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  1. High school fields would be cheaper since you wouldn't need to rent the field. That might be a thought. Also, some capacities of small college fields might be under what some high schools in Indy could provide.
  2. I'd be fine with neutral sites for Semi-State. Pretty easy to find 12 good sites. You could still end up hosting I guess if your team is really good since this would likely be set in the offseason.
  3. The North Sectionals are all crazy now. No telling what the IHSAA will do. I like your effort. I was stumped up north. Geographically this makes sense in the south. Like this one too
  4. They have to figure if Ben Davis is a West, East, or Southside school this time around.
  5. Coach Wilbur sometimes gets overlooked (Used to by me) until I actually educated myself on his years here and what happened prior to his arrival. BD had a total of six winning seasons prior to his arrival form 1937-1972. In 1972, they went 0-10. He went 59-53 here and strung together five straight winning seasons.
  6. Speech and debate programs travel all over the country for nationals. ROTC programs travel annually all over the country for nationals. Choirs and bands regularly go across several state lines. Publications, etc. Cheerleading teams are not IHSAA programs, so it is fair in the sense that if the program is governed by the IHSAA that travel rules must be followed. It's the same as programs like La Lumiere who are not IHSAA members. The travel rules don't apply to them.
  7. Conference Indiana has just been kind of surviving for years. Just kind of going along with members peeling off slowly. It's just kind of a group of schools that don't have anywhere else to go right now. Big schools that have no other big schools really around them interested in forming a conference... So, I think if a better offer comes along, I think you could definitely see some movement. As we saw with the departure of Carmel/CG from the MIC, rumors quickly can become reality. I get the feeling that the Mid-State is happy where it is right now. It's a fantastic conference that's very competitive.
  8. In football, I know you get a certain number. Beyond that, you have to pay. So if your school wants its pep band at the game, for example, the school has to pay. At least, this is how it used to be.
  9. Even a "unsuccessful" program can have success if it's providing opportunities for students to use athletics as a basis to stay in school, to stay focused on academics and to improve themselves as people. The win-loss results are an indicator of success to the outside world. Sometimes a loss can teach us more than a win. Overcoming adversity can teach us about ourselves. And, we all know that one great vision can turn a program around...especially when a school is ready to support that program. No one would have considered Ben Davis a success in 1973 when Bob Otolski was hired as head coach, stayed a couple of months, then bolted for IU. BD brought in alumnus Bob Wilbur. The Giants were 97-212-12 as a program. Coach Wilbur began to build the program. That got the attention of Carmel's coach at the time, Dick Dullaghan. Coach D will tell you he first began to realize what BD could be when Wilbur's Giants thumped his 1977 Greyhounds team in Sectional. When he left for stints at Purdue and Army with Jim Young and then decided to come back to high school, Ben Davis ended up being his destination. His vision with a supportive administration that wanted to win and a first-class and innovative weight program combined with the talent always present on the Westside took the remains of the program that Wilbur began to build and created the Ben Davis program as we know it that now has a record of 513-379-12 with nine State Championships. I think many have hit on what makes a program successful. I think it's also very difficult to break the cycle of losing these days, so I'd define success as focused more on students and outcomes rather than W-L (which is what we tend to look at from the outside as successful).
  10. Hate to hear that. My thoughts are with his family, friends, and players.
  11. If I were a comedian, I'd have to be funny. I'm not funny. The post to which you are referring related back directly to something the original poster said. I've noticed a trend here recently where political posts are becoming more prevalent. I added my 2 cents on that. You apparently disagree. I'll keep in mind in the future that what I post must first matter to @temptation. I'm sorry for offending you.
  12. I don't see what any of this has to do with high school football. I guess the guy must live rent free in your head if you can't avoid commenting or sending ridicule his way on a high school football board. There are plenty of places on the internet for political commentary, parody, general scorn and ridicule, but this part of the forum shouldn't be it. Just my $0.02...and for the record, I'd say that about the last guy, too.
  13. Eye iz KnOT CaPEUhBull Of ReEdiNG ThIz. Can SuMOne TrANZLaYTe?
  14. Driven T/DT/HHF knows how to stir the pot. AND...I agree. Kevin O'Shea would be a good fit at Roncalli if he decides to pursue it.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me to see Ben Davis keep one or both soon-to-be former MIC schools on the schedule. Carmel, for example, is a long term opponent with a relationship that goes back many years. The Giants and the 'Hounds first played in 1958 and have played every year since 1981 in the regular season. Nothing will surprise me at this point, though.
  16. Doesn't surprise me with Mike at the helm. He likes to play good competition. Tried for years to get the schedule that BD has in place now.
  17. Have not heard anything definitive at this point.
  18. They could do a Notre Dame type arrangement I'm sure where football stays independent but maybe they associate with a conference to allow them flexibility. Just spitballing. I'm sure that those convos will occur potentially IF and ONLY IF Cathedral would jump into a conference. I was speculating on Cathedral.
  19. Maybe. It's my understanding that they've attempted to join conferences a few times over the years. Other Cathedral folks might know better.
  20. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens with that HCC alliance now. Center Grove and Carmel may have some pull away power. I know Kyle Neddenriep has mentioned this a couple of times in articles about the possibility that some in the HCC wanted Carmel and Center Grove. It must not have been half the conference or else they would have been in. If it was three, Carmel and CG would make five. If they could talk someone like Cathedral in that would be six. Then, what happens to the rest of the HCC at that point. Much to watch!!
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