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  1. I have no "inside" source, but I'm told by multiple people they expect this next year to be "quiet" publicly and then in 23-24 an announcement for some significant changes to the Indy Metro conference landscape. Most of those people have different opinions on what that will be. Personally, I would like to see HCC remain relatively unchanged but see Carmel/CG basically rotate around the HCC football world as semi-permanent non-conf games...that's a voting bloc of one, and I don't actually get a vote. My gut tells me there will be more domino's to drop and chairs to shuffle.
  2. Does the current NHS gym still have the stage at the end?? I could be dating myself by asking this question....
  3. Out of curiosity....what is the record for consecutive sectional titles? I believe Hobart had something like 20 going back to Coach Howell?? Not sure if that was/is the record...
  4. I am not trying to debate any of the points you've made...I think there is some truth to both. Although in my years of teaching, I feel I've seen as many people leave teaching for "traditional jobs" as I have seen people transition to teaching from those same types of jobs. Different strokes for different folks. RE: the admin thing....While you could find examples otherwise, most of the time an "administrator" title is going to come along with a large amount of supervision requirements. Some of this is during the school day (lunch, bus duty, etc), much of it is outside the school day (sporting events, prom, music/theater performances, dances, etc. Often, as a HC gains an administrator title, he or she would only have those supervision requirements outside of his or her sport's season. Now, do I think there are some admin jobs that don't really need to exist...100% I do (most people in "traditional" jobs would say the same thing). But I think some people don't realize the amount of "work" the federal, state, and local governments require a school to do that isn't always directly related to teaching kids. I also don't think people realize the amount of events that go on at a school outside of the school day that require administrative supervision. I'm not pointing this out as a good/bad or pro/con of these admin roles. Just pointing out what most people overlook.
  5. Fully aware my opinion may not be popular with some.... RE: Teacher pay. Some of this is relative to the corporation contract structure. Speaking personally, we have a rather favorable contract structure for experienced teachers with a Master's. I do not feel "underpaid", considering I'm contracted for a little over 180 days a year. If you prorated my salary out over an entire year, my teacher salary is very competitive with most anything else I'd be interested or qualified to do. RE: Coaching pay. For the vast majority of coaches, the off-season commitment has increased exponentially over the years ....your coaching stipend has not. And because these commitments, by their nature, generally occur outside of the school day...it has a much more significant impact on your own family obligations. And its generally not compensated for. Now none of us got into coaching high school football to get rich. But I suspect the turnover your seeing is a direct reflection of the expectation that football coaches give so much more of their offseason time, while still expecting them to have full time teaching workloads and not increasing their extracurricular stipend to an amount commensurate with that time commitment. Off-season weights, off-season football workouts (now ok to do), a full summer weight and football practice schedule, multiple summer scrimmages, throw in a team camp, clinics, etc, etc ....My wife would trade my being MIA during two weeks of 2 a Days, for June/July rules going back to their previous versions. When you have kids with their own Winter, Spring, Summer stuff and a wife that works her own job, the off-season time starts to require sacrifices of more than just Dad...most of that load goes on Mom. We all know this, we signed up for it, we love the game; but a lot of coaches are finding that when it comes to raising a family in the 2020's...the balance just isn't there anymore. With some exceptions, your "mega-schools" will be able to manage this better due to a wide variety of resources, and your tiny schools, won't have as much commitment of time due to the number of athletes that are shared with other sports. Its the schools somewhere in the middle that are really putting the squeeze on their coaches. Of course there are exceptions to this. Notice I don't have any answers... People knock on some schools that created internal positions for head coaches, coordinators, etc. But the reality is, those schools understand what is being asked in terms of the time commitment to have a successful program. If your community has a football program with 75-100+ kids, with an expectation that it will be successful. You want good coaches with staff continuity, that's only gonna happen if the coaches feel the juice is worth the squeeze every year. In some places it isn't. (I'm sure there are a variety of typos, etc above....I don't have the energy to proof read since this was more or less a rant of 🤮mental word vomit)
  6. Directors meet today, Exec Committee meets tomorrow (5/3). Sectional assignments could be released any time after that. Side note: Appears IHSAA may be voting to throw out/modify the 300 mile rule for contests.
