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  1. Like the Sagarin Rankings, it usually takes a bit for MaxPreps to shake out. No biggie.
  2. Neither of which write the prep sports beat. Kyle Neddenriep, however, is one of the finest journalists left at the Star.
  3. Depends largely on what you're doing. We've never been charged as a high school radio station. I know of schools that charge for video webcasts/TV unless there is some relationship with the school...ie...ISC and the MIC or WHMB TV 40, etc.
  4. Like the swallows returning to Capistrano. He will be back.
  5. WBDG Radio 90.9 FM Indianapolis 8/19/22 7:00 PM Brownsburg @ Ben Davis 8/26/22 7:00 PM Ben Davis @ Avon 9/2/22 7:00 PM Ben Davis @ Pike 9/9/22 7:00 PM Center Grove @ Ben Davis 9/16/22 7:00 PM Ben Davis @ Warren Central 9/23/22 7:00 PM Lawrence North @ Ben Davis 9/30/22 7:00 PM Ben Davis @ Carmel 10/7/22 7:00 PM Lawrence Central @ Ben Davis 10/14/22 7:00 PM Ben Davis @ North Central https://onlineradiobox.com/us/wbdg/ LINK
  6. You're telling a golfer to play basketball or football or run track? Our golf team showed tremendous growth this past season. When you see the medalist of a tournament wearing his medal around school on Monday following the weekend, you tell him, "Sorry, you're going to have to play another sport."
  7. Southport HAD no interest in the Mid-State when Perry left CI. Now, it's a different Athletic Department now there.
  8. Where did I say that the IHSAA recognizes bowling as a sport? There are no plaques on the gym wall here. The trophies are in a trophy case but not with the IHSAA sports. I don't know why you have to be such a jerk. I never said that the state titles were IHSAA recognized. You're the one who said that these were MIC sports. I didn't. Figures. Hope it didn't burn you.
  9. Boy, a lot to process here. I do think Coach Moore's health will be the determining factor, but barring some major collapse, I don't see Simmons or Hebert as in trouble. The "new gen" admins...what a joke. John Clark had been at Ben Davis for 49 years when he retired in June and had been assistant AD or AD for appoximately 20. The BD principal has been here longer than me as a teacher and admin. What happened was that Center Grove and Carmel made it clear that they had applied for membership in the HCC in December. This was after several denials. Then, they got voted out. They were on the way out. The rest of the MIC said, here's the door. This idea that some "new gen" admins were at work here is silly. They left the MIC because they wanted to leave the MIC for other opportunities, but, as it turned out, the HCC said no.
  10. Surprises me that Mike Kirschner would hire Steve Tutsie. It was my understanding that they did not have a particularly close relationship, but maybe I'm wrong. Interesting.
  11. Penn did not walk away. They dropped Ben Davis because they had to pick up Mishawaka. They wanted to come back after a couple of years, but BD opted to go with a long term deal with Pike to play week 2. Of course, a couple of years later Pike joined the MIC. BD then signed Avon. Penn wanted to continue to play BD, but the Giants wanted schedule stability.
  12. Wow, @DT, you combined to work conference realignment and contraction into the same post. That's impressive. (Tongue-in-cheek for those who can't tell) Bowling does not compete in MIC play. They have their own conference. Ben Davis Bowling is a couple of years removed from back to back State Championships on the boys side.
  13. The football coaching staffs of Ben Davis and Carmel and Center Grove have good personal relationships. I believe that is why thse rivalries have continued. Plus, BD/Carmel predates the MIC back to the 50's. They regularly started playing in 1981. I, for one, am glad that these games are continuing. Especially the Carmel series.
  14. Content looks good so far. I would be careful about lifting photos from websites without credit.
  15. Nope. It's North Central and then Cathedral. https://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/schools/State Championship History.pdf
  16. Tim was a good man, and I cherish the handful of times that we got to speak in person. There just were not too many greater advocates for Indiana High School Football, and you seaid it so much better than I could have @Bobref.
  17. In 1992, Ben Davis opened the season with Warren Central (Bowling Green, KY) followed by Warren Central (Indianapolis). Let's have Benjamin O. Davis High School visit Ben Davis!
  18. I was talking more about the overall influence rather than the day-to-day commenting on posts and things.
  19. It used to be this was the only shop in town. There are many other places out there to yak about high school football now. I think, no disrespect to the current leadership, that we're all still feeling the loss of TA here too. I think the current leadership here does a great job spending time, effort and money to make it great here, but Tim Adams was the guiding light of the Gridiron Digest. He was irreplaceable.
  20. Serious question: How does LESS football grow the sport of football in Indiana? How does this benefit students and education-based athletics? In my opinion, opportunity to play a sport allows students to be connected to a school. It's another connection for those students who are at risk of dropping out to a school. It contributes to the school community to have a team to support and cheer for at events such as Homecoming. I am sure no team enjoys getting its hide handed to it every Friday, but there still is an opportunity to play and improve and get better even in those programs that struggle. I just don't understand how less football benefits those who might need it. If a school wishes to make an investment in a football team and program, I say, in the immortal words of the Bad News Bears, "Let Them Play!"
  21. You jumped on my yes before I went back and edited it. I was probably typing while you were answering. Sorry. I got locked out of my account and had to fish out my password again...then guess which of the variety of cities my brother has lived in in the last few years to get back in. Here's the rest of what I typed after "Yes". "In the case of 2018, Jason Simmons was not hired until March. From December to March, the program had no leadership as many of Mike Kirschner's top assistants left for their own opportunities. Many of the others weren't sure if they wanted to come back. In effect, the program had no rudder. That, coupled with the loss of 52 seniors, in my opinion sunk Coach Simmons the first year. Yes, you can be rebuilding while retooling too."
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