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  1. He does NOW. ***See his “debates” regarding off field issues non football related.*** Good thing it didn’t go OUT of the end zone ON A FLY or else the Chefs would’ve gotten the ball on the 40.
  2. “Whatcha talking bout Willis?” The Bears have THREE. Count them, THREE QB’s. SB winning QB, Nick Foles. The Red Rocket, Andy Dalton. And Just (my luck I was drafted by Da Beers)in Fields. Ehem…..1987 “Scab” Bears starting QB.
  3. Cash. A super bowl winning QB. The red rocket. Sign me up. They easily beat out Winston. He can’t even see past the LOS.
  4. And is part owner.
  5. Sean Payton to Dallas?
  6. Which KC could then get the ball even closer than the 25. Maybe 2-3 seconds come off at most. Maybe a high pop up kick??? Most rules seem to simply favor offensive football.
  7. AOC and Purdue in the same breath. My Man Mitch just had a panic attack. 😂
  8. That didn't take lone. Congrats all around.
  9. 75 yards in 13 seconds. 😮 Imagine if Butker didn’t miss that XP? This game is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
  10. Unreal isn’t it? Ive been joking with my recent posts about who I “picked”, but Temp, you are spot on.
  11. Of course I had LA over TB....
  12. I like Cincy and SF. I will let you know tomorrow, about today's dogs.
  13. Do tell. Inquiring minds would like to know. Please and thank you. 🙂
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