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  1. Thank you for the information. Well now I kind of feel like I did when I found out Santa wasn't real.
  2. That is correct Donnie! Congratulations, you have won a bofa prize!
  3. 5 of 8 WRC teams are searching for new coaches, or will be shortly. 2022 promises to be an interesting year in the SEC of Indiana high school football
  4. It's my understanding that there are a few coaches in the Wabash River conference that negotiate their contracts separate from the union. I don't think they're covered under the regular teacher contract. I would be interested in knowing this as well, in addition to what rigs the MIC teams are all using
  5. How does Coach Hebert pronounce his last name? I've always assumed it is pronounced "Aye-bear" like any good Cajun. I also assume he speaks with a thick southern Louisiana accent, like the guys on the swamp people show.
  6. Which teams playing for a state championship this weekend have endzone cameras? I would bet the vast majority of the 14 teams still playing have them.
  7. Is it too early to establish Riverton Parke as the odds on favorite to win the WRC and sectional next year? When that happens will there be a free tenderloin, stray dog adoption celebration in Mecca? I volunteer to set up a booth selling my chunkiest fart sandwiches!
  8. This game is a lock to happen. Take my advice and do not eat at the Wolfs concession stand. It made me crap my shorts when I ate the food. It should be against the law to serve skanky concession food and light off fireworks like the fourth of July. To say that my bowels were quaking would be an understatement.
  9. Who has the best end zone camera in the PAC? If I were a PAC athletic director, I would make sure my football team was rolling with a Hi-Pod X31.
  10. Why would anyone tackle a donut? That is alot of work just to tackle an inanimate object. First you have to find a way to prop it up on its end. Then cleaning the chocolate icing off of yourself and surrounding area would take some time. Do not even get me started on if the donut had a cream, custard, or jelly filling. No I wouldn't suggest tackling food. It just doesn't make any sense.
  11. I dont know about Seeger, but I heard over in parke county some of Bishop Sycamores biggest supporters are trying to jump ship halfway through the first semester. It seems like to me that if my local team was in first place in the WRC I would be loving life, but apparently that is not the case. I guess its not a fun time to be a Bishop Sycamore Wolfs employee/fan.
  12. That should make for an easier night for the Wolfs offensive line coach
  13. Not if you were standing behind them in the buffet line
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