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  1. Updated WRC power rankings: 1. Parke Heritage Wolfs After Friday night there is no disputing who the best team in the WRC is. Had the Wolfs not played so sloppy, the score would've been much worse. Rest assured though that Brian Moore will get it cleaned up. My neighbor told me that the living legend was fired up with the way the Wolfs ran the ball! 2. Attica Red Ramblers Even though they didn't win, the River Ewes were a thorn in the side of the Wolfs all night. They proved all they needed to prove to move to second spot in the power rankings. 3. North Vermillion Falcons It was a tough loss for the Falcons but I heard it was actually a pretty good game. It was hard to pick between Attica and North Vermillion, so I gave the Falcons the third spot because Parke Heritage is better than Linton, and Attica played a pretty good game. 4. South Vermillion Wildcats Barrett's boys sit at 3-1 for the first time since 2017. Their improvement is undeniable. Thats-u one-u spicy meat-u-ball!! 5. Seeger Patriots HERB FREAKIN KING!!!!!!!! If Herb had been on Game of Thrones he would've won the whole dang thing!!! 6. Covington Trojans I've been saying all along that the Men of Troy were going to wreck some teams later in their schedule. The reckoning is coming! 7. Fountain Central Mustangs Dale Hummer, or Brian Moore or Rick Malone would struggle with this group. It's not the kids fault or the coaches. It just is what it is. Small schools go through cycles. The Mustangs will be back! 8. Riverton Parke Panthers I hope the shenanigans are done in Panther land. I would hate to have to keep them at the eighth spot all season long.
  2. Yes and not yet. I swam from Lafayette to Terre Haute, but I couldn't finish the rest. I hope that's good enough. If you tell me where to send it, you will receive my contribution in the mail. If you would like, I can send it to Rensselaer Central.
  3. WOW!!! It's hard to believe that we are halfway through the season!! We learned a lot about the WRC last week! Updated power rankings will be released today. Now on to the games! Covington @ Seeger South Vermillion @ Sullivan Riverton Parke @ North Vermillion Attica @ Fountain Central Parke Heritage @ Eastern Greene
  4. I had heard it was beyond a cheap shot. The fact that it happens multiple times is pretty fishy.
  5. Is it true that the Wolfs are considering dropping out of the WRC due to potentially playing a regular season opponent again in the tournament? Brian Moore drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls.
  6. That makes a lot of sense to me. I wonder why North Vermillion wasn't concerned with having to potentially play Linton twice in the same season? Although, now that I think about it, the WRC teams face the possibility of having to play twice every year. Are the Wolfs going to drop out of the WRC to avoid that scenario?
  7. There's your Parke county education showing again. Everyone outside of Rockville knows it's Wolfs.
  8. Around these parts it's Wolfs......kind of like Rox
  9. 1. potato gun....Brian Moore uses pepper spray to spice his food 2. grizzly bear....Herb has the voice of an angel 3. spanking the beef....have you ever seen Barrett dance? He is as graceful as Fred Astaire
  10. So you're saying you would arm wrestle Brian Moore? Are you insane? Have you no regard for your personal safety? Brian Moore doesn't chew gum. Brian Moore chews tin foil.
  11. I understand the point you are trying to make, but passing offenses are different than running offenses. Even if you're playing a bad team, you still have to be able to make the right reads and throw the ball accurately so that your receivers can catch it. That's much more complicated than just handing the ball to a running back. If you had to choose between getting hit in the balls with a baseball bat or arm wrestling Brian Moore, what would you choose? I'm picking the baseball bat.
  12. Just a couple of things to add Miner Pride. 1. If Attica holds the Wolfs under 50 points, I'll swim the entire length of the Wabash River.....ain't happening. Wolfs 56 Attica 7. 2. Attica is the best Going Out of Business team in Indiana. I agree with the person who made that observation. 3. Brian Moore has more magical powers than Harry Potter and David Copperfield combined.
  13. They used to spell "Rocks" as "Rox". lol It's no wonder they spell "Wolfs" as "Wolves". He probably spells "Patriots" as "Patriotves". I can't believe Logan White has over 1,000 (!) yards in only three games. I can't believe how fast the Wolfs play on offense. I CAN believe that Brian Moore has built yet another WRC powerhouse. If I were starting a football program from scratch, and I could pick any coach in the state of Indiana, it would be either Brian Moore or Herb King. It's hard to believe they both coach in the same little conference.
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