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  1. The dude couldn't even beat the Little Giants, so what can he do with a bunch of Indians? Oh wait, being told that's another Kevin O'Shea. Never mind. Great hire for TL. At least makes the Hoosier a little more interesting when the Knights visit Monticello.
  2. This is what happens when you're off work, helping a son move and directing an angel tree/food drive at work - you forget to pick the last weekend of the season. Congrats to the winner - I can't really believe I was near the top anyways, but we'll see what happens next year.
  3. If you're playing the Beavers this could be a HUGE distraction!! You try to take a cowbell away from a Sheridan mom and you'd probably end up losing an arm!
  4. 3 Point Games Hamilton Southeastern @ Carroll Center Grove @ Cathedral 4 Point Games New Prairie @ Kokomo Roncalli @ East Central Chatard @ West Lafayette Luers @ Andrean Linton @ Mater Dei Adams Central @ North Judson
  5. Will weather conditions adversely affect one team greater than another? The ball can be slick when it's cold, so does this make this game closer? Does it make any difference? Game time temps will be in the 20s with the lows in the teens. Who will handle the cold better?
  6. I would bet the farm that this person is a newcomer to Sheridan. One, to criticize the legend like he did and two to think that this is something new. Putting out there is not going to win many friends in the Sheridan area. I hope that wasn't their real name.
  7. Who's the Sheridan person trolling the WRC? I'm straight outta Judyville, West Lebanon, Veedersburg, Williamsport and A-town brother. Like to meet someone from the sophisticated suburban town of Sheridan. They've got that Hamilton County money, they should own the GID.
  8. Having the gigantic screens in LOS already makes it difficult for an official if he did miss a call, so why not use replay in the finals? IMO, there should be a neutral 3rd party observer to decide if a play needs reviewed and not the coaches. He could call it down to the referee on the field. I would think we'd all agree that we wouldn't want anything that would cause games to last any longer. The TV schedule would really be messed up if you add replays to the mix.
  9. 3 Point Games Carroll @ Lafayette Jeff Westfield @ Hamilton Southeastern Cathedral @ Brownsburg Merrillville @ Valparaiso Kokomo @ Columbia City New Palestine @ Roncalli West Lafayette @ Knox Lafayette Central Catholic @ Andrean Evansville Mater Dei @ Triton Central North Decatur @ Sheridan - if the Sheridan D returns to form, the Hawks can win. They have not looked good the past month and a half, with the exception of the Union City game. The heart wants the Hawks to win because I'd hate for this to be 9-time's last game on the sidelines. I certainly don't want him losing to a Steve Stirn coached team.
  10. I would disagree to an extent. If a HS with 3 feeder schools has kids running the same system with similar schemes and terminology, they would have a tremendous advantage as their incoming freshmen would have 3 starting QBs, 3-6 starting RBs and 15-20 starting linemen. That's competition for spots and in theory that should make your team better. It can be a detriment if you have coaches that don't teach fundamentals, don't run similar systems and don't work to build numbers on the team. Then you start over when they are freshmen.
  11. Great points. Sheridan has been in semistates in both the north and south. They have been in sectionals from the western to the eastern borders of the state. You would think they would be in a sectional with fellow HHC schools, but it doesn't work that way every year. The assignments also change as teams move in and out of 1A. When LCC and Pioneer were moved up due to the success factor, someone had to be moved in to fill their spots in the northern sectionals. You can satisfy some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time.
  12. What if a player from Creekside ran the Carmel HS offense and one from Clay ran something totally different? If they were of equal ability would the player from Creekside have an advantage? Possibly. They should all teach fundamentals, but even linemen knowing blocking schemes or footwork fundamentals would be ahead of someone who played in a totally different system.
  13. I would say splitting teams through 2 sectionals in both 1A & 2A gave the WRC more opportunities to win a sectional. I don't think that is screwing anyone, unless you put all 6 of the 1A schools together so 1 team has a better shot to win. While I'm sure someone wanted to see Attica play Parke Heritage for the second time in a sectional game, I guess the IHSAA didn't want to see that happen.
  14. West Lafayette @ Hanover Central Central Catholic @ Rochester West Central @ Carroll Lafayette Jeff @ Crown Point Valparaiso @ Chesterton Decatur Central @ Plainfield Whiteland @ Franklin Brebeuf @ Roncalli Knox @ Jimtown Scecina @ Triton Central
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