County Sectional 27 Oak Hill vs Bellmont If I hit 100% I will be heading to Vegas this weekend!
  11. Alexandria @ Oak Hill Oak Hill by 21 Blackford @ Mississinewa Ole Miss by 28 Elwood @ Eastbrook As a gift for winning their first game in 18 years, Eastbrook hands Elwood a running clock. Eastbrook by 60. Madison Grant @ Frankton I'm going to predict that the Eagles show more fight this week. They are 8 point under dawgs according to the Sargarin Ratings but I think they catch Madison Grant sleeping on them and pull our a 24-21 win.
  12. I know I didn't just read a short comment on the first Thursday in October. The Mississinewa 5'5 kids almost single handedly scored 650 points against Frankton. Short players football career matters too. C'Mon man!
  13. I'm a little tired from staying up and watching that wonderful display of leadership last night but here is what I'm thinking: Alexandria @ Mississinewa: Frankton made Mississinewa look better than what they really are. They are not a bad team but they will get pounded at Sectional. I think better game management by Alex keeps this one more respectable. Mississinewa will still win by 21 but not score 60+ in the first half like they did last week. Blackford @ Eastbrook: Eastbrook will by 60+ on Blackford. Frankton @ Oak Hill: Oak Hill wins this one but its hard telling by how much. Hopefully Frankton shows some fight and keeps it respectable. Madison Grant @ Elwood: I don't think this will be as close as what I would hope. At some point Elwood has to get better right??? I still see Madison Grant winning by 2 td's. Can we just put Tony Dungy and Bill Cowher on the Presidential ballet and vote them in.
  14. Any word on Blackford out there? Are they playing? Any of their players caught up in the 20% Quarantined?
  15. Eastbrook @ Alex Eastbrook has a second half running clock but not at big as last week. Elwood @ Blackford Blackford big over Elwood assuming they play. 28+ Mississinewa @ Frankton Will the Eagles surprise CoachOsGhost with a big upset here???? No. Ole Miss with a running clock. Oak Hill @ Madison Grant. Even though Madison Grant looks to be improving, Oak Hill seems to be rolling. Oak Hill big here. Could this be our first week of all second half running clocks? Could this week be the week that CoachOsGhost finally tells us how he really feels about Frankton's coaching staff? Is this the week the we learn that Mask companies are the real scum bags behind the Covid Nonsense. So many question, so little time.
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