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  1. DT is a great heel! I can't believe that he keeps getting responses from the fans, but by golly everyone loves to hate him. DT clearly states ridiculous ideas just to get a reaction. I used to get annoyed by him, but now I finally understand his gimmick. Well Played.
  2. 3.5 Years I will take the under on the amount of time both coaches are at their schools. Who will take the over?
  3. Looks like the HNAC conference will walk away with two champions. LaVille is a pretty good team, but Lewis Cass is on another level this year. Defense is the strength of the Lancers, but that won't keep the Kings from scoring at will. Not much else to say about this one, running clock the whole second half. Coach Hostrawser has a good group of underclassmen that will make some noise the next couple of years. Lewis Cass 56 LaVille 3 Knox wins relatively easily against a solid Calumet team. Wasn't sure how good the Redskins were until they won in convincing fashion against Twin Lakes last Friday. Calumet has put up some big time points this year. However, if Knox was able to keep Pioneer to two scores, there is no way that Calumet scores more than twice. Coach Hendryx gets to silence his critics from loosing the previous sectional championship games and goes into the Redskin Hall of Fame with this win. Knox 35 Calumet 13 North Judson was able to shut out Winamac on Friday who scored 20 points against Culver. Culver won by 8 Friday to a team they beat by 30 earlier in the year. The Jays have already beat the Cavs earlier in the year on the road. Look for much of the same this week at home. Coach Lambert will get carried off the field to ring that victory bell. North Judson 34 Culver 14
  4. Your definition of relevant and mine are different.
  5. Knees hit first, and then the chest with a defender on top caused the ball to pop out.
  6. Hoping to get an answer about what is and is not a fumble. Our running back was tackled, and when he hit the ground the ball popped out on Friday. We thought that the ball should be dead once he hit the ground. When our head coach questioned the head official we were given this response. "Coach, when he hit the ground the ball came out." The defense was awarded possession of the ball. I am not an expert on the rules, so I am hoping to learn from you guys. Thanks
  7. Angle?????? Get outta here #1's = Hogan, Austin, The Rock, and Taker #16's = Brooklyn Brawler, Barry Horowitz, Gilberg, and Dink the Clown (Doink's Midget Buddy)
  8. Really hope that someone takes the time to create a 64 man tournament of WWF that's right F bracket.
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