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  1. He is not, but he's a heck of a coach and might have some ties to the River City. So did they approve the building of the new field, weight room & meeting room? Or is this a wish list?
  2. Donnie, I know a guy. Perfect fit for the Ramblers. If they were smart, they'd make a run.
  3. An old timer told me he thought they had football back in the 40s. I'd have to look back through some old season records to see if that were true.
  4. It's weird when you drive by and you see the soccer field and track and no goal posts. I would tend to agree. Probably won't see the pigskin here. The rumor was they had football at one time and then dropped it. Are you aware of this?
  5. Sheridan vs. Kirklin (Clinton Central) is one of the oldest rivalries in the state. I believe it is now over 100 years. The Hawks have played football since 1899.
  6. Three of the brothers are priests - Ted, Andrew & Brian (St. Maria Goretti Parish in Westfield).
  7. Would they have one sport that would stand out in the HHC? I'm not familiar with their whole athletic program. Soccer? Baseball? Frankfort and Benton Central would fit in the HHC, much better than they do in the Hoosier or the new conference. The Hot Dogs would certainly save on travel in the HHC.
  8. Hot Dogs to the Hoosier Heartland! It would be a good fit for them.
  9. Westfield should be favored, but with the game being at Crown Point it could have an effect. HSE went to Carroll as favorites last year and got knocked off, so the bus ride and travel distance could even it up.
  10. Based off watching the games last night, I was very impressed with AC. They will be a hard out for anyone left in 1A, including Lutheran.
  11. I would do my criticism/critique away from an internet message board. I have plenty of answers. You want to talk about it? I'm all in, but not here. I am curious as to your thoughts from last night's game? I thought the old man outsmarted the HC of ND. On a side note, how does the coach of ND even get to work around children after his stunt at HH?
  12. Park Tudor @ North Jusdson Adams Central @ Carroll North Decatur @ Sheridan LaVille @ Central Catholic Bluffton @ Fort Wayne Luers Eastern Hancock @ Southmont North Posey @ Triton Central Knox @ West Lafayette Heritage Hills @ Batesville New Prairie @ Northwood Leo @ Mississinewa Valparaiso @ Merrillville Fort Wayne Snider @ Mishawaka Crown Point @ Penn Hamilton Southeastern @ Westfield Ben Davis @ Cathedral
  13. Your original comment was not respectful. If you want to act like a tough guy, you’ve come to the wrong place loudmouth. You’re a disrespectful dbag. Don’t act like a badass with me. You’re just a turd who thinks he knows it all. What level have you coached and what are your accomplishments? Don’t come back with the “I played football” argument either. I can’t wait for your big boy response. Or your threats. I’ll shut my mouth when I choose to bubba.
  14. I think you have overstepped here sir. If you've never spoken with him or talked football with him, you need to keep your mouth shut. You have no idea what you're talking about. You can think what you want, but for what he has done for the Sheridan community and school system deserves some respect. Uncalled for, totally uncalled for.
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