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  1. I would agree, but I'd like to see it made official. I do hope they continue to keep the intentional grounding rule and not go to the college/pro rule. I hate seeing a DL or LB pressure a QB and they can just chuck the ball away to avoid a loss. Those defenders work too hard to let a QB escape in this manner.
  2. 1. Use the NCAA overtime format. 2. Allow an official to determine if a ball is catchable on a PI call. 3. I agree the offensive penalty behind the LOS should not be a spot foul.
  3. I'm well aware of that. The reason I said it is even though people see new housing development in Noblesville and think it is going to grow larger, the kids are actually going to HSE.
  4. I see Westfield as the school that could surpass Noblesville in numbers down the road. The bubble classes in Noblesville are the middle school grades (6-8). The numbers drop off in the elementary schools. Washington Township (Westfield) has more area than Noblesville Township and Noblesville has two areas that take up a lot of land that can't be developed (Morse Resevoir and White River-at least not in the water). There are also a LOT of new houses going up in the Westfield area. The reason HSE is large is due to the district comprising 3 townships. There are a large number of Nobles
  5. So now you call it 'having fun' with them? Nice back track. You are certainly a piece of work dude. I was paid to coach and I chose middle school because it develops players. You attack me as a 'volunteer', but let me ask, what exactly has your contribution to high school sports been? I am pretty good with mine. And I stand by the fact that I've forgotten more football than you will ever know.
  6. I've forgotten more about football than you will ever learn. My mentor has 9 rings, but I'm sure your mentor can match that accomplishment. My comment was not about me. You are all about you and your inflated opinion of yourself. I tried to give examples of why some programs are successful and some struggle. Apparently when someone tries to get into a discussion with you, all we get is "this or that blows". One might think that you are either a student or just the perfect example of someone who stands at the fence and knows it all without ever actually doing anything. Sound abou
  7. I would guess BigBH stands for either blowhard or butthead. Really, what's the difference? I have coached at both Westfield and Noblesville middle schools. Westfield has a system in place that everyone from pee wees to varsity run and the HS coaches attend practices to help with installs. Westfield runs a spread formation and is an inside/outside zone team. All of the players know the terminology and formations because they are drilled in them from the time they start playing football. I was at Noblesville when Justin Roden was the HC. I saw a HS coach at one of our practices tw
  8. Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh my!): Crothersville Tigers Evansville Central Bears Evansville Reitz Memorial Tigers Fort Wayne Northrop Bruins Franklin Grizzly Cubs Greencastle Tiger Cubs Hagerstown Tigers LaCrosse Tigers Lawrence Central Bears Lawrenceburg Tigers Lebanon Tigers Leo Lions Liberty Christian Lions Loogootee Lions Madison Cubs Lakeview Christian Lions Monroe Central Golden Bears Morton Memorial Tigers Northwestern Tigers Peru Tigers Princeton Tigers
  9. 1979 was the first season on the current field and the first state championship was won in 1980. The old field is now the soccer field and is named for Barney Stout, a former football coach and administrator at the school. The baseball field was opened in 1980 and is named for Kent Harris, long time coach and assistant principal. The gym is named for former coach Larry Hobbs, who led Sheridan when they used to dominate basketball in Hamilton County. I enjoyed playing on the old field as the track was behind the bleachers and the stands were very close to the bench area.
  10. Bud Wright Stadium - home of the Sheridan Blackhawks. Still active, but I think 9 state titles and 2 runners-up allow you that honor.
  11. Seeding the sectionals is a good start, but as this year showed, the Sagarin ratings wouldn't be a good indicator due to the number of games some teams played and it not taking out of state games under consideration. I'm not sure of another way to seed if the Sagarin is out of the equation. Regionals and semi-states on neutral fields. There are plenty of ways to figure out how to make $$$ off of this idea. Let teams in 5A & 6A schedule a 10th regular season game. Sometimes a week off isn't necessarily a good thing.
  12. Surprisingly have not heard anyone touch on this as part of the 'advantage' that some schools have. It is no different than at public schools that have multiple middle schools that feed in to them. You basically have starters competing for positions when they all come together. This is why you'll see a school with 75 kids on the roster. Good information.
  13. Western Boone is a consolidation of the Advance Osceoleons, Dover Blue Devils, Granville Wells Rockets, Jackson Township Rockets, Jamestown Little Giants, Pinnell Purple Dragons & Thorntown Kewasakees. Veedersburg was the Green Devils, which is the only color besides red and blue I could find for the Devils.
  14. Eugene the Jeep was a character in the Popeye cartoon.
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