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  1. Those people would rather tongue kiss an electric outlet than join forces with their northern neighbors. If you are ever in the Mecca area Muda feel free to pick up a steak at the Mecca Tavern and maybe take a stray dog or two home with you.
  2. Maybe if they add another school they will finally put a football trophy in the trophy case. Rockville and Marshall would go crazy! The Wolfs have many pieces in place to make it happen!
  3. I've learned much from this discussion, but I still have some questions. Where's the best place to get a screw in Carmel now?
  4. Just what in the heck is your problem Jack? Did you have your heart broken by an endzone camera when you were growing up? I don't work with endzone camera bigots.
  5. How is Crown Point set up for endzone cameras? Before they worry about competing outside of the Region, they need to make sure their endzone camera game is on point! A school with 3,000 students should have a Hi-Pod X31 or two laying around.
  6. I have a feeling the Tigers will be fine. That football program is rolling.
  7. Memorial is a private school so the Tigers will just go recruit whatever QB they want /s
  8. Western Boone would probably have like 7 state championships in a row if they had a Hi-Pod X31
  9. Is it possible that the endzone camera situation is markedly better at Franklin Central compared to what Coach West had available to work with at Warren Central? Maybe Franklin Central has a Hi-Pod X31.......
  10. Sir, this is may seem like a bit to you, but to me this is important. It would take too long to explain so please just take my word for it. My earliest memories were standing in crow's nests next to my father, Poppa Jahari, as he filmed games for the local high school. His father, Grandpop Jahari, was the man behind the camera for the first football game to be filmed, Princeton vs. Yale in 1903. You can still view that game film on Youtube. Football videography was quite literally invented by my family. Both Grandpop Jahari and Poppa Jahari had long careers as football videographers.
  11. Who are some potential standout endzone videographers for the 2021 season? Which unheard of videographers will breakout? Could we see the quality of endzone film nearing what was produced at U of Alabama under Alex Seiver (director of video production) and Steven Jenkins (assistant director of video production) circa 2017? The endzone film from spring practice that year was exemplary.
  12. Roncalli's quick turnaround may have surprised some, but I know a little secret. Switching back to name brand candy instead of generic has south side playgrounds bustling. Bit-O-Honey, Trolli, Tootsie Pop...........the kids now-a-days prefer the good stuff.
  13. Happy Monday? Which teams' endzone videographers stood out this weekend in Lucas Oil Stadium?
  14. I don't know if we can pin this topic or not but it might be helpful. Which teams playing for a state championship this week use endzone cameras, and what is your brand/model/set-up? Who are the top endzone videographers from the teams vying for a trophy this week? Please name them to recognize their greatness.
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