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  1. Word around the WRC is that Mo will be returning to Fountain Central as an assistant coach. He previously was an assistant coach at FC under Dale Hummer when the Mustangs played in their first state championship game.
  2. I'm not a big fan of the recruiting services either. Are you Vegan?
  3. I have been told by a good source at the St. Bernice Tavern that Parke Heritage will be annexing Riverton Parke. Rockville taking over Turkey Run wasn't enough to put them over the top so they are looking to add another school.
  4. 1. First and foremost, does the school already have an endzone camera? If not, are they willing to invest in one? 2. Are they willing to invest money into the football program? For instance, if you ask for an endzone camera, will they go the cheap route, or will they buy a top of the line model like a Hi-Pod X31? 3. Does the school have a digital LED down marker? 4. Does the school have a good chef for team meals? 5. What is your recruiting budget?
  5. So is your Mother In Law like less than a 5 then?
  6. What weakness in Pendleton Heights' defense did Shelbyville discover and exploit to score in the last two games of their season?
  7. The receivers that were picked were better than him at blocking for the run game. That's the only thing that I can think of lol
  8. I think the teams to keep an eye on are Carmel, New Palestine, Evansville Memorial, Chatard, Western Boone, and Lafayette Central Catholic.
  9. People with Down Syndrome are some of the sweetest, most loving souls on the planet. I've seen kids do some pretty stupid things, but this situation is beyond a kid making a dumb mistake. This needs to be dealt with through the legal system.
  10. Is it "POPsicle" or "POOPsicle"? Because the name from the show is definitely "POOPsicle".
  11. @HoosierFB_JG this a valid question and I'm glad you brought it up. I don't see how an instant replay / review system could be viable without the use of endzone cameras. Specifically, the Hi-Pod X31 would make a great vantage point for reviewing a play to make sure it was officiated correctly. Since the State Championship games are played one at a time, the IHSAA would only need to invest in two Hi-Pod X31s to make the process as effective as possible. Come on IHSAA!!! It's for the kids!!!
  12. You make a great point. Let's say that a team moves up one class for a 2 year cycle. What if they miss the threshold to stay up by one point, but at the same time they have a state of the art endzone camera like the Hi-Pod X31? Should it be considered to keep them in the larger class due to their technological superiority over other opponents?
  13. Should other things factor into whether a team gets bumped up or has to stay up a class besides just the number of wins? If so, I wonder what would be considered? Free and Reduced lunch count? The availability of certain forms of technology that not every school possesses?
  14. I think Abe Lincolns said it best, "Nothing is not inpossible."
  15. That's a brilliant idea. I think maybe endzone cameras should be mandated by the IHSAA for every school. Who's with me?
  16. Sir, you left the YOUNGEST and most spry up and coming coach in the WRC off of your list. There is a man named Kenny Kerns that coaches football and proudly wears a Wildcat visor at South Vermillion. Now enjoy this piping hot fart sandwich on Regional Friday.
  17. I apologize for my misunderstanding @Miner_Pride Unfortunately I have had to eat multiple fart sandwiches lately instead of serving them up. I wonder if the Wolfs ducking Linton helped or hurt their outcome this season? I'm sure there was a good reason for the Wolfs to avoid the game because a team as talented as PH would have nothing to be afraid of.
  18. The Juggernaut Wolfs offense is better and more explosive than Linton's offense. This could've been proven if Linton had been willing to play the Wolfs. Enjoy your piping hot fart sandwich on the cold morning.
  19. I don't understand what happened Friday night. The Wolfs are indeed a juggernaut so I can't figure out two losses to North Vermillion this year. This is perhaps the biggest fart sandwich in history and I am the one that has to swallow it. None of this makes any sense. My hat is off to the Wolfs on a great and historic season.
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