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  1. You milk a cow, you get a bucket of milk You milk a bull, you get a friend for life
  2. No, although he considered that vocation. He is a dairy farmer, all thanks to getting his start in animal husbandry. He started out milking bulls and now he makes a living milking cows.
  3. I had a son who expressed interest in playing soccer when he was young. I nudged him in the direction of a much more valuable, challenging, and rewarding activity. He has thanked me for that several times in the years that followed.
  4. I find your mentality to be rather Denisovan. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that less than 1% of football injuries are faked, as opposed to upwards of 80% of soccer injuries.
  5. You may as well be typing in Klingon because what you said here is factually incorrect gibberish. It is fairly well known that even a bad football program helps to fund non-revenue sports rather than drain athletic department funds. Those football gate fees, even for poorly attended games, pay for things like cross country uniforms and tennis balls.
  6. I do not hate soccer, I love it. I think it is a superior way for girls to enjoy the fun of competition while benefiting from physical activity. Also a sport that encourages players to fall down and fake injuries will never be a "threat" to football.
  7. I am not sure I understand what I am reading. Why would people on a high school football website advocate for schools getting rid of their football teams? Is there not a soccer website you can go on and talk about getting rid of football and the best way to slice oranges for the treat bags while also making sure to discourage masculinity for soccer players?
  8. Hey there is nothing wrong with hoping for a friendly alignment. I think you would agree with me when I say that the alignment and draw is often a big factor in who plays on Thanksgiving weekend.
  9. Getting back to the original topic Titan32 is going to get the one thing he wants to change for his team. My prediction is that Chatard is going North in the sectional realignment. I would wager the farm on it!
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