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  1. Edwards 81 yard pass to Powell. Tipton 35 Northwestern 0 0:58 left in half
  2. Edwards 42 yard TD run. Tipton 28 Northwestern 0 6:32 left in 2nd
  3. Tuma is a really nice athlete for Heights. I saw where he missed some games so having him back is probably a nice boost for their team. Also noticed Griffey is the lone QB. Is Wilson not playing this year? I wasn’t a fan of the 2 QB system they had last year and thought Wilson would possibly move to a different position this year.
  4. 1 Point Game Benton Central @ West Lafayette Cass @ Western Tipton @ Northwestern 2 Point Games Hamilton Heights @ Twin Lake Rensselaer @ Central Catholic 3 Point Games Logansport @ Richmond Carmel @ North Central South Vermillion @ Park Heritage Kankakee Valley @ Lowell Riverton Parke @ Coverdale Frontier @ North Newton
  5. If that was the case then he would have left the starter in to score instead of putting a backup in. Also if you would have looked further at Max Preps you would have seen that he got those rushing yards in the 4th quarter of blown out wins. Tipton and LCC were missing the same amount of starters. Difference is Tipton was down an All State player, Lcc was not.
  6. A backup kid scoring a 1 yard TD with a minute to go in a 2 score game is not lack of class in my opinion but if that’s your opinion so be it. Also Tipton was missing as many or more starters last night than LCC. LCC was missing mostly freshman and a couple sophomores.
  7. Tipton has a really good team. Down 7 starters right now so will need to get healthy to have a chance to win the HC this year Wow good for them! Did Western have players out?
  8. Woah! What’s the story here? Upset of the night!
  9. LCC nearly houses Kickoff then punches it in. Tipton 34 LCC 21 18 seconds left in 3rd
  10. Eli Carter takes the ensuing kick off back for a TD. The sophomore is having a monster game! Tipton 34 LCC 14 1:06 left in 3rd
  11. LCC capitalizes on a Tipton fumble. Tipton 27 LCC 14 1:19 left in 3rd
  12. Edwards 9 yard TD pass to Pearce. Tipton 27 LCC 7 4:11 left in 3rd
  13. Tipton answers capped by a 3 yard Edwards TD. Tipton 20 LCC 7 2:38 left in 2nd
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