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  1. Tech enrollment will drop back down to a 5A Tech is at 2100. LC is 2200.
  2. Tech no way. You never know with the changing enrollments there. I would say Franklin Central fills the spot. The open 3 weeks like you said would be used for those teams and possibly an HCC school that has an open week. That would put the HCC at 9. 8 conference games and 1 non conference.
  3. I agree. For CG it would make for some very very long drives on Friday nights. We also have to look at the other sports as well. Carmel and CG would probably enjoy a much more competitive conference in the other sports. Who knows though. I just can’t see this happening.
  4. Sectional opponents have a huge impact on a program. Especially for a coach who just took over a program. It can make or break ya.
  5. Love reading things like this. Football matters to those kids just as much as kids from Carmel or Westfield. Good luck to Edinburgh this season!
  6. I know this has been mentioned before, but would really love to see a regular season matchup between Carmel and Westfield. Close drive, great crowd, great programs. Really unsure why that can’t happen in the very near future. Would be great for the Westfield program and could start a fun rivalry.
  7. College coaches don’t care what offense is being run. They check size, speed, skill, smarts, etc. if a kid can he can play. Doesn’t matter the offense. The coach who put this out there is ridiculous. High school coaches are limited to players, talent, and all sorts of other things depending on the size of the school. Be organized, know your philosophy, and get the kids to buy in. When you have to adjust because of a certain particular player then make that adjustment. Nothing else more to say about this crazy idiotic statement from a so called coach.
  8. I checked with multiple sources and it is true. 16 players allowed. Tournament is in Grand Park not the colts facility.
  9. I’ve heard lots of complaining about the Colts 7on7 this weekend. Teams only allowing 16 players total?!?! That is crazy. Not good for large school teams.
  10. Why do you say this? What’s the reasoning? Varsity only won 1 game last year and JV got beat up badly from what I heard. I never attended a game of theirs, but I think it will be difficult for them to change that quick. I know it’s a new staff with a winning head coach, but there are a lot of moving parts. I’d like to hear your reasoning and those specific noises you are hearing from the south East.
  11. They should be playing in 6A. For sure should never drop back down to 4A.
  12. I miss Warren vs Cathedral. Cathedral should be playing Warren and Carmel every year.
  13. He probably would want some wins too. Or a game that doesn't make that already tough schedule more difficult.
  14. DT has an obsession over IMG. Again, that is not high school football.
  15. What about Bloomington South? 2 new move ins who are BIG TIME recruits. Their father will be joining the IU football staff. Maybe the Panthers break through and put together a run.
  16. That would be one heck of a tournament...LOL! Yes I agree, 8 classes is bad!
  17. Worth a shot 😂😂 I just hope these webcasts go back to being free. Or at least allow more games to be on tv.
  18. So would you pay the cost of an NFL game ticket to watch it on tv?
  19. What does Snider have for this upcoming year? I imagine it’ll be an exciting game between them and Dwenger for the sectional title.
  20. If I am taking an early bet for the 6A tournament: Sectional Champs- Merrillville, Penn, Homestead, Westfield, Carmel, Ben Davis, Warren Central, Center Grove Regional Champs- Penn, Westfield, Carmel, Center Grove Semi state- Westfield, Center Grove State- Center Grove Way early and obviously this is not going off of much other than a Gut feeling. I do not know any info about teams up in northern Indiana. I just know they won't have enough for Westfield. And yes, I do think CG makes it back to LOS for 3rd time in a row and wins a 2nd state title in a row.
  21. The best teams it might not matter. But to say that won’t affect high school kids to not play a game for 2 weeks and keep them practicing and focused for that long is just wrong. Again, yes the best teams it shouldn’t matter, but still that’s a long time without playing.
  22. Well I think most coaches will probably want to play instead of getting that double bye. Taking 2 weeks off could be very bad for a team. 5A has a 6team sectional also...just odd
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