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  1. Depending on sectional draw Chatard could possibly play Oak Hill, Tipp Valley, Norwell and West Lafayette on their way to LOS. Will be some good games along the way.
  2. 25 of the last 35 state champions in 3A have been private. The playing field is not level in 3A and it’s not changing so….. private - own it public - quit bitching MOVING ON. Watched the first half of Guerin / Chatard. Lots of mistakes by Trojans and lots of big plays by Guerin. Guerin starting QB was out. Chatard is beatable by a good 3a team. Am not convinced (yet) chatard will come out of the North.
  3. Was this a case of Chatard overlooking Guerin… Guerin gets off to a fast start… Chatard wakes up and plays ball but let’s the foot off the gas? Or are these 2 legitimately, evenly matched? I Expected a Chatard beat down. Curious as to how the sectional plays out. Both Oak Hill and Tipp Valley will come into this sectional undefeated although neither have really played much of a schedule compared to these 2.
  4. With Marian down this year WL takes their yearly bye to the Semi state.
  5. How is that different than any other game? Babump clang! I’m joking of course.
  6. Norwell 44 New Haven 7 half 3 defensive scores for Norwell Grahm got loose for 60 yard bomb in first for NH
  7. Norwell will be favored throughout but I expect the EN game will be the test. Long bus ride didn’t serve EN well last year. Norwell heads north this year. Norwell runs for over 250 this week against the dogs but can’t keep POTY Graham out the end zone. 38-14 Norwell (like every year) early season schedule has Columbia City rolling. This week no different in win over Barons. 56-28. Last game of the year V Norwell will not be for NE8 title but will be a good gauge for Norwell as to how good sectional 27 foes Delta and Yorktown really are. (Delta beats CC and gets beat by Yorktown). GOTW will be tight. Home field is worth 2 pts but not enough offense for the Lions. EN 24-22 HN rolls 47-7 over Belmont. Tough to rebuild a program.
  8. AC 48-7 running clock Bluffton by 1 MC by 14 Woodland by 21
  9. we’ll see how the Monroe Central game goes but Heritage is not a good 3a team. That was a very bad loss for SA. Heritage vs AC will be a running clock.
  10. Yorktown with a nice win over delta last week.
  11. Nvm… I have no idea what I’m talking about
  12. IMO HN earned some respect with the East Noble game. Eastbrook game doesn’t look as impressive after Oakhill took them behind them woodshed. We’ll find out a little more about Delta this week vs Yorktown.
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