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  1. I see what you are saying, but I respectfully disagree. I am a core teacher and things work real smooth for me. Find your system that works for the kids AND you. Stick with it. Do not reinvent the wheel. I am not telling you "how I used to do things", I am informing you how I STILL do things.
  2. @Donnie Bakeris one of the greatest humans on this Earth. I swear he is. 😉 Ran out of likes to give, so here is a big like/thank you Muda.
  3. It was difficult in my early years, but very manageable. We were on tri-mesters. A LOT of planning the 1st year. Coached football, basketball and softball. I attended all off season work outs for all sports that didn't interfere with my in season sport. I was also the student council co-advisor. My advice....DO NOT try and reinvent the wheel.
  4. It was 1/2 joke, 1/2 serious. 😊. The HC is a REALLY good conference filled with vey knowledgeable coaches, fans, etc. Usually very solid content in the thread.
  5. It is not an off-season on the GID, without a Hoosier Conference thread.
  6. The press not have access to the internet and Zoom?
  7. I am also a fan of Jalen Hurts, but I am not 100% sold on him......yet, being THE franchise QB. I am very close though...like 95%. I always thought he got jacked around at Alabama. He was the transition QB from ground and pound, let our D beat the living hell out of you, to air it out and outscore your opponent. He did quite well at OU. The guy is a winner. A GREAT teammate. A true coaches kid.
  8. I am a firm believer a lot can be said for the Christian relationship Carson Wentz and Frank Reich have had in the past.
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