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  1. The WRC is the top ranked conference. That's why they call it the SEC of Indiana football.
  2. I was just thinking to myself that the Wolfs are probably glad that anything is being discussed besides Wolfs football. It is kind of nutz that they are one last minute touchdown away from being 2-3 at this point. I thought they made a great move raiding talent from Terre Haute and Brazil. That's how the game is played these days. More than one of my PH sources couldn't stop gushing about the talented class they had just signed, but when I ask those same sources how its going now...well, the gushing has turned into grumbling. There does seem to be more excitement about Wolfs basketball than usual for this time of year.
  3. I have a serious question. Should we change the mercy rule to 30 points instead of 35? Maybe 28 points? What is an acceptable number to make the losing team feel better about the running clock?
  4. Good morning Bear! I was able to talk to my sources in Newport about the pass you referenced and the "special kick practice"! I will refrain from posting what I was told because it's not a good look for the Panthers at all, even though its a very familiar one. If what I was told was true, RP should be thankful the Falcon JV was put in to play the entire 4th qtr.
  5. I beg your pardon sir, but I've never even met you. Keep your filthy requests to yourself por favor
  6. Is that where Larry Bird played? I'm pretty sure it was a small school in southern indiana
  7. My friend Bear, I will give you a basket full of fart sandwiches if you will elaborate on this comment. How did the Falcons work on their passing game and special teams late in the game? Why would they need to throw the ball late in the game if they were winning by a large margin?
  8. Good morning my friend. It has been this way for years with Bosse and the SIAC. It's funny that you mention Castle, because it reminded me of when they were able to snatch Big Play Ray from the Bulldogs years ago. Now enjoy this juicy fart sandwich and good luck to the Titans this year.
  9. I have a flatus hoagie for you. The talk around the WRC is that it will be interesting to see who is still footballing for the Wolfs next year, players and coaches included. There is no doubt about this year though. They are the most dominant football team in the Wabash Vally.
  10. Suffice it to say that the Miners have seldom seen a juggernaut like the Wolfs offense throughout the long and illustrious history of their football program.
  11. That's just another reason why they call the WRC the SEC of Indiana high school football
  12. This is just a hunch, but perhaps Reb has access to the bird's eye view provided by a Hi-Pod X31 while everyone else is looking at an inferior shot. There's really nothing quite like an X31 fully extended on an October Friday evening, towering over all else in majestic splendor.
  13. As Friday night draws closer, I had some thoughts to share with the WRC brethren. Better entertainment for your Friday night: A WRC football game or gambling at the local cock fight? Also I think they should strap spider monkeys to the greyhounds that race at the dog tracks. A dog can only be the winner if the spider monkey jockey stays upright till the end. Is it safe to try to domesticate coyotes? Who wins in a fight between 10 fighting cocks and 1 coyote?
  14. I like you Bear. I will share my fart sandwiches with you and also share some helpful insight. No team is at full strength anymore. Injuries, covid, hemorrhoids, whatever. Every week pretty much all teams are dealing with not being at full strength.
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