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  1. It should not be that difficult in my opinion. There definitely could be some type of mix between sagarin and coaches polling. I believe 5A and 6A should be seeded throughout the entire tournament. 16 on the north and 16 on the south. With home field advantage going to the higher seed. 1A-4A, I believe the best way is to seed the sectionals 1-8. There is not a perfect answer, but something can be done. Another issue that I will continue to hope for is neutral site regionals and semi states. These are big time championship games and having a neutral site is very important for these. It will create a bigger feel as well. At the least, semi state needs to be neutral!
  2. Private coaches, 7on7 leagues, travel baseball/aau basketball is hurting high school football coaches. Our high school football coaches put in so much time and work with the kids, assistants, at the school, going to clinics, etc. It is important as parents of young kids to trust in these men/women. Just because you take your kid to a private coach and pay him money does not mean he is going to be “D1”. Our high school coaches know football. Earlier this summer the indystar put out a n article regarding a QB training coach up in Westfield. To me, that was harmful for our head and assistant coaches. Parents get caught in a trap thinking these special coaches know more. Sure, that individual might know some interesting techniques, but it is important to be at all your high school football first. Also, these high school teachers/coaches need to be paid more. It makes it very difficult on them with the amount of time they are putting in. Football is a special game for special people. It is not AAU or travel baseball where you get to play a 100s of games throughout the year. It takes a tremendous amount of time, lifting, skill work, agility, training to get to those 10 or so games in the fall. Trust our coaches!!!
  3. My 5A top 10 contenders: 1. Decatur Central 2. Merrillville 3. Snider 4. Dwenger 5. Harrison 6. Whiteland 7. Bloomington South 8. Valpo 9. Michigan City 10. New Albany
  4. For 5A and 6A, seed the south and seed the north. Home field advantage goes to the higher ranked team. So that’s 16 south and 16 north. If there are some longer drives, so be it.
  5. What does Carmel and CG do now then? Almost impossible for them to find games
  6. I agree with this. Every team needs them. It’s high school. Even the best football programs are not at their best each year. A program needing to get things going definitely needs to find games that they can win. Also to note, North Central is the 4th biggest school in the state.
  7. You are also the same person who thinks teams need to schedule all of these tough out of state opponents for big time matchups.
  8. According to Carroll Twitter account, they are scheduled to play Center grove in 2024 and 2025.
  9. Oh for sure CG is competitive in a lot of sports. I’m just saying it’s not Carmel. Conference talk is exciting and I do believe there will be some shake ups because of everything right now. However, I’m still a firm believer of conferences being put together based off of geographics as well as competition. Everyone on here wants these outrageous matchups with out of state teams all the time, but people do need to realize that coaches and parents don’t always want that. It makes it very very difficult for JV and Freshman. Conferences are important for scheduling stability as well. A lot more goes into this than just wanting to play big time matchups all the time. I think Tech will have some implications on further realignment and determining on what conferences change and what other schools do in the Indy Metro area. I think Conference Indiana is on the brink of folding, but Tech could help revive it. I think the MIC may stay put at 6 for a while. It will make it tough for scheduling teams outside of conference play. I believe Franklin Central should make the move to the MIC, but will stay put. HCC is the king right now. They are set and have taken over the top conference. I believe they made a mistake not voting Carmel and CG in. CG might still make another run in a year or so and get in. HCC is not safe though. Carmel and or CG could pull some of those HCC schools to create a new conference. This has some legitimate background to it and has been discussed by many. Mid State is a very solid conference as well. They are solid at their 8 teams, but potentially in the near future you could see some shuffling take place. With Whiteland growing and Greenwood getting smaller, it’s only a matter of time before something gives. The last domino/wild card is New Pal. Athletics are on the up, football is very good, growing. Could they potentially want out of their conference and look to join mid state or potentially look for other to create.
  10. But they are not dominant like they are in football. Basketball programs are rarely at the top, they don’t dominate in those other sports. Carmel does in about everything.
  11. Ben Davis and brownsburg will stop playing in regular season within the next year or so. Not sure who was the one who wanted this to stop. Really Carmel wins in every sport. Usually the top of the state. CG only has football and track. I don’t see them dominating in other sports all that much. Why is there such a reluctance to let them in a conference?
  12. Definitely the next up and coming program. And would not be shocked to see them right there in the top 3 very soon. But, it is very known that Westfield did not want Cg or Carmel in that conference and fought hard to make sure it didn’t happen. Why doesn’t Westfield schedule Carmel in the regular season?
  13. Westfield was one of the main ones pushing to make sure Carmel and CG did not join the HCC.
  14. I think you’d be more likely to see Fishers and Avon instead of a Westfield and Zionsville.
  15. MIC = no confidence in themselves to compete with Carmel and CG. Biggest schools in Indy and it’s a disgrace for them not to have Carmel or CG in conference anymore. Let alone even playing them. Loser mindset. HCC = scared to bring in CG and Carmel. Afraid of wanting to push their programs to the top. I do realize this was not all of the schools and had other reasons aside from football because of other sports.
  16. I believe so yes. And reasons of them winning in majority of every sport. It was a way for them to kick them out.
  17. It’s easy to start thinking highly of a team just because they have a couple big time commits. Doesn’t necessarily translate to being the best team on the field.
  18. I’ll take you up on that bet. You really think that Ben Davis, Carmel, and CG will have new coaches in just 3 years? Come on now. Simmons is there to stay and is plenty young, Hebert is there to stay, and Moore has not lost in 2 years. I believe he is there for longer than 3 years.
  19. What happened the previous d coordinator? Who is the new O coordinator?
  20. As I’ve stated multiple times, I feel that conference Indiana is dead. However, I do believe getting Tech into conference Indiana could revitalize the conference with more stability as far as football goes. This would definitely be more competitive for tech in most sports as well. The MIC sounds great, but football wise it would be a disaster.
  21. Are we for certain they would be voted in? Or are we for certain that CG is planning another go at this? Rumors are still floating around of CG and potentially Carmel creating their new conference. Drawing the likeness of a few of those HCC schools. These are rumors that have some substance…
  22. Warren does not want to play the Trojans. They are working hard to get them off of their schedule. You are correct.
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