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  1. Delta will find the 3a sectional they landed in will pose some challenges to advancing.
  2. They were very good at / very successful running that offense. It was fun to watch the few times I got to see it. But not many coaches today are fans of double TE / full house back field. Which why I assume a change is coming.
  3. Big shake up. High expectations for new coach. Leo graduated a lot of talent last year. Can’t imagine they stick with that offense… couple months to put in a new offense. Kokomo, Angola, Norwell to start the season.
  4. Was little surprised to see AC’s 1st 3 games. Could be tough sledding early for a team that lost a ton. I’m sure the younger kids are good but the difference between jrs and seniors is significant. Win with seniors. That being said the ACAC is down a little given SA is in rebuild mode for awhile… Bluffton lost bunch of seniors. … maybe Heritage or Jay Co can put something together. Regardless, plenty of time to “get right” before tournament. Am predicting “dark horse” 1A rep from the North at LOS this year… am going with Triton.
  5. Looks like NE8 gets it’s own post season tournament. I suspect there was a desire to delay or eliminate a Maconaquah sectional match up with Wayne / NH.
  6. The decision in 3A north to bring Delta and Yorktown to Fort Wayne and to add Tipp Valley to 28 is very odd. Almost an extra hr drive for everyone? Makes no sense to me. Decision to move West Lafayette complicates Marian’s yearly waltz to semi state.
  7. Hopefully it stays. Now that Busco is in 2A there isn’t anyone else in the North for the jets to play.
  8. Norwell stays 3A and avoids a possible Kokomo sectional but still has to deal with sectional 28 coming North and now Delta? Am calling it a wash.
  9. Happily surprised to see both Norwell and AC stay put in 3A and 1A. 👍
  10. U probably also still consider Kelly Clarkson thin.
  11. Agree talent key. Assuming there is talent in the building, the coach can either pull those talented kids into the program or drive them away. After a long stint of losing seasons the new coach will need to find a 7th or 8th grade team to invest in, endure 4 years of misery and then hopefully see the turn around. See Norwell High school past seasons on John Harrell as an example. Watched the fall and resurrection first hand.
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