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  1. Clinton Central at Carroll - Carroll continues to roll. Clinton Prairie at Taylor - CP rebounds from 2 straight losses. Delphi at Sheridan - Hawks win on youth football/cheerleading night. I only mention it because I'm a cheerleader grandpa now and I have to get the shameless plug in. Eastern at Tri-Central - I don't think the Comets win with a running clock, but they should still cruise.
  2. In Sheridan's early days in the HC, the Bison thumped us pretty good. The tables began to turn in 2003, when Sheridan beat BC for the first time. After that they never lost to the Bison again, and returned those thumpings with interest. I've never stated BC would be a winner in the HHC, but they would certainly be more competitive across all sports. BC has seemed to have stayed in the HC for girls basketball, and that's been a fatal mistake for their program.
  3. The Hoosier isn't the only conference that utilizes the forward pass. I think the Bison would be accepted just fine. Would the Bison want to go to a conference where they don't get whipped every week? Delphi lost to BC 21-12 and Delphi is mid-pack HHC. Dem Bizun need a change of scenery.
  4. Frankfort and Benton Central to the Hoosier Heartland. Preach it Muda!!
  5. 2 Point Games Hamilton Heights @ Tipton Central Catholic @ Twin Lakes Rensselaer @ Benton Central Tippecanoe Valley @ West Lafayette Western @ Northwestern Frontier @ Tri-County North Judson @ Triton McCutcheon @ Lafayette Jeff Culver @ Caston Bluffton @ Heritage
  6. Let's go with Tri County, North White, West Central & North Newton
  7. At least I can read. Hopefully the football gets better. Class A football is always more interesting when one or more of the WRC teams is relevant. Whether it was Attica, Fountain Central, North Vermillion, Rockville or Seeger, it seemed one of these teams was always in the mix come playoff time. How many years has it been? Maybe NVs run around 2017-18? It's time for the WRC to step up.
  8. Well that explains why you moved there, doesn't it? What liquor/convenience stores still sell Zimas? Do they also carry Bartles & James? It would be nice if the schools would get better at football so we could talk about that. Tenderloins, Zimas, wine coolers, Zubaz, Donnie's drug issues and death. This is all fascinating, but what's going on on the field?
  9. Dammit Donnie, where's the negative? I suppose you switched from Zubaz to camo, didn't you? Didn't I just read you died of accidental Fentanyl & alcohol poisoning? Even Jesus couldn't come back from that concoction. I'll say that straight to your face. If you're not an Attica boy then I'm the King of Judyville.
  10. "As the players tried to take the field, the marching band refused to yield, do you recall what was revealed, the day the music died?" Would marching bands as we know them now exist if not for a football game at which to perform?
  11. Tri Central @ Carroll - Cougars by a substantial amount. Sheridan @ Taylor - 9-time won #450 at Sheridan this past Friday. #451 won't be nearly as close. Delphi @ C. Prairie - Gophers bounce back from loss at Sheridan. Eastern @ C. Central - Comets bounce back from that a** thumping dished out by the Cougars.
  12. It's all good fun. If I see any of you in camo it's game on! That is where I draw the line.
  13. 2 Point Games Central Catholic @ Rensselaer - I miss Wagonmasters, Coach Nowlin & the awesome pre-game music at RC. I miss #7 running QB power on the first play for a TD. I'd pick the Bombers, but as a good Catholic I have to go with the gang from Lafayette. Northwestern @ Tipton Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Western @ Linton West Lafayette @ Benton Central Lafayette Jeff @ Harrison Richmond @ Muncie Central Seeger @ Fountain Central Triton @ Pioneer Knox @ LaVille
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