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  1. Each interview gets better than the last. If I was an aspiring your coach, I’d be documenting all of these. Great advice. Great goals. Great interview answers. Excellent.
  2. Since government was brought into this, here is one I can get behind.... Repeal the 16th Amendment, continue to raise tariffs, then let the government get involved here. Win, win, possible win.
  3. With all these moves, it appears they are trying to break away from the NCAA.
  4. Doesn't change what I said.
  5. Government needs to stay away.
  6. Where does O$U, Michigan, Clemson and Florida St. fall?
  7. These schools either know what is going on with the Playoff expansion or are forcing the hand of the playoff format committee. Is Michigan only tossed in b/c of it's traditional "brand" and it's rivalry w/ O$U? Why Florida St. (currently)?
  8. Does Faux still only drive? LOVE the shot at Ole Jerry!
  9. I completely see what you are saying. If Mizzou gets "placed" in the SEC West...yep, I could see them bolting to the BIG (if invited). If not, I would see them staying in the SEC East. Man, Vandy is just a mystery to me. Nashville seems like a hot place to be. I know they have very high standards, but to be in the SEC, do they need to lower them or get the "boot"? ***I am all for keeping the high standards.*** ***Northwestern has made it work in the BIG.***
  10. The Jimmy speaks. Or is it Ricky? ^^^ I don't care who you are, speaking in the 3rd person cracks me up, every time.
  11. Or THIS ^^^^^^^^^ Let me toss this out for all. I will exclude ND (though if I was a betting man and they had to join a conference, it will be the ACC or BIG West Division). I am also not taking into account other schools leaving/entering a new conference. Would a school like Kentucky ever leave the SEC? Join the BIG? OU and UT to SEC, which obviously expands. Iowa St./Kansas/Kansas St. to BIG. Baylor and OKSU to PAC TCU/TTU will join a "super conference" of their own with the likes of the Mountain West/WAC/Conference USA/etc. ***Is TCU's/TTU's brand big e
  12. So what I read here was.... OU and Texas will join the SEC in 18 months and have their checks post dated to that exact date.
  13. DE

    Aaron Rodgers

    I take it you have some form of "ties" to Utah State?
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