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  1. Here is a very brief story that I think may shed a bit of light.... Had Pioneer at KV JV this fall. Pioneer showed up w/ 11 players. 11. KV, maybe 25-30. Middle of game, a Pioneer player gets injured. Now Pioneer is playing w/ 10. KV beats them soundly. Week 3 I believe. VERY hot Saturday morning on the turf. Pioneer was playing as hard the last snap of the game as they were the 1st snap of the game.
  2. You just made @Tanka Jahariyear. You 2 need to get coffee and share old war stories.
  3. It may just be up here (NWI). Some schools will do "C-Teams" to ensure all their players are getting playing time. I think it is a great idea. I teach at KV and they had a freshman team last year. IMSC, about 13 players or so. Lowell had a freshman team last year. I do not recall their total #'s. Lake Central had a freshman team, as did Chesterton and Munster. I am going off the teams I officiated for.
  4. Why Donnie Baker is one of the best in the State. I swear he is.
  5. Thank you. We had a great group of guys and great coaches.
  6. Insinuating nothing. Stating a fact. Some of the players look old. The NC double A comment, immediately followed by the 🤣, should've had indicated I was joking. Obviously you missed it, so there is my CRYSTAL clear explanation.
  7. Some of the players look older than me, and I'm 43. Just how lenient was the NC double A? 🤣
  8. I see what you are saying, but I respectfully disagree. I am a core teacher and things work real smooth for me. Find your system that works for the kids AND you. Stick with it. Do not reinvent the wheel. I am not telling you "how I used to do things", I am informing you how I STILL do things.
  9. @Donnie Bakeris one of the greatest humans on this Earth. I swear he is. 😉 Ran out of likes to give, so here is a big like/thank you Muda.
  10. It was difficult in my early years, but very manageable. We were on tri-mesters. A LOT of planning the 1st year. Coached football, basketball and softball. I attended all off season work outs for all sports that didn't interfere with my in season sport. I was also the student council co-advisor. My advice....DO NOT try and reinvent the wheel.
  11. It was 1/2 joke, 1/2 serious. 😊. The HC is a REALLY good conference filled with vey knowledgeable coaches, fans, etc. Usually very solid content in the thread.
  12. It is not an off-season on the GID, without a Hoosier Conference thread.
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