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  1. We all appreciate your high standards and expectations. Thanks for all that you do.
  2. Take your negative attitude to a more appropriate website. PLEASE!!!
  3. Just watched the game on Summit City Sports. That was a really exciting last 6 minutes of the game. However, the best part was the energy and enthusiasm from the broadcasters.
  4. What was your honest impression of how the HNAC plays? Based on the score looks like you guys put up some points, but looks like they Culver boys won by more than 12.
  5. Hopefully, you are just trying to be a part of the gimmick in this thread. Do you honestly believe they have a chance at a ring?
  6. The people of South Bend voted for Pete Buttigeig to be their mayor. That tells you all that you need to know.
  7. 6A: Center Grove over Westfield 5A: Cathedral over Valparaiso 4A: Leo over Roncalli 3A: Gibson Southern over West Lafayette 2A: Luers over Linton-Stockton 1A: Lutheran over Adams Central What say you?
  8. Agree to disagree. The "parents" of the Rushville kids never should have had them. They will be a drain on society for years to come.
  9. Simple, they have zero self awareness about their own short comings. Those "parents" are 100% to blame.
  10. Why are we condemning Lawrenceburg when the parents of the Rushville kids should be ashamed? They are the ones with the poor genetics that reproduced failures. Hats off to Lawrenceburg for putting up a dominate performance.
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