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  1. Let me start with the last game first... Carmel is good, but they are not great. The Greyhounds gave up a ton of yards to the Giants, but BD couldn't get out of its own way with penalties and the continued inability to stop big plays. I don't think they are THAT much better than Warren. I think it's a two TD affair. Carmel 35-21 over Warren. Center Grove should beat Lawrence North, but I think that the Wildcats have discovered something. I think they hang close and maybe CG hits a couple of TD's in the 4th to pull away. Center Grove 42, LN 28 Pike should have won a couple of games this year, but they couldn't close the door on opponents. I think that they are the better of the "o-fers" in the conference. I think Mike Brevard celebrates his first win. Pike 35, NC 14 Finally, Ben Davis should win this game. I think, as you said @temptationthat the Giants have more playmakers. I think the Giants want that 12th MIC title a lot. I think they're disappointed in what happened in their three close losses and want to close out an undefeated MIC slate, albeit without Carmel and CG to Coach Simmons' chagrin, for the first time since 2017. All of that said, I don't think there's any way this isn't a one possession football game in the end. Maybe the team that has the ball last will win it. Will Patterson for Coach of the Year and for showing what you can do with a program like LC's. Makes you wonder how NC keeps missing the boat. Ben Davis 31, Lawrence Central 28
  2. My comment was tongue in cheek since essentially that's what you had with the old RCA dome turf and many of the "Astroturf" fields prior to Fieldturf.
  3. Field turf schmield turf. Let's go back to concrete and carpet.
  4. I think you're pretty spot on in the Ben Davis/Carmel game. History would favor the Giants because this series is tied again for the 8th time since 1996 and Carmel has not led the series since 1995. The Giants always seem to win the "series tied" matchups. The only game I see different is the Warren/LN game. Lawrence North's a good football team. Not sure why they didn't put it together exactly. They really fought back twice from a couple of BD haymakers. I think that game with Warren is a one score affair. Warren wins though, 28-24
  5. I, for one, am glad the Giants and the Greyhounds appear to be playing into the future. This series (first played in 1958 and now every year since 1981) existed before the MIC, so it's good to see that it exists post-MIC for Carmel. The series is tied up at 24. The series has been tied 8 times dating back to 1996/97, but Carmel hasn't led the series since 1995. This is usually quite a good one.
  6. Especially since he was a former assistant there at CG.
  7. It wasn't always puppy dogs and rainbows on the Westside. I don't know the details of what's going on at Warren, but I do know that Mike is reflective enough to do that, yes. I will admit, full disclosure, that I'm a little biased though because I consider Coach Kirschner not only a friend...but a good friend. My biggest compliment to Mike is that his kids still all love to be around him. He's a great father, and I've seen the difference he makes in young people's lives. If it's fixable, he'll fix it.
  8. No. I was saying that I know you (or Warren) have the right person to fix it.
  9. Mike has a philosophy in interviews. When the team wins, it's credit to the team. When the team loses, it's always on the coaches. "________________________________, and that's on me." The blank would be whatever went wrong.
  10. Having worked with Mike Kirschner for 18 years at Ben Davis, I know you have the right person.
  11. In 2019, Ben Davis beat North Central to create a three-way tie for a MIC Championship. They went 4-3 in 2020 and then have won one MIC game since. That's a swan dive. I think Warren is more a speed bump.
  12. 💯 They can look right to Center Grove.
  13. Carmel 49, North Central 0 Center Grove 35, LC 24 Ben Davis 49, LN 14 WC 17, Pike 14
  14. The Giants of Ben Davis, 42 The Warriors of Warren Central, 28 The 98th Circle City Showdown is in the books. 58-37-3 now in the series in favor of Warren.
  15. Ben Davis, 35-28 Carmel, 31-14 Center Grove, 42-0 Lawrence Central, 17-7
  16. Thanks. I had no idea that was on the website.
  17. I am glad to hear this. Coach Simmons was very vocal that he wanted to keep the Trojans on the schedule. Do you know if it's moving anywhere else in the schedule? I know BD will need a week 1 opponent after this year if it's still correct that Brownsburg dropped the Giants.
  18. Congratulations to the reigning and still champions. They showed why tonight. They never say die. Enjoy it. You definitely earned it.
  19. Well, I was wrong. There's a reason why Center Grove is still the champs. Great effort by the Trojans. Hopefully the Giants will see them again later in the year.
  20. I said I'd eat my crow. I will too. I don't duck it. I could be very wrong. No disrespect to Center Grove. I have a great deal of respect for the Trojans. I just think BD is a different squad with Thomas Gotkowski at QB. It's definitely the biggest test of the year. It just wouldn't surprise me to see the Trojans have to take a breath. They've played three big games in a row against three powerhouses. Ben Davis is REALLY solid in all three phases. I mean as solid as I've seen them in a long time. Maybe some of the young Giants won't be ready for the stage as this will be a big game. I just go with my gut feeling, and I feel that BD is ready for a breakout against CG. But, as I've often said, I once picked the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl.
  21. Pike missed a big play in the first quarter to a wide open receiver. I wonder how that might have changed the game. As it stood, BD was in control in the game, and it might have been worse if not for a couple of penalties by BD. I don't see any way Pike beats Carmel. The Hounds win 28-0. Ben Davis looks poised to finally end the long losing streak to CG. The Trojans still have won 30-straight over Indiana teams, but I feel like the Giants with Tommy G and Alijah Price and the stout defense turn the tide and snap the seven game skid. Gladly will eat my crow if I'm wrong. BD 35, CG 21 Warren still hasn't flipped the switch and played a 48 minute football game. LC is just creeping and creeping and creeping towards respectability. Will Patterson has done an amazing job. LC beats Warren, 21-20 LN needs this one. NC catching them on the rebound here might be an opportunity. We saw some life out of the Panthers against Warren. I think this one is more of a dogfight than many believe. LN wins in the end, 17-7.
  22. It's beginning to look like a purple team on the Westside of Indianapolis might be making some noise before this thing is over again. Cautiously optimistic here. Ben Davis is only allowing 11.3 ppg. We know the offense is potent. We'll see this upcoming week where they measure up against the defending champs.
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