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  1. DT has an obsession over IMG. Again, that is not high school football.
  2. What about Bloomington South? 2 new move ins who are BIG TIME recruits. Their father will be joining the IU football staff. Maybe the Panthers break through and put together a run.
  3. That would be one heck of a tournament...LOL! Yes I agree, 8 classes is bad!
  4. Worth a shot 😂😂 I just hope these webcasts go back to being free. Or at least allow more games to be on tv.
  5. So would you pay the cost of an NFL game ticket to watch it on tv?
  6. What does Snider have for this upcoming year? I imagine it’ll be an exciting game between them and Dwenger for the sectional title.
  7. If I am taking an early bet for the 6A tournament: Sectional Champs- Merrillville, Penn, Homestead, Westfield, Carmel, Ben Davis, Warren Central, Center Grove Regional Champs- Penn, Westfield, Carmel, Center Grove Semi state- Westfield, Center Grove State- Center Grove Way early and obviously this is not going off of much other than a Gut feeling. I do not know any info about teams up in northern Indiana. I just know they won't have enough for Westfield. And yes, I do think CG makes it back to LOS for 3rd time in a row and wins a 2nd state title in a row.
  8. The best teams it might not matter. But to say that won’t affect high school kids to not play a game for 2 weeks and keep them practicing and focused for that long is just wrong. Again, yes the best teams it shouldn’t matter, but still that’s a long time without playing.
  9. Well I think most coaches will probably want to play instead of getting that double bye. Taking 2 weeks off could be very bad for a team. 5A has a 6team sectional also...just odd
  10. Wow. Weird stuff with this. I guess the IHSAA literally meant they were freezing enrollments. Only teams moving were success factor teams. I really thought they’d be moving teams up to fill the gap in 6A
  11. I am just stating my opinion. I am just someone who is not a fan of IMG. I think there are plenty of good programs in indiana and teams to play. And if teams want to play some out of state teams every once in a while then sure. I don’t mind seeing Trinity or the Cincinnati teams play Indy schools. I am just against IMG. That’s not a real high school football team. All im stating here.
  12. It is ok. Teams can play who they want. I just would get worn out playing top teams all the time. It’s taxing. Again, losing isn’t good. Players and parents don’t care, they just want to win. No reason to play IMG. How about play another school in indiana where a good crowd can be available. IMG does not bring fans.
  13. Noblesville is at 20% free and reduced lunch. Fishers and HSE around 18%. CG is at 16%. That’s not all that much different.
  14. I would never play IMG no matter what school or talent you have. IMG is not true high school football. Indiana teams have plenty of solid talented schools to compete against. Also, I doubt CG would want to schedule another top team. MIC and HCC schools need a break every now and then. Wins matter too.
  15. Which Week of the season is this? Is that known? Will it be week 2 or week 9? Maybe I missed that in there.
  16. Most recently they have not been in the same sectional either. IHSAA divides it up not strictly from South/North. You have to look at the overall view. I also gave another possible way to divide it up as well that had those 3 schools together.
  17. Could also see 6A South aligned like this: Sectional 5: Carmel, North central, LN, LC Sectional 6: Warren, Tech, Franklin Central, Columbus North Sectional 7: Pike, Brownsburg, Avon, Zionsville Sectional 8: Ben Davis, Southport, Perry, CG
  18. There was serious consideration and talks about 4 years ago or so about a new conference forming with Southport, Perry, FRanklin Central, New Pal. Those were the schools who were attempting to get something started. Not sure how serious or how far along they got. Franklin Central then joined the HCC and it pretty much ended all talks or plans of this.
  19. Oh I 100% agree that Perry and Southport should be in the same conference.
  20. I would bet this: sectional 1: Crown Point, Lake Central, Merrillville, Hammond Central Sectional 2: Chesterton, Elkhart, Penn, Portage Sectional 3: FW Carroll, Homestead, Warsaw, Lafayette Jeff (Jeff is a tricky one to position) Sectional 4: Noblesville, Westfield, HSE, Fishers Sectional 5: Pike, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Avon Sectional 6: Ben Davis, Perry Meridian, Southport, Tech Sectional 7: Carmel, North Central, Lawrence North, Lawrence Central Sectional 8: Warren central, Franklin Central, Center Grove, Columbus North
  21. However, Decatur would never leave Mid-State. Or Perry probably either. I would be fine with 9. I don't think that is too big of an issue.
  22. This is what I believe it should be. I'd put BHSN in Mid-State though. Keep them with BHSS.
  23. Perry Meridian is the outlier for sure, but I do think it works as some of the Mid-State schools are growing. Not all but some. Geographically the conference is great. And I am someone who believes conferences should be aligned with location.
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