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  1. Sir, I would like to say that you are ahead of your time, but this is already happening. I watched a football practice in another state during June. They were using drones to film the team portion and the view was just so............magnifique!!
  2. Has anyone seen instructions/protocol for cleaning of endzone cameras after normal Friday night use? Picture, if you will: It's a cold, rainy October Friday night. Following a Sectional game, the endzone cameraperson gets a sore throat and a cough. They are feeling under the weather, but this happens during football season with the weather being what it is. Cameraperson A calls on their back-up for the big Sectional Championship. Cameraperson B fills in nobly for Cameraperson A, but following the game, they start to feel sick. They end up testing positive for Covid-19, which they were infected with by using the Endzone camera that wasn't properly sanitized from the week before. How do we avoid this Endzone camera Covid transmission?
  3. WOW!! OK there is full extension......and the camera is pretty tall too!
  4. Sir, do you know the endzone camera situation at those two schools? It could go a long way to attract or repel potential suitors.
  5. Many private schools lack the resources to stay cutting edge on their endzone cameras. Typically, when a successful private school coach takes a job at a public school, he will not be nearly as successful because he isn't prepared to utilize his new state of the art endzone camera to its fullest potential. That's the best explanation for why private school coaches usually can't replicate their success at a public school. Notable exceptions would be Kevin O'Shea at North Central and Dick Dullaghan at Carmel and Ben Davis. Both of those coaches were already up to speed on endzone camera culture when they made the jump from private to public.
  6. It has been said that the next HC at New Prairie will have some talented players returning. While that's important to consider, there might be an even bigger factor. What is the endzone camera situation at New Prairie? Is Radtke leaving it better than he found it?
  7. Sir, any mention of requiring endzone cameras for high school games? I would like to see that rule passed.
  8. Sir that is a great question. Personally, I prefer to put the SL/EZ back to back before the next play comes up. I feel strongly that this is the best way to cut the film.
  9. Sir I am here to talk about endzone cameras. Please leave meowt of this nonsense. Do you have a personal favorite when it comes to endzone cameras?
  10. I'm here for all of the endzone camera talk. My personal favorite is the Hi-Pod X31. Endzone cameras have totally changed the game of high school football.
  11. Kevin Wright will land at the school of his choice, given they can match his need for a high quality endzone camera.
  12. What is the endzone camera situation at Roncalli? This would be important information for those interested in applying for their football job.
  13. It would be nice if the IHSAA would invest in some endzone cameras for their streaming of the state finals. Some of us prefer that view to the traditional sideline shot.
  14. Does anyone have any endzone camera view highlights of Mr. Spegal that I could view?
  15. A coach with Kevin Wright's clout would get a guarantee of a new Hi-Pod X31 to be purchased upon signing the contract.
  16. I think IU is his backup plan if he can't land the Bosse or Harrison job.
  17. The name I keep hearing for these jobs is Kevin Wright.
  18. Does anyone know if Bishop-Dullaghan camps use endzone cameras to film the scrimmage portion of their practices? It seems like it would be a very useful teaching tool to be able to show the kids. It would also fill some of the down time between practices.
  19. Does Fishers have top quality endzone cameras to lure Coach Wright? Could Noblesville match what Fishers brings to the table in terms of endzone cameras?
  20. Not all high school coaches get the same pieces to put together though. For example, not every coach has an endzone camera to film their games and practices. Even those who do may not have a top of the line model, like the Hi-Pod X31. For a lot of coaches, it's like entering a cake baking contest with only half the needed ingredients.
  21. Word around the WRC is that Mo will be returning to Fountain Central as an assistant coach. He previously was an assistant coach at FC under Dale Hummer when the Mustangs played in their first state championship game.
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