  7. That's never stopped the GID before!! I should have used more purple in my previous post
  8. IHSAA Exec committee met last Friday....it's disappointing that none of the regulars have posted any "insider" information. Shame...🤪
  9. Obviously I need to use more purple..... Or include things like this:
  10. I'm honestly curious how much longer "academic" requirements will need to be met for an athlete to complete. With a multimillion$ collective NIL deal, one could hire a great number of "tutors" specific to each course of study. 🤔 Might be a good trickle down effect for the smart academic kids. I think its entertaining to see the NCAA twist into pretzels trying to maintain the charade. Can't wait to see how the IHSAA is going to deal with this....there are several High School athletes across the country with big money NIL deals. Personally, I would have shillled for BWs & Papa John's gift cards🤪
  11. It may be my explanation...but my previous posts might be misunderstood somewhere...I've never said there wouldn't be an HCC school going somewhere north (although if HSE & Fishers ended up in a sectional with Homestead and Warsaw....can't we argue that Homestead and Warsaw are going south, just as much as HSE & Fishers are going north????)🤪 What I said was I don't see anyway the IHSAA splits the 6A north metro schools into 3 sectionals. I think the IHSAA would STRONGLY prefer at least one non-indy 6A school makes a semi-state appearance (6A south is basically guaranteed to be two metro schools). Zionsville, Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, & HSE will be spread out thru sectionals 3 & 4, so that no matter what only one makes it out of the regional. There are some different ways to skin that cat. Just my 2 cents....worth that much.
  12. North Option B....I don't see Penn and Elkhart Driving past each other to go to those sectionals. I'd flip them and that may be what happens. My sense is the IHSAA wants all the North HCC + Carmel schools to feed into one regional (as you have in both your options). Whether that is 4 in one and 2 in another, or 3 in two sectionals. I don't see any chance IHSAA spreads those schools out over 3 sectionals.
  13. The success will be entirely dependent on if Goshen Admin is willing to HIRE coaches to fill teaching positions. There is a LOT of turnover in admin at Goshen right now. IF they start prioritizing the hiring of coaches who will teach in the buildings....I think Coach W has a serious shot at turning it around. If not....
  14. Obviously this is a football centric board, but people are aware that football is very, very far away from the issues that drove this outcome, aren’t they? If football was the only parameter I think CG and Carmel are unanimously accepted. From everyone I’ve talked to this was driven by the impact adding Carmel to the conference championship mix in non revenue sports. Especially those that already see Carmel in sectionals. I understand that argument. I think a lot of people do, even if they feel Carmel and CG should have been admitted. I wasn’t in the meeting. I don’t vote. But I’ve had conversations with coaches at multiple schools, and a couple administrators. ALL of them mention this as the big issue. My 2 cents, likely worth about that much🤣
  15. So you think Carmel is going to say "we won't play non-con against HCC schools" as a grudge? Or do you think HCC schools won't schedule them because they didn't get into the conference? I strongly disagree with both....but am confused about your premise.
  16. I overlooked how the addition of FC changed things. It used to be there was another floating non-conf game. Those pesky Flashes🤪
  17. There are plenty of HCC schools that would be happy to add Carmel as a non-conference game. Thats a totally different issue than why they weren't allowed into the conference. "If" Carmel stays independent...I predict you could see them playing 4-5 HCC schools a year in football.
  18. I haven't heard what the vote count was yet....any rumors? I predict the next two years will result in some shaking up of multiple Indy Metro conferences.
  20. I can't believe I'm saying this...but completely agree with the East vs West All-Star split. Although I don't think its as easy as drawing the line right down the middle of the state, the voting is done based upon IFCA Regions...you'd have to find a way to divide the Regions into East/West...which I'm sure you could do...It just wouldn't be a neat as drawing a line down 31. There are 10 regions....as long as Five go to each team and you split Indy and the other bigger population centers up fairly evenly you could do whatever you wanted and it would be more interesting.
  21. Correct. Concord HS is technically in a small town (?) called Dunlap. But is basically the southeastern part of Elkhart. Concord has historically been the “little brother” that typically beat up on his older brother/brothers of Elkhart (or Central & Memorial before the merger). Has always been a rivalry there…my guess is someone at Elkhart was trying to make a statement.
  22. That’s not likely an accident… 🤣
  23. You don’t even have to look outside the NLC to see the perfect example of this phenomenon….
  24. Obviously its not Carmel they are talking about....and to be clear, I'm just relaying what I'm hearing from other coaches (and not a few parents). One of them is that travel time to CG is not what north side schools are looking forward to. Football isn't the issue (IMO)...since HCC football is a Friday night and Saturday deal. But week night events in other sports are were it grinds some people. A lot of HCC schools complained about the Lafayette schools back in the day. Some complain about FC now. The common follow up is why are we driving all the way to "School X", when we could be playing/competing against "School Y" that is much closer.
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