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  1. I don't understand what happened Friday night. The Wolfs are indeed a juggernaut so I can't figure out two losses to North Vermillion this year. This is perhaps the biggest fart sandwich in history and I am the one that has to swallow it. None of this makes any sense. My hat is off to the Wolfs on a great and historic season.
  2. The time has come Muda for me to deliver to you your daily piping hot flatus hoagie!
  3. You have to take everything into account though. When you have a camera perched 31 feet above the ground in an endzone, the lens starts to frost over after a certain point. Now, that's not a big deal if you have a Hi-Pod X31 because you can just use the premium rain gear that it comes with to keep the camera warm. But for those teams that operate an endzone camera without premium rain gear, the later the game goes on a Friday night, the better chance of poor film quality due to frost build-up.
  4. I wonder if anyone ever takes weather and game time temperatures into account when they decide to play on Saturday? It's usually warmer at noon than it is at 7:00 pm.
  5. I think I might go to the game tonight instead of taking my family to Great Wolfs Lodge for the weekend. Look for me on the North end of the field. I will have a booth set up selling hot chocolate and piping hot chunky flatus hoagies.
  6. I learned today that @Muda69 is just on this forum as an "internet troll". From the information I have gathered on internet trolls, we're not supposed to feed him.
  7. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing that information. So judging by the information you shared, you are a troll and this post is an attempt at trolling. Well done forum troll!
  8. Why are you calling me a troll? What does that even mean? I don't live under a bridge.
  9. They won't. With the leading passer and receiver in the state there is no stopping the Wolfs. I see blue rings in their near future.
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