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  1. Could’ve played the game last year 10x and would’ve been a similar score. AC was that much better. Teams that take the field this year are evenly matched. Should be a good one.
  2. Will be tall task if they get the opportunity. Although this year is probably the best chance In the last 3-4 years for a public to come out of the North in 3A.
  3. Warsaw at Carroll - Carroll big North Side at Snider - Snider by 7 Leo at Columbia City - The first game was closer than the score appeared. Leo by 1 Yorktown at Norwell - Yorktown didn’t impress against Garrett. Norwell by 21 Bishop Luers at Eastside - Eastside by 1 Eastbrook at Bluffton - Bluffton is a year away. Eastbrook by 21 Adams Central at Northfield - AC big
  4. How many teams in the north play out of state? 1 Chatard. Everyone on this site (except apparent u) knows chartad is favored to come out of the north.
  5. Your question was…who is favored out of the south. That’s the answer.
  6. I expected Yorktown to roll through first two rounds but they seem to have struggled last two weeks? 22-13 over Garrett?
  7. Wayne hung half a hundred on Homestead so I wasn’t that surprised by the CC score. I don’t think Concordia will be able to put many points on the board tonight. We’ll see what Norwell Offense can do. I’ll take Leo and Tipton. Long drive for the tiggers tonight is the difference.
  8. I had to check the poll myself and then double check the their record. Gotta be a typo. How is Garrett getting votes in 3A?
  9. If Chalk holds in sectional 27 I believe Yorktown will travel to Norwell.
  10. Pre-season pick to make some noise in 3A after dropping down. Good start including win over Columbia City. Played Yorktown tough. Then what happened? Injuries?
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