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  1. Ben Davis 35 Pike 0 3rd Quarter Gotkowski has TD pass #3. TD Pass Reception #2 for Marques Reese.
  2. Ben Davis 28, Pike 0 Gotkowski to Zackery for a 12 yard TD!
  3. Gotkowski to Reese for the TD connection after a Red Devils unsportsmanlike conduct moves the Giants from 4th and long to 4th and manageable. It's 21-0 Ben Davis over Pike.
  4. Ben Davis up 14-0 on Pike in the 1st quarter and threatening again.
  5. I think you're pretty spot on with the calls, but I don't think there's any way that Pike drops 34 on Ben Davis. If anything, I think it will be a lower scoring affair. Ben Davis and Pike both have really talented defenses. I think this tracks a lot like the Avon game. Extra motivation for Coach Brevard in his first game against his alma mater. Kyle Neddenriep had a sensational article about Mike and my colleague at Ben Davis, Dennis Goins. https://news.yahoo.com/pike-coach-mike-brevard-homeless-093633960.html
  6. The officiating may have been suspect, but that doesn't account for the fact that Brownsburg took Cathedral's posterior and handed it to them for most of the game. You get behind like that and every flag becomes magnified.
  7. Ben Davis is as solid in all three phases as I've seen them since 2017. That '17 team was head and shoulders above pretty much any Ben Davis team not coached by Dick Dullaghan, but I think you have the Giants correctly placed for now. If they keep playing like they did the first two weeks on the defensive side of the ball and the offense continues to gel with Thomas Gotkowski at QB, BD might be in the top 3. We'll see.
  8. I need to shut up. Impressive work by Brownsburg.
  9. Thomas Gotkowski on the QB run for a 1 yard TD. Giants up 44-13 in the 4th Quarter over Avon.
  10. Alijah Price again for BD with a long TD run. Giants lead 37-13 now over Avon.
  11. Giants appeared to be stopped by Avon on the opening drive, but a roughing the punter call keeps the drive alive. A couple plays later, Alijah Price scampers in from 41 yards out. Giants 22, Avon 13 with under 9 to play in the 3rd.
  12. Giants add a TD to the board. 15-0 over Avon 13 w/ seconds remaining in the 1st.
  13. Ben Davis has a really good defense this year, but there were a lot of mistakes by the Dogs on offense....ones that you wouldn't think a seasoned group would make. That said, they are 1-0. Pretty sure Brownsburg's TV program streams their games.
  14. Unless Brownsburg improves a lot week 1 to 2, I am picking the Irish by a couple TDs. Of course, I once picked the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl in the 90s.
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