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  1. Prayers for Mr. Hook. In our community, when something like this happens, the church we belong to rallies. I pray he has this support group.
  2. Which is the MAIN reason teams have to cancel.
  3. Since I have been Zuckerberged 4Xs recently, maybe this fits here. Some schools manage covid a heck of a lot better than others. I would surmise w/ holcomb's new eo, you shouldn't be seeing much more contact tracing.
  4. Creates much needed depth too. In my 15 years of coaching, many players earned O/D playing time by doing outstanding ST work.
  5. How many of those +50 years in HS FB, were spent coaching? Depends on the size of the school and their conditioning. Plus add in some luck. The Kiser led Pioneer teams come to mind. Likely more than 11-14, but don’t know by how much.
  6. To be fair, that was just an inter squad scrimmage play, on Last Chance U.
  7. Just run the dam* triple option out of this set. 🙂
  8. Delusional or unrealistic are great terms to define many Irish fans.
  9. NFL has become a joke.
  10. Edward George calls this team the Special Unit (or something like that). Best 11 play in biggest games. Full platoon works best when possible. 2 of the most successful college coaches in recent history use/d "star" players on special teams. Saban at Bama and Meyer at O$U
  11. It’s amazing how some schools can manage these covid protocols and some can not.
  12. Thanks for the backhanded compliment. Wouldn't expect anything else from you. And I'll continue to point out more. You are welcome. Without Coan, they lose. With your "chosen one", they get humiliated. Your arrogance here is blinding.
  13. What kind of pomp and circumstance will they do when BK leaves? Similar to the pope?
  14. Why you quote me? This your way of saying I was right? 😁
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