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  1. Man I love free market, capitalism.
  2. A quick look on Harrell's has the following: From 2009-2020 for Valpo/Merrillville games ***2020---DNP ***Valpo and Merrillville played twice in 2009 and 2010. Valpo is 7-6 vs. Merrillville, compared to Andrean's 5-7 record vs. Merrillville. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, that those 5 Andrean wins over Merrillville, are upsets. I politely disagree. Both excellent programs.
  3. That I do not know, but they have the coach, the community buy in, and the system to make consistent runs. Who better else to make inroads against PENN in Northern 6A FB, than the man who lead the Cavemen for many years?
  4. A quick look on Harrell's has the following: From 2009-2020 Andrean is 5-7 vs. Merrillville.
  5. DE

    #1 Oklahoma

    Sure. Why not...they are a blue blood football school after all.
  6. As a softball umpire, that would be my guess too. Never really thought about.
  7. DE

    Aaron Rodgers

  8. Open gates. Full capacity. Done. For those that want to watch a webcast, yes, there should be a minimal cost involved. Pay the normal price of a ticket per webcast.
  9. You know, you and I have gone on about this topic before. The more you and I chatted (THANK YOU), the more and more I agree w/ your assessment.
  10. I'm not a "Duneland guy", but didn't Valpo lose a ton over the last 2 years?
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