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  1. Any word from down in Trojan country about CG joining HCC soon? I have started to hear rumblings.
  2. I am still waiting on Westfield to Man-Up and play Carmel in the regular season. 5 minute drive and would be an enormous crowd at 2 beautiful stadiums. Could be a top regular season game each year. Ridiculous that they don't play. I guess we just have to wait for Carmel to join the HCC...
  3. From my understanding, this was an extra year given. An extended year. The new enrollments will be released and new classifications will start. Success factor points will go from last season and this season. I personally do think what the IHSAA released was a bit confusing, but this is what they said and I also heard from a reliable source this as well.
  4. Oh no. Get ready to hear all the Cathedral fans join the conversation about field surface and how the best football is played in the mud.
  5. IHSAA is taking success factor points from 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons. Baring a miracle, looks like Cathedral will be 6A next year from success factor points.
  6. 100% agree with you! Heard through the grapevines that CG offered Cathedral to allow them to use their facility. Would have given Cathedral the entire gate money, home stands, and allowed them to complete their senior night facilities. There were individuals that were on board for this, but ultimately got turned down. Either way, atmosphere was still amazing and it ended up being a solid game despite the terrible field.
  7. Both teams are the best in the state for sure! Great game and great atmosphere. Really exciting. Trojans are the better team though. Field conditions were the same for both teams, but man it was horrible!! Limited some exciting plays for sure.
  8. I would say seed the North and South before getting rid of sectionals. You can seed them and then still give sectional champions.
  9. Sectional 1: Merrillville Sectional 2: Chesterton Sectional 3: Carroll Sectional 4: Westfield Sectional 5: Carmel Sectional 6: Ben Davis Sectional 7: Warren Central Sectional 8: Center Grove Regionals- Merrillville Westfield Carmel Center Grove Semi State- Westfield Center Grove State Champions- Center Grove Trojans
  10. what is the pressbox situation at Arlington? Have to feel for media/film crew and coaches. Especially the coaches who need to be able to spot during the game.
  11. I know its the elephant in the room and it won't affect the outcome of the game, but this facility that this matchup is being played at is just disappointing. And I know I will be jumped by Cathedral faithful, but with all these beautiful facilities in central Indiana that high schools have built and this game has to be played at this rundown stadium. It's Cathedral football, one of the best programs of all time, and they are hosting Center Grove at Arlington. My rant is over. Time for some football. Anyway... I will take CG 20-17.
  12. I don't know what the right answer is to be honest. I totally agree with that and I think a team's record should be factored in more than it does sometimes. But if you look at 5A and 6A, and you got rid of the sectional numbers and just seeded the North and the South, for the most part it is about exactly how I would rank the teams. I know that there will always be exceptions and discrepancies that we all would argue about and I know Sagarin isn't always perfect, but for the most part year in and year out it is very close.
  13. I really believe Sagarin ratings are the best way to seed the tournament.
  14. BD 43 LC 21 CG 31 LN 13 Pike 28 NC 14 Carmel 24 WC 23
  15. Always is. As a follower of 6A and 5a football mainly, I miss the days of 8 team sectionals. The draw was always so exciting to see. Always had chances of new matchups and different schools traveling to different places. You just don't get that anymore. It is the same teams and same sectionals year in and year ou.
  16. It is almost that time again. Sectional pairings will happen next Sunday 10/10. Always an exciting time to be a fan of High School football in Indiana. Predictions? Thoughts? Which teams are peaking at the right time? Potential good matchups? Lets hear it!
  17. How will the Snider vs Dwenger fair? I have not heard much about either team this year.
  18. Side note, both of Merrillville is very likely to drop down to 5A next year due to enrollment. Not sure if Valpo will move up to 6A. Both are right on the line as far as enrollment go. This year, not sure Merrillville has what it takes to beat Westfield or HSE.
  19. Carmel 28-20 over BD LC 33-16 over NC CG 45-7 over Pike Warren 35-21 over LN
  20. Zionsville I believe plays all 6A teams with the exception of Lebanon. The HCC as a whole is right there with the MIC as of now.
  21. North central is just a head scratcher to me. Not sure what is happening this season
  22. I can’t put LN is the same category as Carmel, BD, and Warren. They haven’t proved that to anyone yet. Last year was supposedly their best squad in history and they didn’t win the sectional.
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