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  1. Thought we played fairly well despite being down 7 starters. Not having our stud Lyons really hurt us as well as our other RB. Really struggled to run the ball. Thought passing game got better tonight throwing for over 200. Started 6 sophomores and 4 juniors on defense and they played fairly well outside of some big pass plays. I think LCC soph QB has a bright future. He looks the part for sure and had some really nice throws. Roach #23 is a stud as well. Also first time being at LCC since they installed the new grass. Looks awesome! I would say there’s a great chance this game will be played again in 4 weeks.
  2. 1 Point Games Rensselaer @ West Lafayette Hamilton Heights @ Western Cass @ Northwestern Tipton @ Lafayette Central Catholic Benton Central @ Twin Lakes 2 Point Game Lowell @ Kankakee Valley 3 Point Games Indianapolis Attucks @ Pioneer Triton @ Culver Covington @ Seeger Center Grove @ North Central Clinton Prairie @ Sheridan Frankton @ Elwood
  3. Alex @ Blackford *Game of the week* Frankton @ Elwood MG @ Mississinewa  Oak Hill @ Eastbrook
  4. Tipton lost 17 starters from last year. Only have a couple seniors this year. Talented team but really young. I think they could be dangerous come tournament time if they continue to improve as they have so far. Next year, expectations will be high again. As for Eastbrook, I don’t know much about their team this year other than Adamson is still their coach. Anyone who sleeps on an Adamson coached team is foolish.
  5. Cass beats Tipton 28-7. This game was a defensive battle most of the way. 7-0 at half and 13-0 after 3. Really impressed with our young D. They gave up a TD after a big punt return in the first half. Cass converted 2 4th downs on another drive to get a score and then the backbreaker was we fumbled on the 10 on first down and Cass scooped and took it 90 yards to the house. Overall I am very pleased with the way we played. Cass is basically all seniors. They’re a very talented and experienced team that could make a deep tournament run. Eurit is the real deal! Would love to see them against Rensselaer. Nowlin and company has them rolling again.
  6. Tipton fumbles at the 10 and Cass returns it 90 for a TD. Cass 28 Tipton 0 late 4th
  7. Nice punt return sets up a Cass TD at the end of the quarter. Cass 7 Tipton 0 start of 2nd
  8. Elwood @ OH Frankton @ Blackford MG @ Alex Ole Miss @ Eastbrook *Game of the Week*
  9. You may remember Lyons uncle Josh Mahaney. Graduated in 2002 and was a North/South all star LB. #64 is Nate Morgan and already as a Junior is the strongest athlete we’ve ever had. #60 for TL was a big’in to say the least! Cass has weapons all over the place. Eurit is as good of a back in 2A in my opinion. Our young defense has played well so far but will definitely have its hands full Friday.
  10. I’m anxious to see my Blue Devils this week against a very good Cass squad. They’ll be by far the best team we have played. I was a little nervous about the defense going into the year but it has played very well so far. I love this group of linebackers(all are back next year) lead by Jr. Jayvin Lyons. He had 22 tackles Friday. Kid is just everywhere. I love how well the sophomores and even a freshman has stepped up this year. I believe there’s around 8 sophomores making an impact already. Run game has been fairly strong so far as well. Need to get the pass game going and to be able to finish drives. I like the weapons we have at WR. Overall with such a young and inexperienced team, I like where we are at. I think we will probably take some lumps here and there(possibly Friday) but I think we will continue to improve and compete for a Sectional.
  11. 1 POINT GAMES Western @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Central Catholic 2 POINT GAMES Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer Kokomo @ McCutcheon North Judson @ Knox Delphi @ Sheridan  Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass 3 POINT GAMES North Newton @ Kankakee Valley Tri-County @ North White 
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