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  1. I hear u. Cant argue.... But every now and then... 2018 rolls around and we beat ur ass
  2. How do u have a second round pick in the NFL draft and not make it out of sectional?
  3. Who is the fav now that Chatard is gone?
  4. Great recruiting on the part of OSU. Understand that all these high caliber recruits have been told how great they are since peewee. Need to continue to stroke their egos until they sign.
  5. Jay co dropped norwell this year so now I heard they head down to indi for week1. Norwell v Eastbrook would’ve been a good week 1 game. Eastbrook pounded the knights for a few years as they were rebuilding. They back now.... would’ve been a good one.
  6. Macanaquah had a down year this year after bringing almost everyone back. Expected them to be in the mix for the conference and sectional title... was not to be.
  7. Everyone gets in. No seeding. 6 classes based on enrollment.
  8. Without a doubt school age kids get it. Then they COME to school. They get tested couple days later. Positive. Emails go out. 3 months ago anyone that had sat within 6ft of them would be quarantined for 14 days. Today no one is quarantined from the school. This is because due to masks, cleaning, etc the kids are not spreading it to each other at school. Hence no reason to quarantine students. “Kids aren’t GETTING it at school.”
  9. They’ve now reduced the magical number to 3ft in our school. Contact tracing in our school, in our county and in our surrounding counties has stopped. Based on the last 6 months, kids aren’t getting it at school. Thank God We are Hoosiers!!! on another note, I did hear of a local player who has moved to Illinois after our season for round 2 of his senior year of Hs football 😂
  10. Obviously conjecture but if they went north they would’ve been in the 4A Leo / EN sectional. South to Delta / Marion. Could’ve been close imo. Someone else posted that a combined Adams county would be 5A. Believe Dwenger sectional would’ve been ugly... not sure who would’ve been south.
  11. Back to the point of the thread... All have built decent programs (Belmont again is struggling)... lots of support. But had they been consolidated in the 70s and never had the opportunity to make all those 1a regional / semi state runs through the years... the enthusiasm and support would not be there. Adams county today would feel more like Jay and Hunt. 1A is different that 4/5A
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