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  1. They could do a Notre Dame type arrangement I'm sure where football stays independent but maybe they associate with a conference to allow them flexibility. Just spitballing. I'm sure that those convos will occur potentially IF and ONLY IF Cathedral would jump into a conference. I was speculating on Cathedral.
  2. Maybe. It's my understanding that they've attempted to join conferences a few times over the years. Other Cathedral folks might know better.
  3. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens with that HCC alliance now. Center Grove and Carmel may have some pull away power. I know Kyle Neddenriep has mentioned this a couple of times in articles about the possibility that some in the HCC wanted Carmel and Center Grove. It must not have been half the conference or else they would have been in. If it was three, Carmel and CG would make five. If they could talk someone like Cathedral in that would be six. Then, what happens to the rest of the HCC at that point. Much to watch!!
  4. Yes. I'm joking. BD was put in with LC/LN and Warren for two years in 2017 and 2018. There was no sense in that one, either. Avon/BD/Brownsburg and Pike makes sense when it is possible. Glad you understand me by now. HAHA🤣
  5. Purdue has invested a lot of money in the building where they are. Not sure how that might factor moving to Irvington. Makes a lot of sense. That means that they'll probably put Ben Davis in with Sectional 8 and Center Grove in Sectional 6.
  6. My father was Vice Principal at Broad Ripple when Arnold played there, so I got to see him several times in high school. My dad really liked him. 49 is too young!
  7. I'd vote out any team that doesn't want to be in my conference but that is just using your conference as a fall back in case something else doesn't work out...like getting into another conference.
  8. Franklin Central would have to be earlier in the season due to conference scheduling.
  9. Yeah, I don't know if it's a streaming deal for their stuff or if it's like the NBC/Notre Dame thing. ISC works with many schools. Doubt it. John Hebert's been very good. Carmel doesn't replace coaches often.
  10. Oh my! Well, I can't say that I'm surprised. That would be like letting a couple of sharks into your fish tank.
  11. I think this makes the SAC a better conference and certainly will open people's eyes more to the league. It also opens up a chance for some really good non-conference games. Let's get BD vs. BD finally. Bishop Dwenger vs. Ben Davis! Homestead can come down or BD can go up. Carroll vs. BD...Snider vs. BD...Love it.
  12. He should have been playing on Sunday. The good news is that I hear he's doing well now.
  13. Janese should have been Miss Basketball, but Pike got in the way in Sectional. I think that loss cost her the title. Janese is now coaching at Alabama.
  14. Couldn't agree more with #1. James still is the most special player I've ever seen play high school football in the state of Indiana.
  15. Hmm...interesting. The contracts are negotiated by the union and the districts, but you are not bound to be a union member to benefit from the contract. Are they lay coaches or teachers?
  16. How much do they make? You assume that the programs pay for that service? You'd have to contact the programs directly. To my knowledge, it's most typically a volunteer/student manager/student from a broadcast program who shoots game video and things...don't quote me on that though.
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