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  4. I was in the crowd and I didn’t hear any heckling so it couldn’t have been to the extent you mentioned. Also I wouldn’t say he was injured, he was getting stretched on the field for what felt like 10 minutes and then was back in the game a couple plays later. Also the officiating was pretty good in my opinion. However they did make a crucial call. Now if it was correctly called, it doesn’t mean Tipton goes on to win, but I do think at worse it goes to OT. IMO Eastbrook would have had a big advantage in an OT game because of their style of offense. It’s over with and I’m looking forward to seeing how this game plays out. Eastside is obviously the real deal if they knocked off that Luers team. Coach Adamson is as good as they get so there’s no doubt he will have his guys well prepared.
  5. I was able to see the video and it is tough to see but if you freeze it at the right time you can see the ball on the ground. If there’s a more clear video that shows he caught it then I would love to see it.
  6. I hope you are right. Hopefully I get to see the chance to see the replay today. It was otherwise a clean, exciting game. It just felt whoever got the ball last was going to win.
  7. Yes the 3rd and 20 play with about 4 minutes. It appeared it hit the ground but I didn’t have a good angle so I will hold judgement until I see the replay. Seeing how adamant everyone was that was close to the call makes me think it indeed did hit the ground. We will see. Really exciting game to watch. Just felt like whoever had the ball last would win.
  8. Controversial ending. I’ll comment more when I see the replay. Other wise unbelievable game between 2 really football teams. Blew my mind people honestly thought it would be anything but a great game.
  9. Hoover 25 yard TD pass to Ridgeway Tipton 21 Eastbrook 21 0:44 left in 3rd
  10. Eastbrook answers after converting a big 3rd and 8. Eastbrook 21 Tipton 14 3:19 left in 3rd
  11. Eastbrook answers after converting a big 3rd and 8. Eastbrook 21 Tipton 14 3:19 left in 3rd
  12. Hard hitting game. Tipton needs to do a better job against the pass this half. Carter has been really close to breaking one. Hope he does this half.
  13. Tipton throws an INT to set up an Eastbrook TD. Eastbrook 14 Tipton 7 3:05 left in 2nd
  14. Gage Engle one hand catch on 3rd down sets up a Dalton 5 yard TD catch. Tipton 7 Eastbrook 7 11:54 left in 2nd
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