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  1. Not so fast Captainobvious! Eastbrook still has to get through Frankton and Elwood. Let's not go crowning them CIC champs just yet!!!!
  2. Sorry but this is an awful topic and an awful article. We are not talking about a multi-millionaire NFL player here. This is a high school kid. Who would think it would be okay to blast this in a newspaper? I have no idea the background or the full story but I do know that I would have a problem as a parent if the newspaper posted this about my son.
  3. Ole Miss gets by Eastbrook in OT by 6. This should be a great game either way. I wish other CIC teams could figure out how to compete like these two!!! Blackford beats Frankton by 21. If Frankton wants to fight, it could be a little closer. If Blackford jumps ahead early, it could be a lot worse. Not sure how in the world Alex beats Frankton by 28!!! I would like to think Frankton has the athletes to compete better than that but maybe I'm wrong. Alex beats Madison Grant by 3. The big lopsided win against the Eagles last week will have the Tigers chest puffed out and will play with confidence against M.G. I think M.G. is getting better but I think the tigers grab this one. Hopefully the Tigers don't comeback and put signs all over the field and egg the press box later though. Oak Hill beat Elwood by 28. Not sure when or if Elwood will rebound from all these beatings but this week is not the week for sure. Golden Eagles win easily.
  4. So I have done A LOT of research this week to better prepare myself for this weeks picks. And when say A LOT I mean......none. Frankton over Alex by 15 Blackford over Oak Hill by 2 Eastbrook over Madison Grant by 17 Ole Miss over Elwood by 53 How did I come up with those numbers????? Let's just say I had a vision.
  5. Well lets see how bad I am at predictions this week!!!!! I am relying on my old friend Jeff Sagarin this time.... Wabash over Alex by 7 Delta over Eastbrook by 7 Eastern over Madison Grant by 15 Lapel over Frankton by 28 Ole Miss over New Haven by 24 Blackford over Southern Wells by 28 Southwood over Oak Hill by 14 Tipton over Elwood by 42 Bonus Yorktown over Muncie Central by 21 Fictional Game: Warren Central over Dugger Union by 146
  6. Yorktown just started a new Youth Football program that has 200 kids in it's first year. Some kids played at a nearby league last year but many came from soccer and had never played prior to this year. Football is not dying. Football as we once knew it is no longer around but the sport itself is still going strong.
  7. Blackford - When healthy they compete well. The question is how many weeks are their key players going to stay healthy? Eastbrook - Its going to take a lot to stop what Coach Adamson has rolling right now. Marion will have the athletes but not sure they will have enough. Lapel- Not even Close Tipton - Not even Close Pendleton Heights - This is a tough one. Ole Miss is doing better at competing with bigger schools but I think P.H. gets this one by 7. Oak Hill - Another close one but I think Oak Hill gets back in the +.500 this year. Frankton - I will give Frankton the win this year. I think Coach Gilbert saw the barrel was getting pretty empty and moved on for a reason. I'm not sure they will have much to offer the eagles. Alexandria - This could be a close game if the tigers go in to confident but they still get the win.
  8. Blackford @ Monroe Central Eastbrook @ Marion Lapel @ Elwood MG @ Tipton Ole Miss @ Pendleton OH @ Eastern Tri-Central @ Frankton Wes-Del @ Alex
  9. I interviewed for this job last year and I was relieved when I got the call that they had offered it to someone else (Obviously Wray). I was relieved because I was prepared to turn the job down if it were offered to me. In the sit down interview alone, the committee mentioned 4-5 times how hard a couple of the board members are to get along with. Then when we toured the building and facilities, the principal brought it up a few more times. The problem with small schools going to state is that some of these small town board members don't understand that they made it to state that one year because they had the athletes to carry them. Those athletes typically don't just regenerate at small schools unless you are allowed to recruit. It sounds like unless there is a board member turnover, this is a job to avoid at all cost (That plus their weight room was an embarrassment!). Which is sad for the players and community. The people on the committee seemed like good people but these board members they talk about will ruin them.
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