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  1. Moser needs to relax and ride what hit them here.
  2. Watched it several times and couldn’t find it
  3. Sometimes. I’ve also seen this go horribly wrong. Elevating frosh playmakers off the team to play varsity and JV leaving the remaining team to get pummeled every week. Hard enough being a frosh during practice. Have to be very careful 3A and below in deciding whether on not to field a Frosh team.
  4. We’ll said. John Harrell has both Gibson Southern and AC favored. 3A game will be a great game. BJ wins 38-35 for the reasons u noted. 1A game will be a good one. Covenant and Busco made them work a little in sectional. Lutheran handled Scecina in regular season while Eastside was a bit too much for AC. Lutheran 24-21. Tough break for the Busco eagles. LCC and Pioneer moved out of the way into 2A. Without Covid freeze it may have been their year.
  5. Looking forward to 1A-3A. Should be good games. Not so sure about 4,5,6.
  6. Saw BJ up close in regional and watched Marion game on a sloppy field. Watched the GS semi state game. I’m of the opinion that this will be a close game. The BJ D line is legit. Allen will have to get rid of the ball quick. Don’t think he will be able to scramble for 10 seconds behind the line for someone to get open like he did in SS game. Very impressed with GS receivers… also have some very good defensive players that bring the wood. BJ battled back vs Marion. I got BJ in this one by a late FG 38-35
  7. AC fans. After 5 weeks of constant (and needless) “wringing of hands”, u finally have something to be legitimately worried about. The inevitable matchup is here. Lutheran QB is as good as Davis from Eastside. But… they spread u out unlike Eastside. The TB is better than Eastside FB. Overall they’re better than ES. Thanks to Tri they just played a wing T offense and seemed to figure it out later in the game. Tri seemed to run wingT with a bit more creativity than what AC runs. Secondary looks solid. Handled Scecina who just lost in 2A semis. John Harrel has AC -3? U buying that?
  8. Except when they stop streaming as they now have. Great work fellas. top notch crew calling the game and running the tech team.
  9. Brebeuf v Marion game of the week so far 17-16 BJ 8 left in the game
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