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  1. You'd have to say Lutheran is the prohibitive favorite to come out of the south. They've been pretty dominant all season long. Adams Central would be the favorite in the north, but that Monroe Central defense has looked pretty impressive this season. If defense wins championships, they could be the darkhorse team.
  2. We have an old basketball warm-up jacket that says Indians. Goes back a ways. Same with the helmet I use for my profile. An old Seeger helmet that sits in my office.
  3. South Vermillion over Attica. For everything I've read here about the Wildcats, wouldn't this seem like a disappointing season? The loss to Seeger had to be a pretty hard hit. Covington over Riverton Parke. Is that field at Covington still as nice as it was back in the day? I played on that field many moons ago and it was the best grass field I ever played a game on. Parke Heritage over Fountain Central. Did the Wolves coach leave the FC program in such a mess or did he see the writing on the wall talent-wise? He seemed to leave Seeger right before the talent dropped off there too. Seeger over North Vermillion. Does anyone remember why Seeger changed their name from the Indians to the Patriots? Was Warren County that PC? Donnie, I paid my money so my profile better show them red letters. If it doesn't, I'm sending you after 'em for me.
  4. I don't have a verifiable media source, but I'm gonna try to make me some picks. The Rambler Wreck falls to the Rebel Yells. The North Vermillions stampede the Moostangs. The Woofs beat the Parkes. If these schools consolidate, would they be called Parke Parke or Parke Squared? I hear the South Vermillions have them some D1s. Well I have some oceanfront property on the Wabash I'll sell you. They still beat the Pete Seegers, coached by Peter, Paul and Mary these days. The Trojans bust all over the Cavaliers. What a sticky mess. To me, a QB throwing for 1,000 yards in this conference is like beating up on some mediocre middle school kids. It will give him something to brag about in 10 years when he's leaning on the fence watching a game talking about the good ol' days. There, stick those in your pipe and smoke 'em. And Donnie Baker, you're a queer and I'll say that right to your face.
  5. Sheridan did lose to Delphi as well, 14-12. I'm sure this battle of HOF coaches looks good on paper, but the Hawks aren't even close to what they used to be. Coach King continues to get revenge for the 2007 state championship game and Seeger pulls out a win.
  6. I watched a little of the Attica-FC game on IHSAA Champions Network Friday night. It was not pretty on either side, but I think I counted 14 available players for Attica. Are the numbers that low? Covid? Other injuries? Kinda sad to see the Ramblers barely able to field a team.
  7. I don't believe you have to contact trace if your school requires mask-wearing in the building. For schools that require it, it should help reduce the number of athletes that get knocked out due to being near someone in the classroom.
  8. Does the mandate from the Governor's office yesterday regarding close contact and quarantine affect any of these situations where players are out due to close contact? Do any of these schools have a mask mandate in the building? If they do, students who have been in quarantine for close contact may return to school if they are asymptomatic. Hopefully this mandate may allow more students to stay in school. Don't want this to be political, just asking because it could get some kids back on the field that would have had to sit out.
  9. So are you inferring that they are recruiting and making offers to families to move their sons to Parke County? Could it be that families are looking for an opportunity for their sons to play football? Is it wrong for parents to not want their kid to play for one of the Terre Haute schools and play in a successful, small-town atmosphere? There are transfers all over the state. Success attracts players who want some recognition and the opportunity to play for championships. I say good for them.
  10. I met Tom a few years back at a game and we communicated quite a few times via private messaging. He was definitely a Linton "homer", but he had a true passion for small town, small school football and what it meant to a community. He reminded me of the fan who is always standing at the fence every Friday to second guess, cheer on his boys and talk to anyone who wanted to talk football. My thoughts and prayers to his family. I am very sorry to hear of his passing. RIH my friend.
  11. Have the Linton Miners fallen this far? No mention of them in the 2A top twelve, seems surprising. I'm sure omitting LCC was an oversight. They'll continue to compete in whatever class they're in.
  12. I would agree, but I'd like to see it made official. I do hope they continue to keep the intentional grounding rule and not go to the college/pro rule. I hate seeing a DL or LB pressure a QB and they can just chuck the ball away to avoid a loss. Those defenders work too hard to let a QB escape in this manner.
  13. 1. Use the NCAA overtime format. 2. Allow an official to determine if a ball is catchable on a PI call. 3. I agree the offensive penalty behind the LOS should not be a spot foul.
  14. I'm well aware of that. The reason I said it is even though people see new housing development in Noblesville and think it is going to grow larger, the kids are actually going to HSE.
  15. I see Westfield as the school that could surpass Noblesville in numbers down the road. The bubble classes in Noblesville are the middle school grades (6-8). The numbers drop off in the elementary schools. Washington Township (Westfield) has more area than Noblesville Township and Noblesville has two areas that take up a lot of land that can't be developed (Morse Resevoir and White River-at least not in the water). There are also a LOT of new houses going up in the Westfield area. The reason HSE is large is due to the district comprising 3 townships. There are a large number of Noblesville addresses that attend HSE Schools due to Wayne Township being in the HSE district. Carmel has seen small percentage drops in student enrollment as well.
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